BLACK l****a 2BLACK l****a CHAPTER 2”Are you alright sweetheart, daddy didn’t mean to hurt you.” He heard himself say those words to the sweet young girl lying next to him in bed.Jack really didn’t understand how this could have happen. Why would he do this to someone that he love. Out of all the young girls in the world that he knew he could have, why did he have to have her? She was his daughter, and he had just taken her virginity. ”Yes daddy, I’m fine. Did I do okay daddy?” Looking down in her sweet trusting brown eyes how could he tell her that she had giving him the best sex that he has ever had. That he loved her more then his own life, and what they just shared in just a few short hours could never be duplicated with any other woman. But as beautiful as the hours that he had spent inside her had been, it would be the one and only time that they would be together. At least that is what he was prepared to say.”l****a baby, you need to listen to me. What we just did was beautiful and amazing, and for as long as I live I will never ever forget this night. But honey we can never…’ ”No daddy, don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it, because I know you don’t mean it. I know you love me daddy, and you love being with me. So don’t say that we can never be together again, because we both know that it would be a lie.” She cut him off before he could get the words out. For all his resolve in the moment, Jack knew she was right. He would never be able to give her up now. There was nothing else said as l****a snuggled close in her father’s arms for a well deserved rest.It was nearly four in the morning when Jack left his daughter’s bed. There were so many emotions that he had to deal with. As he left his sleeping daughter, who had just no more then three hours earlier had become his lover, was on his way to face the woman he had just betrayed. The very fact that that he had betrayed his wife with their own daughter was making his suffering a thousand times worst then he would have normally felt. As Jack took that long walk of shame from l****a bed to the bed that he has shared with Pam, flashbacks of l****a began to invade his thoughts. The hours that they spent making love had proven to be some of the most important moments of his life.The memory of her beauty as he laid her down in her bed would be an image that he would take to his grave. Her beautiful womanly body would now be apart of his dreams for the rest of his days. Her soft brown skin of silk would get him hard with just the thought of it. How could he ever forget how her body felt up against his, and the fire that was ignited in his soul when he entered her for the very first time. The image of their passionate love making seared his memory to the point that he knew that he would take her over and over again.Pam was in love with Jack Davis from the very minute she saw him. When he sat in back of her in the fourth grade. No one that really knew them could ever question the fact that Jack and Pam were made for each other. As they got older it became very clear that the couple would have to fight for their love. Coming from different backgrounds, Jack being white, and Pam African-American the factor of race would play an uncomfortable role in their relationship.Overall both families had question about Jack and Pam’s relationship, but it was Jack’s family who had the major problems with Jack and Pam being together. Pam was not the type of woman that Gary Davis wanted for his only son. However, Jack proved to be his own man in this matter. At the end of the day their love won out.Pam knew that she owed Jack her life, without him she was painfully aware that she might not have the life that she was so thankful for if it had not been for Jack’s love for her. In return Pam was dedicated to JackThe minute he saw her beautiful face lying on the pillow the overwhelming sense of shame and guilt hit him hard and deep. She was still the woman that he had felling for all those many years ago. Back when they were young and so very much in love, and they had to fight for their love. In his eyes even now she was still the girl of his dreams, the woman that he has plan to live out the rest of his life with. For nearly twenty years or more she had been his everything. He sometimes loved her more then his very own life.That is why doing what had seemed to be so unthinkable just a few days ago had hit like a tune of bricks had just fail on him. For the life of him he could not understand why he did it. Up until that night his wife’s pussy was by far the best that he had ever had. Never could Jack have dreamed that another woman’s canlı bahis pussy could mean more to him then his Pam’s. But being with her for the first time had proved him wrong. As Jack sat down on his side of the bed the memories of what had happened between him and his very own daughter flooded his mind. He could not get the images of l****a out of his head. Fleshes of her beautiful face and body kept playing in his mind over and over again. The guilt that he carried was more then he could bear. ‘My own daughter, I just made love to my very own daughter.’ He kept thinking to himself. As much as he tried to push the thoughts of her away, he kept seeing her beautiful naked body laid out before him. Her lovely dark eyes seem to beg him to make love to her. ‘He knew that she had wanted him just as much as he wanted her’ Jack tried to tell himself. Still that was no excuse for what had happened. More to the point what he let happened. However, there was a part of him that would never be sorry for what he and l****a did that night. Showing her how much he loved her seemed so pure and natural, that he would never understand how society could ever say that it was wrong. When he looked over and noticed that his wife was awake now, and was quietly looking at her husband with those big beautiful whiskey brown eyes, his heart melted just like it had all those years ago.”Hi” She softly spoke in that low sexy voice that always seemed to drive Jack crazy whenever he heard it.He had a hard time looking at her now that she was awake. What could he say to her that would make her understand what he has done. Making love to another woman was one thing, but taking their daughter in her bed like he had just done a few hours ago. Making love to their daughter and enjoying it as he had was something that he just wasn’t ready to deal with.”Good morning love, how did you sleep?” He asked.”Fine, but you certainly had a restless night, I woke up a few times and you were gone. So where were you.” Pam asked as she curled herself around his back.”I couldn’t sleep so I got up and decided to go for a walk, I had some thinking to do, I just lost track of time that’s all.” He hated lying to her, but if she knew the truth it would kill her, he feared. You want to talk about it?” Pam asked.”No its just stuff at work, that’s all.” He continued ti lie to his wife.”Well if you don’t want to talk, then what else can I do to make it better.” She said as she sled her hands down his long lean body to find that he was hard and in need yet again.Jack had to think fast, he knew if he let things go too far, that Pam would smell the sent of another woman on him. As much as he wanted her right then and there, Jack had to stall her until he could jump into the shower and wash the sent of their daughter’s pussy off of him. He gently pushed her away, catching her off guard. Pam was taken aback by her husband action. In all the years that they had been together he had never rejected her. Especially when she had made the first move. The look in her pretty brown eyes nearly killed him. After all he still loved hen, in spite of what he had done. ”Please don’t look at me that way.” ”How do you want me to look at you?” Pam said as she bit her bottom lip.”Like you know that I still love you, because I do.” Jack declared.Pam did not say a word. She knew when something was off, and whatever was bothering him had to be big. But she knew not to push, whatever it was Jack would come to her when the time was right.”Of course I know you love me. Now go on and get in the shower, I am going to go wake l****a, and get breakfast ready.” She smile and left him standing there racked with guilt.Fifteen minutes later Jack found himself standing under a warm shower that washed away the smell of young pussy. While the warm soap and water washed away any hint of l****a from his body, the memories of his daughter’s sweet youthful body, and the things she did to his body played non stop in his mind. He was all but done showering when he heard Pam come into their bathroom. He cracked a slight smile thinking that she had not given up on him. No matter what he had done with l****a the night before, Pam was still the love of his life, and no one, not even their daughter would ever change that.He waited for a moment waiting for her to get undressed and joining him in the shower. He had his back to the door and he did not see her slip in. ”Dad” Her voice nearly froze him in the spot where he stood. ‘No it can’t be.’ As soon as thought left him, Jack turned to see a naked l****a standing before him with the most charming deadly bahis siteleri smile that he had ever seen. It was the first time that he had really seen her necked, striped down bare with nothing between them. He had nearly forgotten just how beautiful a young girl’s body can be at the tender age of sixteen. She was one of nature most beautiful works of art. Her light tan skin had been kissed by the sun. Her thick soft curly hair she got from her mom, and her lovely midnight eyes was the product of her father. Everything else was a gift of nature. The beautiful carves of her body was like a road map to pleasure that was lead by a pair of lovely breast, followed by miles soft tan skin. Her long shapely legs connected to soft creamy thighs that was the cradle of the sweetest pussy that God ever made.”Leta baby, what are you doing in here, my god your mother is just down stairs, you have got to get out of here.” Jack protestedHowever, his young but not so innocent daughter knew just what she was doing. ‘Shah, I knew mom is in the kitchen cooking breakfast, that will give us just enough time to have a little fun, come on daddy you know you want to.”It was at that very moment that Jack knew that she was in charge. That no matter what he said or did that it wouldn’t matter. He was much to weak for her body to ever say no. She slowly walked towards him fleshing that wicket sexy smile that now days got him hard the very instant he saw it. Taking him in her arms, their bodies now crushed together under the spray of steaming hot water they engage in a long slow passionate kiss. At that point Jack had lost all control. He slammed her up against the wall, letting his hands roam freely over her body. It was one thing to make love to his daughter in the middle of the night, in a dark room where he could only image her beauty. But now there it was in the clear light of day, and she was everything he had dreamed of. Spreading her legs and slipping his cock inside her sweet tight pussy, he fucked her like no other woman he had ever fucked in his past. Not even his beloved wife could hold a candle to what she was giving him. He never felt more alive then in that moment with this sixteen year old sex kitten, who just so happens to be his very own daughter.”Daddy can you eat my pussy like you did last night?” She whispered in his ear.Looking into those beautiful eyes he knew he could never refuse her anything she asked of him. He got a feeling that she enjoyed being stimulated in this way. While she hadn’t came yet, Jack was sure it was just a matter of time before his beautiful young daughter exploded in pure blissful pleasure.Working his way down her body, leaving a trial of sweet daddy kisses starting at her neck, Jack explored his sweet baby’s body, hands that brought so much joy and excitement moved up and down that stirred an unyielding fire within l****a.The things that her father did to her body no words could ever match what she was feeling. In deed her father know just how to please his woman. And that is what she felt like that morning. A woman, more to the point his woman. Kneeling down in front of her he opened her tender pussy lips wide. Jack took a nice long sniff, she smelled so dam sweet and he couldn’t wait to taste her again. Holding her lips wide open he quickly swiped her core with his tongue.Jack ate his daughter’s pussy with all the excitement of a young man half his age. Her tight little peach fuzz was just the turn on that he needed. His vigor seemed to be endless as he feast upon her sweetness. The feeling of intense sexual pleasure was all so new to her. l****a’s new evolving appetite for sex was quickly becoming her favorite thing to satisfy. She never considered the consequences of her father being her first lover, and what it may do to their family if anyone should fine out their secret. Because it didn’t matter, she loved her father and the fact the she had him in her bed now was all that mattered to her.Their shower encounter was more then Jack could handle. Letting go of whatever inhibition that might have lengthened. Being inside l****a was a moment in time that he discovered his sexual soul mate. Jack and l****a coming together was like renewing his soul. Being on top of her, inside her brought him out of a dry lonely desert that Jack never knew he was in. His cock fit her pussy perfectly, and the love that was there from the day she was born was now so profound and deep that the very thought of giving her up for any one or any thing would drive him insane.Just as they were becoming one there was a sudden knock on the bathroom door that snapped them güvenilir bahis back to reality. ”Sweetheart, breakfast is ready.” The voice that brought them back to reality. He saw the panic in l****a eyes. Jack give a signal to his daughter to be very quite. ”Okay baby, I’ll be right there.” Jack shout back.”Oh sweetie, have you seen Lola this morning?””No, isn’t she in her room?” Jack asked, hoping that the strain in his voice would not give him away.”No, and I have looked all over the house, and I can’t fine her.””Well I haven’t seen her.””Okay, I think I’ll go check outside, maybe she took one of her morning walks that she likes to do sometimes.” ”Okay.” With l****a still pined up against the well, they waited until they heard the slamming of the back door, and they were sure that Pam was gone before either one spoke.”My god that was too close, if your mom had opened that door and saw us, do you have any idea how she would have reacted, how hurt and disappointed she would have been in me, in us?” Jack said as his guilt came roaring back.”Can you say you’re sorry about what we did, because I know I’m not sorry dad. I know that you have wanted me for months, and you fought coming to me because you were scared of what mom would say, or what people would say if they knew you were your daughter’s lover. But dad we both know there was nothing wrong with what we did last night, or this morning. You have no reason to feel guilty about loving me.” She was determined to get through to him.Looking into her big beautiful dark eyes he wanted to be strong and tell her that it had to end. That he loved her mom and she would be the only woman in his bed. But he was weak, some might say that he was pussy whipped by his own daughter.”Mom might be gone for awhile, so why don’t we finish what we started?” She reached up and pulled his head down to meet hers. Their lips met once again as the fire of their lust burned hot once again. l****a led her father out of the shower, and she laid her naked body down on the bathroom floor. With open arms and legs she invited him to take her again. There was no use in trying to fight it. No matter how many times he told himself how wrong it was, the bottom line, it never felt wrong. Hitting his knees he took his spot between her legs. Jack took a nice long sniff of Lola’s sweet young pussy. She smelt like heaven as his tongue swept up her slit sending a cold chill up his daughter’s spine. It was his second time eating her, and it was quickly becoming one of his favorite things to do to her body. Her pussy was so tight and sweet that Jack was sure that he would never be able to get enough of her. He found her sweet little bud and he started to work it with his tongue. She didn’t know what he was doing to her body, but whatever he was doing it nearly drove her out of her mind.”OH GOD DADDY, OH GOD DADDY, OH GOD DADDY.” Was all she could mange to get out. At some point instinct took over and she began to rotate her hips back and fourth, and round and round. She fucked his mouth just as furious as he ate her pussy. Plugging his tongue deeper sweeping her walls with pleasure, he sucked her sweet little pussy as her juices begin to flow. Jack’s love for his baby girl had just hit another high note. She was his ideal lover. Jack laid on top of his baby girl, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling their body to body contact. Her brown skin felt like soft fluffy cotton as their bodies seemed to melt into one another. He buried his face into the crook of her neck slowly breathing in her youthful scent. There was just something about her that made him feel alive again. They shared another deep long sensual kiss that sparked another round of passionate love making. Slowly traveling down her flat tummy Jack’s hard erect cock found the opening to her sweet heaven. He felt her wrap her long beautiful brown legs around him helping him to push even deeper inside her.It took a minute but Jack found his rhythm, and there they begin to explore their deep seemly never ending passion that only a man and woman can share. Pumping and pumping her over and over again Jack felt Lita’s pussy unfold and open up for him. Sinking deeper inside his lover’s cunt gave Jack and l****a a feeling of wholeness that neither of them wanted to loss. After taking each other to places in mind and body that they had never been before, l****a lies in her father’s arms basking in the knowledge that she had his love completely.”You know we can tell anyone about us, not even your mother. She would never understand, and she would be so hurt if she knew I was bedding another woman.” He said while softly caressing her back. She never said a word. Jack thought maybe she didn’t hear him, or maybe she had fallen asleep. But she was just in deep thought of what her next move would be.TO BE CONTINUED



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