Breaking Another Guy PeggedK was an interesting character and I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want me after a few sessions of being his submissive. No amount of seduction seemed to work and I was starting to give up. My sexual adventures took me to all kinds of places, and all the while I wondered what K’s darkest fantasies were and if I would ever play a part. My high sex drive got me into all kinds of trouble, and I eventually gave up on him. He would ask me how I was doing now and then, but nothing more. At the time, I was fucking a girl regularly who loved to take a big strap-on from an older, more dominant woman. She yearned for it.I was 24 and she was 20. She would describe herself as bi-curious and I felt honored to be her first girl-on-girl experience. We met online and I had shown an interest in her straight away. She wasn’t like most girls who use those kinds of websites–she was funny and interesting and classy and not the type you would expect to be remotely kinky or filthy. She had long dark hair and a perfect hourglass figure that hung on a 5ft4 frame. She had perfect little tits and an amazing ass and olive skin. She almost looked Hispanic.I enjoyed hearing her stories, about how she worked in a chocolate shop, and how her mind always wandered to sex when she heard the names of the chocolate labels, like “dominant black” or “the smell of leather”. I loved how open she was about sex; I laughed at her stories and it cued me to enquire about her own dark fantasies. I felt an instant connection with F and knew I just had to have her. She liked how much attention I gave, and we arranged to meet in a hotel and to have a night of BDSM sex. I made her cum all over my fingers multiple times, and introduced her to my big black strap-on. Soon after, she was gagging for it on a regular basis, wanting me to collar her, tie her up, fuck her and own her with a strap-on. Of course, I obliged all her requests and made her my little pet. She learnt to love having it in every hole. She was a perfect slut for me: well trained and fully obedient.Meanwhile, K asked me how I had been and it surprised me how much he loved hearing about my dominant side when I told him of my antics. He sounded so interested in my story – in what I had done, how F had enjoyed it, and most importantly, the strap-on itself. It was strange, I had always been the submissive until I had met this girl, and after that something inside me changed. I got off on telling him all of this, but I felt angry at K, for all the times he had screwed me over, messed me around, given me false hope. He fucked my ass bareback once. I can’t believe I let him do me raw from behind without bahis siteleri a condom. I remember how dirty I felt when the cum trickled out of my tight hole, and how it stung so badly for days after. I was a filthy slut to even allow that.”Would you ever let a girl do you up the ass?”, I boldly asked. The new, more confident me felt no hesitations.”No…” he said, recoiling.I could tell he was embarrassed. “Well you did it to me! It’s only fair!” I replied, laughing. Pretty soon, the conversation escalated into a full scale argument. I enjoyed it, trying to persuade him that he owed me this, that he owed me just one time, to screw him and own him and to “get even”. Somehow, I knew there was a small part of his dirty mind that was curious to experience FemDom, and I worked hard to dig that out of him.I managed to persuade him that being rimmed doesn’t make a guy a sub, that dominant men can enjoy that too; that having a love of anal doesn’t make someone gay or weak or dirty.He agreed that it would be nice to have a girl suck his cock, and then go further south, flicking her tongue around his asshole while his cock was hard and throbbing. It would be kinky.I then went further and said “Well, what about a finger?”He wasn’t so sure about this. I told him that once he had been fucked by a girl’s tongue, that there wasn’t much difference. A finger isn’t that big, and guys can get extra pleasure from having their prostate massaged. That would feel great being sucked off with a finger with a finger in the ass. Again, he was reluctant, but eventually accepted that it could be hot on the odd occasion.The debate continued until I had finally tried to convince him receiving a strap-on wasn’t much different from two fingers. Well lubed and stretched out, it would be manageable. He seemed a little scared of this idea so I carried on.”I’d cry like a baby” he said. “I’d feel like a girl”.I told him that he should be ashamed of himself for the things he has done to girls, and that I wanted to fuck him face down, and make him take it, just as he made me take it. He didn’t like this. After lots of dirty talk he eventually agreed on one IOU to me. We would fuck one last time and I would be in charge. I could have my wicked way with him just once. It was a promise, and one of the few he was to keep. There was only one condition he wanted–I would have to give him a chance to redeem himself. If he sucked the strap-on properly, it wouldn’t go into his ass, and I would settle with just a finger. He had do to it properly though, or the deal didn’t apply.So we arranged it one day. He would wait for me on his knees, in only his boxers, and I would arrive canlı bahis at his house ready to go. He did as he was told. I entered the room to find him on his knees, head down with his hands behind his back, like a perfect submissive, like my perfect slut girl does so well.I knew I would have so much fun with this. “You did what I told you,” I said. I tied his hands behind his back; I knew he would struggle if I forced him to take that big cock of mine from behind. “Look at how hard you are! Suck my cock”, I instructed, looking down on him and that big bulge in his boxers. I knew he hated hearing the word “cock” rather than “strap-on “. It made it feel like a real one. It made him feel gay.I guided his head towards it and told him to “suck it properly”. He wasn’t bad, but I could tell he had never done that before and needed to learn to deep throat it. I wanted him to choke and gag on it, so I grabbed his head and forced him to take every inch to the back of his throat. His eyes watered as he obeyed my command. He struggled a little. “That’s not how you suck dick”, I said. I pulled down his boxers to reveal his perfect hard cock bobbing between his legs.I got on my knees and sucked him off perfectly, looking him in the eyes and slowly guiding myself onto his shaft. He moaned a little. “That’s how you suck cock!” I forced the big black cock back into his mouth once more and gave him another opportunity. “Spit on it”, I ordered, wanting to make sure it was nice and wet. It would be going in his ass after all. Not that he knew that!”Good boy”, I said, lightly slapping his face and releasing my cock from his mouth. “Now go and lie on the bed, face down”.He struggled to his feet and climbed onto the bed. I could see he was scared. He knew I was going to rim him and finger his ass, but from that position I could do anything I wanted to him. He was my play thing. Tied up and vulnerable. There was no chance he could escape. He was now fully exposed. ” Look at how tight your asshole is!” “Mmmm.” I started to lick him as if it was a girl’s pussy, taking my time to circle the area, to tease, to gently flick my tongue around. He twitched a bit. I could see he was relaxing so I thrust my tongue into his hole and explored his insides, taking my time and gripping his ass cheeks.After lots of teasing I inserted a finger. He was starting to panic at this point. I could feel his muscles tensing up around his finger. His face was down and he was starting to make some noise. I think he was starting to beg a bit. I didn’t care. I fucked him slowly at first, hooking my finger around to touch his prostate, reaching around to wank him off. “You love it. canlı bahis siteleri You want mummy to fuck your ass”. I knew that it was ultimate humiliation for him – to be ****d by a younger woman… to be fucked by a good friend of his.I stretched his ass out fully and gave him one hard spank. There was nothing he could do now. “I’m going to have so much fun r****g your ass”. I said, laughing. I pulled his head off the pillow.He started to say “No…please…please don’t.” It was pathetic. He was so weak and helpless. Crying like a baby.Eventually I lubed up my big cock and told him how ruined his tight hole would be. I could have been cruel but I made sure it was extra slippery so it felt good. I’d train him to love cock.I whispered in his ear: “I bet it feels like a real one,” and then I slowly entered him from behind. He squealed like a little piggy when I did that. “What a bitch!”. I started to fuck him doggie style and forced his head back onto the pillow. I could tell he was dying to break free from the ropes and I had to hold onto his hips to make him take every inch. He was trying to wriggle away. He needed this. I laughed and nailed him fast and hard.”Tell mummy how much you love it,” I said. [new paragraph]”No mummy, please stop!” he cried. [new paragraph]I fucked him even harder, pounding him like a girl and calling him a little sub slut. He was so hard too, and completely head fucked, unsure of whether he was gay or straight, sub or dom. Right now he was a cock hungry bitch. Completely pathetic. He loved every second, the dirty pervert fuck. I carried on fucking him deep and stretching out his hole. I knew he would end up cumming from this. I allowed him the small mercy of not having to face me at first, because I knew he would be as ashamed as he was dominated.”Would you like to cum for mummy?” I asked.”Yes.. please mummy… let me cum…” he said, as I pounded him harder and harder. I untied him and turned him around so he was facing me. I wanked off his cock and spread his legs at the same time so I was giving him a hand job and fucking him from the front, watching his face as I forced every inch inside of him. His feet were shaking on my shoulders. He quickly came hard, all over himself, with my big black cock deep inside his ass. He was crying and covered in a big load of hot sticky cum. What a mess!I figured it would take him a long time to recover from the humiliation, that he wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye for a long time. And this was the start of the training. Eventually he would be begging for it, because he had been broken. He was no longer the D but the S. And while he was face down, that could have been anyone inside him. Maybe one day it’ll be a real one and he will reach new levels of humiliation, or maybe not. I decided he needed space to think about what a dirty fucker he had been and just left him covered in his own spunk.



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