Britney & The Return of the Blackmail k**Almost a year had passed since Britney’s wild weekend with her neighbor and his blackmailing grandson. she hadnt seen either of them since then and just assumed her neighbor used the house for vacations or something. she had finally gotten over the memory of having a young boy violate her and make her do things she never even thought of doing. she was just getting ready to go out for a bit, wearing very tight jeans and a low cut blouse, when her door bell rang. she wasnt expecting anyone, so she went to the door and couldnt believe what she saw. there was that k**, standing there with another boy who looked to be about the same age. she opened the door and the k** said, “remember me, my little slut?” Britney feigned confusion and said, “excuse me?” the boy said, “i know you remember me, i’m Bill, i owned your ass last year after you begged me to fuck you. take a look at this picture” he flipped open his phone and showed Britney and picture of her, naked, with semen all over her face. Britney couldnt believe this k**. Bill said, “i think you know the drill” as he walked into Britney’s house. his friend followed. “this is Tim, he paid me alot of money to join us today” Britney was stunned. she didnt know what to do. Bill said, “get naked now, get canlı bahis down on the floor & open you mouth bitch, unless you want this pic, plus the audio i recorded sent to every newspaper in the country” Britney said, “you bastard” and went to take a swing at the k**, but Bill blocked her attempt and slapped her in the face. “remember, i own you. now get naked” Britney couldnt believe a young teenage boy could be like this and do this to her. she started to get naked and decided to just get this over with and then she would move and he’d never find her to blackmail her ever again. the 2 boys smiled when Britney got down and crawled over to them. they quickly got undressed. Bill said, “blow Tim first, he’s paying me for your services” Britney grabbed his cock, it was nice sized, alittle smaller than Bill’s. she figured it was about 6″. she started to rub Tim’s cock, then she slowly licked it over before finally putting it into her mouth. she started to suck him off, taking down more and more of his cock. the k** was moaning. she heard Bill telling him to fuck her face, and he did. hard. he grabbed her hair and started to ram it all own her throat. Bill walked over and he grabbed his dick and started to jerk him off while Tim fucked her face, his balls slapping her chin with each thrust. bahis siteleri she felt his cock pulse and knew he was getting ready to cum. he kept pumping and then exploded into her mouth. she drank down all his cum and before she could even get a breath, Bill shoved his dick into her mouth and started to fuck her face. while Bill was in her mouth, Tim started to play with her boobs, slapping them, groping them, licking them. Britney moaned as Bill fucked her face, calling her his slut the whole time. Britney was getting into it, and she was getting really horny. she wanted these young k**s to fuck her. she soon got her wish after after Bill came. they told her to lie down. Bill said, “ever had 2 guys in you. i bet your slutty ass has been gangbanged, hasnt it?” but Britney had never had 2 guys before. Tim got on top her and pushed his cock into her tight cunt. he and Britney both moaned as Tim started to fuck her. “i cant believe i’m fucking Britney Spears” Britney was loving this k**’s cock inside her. “ohhhhhh, yeah, ohhhh, keep fucking me, baby, ohhhhh, you’re so good” Tim exploded into Britney and was so turned on that he pulled out and was ready for more. he told Britney to ride him. she got on top of him and put his cock back inside her. she started to bonce on his cock, rubbing güvenilir bahis his chest, moaning. Bill watched and started to stroke his dick. he then got behind Britney as she was riding Tim and started to slap her ass and rub her asshole. he went around front of her and put in her mouth for a bit before returning to her ass. Britney was moaning and she had a feeling she wouldnt like what was about to happen. Bill came up behind her and said, “time to make it so you never forget me bitch” and he shoved his cock right into her ass as she rode Tim. she screamed like she had never screamed before. she had never had 2 guys in her at one time and the pain was intense. they kept going like this, Bill in her ass, Tim in her pussy until Tim pulled out and said he wanted to cum on her face. he went in front of her and started to fuck her face again as Bill continued to tear up her ass. she was screaming for him to stop before Tim’s cock thrust into her mouth and her screams were muffled. Bill grabbed her hair and pushed her head all the way down on Tim’s dick before he came right into her ass. Tim then pulled out her mouth and shot his load right onto her forehead. they got there things together and Bill went to Britney and said, “who owns you bitch”. “Britney replied, “you do, daddy” he went to the door and said he’d stop by with more clients next time he was in town and that her ass was only for him. they left and Britney sat on the floor crying, not understanding how she let this happen to her.



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