The hidden truths about the ones we love is not something that any human being should ever casually seek out, ladies and gentlemen. I ought to know, because someone close to me did that, and it changed my life. Changed all of our lives actually. The name is Alexandra Devonshire, and I’m a young woman living in Bristol City, in beautiful southwest England. A lot of folk are up in arms about the influx of immigrants in England these days, but I happen to one of the few who welcome them. The way I see it, we’re all human, and this world was meant to be shared by all of us. I was brought up in the Protestant faith and it matters to me, though I consider myself more spiritual than religious these days. I believe in God, it’s His fan club I don’t particularly like.

Anyhow, at Bristol Baptist College, I met someone who changed my life forever. My soul mate, if you will. Eugene Marcellin, a six-foot-two, lean and ruggedly handsome young Black man. He’s originally from the island of Haiti and moved to England five years ago with his family. Eugene was easy on the eyes, and spoke with the most delicious French accent. A lot of girls from all over find British accents sexy, but I’m that rare British gal who loves French accents. Eugene and I had some of the same classes, for we were both architecture students. We came from different worlds, and you wouldn’t think that we’d mesh too well, but we totally clicked. Like most Haitians, Eugene was brought up in a strict Catholic household, and he was a bit more conservative in his views than I would like, but we got along wonderfully.

I believe that there’s much more to all of us than meets the eye, and I’m always trying to see into other people. I’m not nosy, like some wankers out there, I’m just inquisitive, that’s all. Take my girlfriend Ashley Kingsbury for example. Ashley is originally from Jamaica, and we’ve known each other for ten years now, ever since she and her family moved next door to me. She’s around five-foot-ten, curvy and dark-skinned, with the kind of short hair that’s considered butch by most standards. At first glance, Ashley seems like a butch Black lesbian. Yet you couldn’t be more wrong about her. Ashley loves dick, and hops on it every chance she gets, or so it seems to me. Ashley is really into White guys, and not just any random White guys. She favors the ones with what she calls the Teutonic look. They have to be tall, and blond-haired with blue eyes. I’m five-foot-nine, slim and fit, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Ashley once told me that if I were male, she’d do me. How about that? I smiled when she said that. Apparently she didn’t remember the experimentation we did that summer, back at the academy’s all-female camp. I vividly remember the two of us exploring each other’s bodies in those steamy summer nights. I never told Ashley or anyone else this, but I’ve been with many girls since those days.

I keep telling Ashley that she’s into Aryan guys and she denies it, showing her Black Panther Party books and saying that she’s a proud Black sister, she just loves to fuck “the enemy”. Whatever floats her boat, right? I’m not the type to judge. Anyhow, Ashley recently introduced me to her latest fling, Andri Besmir, a six-foot-one, lean and sexy, blond-haired and green-eyed guy from the town of Dakovica, somewhere in the Republic of Kosovo. He’s studying mathematics at Trinity College, and I must say that he’s easy on the eyes. I keep telling Ashley that we should double date. I mean, I think Eugene and I would have a good time hanging out with Ashley and Andri. Ashley kept making lame excuses about her and Andri being new in their relationship and her not being ready. When I mentioned my suspicions to Eugene, he laughed and shook his head. I stared at him, and asked him to explain himself. Eugene told me that Black guys with White girlfriends weren’t welcome around Black girls with White boyfriends. It’s an old, unwritten rule in the Black community. When Eugene said that, I was stunned.

All of a sudden, a lot of things made sense. Before I met Eugene, I had never dated anyone who wasn’t White, and Ashley had no problem double dating with me and my guy along with her blond guy of the week. Now that I’m dating a Black guy, Ashley and I seem to hang out less and less, and we talk less and less. Do Black women with White boyfriends have a problem with White women with Black boyfriends? I’ve seen a lot of interracial couples but to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never seen a friendship between such a foursome. That’s certainly interesting from a sociological viewpoint, and also kind of sad. Still, even though what Eugene said bothered me, mainly because it rang true, I wanted to remain friends with Ashley. Still, she kept putting off my requests for a four-way hangout. What’s up with that?

One day, quite by accident, Eugene and I ran into Ashley and Andri. We were hanging out at a shopping mall in downtown Bristol, and there they were in the food court. This time, surprisingly, ankara moldovyalı escortlar Eugene took the lead and walked up to Ashley and Andri, inviting them to grab dinner with us. Ashley flashed a nervous smile, while Andri looked at Eugene and I. Andri and Eugene shook hands, and just like that, the deal was done. The four of us sat down at a table together. Ashley and I made mind-numbingly boring small talk, talking about our classes at Bristol Baptist College, and our families, and everything except the elephant in the room. Much to our surprise, our boyfriends were getting along just fine. Eugene and Andri were talking, and seemed at ease with each other. Eugene had a lot of questions about Kosovo, and asked Andri whether everyone in his homeland was Muslim. Andri took out the silver crucifix he wore tucked into his T-shirt, and told Eugene he was a proud Eastern Orthodox Christian. Eugene smiled, and they continued talking.

Ashley and I looked at each other, and then we looked at our guys. Slowly, we smiled. Forgive me for being short-sighted, Ashley said sheepishly. I shook my head, and told her everything was cool. Sometimes I think us women can be our own worst enemies. Some Black guys don’t like seeing Black women with White guys. Some White guys don’t like seeing White women with Black men. Most people don’t care one way or another in the racially diverse world of today. England is one of the most ethnically, religiously and racially diverse nations on this planet, after America, Brazil and South Africa, of course. Anyone can date or marry anyone up here. As Ashley and I caught up with each other on our latest activities, our guys continued bantering. Is it me or are they smiling at each other weirdly? I pointed that out to Ashley, who shrugged.

Eugene and Andri got really into their conversation, to the point of ignoring Ashley and I. Andri asked Eugene about the conservative mindset of most Haitians, and asked him what he thought of same-sex marriage being legal in many European nations. Eugene smiled and told him that he recently added the wedding of his gay cousin Jonathan in Boston, Massachusetts, to a White dude. Andri smiled, and shook Eugene’s hand again, congratulating him when Eugene said he was the only member of his family to support his cousin Jonathan. Ashley and I looked Andri and Eugene, who were all chummy with each other, and she jokingly asked the two of them if they wanted to get together without us. Andri’s answer surprised everyone at the table. Looking at Ashley and I, Andri said that while he loved women, a roll in the hay with the fellas once in a while was a lot of fun.

What the fuck? Did Andri just admit to being bisexual? I almost choked on my sandwich. Ashley stared at Andri, her eyes wide as saucers. She asked Andri if he was kidding, and Andri shook his head. Eugene looked at Andri, and seemed ready to say something when Ashley got up to leave. Andri touched her arm and pleaded with her to stay. Ashley batted his hand away, and glared at me. Wordlessly she asked me to come with her. I wanted to, more than anything in the world, but something made me stay. The look of disappointment and betrayal on my lifelong best friend’s face wounded me. Ashley grabbed her purse, called Andri something I won’t print here, and took off. Eugene and I looked at Andri, who seemed close to tears. He sighed, and looked at us. He excused himself for causing any problems, then shook Eugene’s hand. Eugene held onto Andri’s hand a bit longer than I would have liked, then told him that some women just don’t understand, and wished him luck. Andri nodded, then went after Ashley.

Eugene and I sat alone at the table, and my mind swirled with questions. So much had happened so fast, I didn’t know where to begin. Eugene was the one who broke the ice. Gently, he took my hand in his, then told me he was bisexual. I nodded slowly, absorbing it. I looked at him, crossed my arms and asked him when he was going to tell me. Eugene told me that he cared for me, and felt conflicted about being bisexual because of his conservative Christian upbringing and societal intolerance. He also told me that although he found both guys and girls attractive, he’d only been with women. When I didn’t say anything, he took it the wrong way. He sighed, and told me that he understood if I didn’t want to speak to him again. I grabbed his hand, and glared at him. All kinds of intense emotions coursed through me. Anger at him for not telling me sooner. Fear that someday he might leave me for a man. Frustration at myself for not detecting this earlier. But mostly, I felt love for him. So I kissed him.

That night, Eugene and I went home and made passionate love. We explored each other’s bodies with a passion neither of us had known the other possessed, though we had sex dozens of times before. Eugene put me on all fours, spanked my ass and thrust his big Caribbean cock into my cunt. I rode Eugene hard, because even though I’m usually a sweet ankara ukraynalı escortlar and easygoing gal, in the bedroom I love the rough stuff. Eugene pounded his cock into me, filling me up completely while smacking my ass and pulling my hair. My man did me just the way I liked it. Nice. Afterwards, we held each other and talked about the day’s events. What a day, huh? While we were cuddling and talking, my phone rang. It was Ashley. I tried calling her three times earlier and she was getting back to me now, at three in the morning? Damn. What’s her bloody problem?

For some reason I picked up, and Ashley’s excited voice came through on the other end. She told me excitedly that she and Andri made up, and I congratulated them. I also told her that while I was happy for the two of them, I had class in five hours and needed to get some sleep. Ashley laughed, wished me good night and left, but not before texting me a really provocative picture. Ashley, naked as the day she was born, sucking on a very long White dick. One that presumably belonged to Andri. I laughed and showed the picture to Eugene, who grinned. Maybe we should get together with them a second time, minus the clothes and the arguments, Eugene suggested innocently. I grinned, and told him I’d ask Ashley and see what she and Andri thought. Then I went to sleep, because I wasn’t kidding about being tired. Haitian guys have a way of wearing a woman out in bed.

A few days later, the four of us had dinner again. This time, everyone was all smiles. Ashley and Andri had made up, and things were better than ever between them. Eugene and I were just bantering with them, and I was pussy-footing on the idea of asking them what they thought of us having a threesome. Personally, I’ve always been into watching guys fucking other guys, and lots of women feel the same way. The same way lots of men love lesbian porn, gay male erotica is popular with women. When I told Eugene that I was virtually addicted to online porn like Thug Hunter, Three Pillows and Bi Maxx. Finally, I gathered my courage and broached the subject with Ashley and Andri. There’s really no way to subtly ask someone if they and their significant other want to fuck with you. So, I flat out asked Andri and Ashley what they thought of guy on guy fun? Ashley smiled and told me she watched some in the past and loved it.

I smiled at Ashley and Andri, and they looked at me, puzzled. Sitting next to me, Eugene sipped his coke, then uttered the words I just couldn’t bring myself to say. He point-blank asked Ashley and Andri if they wanted to get together later, minus their clothes. Ashley and Andri looked at Eugene, then at me. I said nothing and just smiled. Ashley giggled, and looked at Andri, who shrugged. They both smiled at us and nodded. Eugene nudged me with his elbow and I rolled my eyes as he extolled the virtues of the direct approach versus “all my pussy-footing.” Ashley and Andri were down for it, as Eugene would say. Thus, the four of us agreed on a time and place, and finally, we got right down to it and did it.

Eugene and I got my place ready, and then welcomed Ashley and Andri. We sat in the living room, had some red wine, and talked about what we all wanted. Ashley was looking forward to some hot to man sex, and Andri wanted to try some “wife-swap”, which Eugene wasn’t one hundred percent okay with, though I didn’t mind at all. That’s the thing about group sex, in porno movies, it just flows and people fuck other people with no issues. In real life, it doesn’t work like that. The four of us spent long minutes arguing, working out the kinks before we went to the bedroom and actually got down to business. Finally, with everyone in agreement, we got undressed, and the fun began. Little did I know that this was the first of many such play parties between the four of us.

I admired Eugene’s sexy body as he got naked. Even though I had seen him naked a million times, I still enjoyed looking at him. He’s so tall and sexy, rugged and manly. I’m tall and fit, as I mentioned before, but I lack curves. I’m just another White chick with small tits and a small ass, in a country increasingly filling up with curvy women of African, Middle-Eastern, South Asian and Hispanic persuasion. Glad my guy likes me for who I am. I looked at Ashley and Andri. Now, they were a cute couple. Ashley is tall and curvy, pretty much all big tits and thick round ass. Andri looked good too, with his lanky build, swimmer’s body, and nice long cock. Without further ado, we got the party started.

Eugene lay on the bed, and I kissed him, before fondling his cock and balls, getting him fully erect in moments. Ashley did the same thing for Andri, and I must admit I was turned on by the sight of my best friend going down on her well-endowed boyfriend. After sucking off Andri, Ashley climbed on top of him, impaling her bushy twat on his thick White dick. Ashley winked at Eugene and I, said she’d show us how it’s done, and then started riding ankara minyon tipli escortlar Andri. I grinned, and glanced at Eugene, who smiled at me. If Andri and Ashley want to compete, they’re soon gonna find themselves outmatched. I got on all fours, and told Eugene to make himself useful. Smiling, he smacked my ass, then eased himself inside of me. I welcomed his thick cock in my cunt, and he fucked me real hard, just the way I liked it.

Getting fucked by my dear Eugene while watching my best friend Ashley ride her man Andri’s hard cock was a lot of fun, but nothing compared to what followed. Andri and Eugene expressed their interest in playing with each other, and Ashley and I were all for it, of course. The guys got right down to business. Ashley and I sat next to each other and watched our guys go at it. Eugene and Andri kissed, and I giggled, because I found it so damn hot, and Ashley smiled and touched my thigh gently. Winking at me, she asked me if I’d been working out. I absentmindedly shrugged, and focused on what Eugene and Andri were doing. Eugene was getting his second blowjob of the day from Andri, and appeared to be enjoying himself immensely.

Eugene moaned and uttered cuss words while Andri went down on him. Andri stroked himself while sucking Eugene’s cock, and when Eugene came, Andri sucked it all off. Ashley smiled and told Andri to save some for her, then she left me and joined Andri in sucking off Eugene. I watched the scene, fingering my pussy. It was beyond hot, that’s for sure. Andri and Ashley sucking off my boyfriend, Eugene’s moans of pleasure, and cries of ecstasy. Eugene screaming in an entirely different way as Andri bent him over and Ashley grasped Eugene’s butt cheeks, spreading them wide open. I gasped, was he really doing what I thought he was doing? Andri pressed his dick against Eugene’s asshole, and pushed it inside.

Ashley kissed Andri on the lips and smacked Eugene’s ass as Andri began fucking my boyfriend in the ass. I watched, turned on, awed and shocked at the same time. Andri held Eugene by the hips as he thrust his dick deep into his ass. Eugene screamed as Andri fucked him, and Ashley got really into it, cursing and bashing Eugene as he got fucked in the ass. Not content with merely watching the hot man to man sex, Ashley joined in. With a provocative glance at me, she got underneath Eugene and just started sucking his dick. I couldn’t believe the audacity on that chick! I didn’t even give her permission to play with my man, not that Eugene seemed to mind having Ashley suck his cock and balls as Andri gave his ass a good dicking down. Before I knew it, they were changing positions again. Now Ashley was on all fours, sticking her big butt in the air. Eugene eased his cock into Ashley’s cunt, while having Andri’s dick in his ass, and the Jamaican chick moaned softly as she began riding my boyfriend’s thick Haitian cock.

I couldn’t believe this shit, seriously! It’s one thing for Eugene and Andri to get their freak on, they’re bisexual guys and I think man to man action is hot. Watching my man sticking his cock into another woman triggered something into me. A torrent of feelings, actually. Jealousy, because my man’s dick was inside a cunt that wasn’t mine. Anger, because while I was okay with Eugene fucking ( or getting fucked by ) Andri, I never agreed to let him fuck Ashley. Hello, boundaries! Eugene didn’t seem to mind Ashley at all. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her pussy, even while his sexy body shuddered under the force of Andri thrusting his dick deep inside of him. The hot three-way fucking continued for a while, then apparently Ashley had enough and rolled away.

That’s just about when I decided to join the party. I did describe the evening’s activities as a foursome not a threesome, didn’t I? I joined the fray, and Ashley winked at me. Apparently, she wasn’t content with just playing with cock tonight. The gal wanted some pussy, and I could read that clearly in her lusting, come-hither eyes. My best friend Ashley, the chick I’d known almost my entire life, looked me up and down in a lustful manner and asked me when was the last time I got my pussy licked by a woman. I looked at her and smiled. No time like the present, I said. Ever since I got with Eugene, I stopped playing with girls. I guess I did miss women more than I realized.

And that’s how I ended up on my back, my legs spread, with Ashley between my legs. My favorite Jamaican princess licked my pussy gently, letting her tongue roam over my mound before teasing my clitoris. She thrust her fingers inside of me, eliciting a moan from me. Ashley grinned and asked me how she was doing. I smiled and gave her the thumbs-up sign. Ashley asked me to try the sixty nine position and I was all for it. She lay under me, fingering my pussy and spanking my ass while I ate her out. I looked up, and saw that Andri and Eugene had switched positions. Now Eugene was on his back, his thick cock sticking into the air, with Andri impaled on it. The sexy Kosovo stud groaned as his presumably tight ass got filled by my favorite piece of Haitian dick. Eugene really knows how to give it to you good. I smiled at Andri, who winced. Yeah, I’ve had Eugene’s dick in my mouth, pussy and ass. I know exactly how Andri felt.



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