Buggies and Boobs: A Passion in Old Fashioned

At last I can relay to someone the experience of a lifetime that I enjoyed not so long ago in the very restrictive home and environment that’s hallmark has been a horse and buggy.

I was living with my father, mother and 3 sisters in the rural hills and valleys of central Pennsylvania. I was an 18 year old doubting member of the Hammish religious belief system that seeks to uphold the righteous and holy word of our altruistic Supreme Being. We live very simple lives first and foremost and place our lives into the holy hands of the Supreme Being. Until we are married, we cannot engage in sexual acts of any kind. A quick kiss or holding hands while alone is the extent of our erogenous activity until marriage. Sexual thoughts or yearnings are from the Devil. If found even pleasuring yourself, you are tied behind a manure spreader that drags your nude body through rocky soil fresh with a coating of dung. After an hour you resemble a large turd leaking with blood. More serious incidents are rare. When they happen, it is rumored that the sexual deviant has a testicle removed and he is forced to chew and swallow the creamy meatball. Needless to say, sexual activity is a rare commodity for the horny young men of our society. Our lives are revolving around holiness and blessed sanctification.

From the age of 7 until 77, you are required to toil endlessly with literally blood, sweat and tears. I am taught and told daily that only through exhaustive labor can a man distance himself from the Devil’s workshop. The impure thoughts of Satan take form in heady magnetism for the females in our clan. It is a never ending battle as a young man and one that could render your soul to damnation. I soon faced the ultimate temptation.

I had just loaded the last trailer overflowing with hay that Friday afternoon of my 18th birthday in the hot and sultry valley in rustic Port Matilda, Pennsylvania. As I was closing the barn doors, a buggy began traveling up our lane to the house. I squinted my eyes in the late afternoon sun and wiped my brow as I scanned the visiting party. A few of our flock had been arriving to grant me wisdom since I could now seek a subservient woman of our belief system to produce offspring and alleviate sexual temptations.

The arriving buggy belonged to Aunt Ruth, my father’s sister from Happy Valley. Aunt Ruth was 32 years of age and had been widowed for almost 8 years after Uncle Henry had been crushed in a barn raising that was constructed from the cheap, Canadian wood saturating the American market.

Aunt Ruth had been in relative seclusion for nearly the past half a year following an incident in the Holy Tabernacle of Love. For several weeks the elders pleaded with her to return to the flock and not succumb to the hedonist heathens with their materialistic, worldly ways that led to the road of perdition. In reality, the elders were dismayed due to the significant loss of money that Aunt Ruth provided with her tithes. Uncle Henry had left Aunt Ruth with a large estate and a hefty bankroll that was a pillar to the welfare of our clan.

Following many weeks of intense pressure and even groveling by the male elders, Aunt Ruth began to reintegrate back into our fold by attending activities such as ice cream socials, candle casino siteleri parties and most importantly the soul of our community, The Tabernacle of Love.

Many of the women in our clan distanced themselves from Aunt Ruth over the years as she was very outgoing and exuded a very feminine mystique. More importantly, she was blessed with breasts so immense that even in the most restrictive of clothing one could see the mammoth orbs bounce and sway lewdly. Much to the angst of many Hammish women, she would often wear less restrictive and more comfortable clothing.

Aunt Ruth’s Sunday dresses clung so tightly to her burgeoning bust that the buttons would simply pop off when she would bow to pray or raise her arms in praise of the Supreme Being. When shouting praises she would often jump in bliss causing her holy hooters to begin undulating and flailing in wild abandon. When the spirit really moved Aunt Ruth, her bouncing boobs caused her to be jerked forward at the mercy of those sinking weights forcing her to grasp the pew for balance as those blessed knockers fell so heavily. On several occasions her bobbing buoys caused her to tumble over into the pew in front of her. The females of our flock steamed in silent rage until they would exit the church and spread vicious gossip about her. The men defended her by stating that the Almighty moved in strange ways and that Aunt Ruth was merely being moved by the spirit.

On the fateful service of some 6 months ago, Aunt Ruth went to the alter seeking the Supreme Being’s help in finding her a mate. When she bent over the sacred alter, her humongous hangers nearly came to rest on the floor of the opposite side of the alter. The tremendous pressure of her now stretched massive jugs caused even more of the fabric on the front of her dress to be pulled down by the pendulous weights. In the blink of an eye, the length of the back of Aunt Ruth’s dress and undergarments were jerked upward by the heavy tit meat pulling the front of her dress nearly to the floor. This exposed an ass that could not be contained in her skimpy panties, pulled tightly into her ass crack. It was a well rounded and voluptuous ass that was both firm and fleshy. As she plead to the Supreme Being, her bountious bubble butt’s muscles began constricting and relaxing like a rubber vice. As the congregation gawked in awe, Sister Hannah suddenly sprinted behind Aunt Ruth and jerked her undergarments and dress down angrily. Immediately the already strained fabric surrounding those bountiful breasts ripped the front of her dress down the middle. Aunt Ruth tried to jump up with those knockers the size of large watermelons now flopping freely and barely covered by a plunging black bra. As she began to rise and got off her knees, those monster melons swung wildly forward and she tumbled over the sacred alter. As I dreamily remembered that very uplifting service, the excited squeal of Aunt Ruth’s voice brought me back to the present as her buggy stopped in front of me. After not seeing her in many months, I was immediately drawn again to her soft and kind face that resonated a beauty that left me thunderstruck. Those deep green twinkling eyes, large soft lips, chiseled cheek bones, darling dimples and naturally long brown curly hair showed a raw sexuality and innosence that had made Uncle slot oyna Henry the happiest Hammish man I have ever known.

There always seemed to be a twinkle in her eyes when she talked to me that left me gasping for breath and at a loss for words. She would tease me continuously when we were alone and often would lean towards me allowing her breasts of enormous size to nearly burst through the already overloaded undergarments and white blouse. I would often catch the men of our ministry staring at these twin mountains that must have been as big as ripe watermelons. One night, I overheard my mother telling my sister that Aunt Ruth’s breasts were measured at 48EE, a burden from God due to the sexual urges they caused within men. The fact that her breasts were so huge and yet very firm caused many a husband to stare in wide-eyed wonder at what had to be the most tempting sight they would ever see.

Many a night all I would dream of was seeing those unrestrained and pendulous mammaries swing above my head – tantalizing me into stroking my penis that was longer than my size 12 shoe and as thick as my large, muscular wrist. I often thought about what my horse-sized penis with testicles the size of tennis balls would look like as my meat pole plunged like a torpedo into the softness of her breasts.

As my 18th birthday party full of ice cream and cider wound down, Aunt Ruth told me she had a surprise to show me. The pastor had just left the room leaving me and Aunt Ruth alone.

I soon began to feel my penis raise slowly like a draw bridge as Aunt Ruth had been sitting alone with me. She “accidentally” dropped her kerchief that lazily drifted and fell only inches from my boots. As I bent down to pick it up, our heads collided slightly to which she began to giggle as I tried to apologize. Aunt Ruth said she would get it as she didn’t want me to get any germs, with a strong hint of sarcasm and a coy grin. She bent over again and began to stretch for the kerchief when suddenly both her breasts tore her restraining undergarment with a loud rip and the massive melons bounced free like a 3 gallon bowl of Jell-O spilling right before my very eyes. I was dumbfounded as I stared at the orbs of delight that were so heavily laden that they began to cause Aunt Ruth to fall forward as her giant tit meat’s weight was too heavy for her to keep her balance. Her nipples had almost hit the floor when I jumped up to keep her from falling. At the same time I jumped up, my now fully engorged horn of plenty spasmed in my pants causing 3 of the buttons on my fly to spring loose. My 13 inches of thick sausage came snaking out of my fly, bobbing and swinging lewdly. Undaunted, I grabbed Aunt Ruth and tried to pull her back to her feet as she was having trouble getting up from her knees as her twin anchors of the very heaviest of hooters swung to and fro disallowing her to gain balance. I placed my large and strong hands under her arms and began pulling her to her feet. As I pulled her upward, my oversized tool got in the way and dragged across her face as she tried to stand. She gasped and her eyes became as wide as saucers as my purple mushroom was aimed at her mouth. With a look of complete shock, her eyes fixated upon the leaking plumb ripe for the eating. With her mouth wide agape in awe, I watched as a powerful canlı casino siteleri blast of sperm entered her dilated mouth causing her to begin choking. Immediately, another even more turgid load with the force of a water cannon blasted into her gasping mouth. I watched in astonishment as sperm began pouring from her nose as she blindly stumbled in circles coughing and sneezing my love juice out of her nose and mouth. In desperation I lunged for her to help and get us both out of this sticky mess. The “biggest” problem was my bloated love gun that was like some perverse sprinkler shooting copious quantities of the salty and slimy thick cream all over the oak floors as well as the pendulous bust of Aunt Ruth.

Eighteen years worth of cum was at last being released from a fire hose that could not be handled. Huge loads of my love lube rained down and began coagulating in soupy puddles making it impossible to stay upright. Aunt Ruth once again stared at my engorged dong in shock as frozen ropes of cum splattered on her breasts. Again my dong spent a heavy load that hit her forehead as she failed to duck in time to avoid the powerful torrent of untamed lust. As she had quickly bent forward in her tardy attempt to miss the jet of jizz, her cum drenched tits swayed forward causing her to slip and fall right into my body. With the wooden floors akin to an ice rink, her hands flailed out in desperation to gain purchase on something solid to soften her fall. Aunt Ruth’s hands found my tube snake but it was far too large for her to get a grip. When her hands slid to the slippery ridge of my head, I baptized her entire scalp in buckets of drenching cum. Aunt Ruth, however, caused me to fall on top of her and my still engorged member sank into the heart of one of her breasts, pushing her bloated, bulb sized nipple a full 10 inches deep into her sponge-like mammary. I thought Aunt Ruth was passed out so I grabbed both sides of one of her enormous melons and began squeezing the tit flesh around my leaking dong that was buried almost 10 inches deep into the voluptuous tit meat. I began to hump her tit with wild abandon, pulling her breast into my groin as my swelling torpedo buried her bloated nipple repeatedly almost a foot deep in her bosom. My testicles the size of lemons began slapping up against her rippling tit with such a pounding I could feel the semen being spanked out of them as I readied myself to plunge that fat nipple over a foot deep before I emptied my massive load.

I slowly pulled out and plunged again while mashing that mammary together with my groping hands. After about a dozen deep penetrations into that bloated breast, I began cumming deep into that tit as my bulbous head pushed in her nipple. It seemed as if my meat whistle would never stop cumming deep into her rippling mammary. When I began pulling my bloated organ out from that inverted hole that I had stuffed her fat nipple a foot deep into, my proliferous seed began to spout out like Mount Saint Helen’s eruption. Aunt Ruth was saturated with my seemingly pints of glistening goo. Her huge knockers were literally glazed with my cum making them look like glazed pastries on growth hormones.

It seemed as if this episode of debauchery had been going on for an hour although in reality it had been less than 10 minutes. I grabbed my napping meat pole of only 9 inches and forced it into my trousers.

I scooped up Aunt Ruth in my strong arms and went out the back door hurriedly running to an old pole barn down by the creek.

My birthday had just begun.



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