That pretty much summed up my situation. I was in serious trouble and had no idea what to do.

Wait let me catch you up on my present situation. My name is Brad, I’m 22 and a senior in Architectural Design at Somewhere University. I’m a pretty average senior with a serious girlfriend, a few close friends, a boatload of student loans, and relatively good grades. Overall college has been easy for me, until now. I am currently taking my final 15 hours of classes and have a pretty sweet job lined up for after graduation, but the kicker is, I have to graduate. To do that I must pass my design class with at least a B. Design is a special one on one senior project class taught by Dr. Stevens, and I am currently failing. If I don’t pass, I don’t graduate. If I don’t graduate, I don’t get the job. If I don’t get the job… well it’s going to be ugly. Architectural design is highly competitive and the number of jobs in the field very limited, so if I miss this I’m probably out of the field.

How have I done so badly in this class you might ask? To be honest I got behind and then tried to cheat but got caught. Dr. Stevens has not reported me yet but has already given me a zero on the assignment, which counts towards half my grade, so even passing is mathematically impossible.

So here I sit waiting to meet with him and discuss the next steps in my humiliating failure. Shit.

“You may go in now” the older lady at the desk says pointing to Dr. Stevens’ office door, so I get up and enter the room, closing the door behind me.

Dr. Stevens looks up from his desk as I enter. He is well past middle age, with gray thinning hair, glasses, a paunch, and the rumpled appearance only career academics can perfect. “Ah, Brad” he says motioning to the chair in front of his desk.

“Yes sir” I reply taking a seat.

Dr. Stevens folds his hands and just looks at me for several minutes, saying nothing. I am miserable and can feel my anxiety rising by the minute. But he just stares, waiting.

“Dr. Stevens, I am really sorry” I finally stammer, leaning forward in the chair. “I messed up. I know it. I won’t do it again. I have to pass this class. I’ll do anything. Just name it.”

Silence follows and still he just stares at me. What the fuck does he want me to say? I can feel my temper starting to rise but I quash it knowing that will not help the situation.

“Brad, Brad, Brad” Dr. Stevens begins. “You have such potential and yet you threw it all away. I want to help you, but you have put me in a very difficult situation.”

“I know sir. I messed up but I’ll do whatever you tell me to fix it. Anything.” The desperation has crushed my anger and I am now feeling the full weight of my potential failure.

“Anything huh?” Dr. Stevens asks, with his fingers steepled. “I have the integrity report right here” he says pointing to a document on his desk “if I file this you will not only not graduate, you will be expelled.”

My heart drops as I realize I underestimated the consequences. Expulsion. All that debt and all that effort wasted. My parents and friends would know how badly I fucked up. Shit. Shit.

“Maybe we can avoid that however” Dr. Stevens says, and I dread the next sentence. “How far are you willing to go towards ‘anything’?”

“As far as I must sir” I state with absolute conviction. “Anything.”

Dr. Stevens casino siteleri stares another moment before he stands and says “Okay. Here’s the deal then. If you can live up to your promise of doing ‘anything’ for me for one week, seven days, I will forget the incident and give you a B in the class. However, if you fail you will fail absolutely and be expelled.” Leaning against the desk Dr. Stevens stares at me a little longer. “Alright. I’m willing to give you the chance. Just understand this is just between us. If you fail to do what you are asked for any reason, the report is submitted. And just to be clear if this ever gets out, I will submit the report and that will cost your degree even after you graduate. Do you understand?”

I nod but he tells me to say I understand so I do. “Good. The weeks starts now and will end exactly 7 days from right now.” I nod again but he is not looking because he is unbuckling his pants and walking towards me. I feel dread building as he pulls his semi hard cock out of his pants, standing in front of me. “Suck it off Brad.”

I start to hesitate but temper the agreement. I’ve never touched another cock before, but I reach out and grasp it. Dr. Stevens moves closer and pulls my mouth open before slipping himself in. I am miserable as I feel his cock harden in my mouth. “Now suck it boy. The sooner I cum the sooner you can get to my next task.”

The next several minutes are the longest and most uncomfortable I can remember. His cock slides in and out my mouth, while he tells me move my tongue and lips in certain ways. All the while I can smell the warm musky scent of his crotch. Eventually I feel him grab my head and I instinctively try to pull away but am too late as I feel cum shoot into my mouth. Gagging I try to move but hear “don’t you dare. You will swallow that.” The hot sticky cum is thick and takes multiple attempts before I can swallow it. Pulling out I see him smile as he tucks himself back into his pants.

“Well done Brad. Now here is my home address” he says as he writes something on a slip of paper. “You will be there by yourself at 8pm tonight. I will explain what I want when you get there. Don’t forget one week and you graduate.” Then he hands me the slip of paper and waves me out of his office. As I walk past the receptionist, I think I see her smile before looking back at her work.

The rest of the day passes quickly as I debated just dropping out and leaving school. But that’s not really an option as my folks would never understand and besides it is only 7 days. Carrie, my girlfriend knows I’m upset but not why, and I’m sure not going to tell her.

At 8, I am standing at the front door to a nice house just off campus. When I knock the door is opened by a long-faced woman who introduces herself as Evelyn, Dr. Stevens’ wife. She shows me into the living room and then goes to find Carl, I didn’t even know Dr. Stevens’ first name.

“Ah Brad. Glad you could make it. I hope you have not been miserable all day. Trust me when I say this whole thing does not have to be I pleasant. Would you like a beer?”

I can’t really even answer so I nod my head and he leaves to I assume get a beer. When he returns, he is holding two bottles of beer, one of which he hands to me. “Now Brad tonight I have a little something planned for you.” As we drink, he explains that my task for tonight is to have sex with slot oyna Evelyn while he watches. She is already upstairs in the bedroom and waiting for me, so after we finish our beer, he leads me there.

The room is dim but not dark, and I can clearly see Evelyn laying on the bed naked. She is older but still in fairly good shape, without the fat or flab that so many older ladies acquire. Dr. Stevens, Carl, nudges me forward towards the bed so I walkover. As I get closer, I can see her fit form even better and am impressed with how she looks. Her breasts are small, so they are flat but don’t sag like so many of the pictures I have seen. She is trimmed but not shaven and the peppered gray hair matches her head. As I get closer Carl tells me to undress, so I do. I can hear him chuckle as my already hard cock appears. As I get to the bed, I can see that Evelyn is staring at me, while just laid out on the bed.

“Kiss me” she says, so I walk over and place my lips on hers. I feel her hand pull my head tighter while her other hand grabs my cock. Her lips parts and I feel her tongue seeking mine. Her other hand is gently stroking me. I am already hard. Without releasing either head she pulls my face to her breasts and I pull a nipple into my mouth. I feel her breath catch as my hands touch her. One hand is on her other breast and the other is sliding along her stomach. Her skin is soft and warm to my touch, and her nipple tastes of soap and smells of strawberries.

“Lower” she whispers as she pushes my head down towards her stomach. I moved my lips and tongue along her stomach and towards the peppered down on her pubic mound. Kissing lower and lower I run my tongue through her dark curls, inhaling her warm scent. Already I can smell her and know she is getting aroused, even before my lips feel her dampness. As I move my face between her legs, I feel her shift and her warm mouth envelope my member.

I almost cum right then. The situation has me so aroused I can barely contain it. She slides her mouth along my shaft, and I can feel her tongue swirl and slide along me. At the same time, I am overwhelmed by her warm wetness. Her scent fills my nose and her wetness coats my tongue as I push further and slide it between her nether lips. Her clit is huge and stands like a tiny erection as I run my lips and tongue over it. As she spreads her legs, I push my face further between them, licking and sucking her. As she begins to shudder and tense, I push my tongue into her, rolling it across her moist lips. The shuddering lasts for a bit but as it stops, she pulls my face back to hers and kisses me deeply. I can smell me and her on her breath and feel her moisture on my face.

“Mount me from behind” she whispers to me before she breaks the kiss and moves to put her stomach on the bed while kneeling on the floor. I step behind her and feel her hand guide me into her. She is so wet I slide in easily. She feels amazing. Sliding all the way inside I hold her hips and pull her buttocks all the way towards me. In moments I am pounding into her, the wet slapping noise filling the room. “Shit, I’m cumming” I moan as I feel the need for release rising.

“Fill me” she moans as I feel her fingers begin to work her clit. The first shot erupts from me and I press into her holding myself deep. Can feel her vagina clench as she presses back against me and shudders herself. Our mutual canlı casino siteleri orgasms mixing and flexing as we kneel locked together. Minutes pass like this as both of us struggle to breath and our minds drift off to the places that only post climax minds can go, but eventually I begin to shrink and without a sound drop from inside her.

I can feel the cum running down our legs, but we stay against each other. “Lovely” Carl’s words startle me as I suddenly remember where I am. Looking over I see him wiping his now shrinking penis off with a towel. “So, was that so bad?” He asks as I stand up and take a towel from his other hand. “Evelyn needed a little attention, so I appreciate your efforts.”

As I wipe off, I watch Evelyn roll over and open her legs to show herself to Carl, who smiles as I see my cum bubble out of her. Carl just stares with a stupid grin as Evelyn slides her finger through the cum, pushing some back inside and spreading the rest over her skin. It is a mesmerizing scene. It takes a moment for me to notice that Evelyn had started rubbing the moist mixture further underneath herself. But I notice when she rolls over once more on the bed spreads her small ass cheeks and exposes the small wet button hidden between. “Come on” she whispered as she holds her cheeks wide. I didn’t need much encouragement before I was rubbing the head of my already rigid cock from her dripping crotch to her already wet and opening anus.

Pushing the head of my cock into her is a slow process. Each gentle push spreads her wider, which allowed more of me into her. Already she is moaning and grunting. After a few more pushes I slip inside her. As my full length pushes into her, she groans loudly and falls forward onto the bed. “Oh God yes” escapes her lips “fuck my ass you sweet sweet boy.

Already I am pumping into her. She is so tight and warm as I hump forward, it’s amazing. I have never had anal sex before and realize now the unique tightness that her back foot provides. It is an all enveloping warm tightness that makes each thrust feel like heaven. Once again, I find my pace quickening as the need for release grows once more. This time is not the simple relief of my first time but rather the gentle build that results after the easy cum. This second session has always been for my partner, as I can go for long minutes without being overwhelmed by a desperate orgasm. Thrust after thrust pushes Evelyn into the bedding. Her hands clutch the sheets as I watch her eyes roll up and her mouth hang slack. Grunts, groans, and moans fill the room as I continue to pound her ass. It is amazing for both of us as she hit multiple orgasms and I begin to reach that second extended release.

“Oh! Oh!” I wail as I feel the wave of relief flood over me, mirrored by the small flow streaming into Evelyn. My legs tremble and my knees threaten to buckle as the last of the orgasm passes over me. As I began to once again notice the world around me, I feel the shuddering spasms of Evelyn as she is racked by waves of pleasure. I collapse across her back, resting my head on her back as I hold her hips to steady myself. After several minutes I pull my hips back, pulling my shrinking member free of her now gaping ass. I don’t stand yet but instead just press my flaccid cock into the warm wet crease of her ass. There we stay just breathing until Carl tells me to get dressed and come by his office at 9 in the morning. Dressed and in a mild stupor I walk to my car and headed back to my apartment. It’s only a little after 10 but it feels far later. After a quick shower I collapse into bed and am soon fast asleep.



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