Summary: Two female teachers are turned into subs by nerd ex-student.

Note 1: this is a fantasy requested by the real Natalie… who has many very dirty fantasies.

Note 2: This is a multi-part story that will have a chapter released every couple of months until the wild weekend of a hen gone astray is over. A HEN is a British term for a bachelorette party… in case you are curious.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, and David for editing.

Blackmail Sluts: Airline Debauchery

When Laura said she was planning my hen, a shiver went up my spine, since the last one she’d planned for one of our friends was pretty wild… I’d stroked a stripper’s cock and almost sucked him off in front of my friends… I likely would have finished the job if there’d been a few more people there that I didn’t know very well… gin always dissolves my inhibitions, and once I get in the mood, hearing strangers saying, “I can’t believe she’d do that!” always turns me on big time. Especially if they’re touching themselves while they’re saying that!

Of course, it made sense that Laura would be planning my hen since she was my maid of honour and all… if I’d wanted a safe hen, I would have picked a different set of bridesmaids. All four of my best friends, who also happen to be my teaching colleagues in our secondary school’s physical education programme, can be quite wild when they get the opportunity.

Laura got married at a young age to her childhood sweetheart. She is the most innocent looking of us, with brown eyes, pixie-short hair and the body of an athletic girl next door. Except that her tits are fucking massive 36DD’s that our male students drool over all day, especially when she’s leading calisthenics. That said, she is the one usually in charge of our group. Although no one would believe it to look at her, she is the kinky one who had a couple of lesbian adventures in her younger days, and loves anal sex. She also sells lingerie as a side business and invariably wears thigh high stockings whenever she is out and about.

In the right company, Laura is also incredibly open about her sex life, including the fact that her favourite position is riding her husband’s seven inch dick, because she likes to be in control. She also feels that oral sex is great and goes down on him almost every day. She jokes, “A blow job a day keeps the hubby at bay.”

Lastly, she has a wide selection of toys including vibes, dildos, anal beads, and even handcuffs. She tried convincing me to get a pair, but I pointed out that my fiancé George is a bobby, so we always have a pair handy, even if they aren’t lined with fur.

She suggested I use them on him, but truthfully I’d rather have him use them on me. On a few occasions so far he’s really put me through my paces and I loved it, although I’ve never mentioned that to Laura. Yet.

If I’d wanted a tamer hen, I guess I could have chosen Hayley, as she is the most conservative woman in our group. She comes from money and although she is very outgoing socially, she is also the most prim and proper when it comes to even talking about sex. She has brown eyes and blonde hair and looks a lot like Holly Willoughby. She has only been with one guy ever, and she married him right after college, so compared to the rest of us she is a lot more reserved sexually… likely because she comes from a rather old-fashioned family. She is almost always the first one to go home when we have a girls’ night out.

Sarah is the enigma of the group. She has a little boy, acts like a mother 98 percent of the time, but when we go out and she has a few drinks she turns into a different woman. She flirts. She playfully grabs my ass but leaves her hand there a bit too long for it to be just for giggles. She has kissed a few girls… although oddly, not me. She is petite, with tiny tits (she complains they didn’t even get big when she was pregnant). It’s hard to believe, but she cheated on her fiancé with another guy, then ended up marrying the new guy. I imagine she would be submissive in the bedroom, as she is pretty submissive as a friend… always doing what Laura tells her and always trying to please everyone.

Then there’s Vickie. We went to university together and shared the same dorm room. She’s the blonde bombshell of the group, and the last remaining single. She has blue eyes, small perky tits, and is the most ambitious of us… she’ll likely become a school principal in the near future.

In college Vickie was a major cock tease, but on the rare occasions when she actually let someone into our room she turned from reserved and well-spoken to a foul-mouthed slut. Her language and screams were usually heard throughout the entire floor.

The last of our famous five is me.

I’m right in the middle between the canlı bahis şirketleri wildest and the most reserved. I work my ass off to stay in shape… CrossFit being part of my DNA. I have green eyes, 34D tits, brown-blonde hair, long toned legs, and a great arse… although I wish I had a bit more of it. I also have a wicked sense of humour, and Sarcasm is my best friend.

Anyway, Laura was being very close-mouthed about the hen on Thursday afternoon when she picked me up from work at our school in the Earl’s Court district of London… although we work in the same department, she only works mornings. I asked, “So what are you planning for my hen?”

“Something life changing,” she smiled as she pulled away from the curb.

“That’s both exciting and ominous,” I pointed out. “But it doesn’t actually tell me anything.”

“You’ll be a changed woman once the weekend is through,” she added, parsing out a single titbit of information as she entered the A4.

“Did you say weekend?” I asked; the hen was usually just one night.

“Actually it’s an extended weekend,” she corrected.

“George won’t like that,” I countered, knowing he was nervous about how wild we get when all five of us go out together.

“George approved the entire trip,” she said, still giving me more questions than answers.

“Trip?” I asked.

“You’re the last single girl, so we need to make this epic,” she explained.

“Uh, Vickie is still single,” I pointed out.

“She’s already married,” Laura replied, which was nonsensical until she added, “to her job.”

I roared, “I guess that’s true.” Laura taught for fun… she didn’t need the money and was quite happy working half time and spending the rest doing things at home.

Vickie, on the other hand, shouldn’t have to pay rent for her flat since she seemed to live at school… even more so lately, as she was working on her masters and preparing for an interview for a job as principal of another nearby secondary school in a couple of weeks.

As we drove past the turn for my house, or also for the pub we usually went to, I asked, “Where are we going?”

“The hen starts right now,” she declared, handing me a flask.

“We have work tomorrow,” I pointed out.

“No, we don’t,” she corrected. “I’ve already booked the day off for both of us. We’re not even going to be in the country.”

“I don’t have any sub plans made,” I pointed out.


“I haven’t packed,” I continued, shocked by the advanced stage of her plan.


“I need to tell George.”


“I need my passport.”


“Where are we going?”



“Sure,” she answered unhelpfully.

Finally catching on, I deduced, “You have no intention of telling me anything, do you!”

“Great deduction, Watson,” she smiled, as she took the roundabout exit onto the M4 towards Heathrow Airport.

“France?” I asked, desperate to know the plan.

“…is a country,” she answered.

“I hate you,” I sighed, knowing that no way was Laura going to give in… that being just one more thing about her… she could be incredibly charming, aggressively impressive or outright annoying… at the moment it was the latter… although the idea of a long international weekend with the girls was actually a pretty intriguing idea.

“And I despise you,” she countered unconvincingly, reaching out with her left hand and giving my leg a friendly pat.

“You’re lucky your hen has already happened,” I responded.

“Oh, you’ll be thanking me and screaming my name in euphoria before this hen is done,” she promised, the sexual innuendo not even remotely vague.

I moaned sarcastically, quite able to play sexual games, “Oh yes, Laura, mmmmmmm, eat me.”

She looked at me hungrily and said, “Now that is what we call foreshadowing.”

Just then her phone rang and she used Bluetooth to answer it with her car’s dash. It was her husband. As they chatted, I recalled Laura’s hen party when we drove to Edinburgh and we got her a male stripper. The stripper came to our room and we all enjoyed watching him strip off, but after he left I was horny as fuck and my knickers were wet from watching. Everybody got ready to go to bed and when I thought all the others were asleep I slowly started to rub my clit. Turns out I wasn’t the only one because as my breathing grew deeper, I could hear squelching sounds coming from both Laura and Sarah. I ended up finger fucking myself to such a deep silent orgasm, knowing they were getting off while I was, but we’ve never mentioned it. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to going with a girl other than a few drunken snogs to get free drinks while at the U. But, I’d be lying if the idea of a lesbian romp with any of the girls… especially Laura who would definitely canlı kaçak iddaa be dominant… didn’t turn me on. On occasion I fantasized about doing whatever Laura said when I was reading lesbian erotica or porn. And my go to stories or porn videos were always where one girl/woman dominated/seduced another. Laura hadn’t always starred in my fantasies, for years she hadn’t crossed my mind at all in that way. But recently I thought of her or sometimes other girls I knew while I jilled off. As if my body was questioning my decision to settle down, get married, have kids and all that jazz.

Since I’m not a lesbian, I would never mention my lesbian fantasies to any of my friends, but if one of the girls, or even one of my senior students, decided to make me her slut, I’m fairly certain I would be helpless to resist… and I have lots of recurring fantasies as evidence of that personal weakness.

I mean I love George… and he understands my domination fantasies and has helped me fulfil some of them… but he doesn’t have the right anatomy for the one fantasy I have deep inside. A fantasy I’ve never told anyone.

Now my only fantasy isn’t a lesbian submissive romp. Before I met George I was researching the idea of sex parties and sex dungeons where a group of men would dominate me for a night… using me as their three hole fuck slut. This was a fantasy that at least once a week I became totally lost in. Have you ever had an out-of-body orgasm where you were completely transported into your fantasy and had no idea where you actually were? That was the power of my gang-bang fantasies. But every time I came, afterwards I cursed myself for having such a twisted fantasy… I was a teacher, not a cheap bimbo fuck slut… yet, every once in a while that desire to be used and dominated by a group of men (or a football team… that means a soccer team for you Yanks) takes me over and I wake up having had the most intense orgasms.

George has done what he can with the information I’ve given him (of course I haven’t let him know of my lesbian fantasies or my gangbang slut fantasies… I mean how would he react?), but I did share with him my desire to be dominated, or blindfolded or handcuffed.


On my birthday a couple months ago, George did all three. He ordered me to dress in my sluttiest lingerie and to be on my knees on the floor in ten minutes.

My kitty leaked just because of the firm order as he kissed me hard and walked out of the bedroom.

I got into my lace red teddy, matching red knickers and the mocha thigh highs I’d just bought and got into position, my kitty already leaking with anticipation.

He walked in ten minutes later, a good five minutes later than he’d ordered me (which was an obedience test as I was normally very adamant about punctuality). He walked in naked, already fully hard, and immediately slid his cock in my mouth without a word.

And then he grabbed my face and roughly face fucked me… something he’d never done before.

It was exhilarating, just being used.

It was incredible, feeling his cock slamming into my mouth, feeling his balls bouncing off my chin.

It was humiliating, being treated like a whore, which, of course, only enhanced my adrenaline rush and induced further gushes down below.

“Tonight you’re my whore, understood?” he asked as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, which was dripping with so much of my saliva that a string draped from the end of his mushroom top to my lips.

I responded quickly, immersed in the role play, “Yes, sir, use me as you wish.”

He slammed his cock back into my mouth and resumed face fucking me roughly. I focused on not gagging and just being a slut for his pleasure.

I imagine it was only a couple of minutes before he grunted and spewed his load into my mouth, spraying his nut juice against my tonsils before sliding down my throat.

When he pulled out, his complete load now sitting warmly in my belly, he ordered, “Get on the bed, slut.”

“Yes, sir,” I obeyed, quickly climbing onto the bed and onto all fours because it was his favourite position and it seemed to me to be the most submissive position.

He walked over to his nightstand and pulled out a blindfold and handcuffs.

I wanted to say something playful, but in full submissive mode I just remained on all fours waiting to see what would happen to me as he moved to the bed and placed the blindfold snugly over my eyes.

He then moved behind me and sighed. I wondered what had annoyed him until he asked, “Do dirty fuck whores wear knickers?”

I apologized, “Sorry, sir, I thought they were sexy and they matched my teddy.”

“Do canlı kaçak bahis three-hole cum deposits think?” he asked, as he slapped my arse… not hard, but also not playfully.

I again apologized, “No, sir. Cum deposits just obey,”

“Three-hole cum deposits,” he corrected, as he roughly flipped me into my back… another gush of wetness leaking out of me as he mastered me.

And as he tore my knickers off me, I corrected my previous answer, “Yes, sir, I’m a three-hole cum deposit, bimbo fuck whore whose purpose is to serve and obey.” Any feminists out there may be appalled, but I basked in the delicious humiliation!

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my own mouth. The idea of being called names in the heat of lust had always turned me on, but I’d never imagined I would be belittling myself… and loving it.

Being blindfolded enhanced the situation even more, as I could hear him, but I couldn’t see him.

After I declared myself a bimbo whore, my very wet panties were shoved in my mouth. And for the first time in my life I tasted pussy… albeit my own. And I have to say, I tasted pretty good.

He flipped me on my back, pulled my entire body up on the bed, grabbed my wrists and handcuffed them to the bed.

I was now blindfolded, gagged and handcuffed, my cunny gazing vulnerably at the ceiling.

I was in heaven.

Excitement tingled throughout my entire body.

Anticipation stirred inside my loins.

Next thing I heard was the buzzing of a vibrator. My body trembled when the sensations gently brushed my cunny lips, making me moan into my knickers and spasmodically eject them from my mouth.

He sighed again as he shoved my knickers back in my face hole. “The knickers stay in your mouth until I come up there to retrieve them,” he ordered.

I wanted to ask what he meant by ‘until I come up to retrieve them’, but I was suddenly distracted by a vibrator that wasn’t slid into my pussy like I’d anticipated, but up my arse.

I bit on the knickers to stifle a scream of pleasure and pain. The vibe was clearly lubed, which made it slide easily in my ass, and it was a small vibe, smaller than George, so it was fairly easy to handle, but I wasn’t used to this, so it still hurt.

He said, shocking me, “I’ll be back after the sports highlights.”

Was he really going to leave me bound, gagged and blindfolded, with a working vibe up my ass?

The answer as I heard him walk away and close the bedroom door behind him was obviously, stunningly, yes.

And thus began an eternity of teasing.

My cunny was on fire but I couldn’t touch it.

I don’t know how long I lay there, but I was a complete mess. My cunny was leaking, my arse was buzzing and I was desperate to come.

When he finally returned, he wordlessly moved between my legs and began furiously fingering my twat, the vibe still buzzing away in my arse.

I don’t think he thrust those fingers in me a dozen times before I came screaming, my knickers again spilling out of my mouth, “Fuuuuuck!”

As I came, my mouth was again filled, this time by his wet fingers as he face-fucked me with his fingers coated in my cum.

“Suck off your cum, my slut,” he ordered.

He then returned his fingers to my cunt and resumed fingering me, while I still kept coming, before he pulled out again and wiped my excessive juices all over my face… giving me the strangest facial ever.

Not being able to see or to use my arms had me feeling so helpless, but I loved every minute of it.

I loved being used… dominated… treated as a cheap whore.

He lifted my ass up and put a pillow underneath me before he pulled the vibrator out of my ass and slammed his cock into it.

I screamed, “Holy fuck!”

My knickers were shoved back into my mouth as he pounded my ass hard.

A second orgasm quickly began building inside me as his groin simultaneously slapped my clit with each hard thrust.

And I came a second and third time from getting arse fucked… until he deposited a load in my arse… while calling me his arse slut.

He then pulled out, yanked my panties out of my mouth and shoved his cock in my mouth and ordered, “Suck it clean.”

And so in the throes of lust, I eagerly bobbed on a cock that had just been in my arse… feeling so dirty, but so hot at the same time.


“Earth to Natalie,” I heard, as someone slapped my right leg.

I looked up and was brought back to reality. Laura and I were still in the car.

“What were you thinking about?” Laura asked, before guessing accurately, “Your sexual liberation?”

“Something like that,” I smiled, although she took it for something I didn’t mean, as we reached the airport.



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