brother and sister fuck Mum, Part, and sister fuck Mum, Part 2.Sharon couldn’t wait to see her mum suck her brother’s cock and swallow his cum. She wondered if she would really do it. As she got up to suck Tom’s cock which had started to grow hard from hearing what his mother wanted to do to him, Sharon was getting a few ideas of what she wanted to do to her.“Get me nice and hard s*s cause I want to fuck mum so bad before she changes her mind,” said Tom. Sharon smiled with that lustful grin and told him that she was going to lick his ass hole while he fucks her.Kelly was gently stroking her pussy and listening to them and realised how much alike they are to her and her husband Peter. She loved to be fucked hard in every hole and she loved the taste of cum. She knew deep down inside that this was all wrong and yet she felt that it was so right to be doing it with the one’s she loves. They were not k**’s anymore but grownups who knew what they wanted and they reminded her of her younger days. Her husband had taken her to her fist orgy where she had sex with her first black man while sucking his wife’s black cunt and her husband was fucking the man’s wife’s ass at the same time. They still go to orgies and she fucks everyone she can in the night like a real right slut that she is. The best orgy she likes is when the women fuck each other in one corner of the room while one lucky woman gets gangbanged by the rest of them men. When it was her turn she had eight men fucking and filling every hole for the whole night until she couldn’t move. Her and her husband call their type of fucking, power fucking, and even when it’s just the two of them they fuck dirty and hard. She too had ideas of her own that she wondered if her son and daughter would be up to doing and what they would think if she got their father to join in with them. If her son wanted to fuck his mother so badly would Sharon want to fuck her father? All these thoughts got her hotter by the minute and watching her daughter sucking her son’s cock made her want to join in but she decided to watch the action at hand.Sharon was sucking Tom’s penis making it nice and wet with a large amount of saliva. When she drew back to the tip she used her hand to masturbate his shaft with a tight grip while playing with his balls. Kelly knew that her daughter loved doing this not just for his enjoyment but for her own as well. It didn’t take long for Tom’s cock to grow hard again with the head job Sharon was giving him. Kelly was wondering if he was at full length or could she make him any bigger. She was amazed at how much bigger he was than her husband and how turned on she was getting. She was going to fuck her son and she couldn’t wait. She was going to have him fuck her nice wet juicy cunt first until she orgasmed and then straight in her ass. She wanted him to cum in her cunt her ass and even down her throat. She hoped that he wouldn’t get too turned on and cum too soon as she wanted a good hard fucking to satisfy her needs. As she played with her pussy she could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass and decided to try something a bit different. She always has her cunt fucked first before anal but thought this time, seeing it was with her son, she would make him fuck her ass and then her cunt as a special treat for the both of them. She smeared her cunt juice around her and inside her anus and was getting more and more excited. Sharon was now using two hands on his cock, one pulling the foreskin down and the other hand was squeezing and pulling just the head. She would spit in her hand and continue rubbing the head as she smiled to herself knowing that he liked it. When she looked at her mother and saw her playing with her ass she said, “I think your both ready.”Kelly asked Tom how he wanted to fuck her istanbul escort and he told her to lay on the bed. She said, “Can I make a suggestion. What say we fuck standing up while you fuck in the ass? You fuck me so hard that when my legs start to buckle you have to hold me tight so that I can’t get away and force me to keep standing but never let up no matter what. What do you think?” Tom looked confused and asked why do it like that. She said that when he gives her an orgasm, she has to work against her orgasm to stay standing and he have to do the same. She told him that he will get the idea and that he will be amazed at what will happen.Tom said ok and when he gave her a hand she grabbed his cock and said, “Honey, you are going to love this.” She felt her daughter’s saliva on his cock and knew that it would slip into her ass easily as she turned her back towards him. She bent down to expose her ass hole to him and told him to get it in there quick. He grabbed her hip and guided his cock to her anus and he touched her with the head she forcefully pushed herself back on him. He slipped straight in and pushed deep into her bowels as she grunted out the words, “oh yah.” When he started slowly fucking into her she raised herself up and threw her arm back around his neck and kissed him. He had to hold her tight but could not get in deep this way so he grabbed hold of her leg and lifted it up for a deeper penetration. “That’s it Tom, now fuck me like a slut.” What she said drove him crazy and he fucked her ass so hard that the upstroke was make it hard to keep balanced. Kelly had to hold on as tight as she could to her son as so he had to do the same. He was pushing into her so deep and she was trying to stay connected to his mouth that they were both grunting. He could feel her trying to lower her leg and he had to get a better hold of her. He moved his arm over her breasts and pulled her close and tight which squeezed the air out of her. She whispered, “I’m gonna cum so you better get ready to hold us up son, this is gonna be a good one.” She was sweating under his arm and her leg was getting heavier to hold and the harder it was to stay connected he found the harder he fucked into his mothers ass. He felt that he was no longer fucking his mother but a slut who he didn’t care about. She was hurting him by her grip and he knew he was doing the same. He moved his arm up her chest and grabbed her by the throat and shoved his tongue down her mouth as he fucked her hard. She moaned and pulled his hair and he tried to fuck her off her feet. Kelly’s leg started to tremble as her orgasm was approaching and had to grab Tom’s left ass cheek for added support. When she dug her finger nails into him he gave her the response she wanted. Her felt the pain and hammered into her ass harder and a lot faster as her cunt juice was running out and down his cock. He shoved three fingers in her mouth and made her gag and when she forced her head away he pulled her mouth back and opened it then spat into it which made her bite down hard on his fingers. He was past any pain she could dish out on him and he knew he was doing the same to her. He licked the side of her face and kept saying, “ like it rough bitch?, and, do you want it harder slut?” She loved being called a slut when she was getting fuck like this and it drove her over edge as her orgasm kicked in. She started yelling that she was cumming as her leg was giving out and her whole body was bucking in spasm. Tom was holding her slippery body up as he continued his brutal pounding in her ass and felt her anal muscle contracting around his cock. She exhaled a loud guttural moan as her cunt started squirting cum onto the floor. Sharon was watching them fuck as she fingered avcılar escort herself on the side of the bed and when her mum started squirting she shoved four fingers deep into her wet cunt. Kelly squirted with every spasm and her leg gave out but Tom had hold of her so she wouldn’t fall. He pushed his cock to the hilt and enjoyed her ass gripping it like a fist. His was going to fill his mum’s ass with cum any minute as her entire body trembled. “Yes mum, take my fucking load up your fucking ass slut,” he said as he blasted his hot cum deep into her. She felt herself squirt with every shot of cum entering her ass and screamed out, “ohhhhh yessssss.” Sharon was cumming at the same time as she raked the inside walls of her cunt. She wished she was in front of her mum to receive her spray as she fucked herself. As Tom was holding on to Kelly with a firm grip she released her hand from his hair and rubbed her wet cunt to make herself get that extra squirt. She wanted more inside her body and inserted three fingers up her contracting cunt and felt Tom’s hard cock between the walls. She started fucking herself hard and deep and when she heard Tom let out a loud moan she knew he was enjoying what she was doing and it made her cunt contract another squirt. She wanted more and fucked her cunt faster as her cum was gushing through her fingers and all over her son’s balls. When she felt that there was no more to come she grabbed her cunt walls and without moving she could feel her ass and cunt muscles contracting against the fullness. She let her body take the invasion and was glad that Tom had not decided to remove himself. They stayed in that position for quite a while and Kelly looked down to see her daughter’s body spasming on the bed with fingers in her cunt. Kelly was trying to get her breath back as her body was coming down from its massive orgasm and when she started to remove her fingers out of her cunt she felt Tom’s cock twitch in her ass. She was amazed to feel that he was still hard and decided to have a bit of fun. When she jabbed her fingers in against her back wall on his cock she felt another twitch in her ass. She smiled and enjoyed the reaction she was feeling and wondered if she could make his cock twitch enough to jerk around in there to give her an orgasm. She slowly pulled her fingers out to the opening of her cunt and quickly and deeply stabbed against his cock. He moaned and told her not to stop so she fucked herself with five thrusts and then stopped in deep. “Oh fuck yah, do that again,” he said. She did and it dove her crazy as her cunt reacted in the same way as his cock. Sharon moved to the floor between her mum’s legs and said, “Here, let me do that for you mum.” When Sharon saw her pull her three fingers out of her cunt she replaced them with four of her fingers. “Oh yah baby, pump me a few times and then just push in deep and stay there. You will feel your brothers cock react and my cunt muscles grip your fingers.” Sharon did as her mother said and was turned on to feel her brother’s cock jerking through the walls of her ass. With a wicked grin she said, “I’m going to try and make you both cum so hang on.” “Oh yes baby, make us cum, make us cum. She got on her knees and spread them to rub her cunt and then fist fucked her mum with four deep thrusts and then stopped to feel her brother’s cock. When she felt it jerk she quickly did it again and he started moaning as her mum’s thighs started to vibrate. Again, and again she pumped into her mother and every time her mum’s cunt gripped her fingers harder. When she stopped deep in her cunt she would rake her own cunt walls hard with three fingers. Kelly was yelling for more and not to stop Sharon fucked her harder and faster until she decided to slip her thumb in as well. With şirinevler escort her fist trying to enter her mum’s cunt, Kelly cried out, “Oh yah, oh yah this is going to fucking hurt so good. Come on baby, just fucking shove it in.” Sharon lust took over and she was going to fuck the shit out of her. With one quick shove past her wrist Kelly grunted out the words, “oh fuck yah.” Sharon got so turned on when she felt Tom’s cock react and him out, “fuck that’s fucking good.” She pulled out until she saw her thumb knuckle and then decided it was time to get rough. She fist fucked her cunt with a vengeance and didn’t hold back as Kelley was screaming in pain and pleasure. Tom was crying out oh fuck and oh yah as her fist rubbed against his cock. “Hurry s*s I can’t hold her for much longer,” said Tom. So she fucked into her cunt so fast that Kelly was grunting while saliva was running from the side of her mouth. When Sharon added her mouth to her mother’s clit and sucked hard Kelly screamed and screamed and tried to push her away. Sharon wasn’t having any of that and attacked her clit even harder as her fist continued its onslaught. Tom felt his cock was going to cum again and was amazed that it was so soon. Kelly was trying to fight herself away from the pair of them but they fought back and didn’t let up. Her legs were kicking about and Tom’s cock was spasming in his mum’s ass but he couldn’t feel any cum shooting out. It was a painful feeling but he put up with it for his mother’s orgasm. When Kelly had the energy to yell out, “please stop” in a trembling voice, Sharon decided that her mum had had enough but forcefully pulled her fist out in one go for good measure. When Tom felt the void in his mum he threw her on the bed and grabbed his empty throbbing cock and fell to the floor covered in sweat. Sharon was finger fucking herself as she sucked her fingers clean of her mother’s cunt juice. She was moaning as her orgasm was approaching and quickened the speed into her cunt until she squealed in ecstasy and collapsed on the floor bucking and jerking uncontrollably. Kelly’s head was jerking and her thighs were trembling while her hand had cupped her cunt trying to tighten her legs together to close the void she felt. It was quite a while before any of them moved as they let their bodies recover from the brutal sex they just had. Their bodies were covered in sweat and the room smelled of sex. Tom was the first to get up as he realized he was laying in his mum’s wet patch on the floor. “My cock is so fucking sore,” he said as he made his way to the bath room. He just got to the door when his mother said, “That’s because you fucked me the way I like it, hard, real hard, like a slut. I love you both and thanks for giving me the fucking I needed and I hope that you want to fuck me again, soon.” Sharon asked if she was alright and if they hurt her in any way. “Yah mum, are you ok?” asked Tom. “Yes I’m ok just a bit tender. The only thing that I’m worried about is your father. You see, we were going to go to an orgy tonight and I think he might ask some questions when I ask him if we don’t go.” Sharon and Tom both said the same thing at the same time when she finished. “Orgy.” They were so surprised and shocked to know that their parents went to orgies and Sharon was worried if her dad would get mad at her. She asked her if he would be made at her and she told that he will as he looks forward to them every month. She said that she will go and hope that he gets to fuck plenty of women but he knows that I like to be fucked just as much. Sharon thought of a way to help but was unsure of what her mother might. “Mum.” “Yes baby.” “Mum I think I can help you. What if I take your place and go to the orgy?, or better still, what if I fuck dad tonight?” Tom shook his head and left the room calling her a sick bitch. Kelly got up from the bed and looked at her with a lustful smile and said, “I can talk him into it but only if I can watch him fuck you in our bed.” “And then we’ll all go to the orgy,” said Sharon. “We’ll see if you’re up to it after your dad’s finished with you tonight” said Kelly.



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