Both sisters had Anal on the beachSome girls just lose it just cycling, that thin membrane medically known as the ‘Hymen’, a skin tight barrier that momentarily prevents a man from enjoying your inner vagina, but today it’s us girls that want rid of it, as having an orgasm is a wonderful feeling, and as you know, mine hangs on a car bumper, not some bedpost, so I am a dirty little bitch, you know what guys, I kinda like that feeling.I had successfully convinced my sister to sunbathe tomorrow, we would go down to a quiet section, and hopefully I would watch the dirty deed unfold, he knew of our plan, and the small pill he gave me would go into her can of coke, and then he would move in on us and take her.The thought of watching him with her excited me, ‘Will you hold her down if she resists?’I told him I would, but that was more excitement on my part, I knew my sisters need of frequent masturbation, so seeing his big penis would drive her into wanting it.The next morning we both set off on our own, walking along the thick undergrowth and coming out on a tiny stretch of sand, secluded from the main beach by tall reeds, just the place to go skinny-dipping and getting an all-over tan, something my sister liked to do, something I was going to do, that was the plan, he would chance on us naked, and she would be feeling good, aided by the little pill I was carrying, she had no chance, I was convinced about that, I was craving to see him inside her, especially down there, and lying face down.After laying out our towels we both went topless, kırklareli escort my sisters ample breasts with nipples sticking skyward and firm with youth, she was proud of them and forever flaunting them at my expense, as mine were still in the stage of development, more like swollen nipples, but I knew some men found them a pleasure to behold, so there was hope for me.I oiled her back as requested and down the backs of her thighs, her thong like panties disappearing between her buttocks, soon to pried apart, it would be a joy to watch her writhing as her butt was fucked.I opened a coke and took a deep drink, s*s looked at me, now naked, ‘Mariel put your knickers on, someone might come along’, she said this while holding her hand out for a drink from the can.I reached into the cooler and opened another, taking the small white pill and crushing it between my fingers and into the coke, I turned and handed it to her and watched her take a couple of short drinks, and put it to the side.I sat splay-legged, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my pussy, ‘I did not know you shaved your pubes’, I looked across at her to see she was staring at me, ‘I dont have to’ I replied, ‘I am natural blond, and your darker’, I retorted, ‘Besides you shave’ I continued defensively, s*s took her coke and took another drink and never replied.She was resting her head on her forearm, still face down, ‘Shall we go for a swim?’She never responded so I got up and walked into the water and watched the figure of two men approaching from the other kırklareli escort bayan side of the reeds.Shit! I thought and made a run for my sister, so we could cover up, I spoke to her but she never responded, she was sleeping, I shook her but she slept.I started to panic knowing the pill had something to do with it and as I crouched over her sleeping form both men walked directly to us.It was him and as they drew level with us, I realized I was still naked, the look on the other guys face said as much, as his eyes roamed across my form.’You gave it too her’, I nodded and he smiled, reached down and undid the bow on the side of her bottoms, then the other and pulled them off.’Right Billy, you take her and take the sister’, Billy smiled lecherously looking at me, and dropped his shorts, stepped out of them and towered above me, pushing me back down onto the towel, and got on top of me.I lay on my back with my legs crossed, I was not expecting this and started to complain, but he was working on my sister buttocks with cream, his penis sticking out in front of him, and as I spoke he applied the cream to it, ‘Open your legs Mariel, let him fuck you, theres a good girl’, then he got up and walked to me feet, took hold of my ankles and pulled my legs apart and held them open as his friend went inside me and started humping.He had his full weight on me, crushing me into the sand and I had to lift my legs high and across his back for comfort, his cock was shorter so that way it remained inside as I was now in line escort kırklareli with his pushing.My positional change did not go unnoticed as the car owner remarked my positional change was because I was wanting more and deeper, and as he lifted his head to look down at me laboring under him, I caught a glimpse of the car owner on top of my sister, he was humping her face down and she was just moaning in her sleep, I suddenly felt the guy on me start kissing me, and his tongue was trying to lick my tonsils.The guy with my sister made a loud moan, casing my lover to look at him, ‘Fuck man you cumming’, the other laughed, ‘This is one fucking tight ass, what a fucking ride’.I could feel him stiffen inside me, then he was withdrawing his penis, ‘Turn over’, he was going to take me there, and as he eased his weight off me, I saw the other guy still lying on top of my sister, he had cum, and it looked like he was waiting to harden-up again and have another go.I eased onto my front as the cream was applied to my buttocks and I was pried apart with his fingers, I raised my buttocks from the towel and he eased inside then relaxed his full weight onto me and started humping my ass, I had a better view of my sister as they started doing it again, this time my sister was responsive, she was moving with him, still stupefied from the pill, but clearly feeling good, as her moaning led to her having a sleepy orgasm, and she was noisy when she did.I too was beginning to feel the mood as he came inside my ass, the warmth of his semen could be felt on the inner tissues of my bum, I reached under myself and felt my vagina, masturbating as he lay on top, my anus squeezing him as he lay dormant in me, feeling my tensions rise as I finally climaxed, how many men have had their cocks up a girls ass as she cums while masturbating.



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