“What are you doing?”

“Just relax, you’ll enjoy it.”

“I can’t see anything.”

“I know.”

“I can’t move my body.”

“That will wear off after twenty minutes or so.”

Hana could feel intricate silk rope tied around her body. Knots placed just so in strategic locations; her collar bones, her navel, between her legs; all designed to torment the blonde when she regained her ability to move, and perhaps even before.

“Amaya, please.”

“You may not be able to move yet, but you can feel…” Amaya pulled the rope that laid gracefully over Hana’s navel, and the knot between the girl’s legs slid up to press against her clit. A soft gasp of surprise escaped Hana’s lips.

She could feel warm breath tickling her neck, and she tried to turn away. Instead, a tongue traced the soft outer shell of her ear.

“Why can’t I move?”

A chuckle from Amaya sounded in the room as Hana felt fingers lining the muscles of her neck. “Because I drugged you,” came the simple reply.

“What?” the tone in Hana’s voice was hurt and surprised.

“You’ll like it.”

“Amaya, please you’re scaring me.”

A hand tightened on Hana’s throat, and a set of soft lips were pressed against hers. She struggled to try to move her body, to turn her head away, but her limbs were simply dead weight that did not respond. Then she sensed Amaya pulling the knots at her collar bones; her breasts being tugged into better view.

She could feel that her heart had started to speed up as the tickle of red hair fell over her breasts, and the warmth of a tongue twirled around each sensitive bud. Hana closed her eyes as her body responded to the attention with erect nipples, and a heat starting to grow between her legs.

Again she tried to move, baffled that she could so easily feel the soft kisses that were trailing down her body, but not get it to respond the way she wanted. As Amaya reached her navel she slid the knot there to the side, causing the one at Hana’s clit to press against the sensitive region. Hana let out a soft whimper while a velvet tongue dipped into, and traced around her navel.

Her breath started to come faster, the warmth from her loins starting to spread through the rest of Hana’s body when all touch was withdrawn from her. She anticipated Amaya’s next touch to be more of the woman’s gentle teasing; but instead she gasped when Amaya grabbed the girl’s knees and forced them apart.

She could hear the clink of chains and then felt cold metal around her knees, holding them in place up by her shoulders. A flush filled Hana’s cheeks as she knew where Amaya’s gaze would be.

“Don’t look at it,” she whispered. But the other woman either didn’t hear, or more likely didn’t care.

“Wet already? We’ve barely begun.”

Hana closed her eyes in embarrassment and muttered again. She gasped loudly when Amaya’s tongue parted the lips of her pussy, probing the sensitive folds and teasing circles around her sweet entrance.

“Oishii,” Amaya whispered.

Hana felt her cheeks redden more and she started to get nervous as she could sense Amaya leaning over her.

“I want you to taste how delicious you are,” and with that Amaya pressed her lips to Hana’s in a deep kiss, caressing Hana’s tongue with her own. Hana gasped when Amaya finally broke the kiss, and a bittersweet fruit taste hung in her mouth.

Hana let out a pathetic whimper as Amaya licked any remaining juices off of Hana’s lips. Before Hana could recover her breath Amaya pulled the ropes in such a way to spread the girl’s pussy apart and make the knot press against her clit while the redhead’s tongue delved deep inside the whimpering blonde.

Amaya moaned into the tender flesh, sending the sensation of a shiver down Hana’s paralyzed spine. Hana could feel the warmth of Amaya’s mouth on her making her grow wetter, and could feel Amaya lapping all the more eagerly as she did.

When Amaya pulled back for air, Hana found canlı bahis şirketleri that it was she who gasped. Even without the ability to move she felt the sensation of a shiver in her legs as her body begged for more. Hana tried to lift her head as if to see why Amaya was keeping her in suspense but still was unable to move.

“Amaya… I need you.”

She heard a soft chuckle and then a cold sensation met her clit, followed by an intense warmth. Everywhere that Amaya’s fingers went the heat followed.

“A-amaya! What, what are you doing?”

“Just a treat for you, Hana. It will make you more sensitive.” Hana could almost hear the smirk on Amaya’s lips.

She cried out when she felt Amaya’s tongue start to circle her clit, the redhead’s fingers still working the cream inside her. Hana longed to be able to move her body; to be able to grind her hips into Amaya’s lips and tongue.

The blonde girl let out a scream when Amaya bit down on her clit, the cream intensifying the sensation several times over.

“Itai!” but all that met Hana’s ears was the soft sound of laughter before she felt teeth sinking into her thigh, making her scream again. She could feel herself tighten around Amaya’s fingers as she cried out, her body responding to pleasure instead of pain.

Amaya chuckled again as she curled her fingers into Hana’s g-spot, making Hana cry out yet again, her noise a half whimper. Hana could feel her breath starting to catch as Amaya’s tongue slid over her thighs and moved its way back to her clit, working in slow circles.

As the drug finally started letting up Hana’s head was fuzzy, she was lost in her lust, not even realizing that she was starting to be able to move. Her hips involuntarily twitched when Amaya pulled away yet again, denying Hana her touch.

The blonde was unaware of the tiny movements she was making, and not even taking in the sounds to try to realize what Amaya was doing while tormenting her in such a way. All Hana could feel was the hot tingle from the cream that Amaya had used on her. It made her feel like her own juices were dripping from her, running over the cheeks of her ass from the way her knees were chained up.

“Amaya please, please I need you, I want you,” Hana begged, knowing only that she couldn’t stand not being touched any more.

Suddenly the sensation of the heat was countered by something hard and cold as it violated her, pushing deep inside her cunt in one swift motion. Hana let out a cry, pulling at the chains that bound her. She could feel Amaya pull back and slam into her again, making Hana gasp. She let Amaya’s name fall from her lips as she continued to slowly push the device into her.

Hana slowly became aware of the fact that she could move as she felt her own hips pushing harder on the vibrator that Amaya was holding. She felt her eyes roll back as Amaya’s tongue found its way to her clit again. Hana whimpered as Amaya hungrily lapped at her clit, slowly turning the dial to turn the vibrator on and angling it to hit into her g-spot with each slow, steady thrust.

Hana moved against the ropes and chains, thrusting her hips against Amaya in desperate need. As Hana felt herself become lost in the sensations even more she noticed Amaya move her tongue away. Hana could hear the buzzing sound of a bullet and knew she had grown even wetter from the mere anticipation of feeling it vibrating against her clit.

Amaya pressed it against the ropes at first, making Hana squirm and moan.

“You’re teasing me,” she whined.

She felt Amaya respond by moving the ropes to expose the most sensitive portion of her clit, and place the bullet directly on it. Hana gasped and her body jerked but Amaya kept it pressed there. The feeling was too much because of the cream that had been used on her.

“S-sensitive,” she tried to say, but Amaya ignored her.

Hana’s breath started coming in short gasps as she suffered under the bullet, the vibrator canlı kaçak iddaa still working its way in and out of the depths of her pussy.

“Please,” she gasped, on the verge of tears, almost in pain at the over-sensitization. Hana could hear Amaya laughing as she moved the bullet and the feeling instantly changed to one of pleasure; Hana pushing her hips forward against it.

Amaya moved the bullet in slow circles, using the vibrator to hit hard and deep each time she thrust it into Hana.

“You’re so tight, Hana,” Amaya said in a deep voice. “So tight I can hardly move this,” she gave the vibrator a particularly hard thrust, “inside you.”

Hana gave a pathetic groan, turning her head towards her shoulder.

The redhead chuckled again and paused, turning the vibrator all the way up. She resumed with slow, hard, steady thrusting.

“That’s right Hana,” she said. “Take it all, take every inch.” Amaya accented her words with harder thrusts, the blonde squirming beneath her, making the rattle of chains fill the room.

“Look at you. Such a horny little cockslut. Look how full your cunt is.”

A flush rose in Hana’s cheeks, the heat on them almost as intense as that caused by the cream Amaya had used on her. She turned over the idea of saying something, wanting her partner to stop speaking such embarrassing words, but finding that her body wanted to hear more. In the end all that escaped her lips was a softly whispered “take me.”

Amaya moved the bullet in small circles, making them a little faster than before as Hana’s hips started moving more insistently. In an instant the redhead changed her pace, hard fast thrusts violating Hana’s squirming body.

Hana was lost in the feeling, her desire overwhelming her as she felt orgasm rapidly building in her. The sensation spread, starting somewhere between the bullet moving around her clit and the vibrator pounding into her g-spot.

“I-ikku,” she moaned out before her breath stopped, her body contracting in spasms as intense pleasure shot through her. Hana let out an ear piercing scream of pleasure as she came, whimpers spilling from her lips as the sensation let up.

As her orgasm started to subside Hana tried to relax her body, but Amaya relentlessly used the vibrator to pound inside her, deep and fast. Her breath was coming in short ragged gasps and before she knew it her body was being racked with orgasm again. Her own screams were lost to her ears as warmth spread through her body, every muscle clenched in pleasure.

The second her second orgasm began to let up Amaya pulled the bullet and vibrator away from her, leaving Hana to shudder and whimper while the redhead chuckled darkly.

“I know you want more,” came the sound of Amaya’s voice.

Hana closed her eyes under the blindfold. She could feel her own juices slowly dripping from her pussy and sliding down over the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed slightly, testing the bond of the chains that held her legs up, making her feel exposed.

“Look at that dripping little cunt…” Hana felt the muscles inside her contract to the words. “I can see it begging for more.”

There were noises filling the room as Amaya rustled with something unknown to Hana.

“I have a special treat for you.”

Hana felt her pussy throb in anticipation created by the other woman’s deep tone.

“That hungry cunt is begging me for this,” she went on. “Just look at it Hana… your pussy is wide open.” With that Amaya tugged the ropes again to spread the girl open even further.

Hana let out a whimper that was a combination of enjoyment and embarrassment, no more of one than the other. “Don’t look at it,” she whispered again as her face flushed a deep crimson.

Something cold pushed against her cunt now, probing for entrance into its depths. Amaya pushed slowly against it and Hana could feel it spreading her apart, making its way inside her. Her excitement at something new was slowly canlı kaçak bahis turning to alarm as she began to realize that the object Amaya was now pushing into her was huge.

“Wait, Amaya-” but Amaya clearly wasn’t listening. She continued to push against the resistance offered up by Hana’s pussy.

“God look at the way your pussy opens up for it,” Amaya said in almost a moan.

Hana began shaking her head as she started to feel pain as she was stretched around the device.

“Amaya please! It hurts.”

Amaya chuckled and said with mock sympathy, “it hurts?” her tone changed to a cold one that sent shivers down Hana’s back “You’ll take it any way you filthy cockwhore.” And she shoved the dildo in half way.

Hana let out a scream as she felt herself tearing inside and tears dampened the corners of her eyes and started to stain the blindfold. The blonde thrashed against the chains and ropes that bound her.

“Amaya…” she panted “yamero… onagai… it’s tearing.”

Hana had expected the sympathy that her partner usually showed her, but instead she felt herself split further open as the rest of the dildo was violently shoved inside her. Another scream left the tortured girl’s lips.

“Just look at that cunt stretched as wide as it can be.”

Amaya started to move the dildo but Hana was begging.

“Please, no- Amaya it hurts, don’t do this.”

“You like it,” was the only reply before Amaya started a steady thrusting of the device into her pet.

Hana cried out in agony, feeling wounded and betrayed that Amaya had ignored her pleas to stop. She sobbed openly as she felt her body moving with the trusts, her breasts bouncing and the chains clinking, all giving her a feeling of exposed vulnerability that made her cry that much harder.

Amaya sped up her pace, pressing the button to turn the vibrator on.

The blonde whimpered as she felt the vibrations deep inside her, as the feeling instantly changed from pain to pleasure. Suddenly she couldn’t believe the sensation she had.

“Oh god Amaya, I’m so full,” she managed to say.

She felt overwhelmed by the feeling of having her pussy stretched around the biggest cock it had ever taken, forcing itself deep into her most intimate regions.

“That’s it baby girl,” Amaya said, seeing the expression on Hana’s lips change, “take it… take it all… just like the cock whore you are.”

Hana nodded helplessly, lost in the pleasure she was feeling.

“Fuck me, Amaya… don’t hold back.”

The redhead smirked and her motions changed from being steady and controlled to hasty, animal like thrusting as Hana tried to buck her hips against the vibrator, wanting to feel it deeper inside her.

“Motto,” she wanted more, and Amaya complied, using the giant dildo to fuck deeper inside her.

Hana threw her head back and moaned, a low primal moan of ecstasy.

“Amaya… I’m close,” she panted out.

Amaya’s tone was harsh, firm, and filled with enjoyment. “Cum for me Hana,” she said. “Cum hard on my cock.” Hana felt the words wash over her like an irresistible wave; that simple command the only thing permeating her mind as the feeling in her cunt took over her and she came, harder than ever before.

It seemed like an eternity that the orgasm racked her body, making her pull at the chains and ropes in a way that would have been painful had she been able to feel anything but pleasure. Hana lost herself in the enjoyment, not caring how long it lasted. Her mind had been wiped clean with pure ecstasy, there was no past, no future, only this moment, this feeling, and that was all Hana knew.

When the orgasm subsided Hana’s muscles were shaking as never before. She had never felt so weak and spent, but she could still feel her pussy throbbing around the huge dildo inside her, until she shuddered involuntarily when Amaya pulled it out.

The blonde tried to speak, but words could not find her tongue, nor would they form inside her mind as Amaya undid the chains, untied the ropes, and slipped the blindfold off. The redhead pulled her pet into her arms and caressed her cheek lovingly as she kissed her deeply.

“I told you you’d like it,” Amaya whispered into Hana’s ear.



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