Boyfriend #2Im such a bad girlfriend. He treats me right, loves me enough and true. Yet , I fuss about him not fucking my pussy enough, not licking it or tongue kissing me has become too much of an issue for me to handle so i convinced myself that i didn’t need it. {this is the shameful story of how i became an addicted sex maniac for another man. not my boyfriend -.-I’ll try my best to tell it and keep it short so plz enjoy i guess}It worked fine. Until…One day I went to orientation at work, A warehouse, however the dress-code was pretty loose enough; so i could wear leggings that showed off my shapely legs and cute bubble-rounded butt. During orientation,I was surrounded by people, New hires, and then we broke into groups. My group just happened to be the one with nothing but males in it. i couldn’t focus on the lecture or safety procedures at all. All I could think about… was how badly i wanted to be fucked. every area of the factory i went into was a porn scene for me. Often i found myself wondering how it’d feel to be bent across the safety railing being eaten out by a man while looking over the workers in the place. being fucked in the restrooms , or being bent over the conveyor belts with my pussy soaked from so much cum and still being fucked mercilessly.Whilst I imagined that I blushed as my instructor came to me and asked for one of thhe safety rules out of the blue. muğla escort I named an obvious one “walk, dont run.” I said as i shifted my standing stance a little to keep from soaking my leggings as it was laundry day and i kinda skipped on wearing panties.. The answer satisfied my instructor and she carried on lecturing us about proper techniques. As she continued to talk, one of the New hires started joking with me about stuff and lightly touching me. At first i shyed away. ashamed because I did have a boyfriend. and yet, this man was handsome enough to make me think about him pulling me close to him and kissing . {shameful} The thought though, was still welcomed into my mind and made my pussy wetter. Weeks passed since our encounter and me and the man {we’ll name him Devin} became somewhat of friendly commodity. I began accepting rides home and to work from him. all was good ,normal. Until …My and boyfriend and I got into an argument, a really big one. things were said and he sent me to pack my things and go to my mother’s house. I didn’t have a ride to get to his house to pick up my things and so i cried became very distressed. Devin saw this, and asked what was wrong”My boyfriend and I just broke up i think.” I cried while sitting in his car upon hearing my x’s voicemail. “you okay?” Devin asked looking at me and handing a tissue. “yeah, eskişehir escort i think so.. ” i said sniffling a little “i’m sorry, im all crying like this and crap .” i smiled partly trying to brighten up the mood”it’s okay.” he replied, “tell me what on ur mind” and in that insistnacy i spilled out everything to himand he spilled everything to me about his past battles with something just as similar. and in that small moment, we felt each other {i guess} As we tried to hug each other but ended up kissing , slowly at first and then the kiss became more intimate and heated up every nerve in my body. Nerves and my lustful side awakened again and my panties became instantly soaked. more soaked than it had been since my relationship with my boyfriend had began. after a long makeout session, we disengaged , i blushed deeply but he pulled me back to him. i found myself getting lost and my inner slut coming out as i groped along his jeans and found his bulge. {which was hugee ! btw} he let out a soft moan which made hot and blush more, then he stuck his finger into my panties and started playing with my clit which made me open my legs wider and moan loudly as i barely get touched there. “damn, babe you are wet. ” he murmured as he toyed faster with me and heard my juices.i moaned in delight as he said it, and he started pulling my leggings down, gaziantep escort i helped. His face lit up when he saw that again, i was wearing no panties with leggings on, showing my smooth ebony legs and cleanly shaved pussy. “no fair” i said and i pulled down his jeans to reveal his extra thick, extra {surprisingly} big cock , my mouth started to water and before he could say a word, i was bobing up and down on his dick trying to fit it all into my mouth, frowning when i couldn’t but still licking and tasting every bit of his manly taste and getting drunk off of the manly smell.”Damn, babe.” he says and then pulls me off his cock “if you keep going im going to fuck you” he says and laughs a bit. I grin a little and attack his balls by licking and toying around with them in my palms he grunts. and then gets out the car and into the backseat. i follow, and as soon as i sit , he opens my legs and pulls off the leggings and crams his well endowment into me. I scream adn pull onto the back of the clothy seats. “too big!” i exclaim. drool escaping my lips as he decides to pound into me faster, making my pussy make wet sloshing noises. then he slows down and grabs me tightly with his embrace and fucks me slowly. I can feel his shaft going into me in deeper places that no dick has ever gone before and my pussy still tightly gripping onto him as if she doesn’t wanna let go.finally he cums, and he cums deep inside of me. -since that night, we’ve been fucking each other ever since, and my pussy still behaves the same way to his cock, only he can make me cum. only he can make me wet. despite me still being with my bf.he knows about my bf, and still insists on being my boyfriend#2-



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