(All characters depicted are over the age of 18)

You almost done in there?” said Bryan, tapping on the bathroom door.

“Lul, what? I just got in here thirty seconds ago. It’s going to take a while,” said Jesse from the other side of the door.

“Did you just say ‘lul’ instead of actually laughing?” said Bryan, snickering to himself.

“Just go wait in your bedroom, and I’ll be out when I’m ready.”

Bryan smiled and went into his bedroom where he sat on his bed. Hesitating a moment, he started up his Switch, not knowing how long Jesse would take in the bathroom. After half an hour of gaming, Bryan debated knocking on the door again for a status update, but reasoned it wouldn’t make Jesse go any faster. The entire time, Bryan could hear an electric razor going and the sink running. Whatever Jesse was doing required serious maintenance. Finally, after nearly an hour had passed, the bathroom door open in the hall. Out of the bathroom stepped a girl he hardly recognized.

Gone was the androgynous little brother he had known his entire life. In his place was a boyish girl with shoulder length hair, a lithe frame, and gorgeous eyes. It was hard for him to believe they were the same person. In a sundress and makeup, Jesse stepped out of the bathroom as a completely different person.

“Do I look okay?” said Jesse, turning her face away with a blush.

“You look fucking hot,” said Bryan, still stunned by the total transformation.

“You’re not just saying that?” said Jesse, casting a glance at her older brother.

“No, you look amazing. There’s no way anyone would be able to tell.”

Jesse smiled and practiced her feminine gait as she entered her brother’s bedroom. It felt incredible to finally be honest with herself, like a world of pain and secrets had been lifted off of her. For the past eight years she had felt like Atlas, carrying a secret on her back which encapsulated her entire world. Then one night while getting drunk with her older brother, she confessed her darkest secret. Bryan had always been sweet and supportive in a way most older brothers never were. He was protective of Jesse who had been small for a boy and too afraid to stand up for himself. They had bonded over video games and anime growing up. Two best friends who lived together and had grown up together. Now Bryan knew her secret and had responded in the best way possible.

Jesse moved across the room and sat in her brother’s lap. It was a strange habit the two had picked up very young when they would spend hours together marathoning video games. They never did it when friends were over, but in the privacy of a bedroom, they fell back into their comfortable habit.

“I can’t believe I have a sister now, and she’s so cute,” said Bryan with a big grin. Jesse was nearly in tears to find her secret hadn’t annihilated their beautiful relationship like she feared it would. Bryan was as sweet and supportive as ever. His support meant the world to her, even more so than their parents who still didn’t know yet. Jesse had come out as gay to Bryan in high school when she was still figuring out her feelings. He had been supportive then, but something about being transgender seemed to make even the people closest to you grow to hate you. It was like a secret code you whispered to someone, and sometimes it could make your best friend or even your parents despise you. But that had not been the case with Bryan.

With a big grin, Bryan had his arm around her waist, telling her how proud he was for having such a brave sister.

“You must have been really scared to tell me,” said Bryan, his mouth dangerously close to Jesse’s mouth.

“I really was. I love you like a brother, and was so scared to lose you over this,” casino oyna her hands clasped behind Bryan’s strong neck. Bryan snickered at the lame joke as his hand rubbed her side, making her nipples hard.

“I’m just really happy you get to be yourself. I can’t even imagine what it was like hiding this part of you for so long.”

“It was awful. But I don’t have to do that anymore.”

“High school’s over. You can be whoever you want to be,” said Bryan, looking deeply in Jesse’s eyes.

“I was thinking of presenting as female when I leave for college.”

“Do whatever makes you happy. And let me know if there’s anything I can do to make you feel more feminine or whatever. If I say something stupid or offensive, just let me know.”

“You’ve been wonderful. I couldn’t ask for more,” said Jesse, sliding her hands down her brother’s broad shoulders in a way that was not very sisterly. That’s when she felt his erection pressed into her flat little butt. Bryan’s eyes went wide, and the two siblings stared at each other a moment, mouths hanging open, waiting for the other to acknowledge the unspoken sexual tension between them.

“If there’s anything I can do, ya’ know, to make you feel like a girl, just say it,” Bryan nearly whispered, his mouth losing all moisture as his heart rattled in his chest. Jesse could feel her brother’s frantic heartbeat against her arm. She was hard too, for him, for her older brother.

Ever since puberty rolled around, Jesse had a crush on her older brother. They had done typical boy things growing up, comparing penises, touching each other—Jesse had even sucked Bryan’s cock once on a dare but had been terrible at it, and Bryan was super awkward for days after. Jesse knew Bryan was straight and loved girls, and frequently talked about how beautiful and fascinating they were to him. He wasn’t one of the lame, selfish boys Jesse had gone to school with. Bryan may have fetishized girls, but he still had a deep respect for them as human beings.

She desperately wanted another attempt at sucking Bryan’s cock and to even feel her older brother inside her. He was the only person on earth she trusted, let alone the only guy. But she was afraid to ruin this moment. He had been overwhelmingly supportive of her transition, and she didn’t want to make Bryan regret supporting her by ruining their already amazing relationship. Their eyes searched each other, the tension so tight, the room felt like a knot wound over and over until it was fit to burst into flames from the friction.

Jesse shifted her hips, feeling Bryan’s erection move under her. Bryan gasped and held unto his sister. She shifted again, grinding her butt into his cock. Bryan moaned and grabbed Jesse by both arms. Her older brother was so strong. He worked out three times a week and was much stronger and taller than her. He made her feel so feminine just being near him. Again their eyes searched each other, afraid to speak the incestuous desire between them. Then Bryan’s hand touched her smooth, freshly shaved thigh. Jesse’s cock was hard instantly, pressing painfully against the inside of her panties. Bryan’s hand slid up her dress and touched her tiny packaged barely concealed in her underwear.

“I love you…” said Jesse, on the verge of tears. Days ago she had been contemplating suicide as the weight of her painful secret slowly crushed the life out of her. Now she was seconds away from every last thing she wanted out of life. Jesse clung to her brother’s chest, her smooth cheek against his broad muscles. His rough hand slipped in her panties and grabbed her throbbing little cock.

“I thought you didn’t like boys,” said Jesse, remembering the time after the failed blowjob when Bryan explained slot oyna he couldn’t love Jesse like that. Bryan kissed her ear and said, “You’re not anymore, are you?”

It was one thing for people to see her as a girl, to use her proper name and preferred pronouns. There was always the doubt they were just being polite or politically correct out of obligation, that they didn’t really see Jesse the way she wanted to be seen. But when someone indulged her sexually, when they found her desirable—that was the most validating feeling in the world.

Bryan stroked his sister’s little cock as she clung to him, pulling it out of her panties underhand to masturbate her more easily. Her little cock was so small and sensitive—she proudly thought of it as her clit. It was barely over four inches long. Not like her brother who had a thick, seven inch cock the last time she had seen it up close. She wanted to press their cocks together and feel weak in his presence.

Bryan’s hand slipped under her smooth balls and found her asshole. Jesse sat in his hand as he played with her hole, a little pre-cum on the tip of his fingers to gently slide in. Jesse was being fingered for the first time in her life, and felt like a proud little slut to have Bryan’s fingers inside her. She whined into his chest as he pushed deeper, middle and ring finger pushing her open, her hips coming alive with sensation like blowing on the embers of a dying fire. Jesse rocked into her brother’s fingers, fucking herself. Bryan picked up his intensity, fucking his little sister silly. Jesse clung to him for stability as her hips went rubbery. Sensations welled up inside, a gushing spring of tingles behind her shaft. Jesse came into her dress, little spurts of watery cum as Bryan milked her prostate. It was the single most erotic moment of her life.

“Do you feel like a girl now?” said Bryan, planting a tender kiss on her trembling lips. His eyes were so intense, like a lion that cared for you but could also devour you. Jesse could only nod.

“I’ll get you some tissues,” said Bryan, standing up from the bed.

“Wait!” Jesse yelped. Depravity and sexual need bubbled and swirled inside her like a witch’s cauldron as the question escaped her lips. “Can I suck your cock?”

Even though Bryan had fingered her boy pussy until she came like a porn star, Jesse still couldn’t meet his intense eyes when she was so honest and candid with her needs. She loved her brother, and she knew Bryan loved her in turn. But the idea of being turned down now, to be told she had gone too far now, was terrifying. She stared at the floor, overwhelmed with embarrassment and whorish need that she had actually asked to sucked Bryan’s cock.

Without a word, his thick manhood sprung up before her. His cock was absolutely gorgeous and everything she remembered from their last encounter. He was long and thick like a porn star. The shaft had velvety skin, and the head was baby pink, satiny, and thicker than the shaft. It was the most beautiful and perfect cock she had ever seen and had been a frequent fixation when she masturbated. Now after all those years, she finally had another opportunity to please her big brother. Jesse took a deep breath. She would not rush this. She would indulge herself.

Bryan stood as Jesse sat on the edge of the bed in her cum stained dress. With her brother’s cock in one careful hand, she kissed the head, something she dreamed of doing more often than not when she masturbated. She pressed her lips to the underside of his shaft as his cock hung in her face. His balls were as soft to the touch as his cock, and Jesse imagined the cum stored stored inside them as she kissed each of them with appreciation. She sucked his balls lovingly—Bryan’s canlı casino siteleri heavy hand fell on her hair as she sucked. Jesse pressed her face into his sack and kissed them, completely indulging herself, genuinely in love with Bryan’s cock and balls.

After she showed as much devotion as possible, she kissed her brother’s cock again. Pre-cum dripped onto her lips like gloss. She found it lovely that both of them pre-cummed when aroused. Like a trained professional, she took his length in her mouth and swallowed him whole. Jesse had been practicing on a dildo for years for when she finally had a chance to suck a guy off. She took him to the hilt then looked up proudly at her big brother. He smiled down at her, looking like a god so tall and powerful. Jesse pulled back and gasped, knowing she couldn’t breath while fully deepthroating.

“I want you to fuck my slutty mouth and make me feel like a princess,” said Jesse, kissing his cock and looking up at him. Bryan placed his hands on her head and guided his cock past her lips and down her throat until she gagged. Then he started a pace, slowly fucking her throat like a pocket pussy. Jesse was painfully hard again having her brother use her mouth like a pussy. Once he realized she could tolerate it, he fucked her mouth harder, absolutely punishing her. Jesse loved every second of it. Her head spun in a frenzy. She lost sense of herself. Bryan was treating her like the female porn star she was born to be. She gagged over and over, but didn’t withdraw for a second. In those couple of minute, Bryan turned her mouth into a pussy.

And just like a pussy, he eventually emptied his balls inside her. There was so much cum. He pulled away enough to splash some warm tendrils across her face before Jesse reclaimed her position and was fed her brother’s warm, bitter cum. He kept cumming and cumming, filling his little sister’s mouth with hot cum. When he finally stopped, cum spilled from her mouth before she could close her lips. Jesse was reluctant to swallow, savoring every moment she was allowed to taste her brother’s cum.

Finally, she swallowed his massive load and felt it struggle to go down her throat. Cum was still draped across her face and down her dress. To her shock and excitement, Bryan was still hard. His thick cock twitched inches from her face. Jesse was ready to service his cock until the last day of her life, but Bryan had other ideas. With his big strong hands, he yanked her dress off and pushed her legs up. On the edge of the bed, he pushed his cock inside her tight pussy. Her smooth, hairless legs hung in the air above her head. Jesse was in tears of joy to have Bryan inside her after all this time. She felt as if she was plunging down through an ocean of femininity as awesome waves washed over her hairless naked body. He was so gentle and loving as he fucked her ass. Their lips found each other as he thrust inside her, opening her up, and overwhelming her with sensation. He was so thick, and her hole was so tight and tiny. He took up her entire insides. She felt impaled on her brother.

With thumb and forefinger, he masturbated her little cock as he fucked her. Jesse was just his sex doll now, helpless to his designs. He was so powerful, and his cock was so thick, he just overpowered her. But nothing could have made her feel more feminine and loved than having her brother up her ass and touching her little cock. Their hips slapped as they collided, with Jesse feeling like she was on a cloud rioting upwards towards heaven as Bryan had his way with her. His kisses were so deep and tender, and he was just rough enough to make her feel like all girls should.

With a groan, he came inside his little sister, draining his balls into her. He finished her off with a quick stroke, and the new brother and sister cuddled naked together on his bed. Jesse was covered in cum from both her and her brother. His finally soft cock slipped out of her boy pussy, and the two spooned for countless minutes.



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