Woody stepped into the jacuzzi, sitting on the edge of the tub as his legs adjusted to the hot water. His thick cock was standing straight out from his body, and he noticed all three girls were gazing down in that direction. He wanted to stroke it badly, but decided he would wait. Beth moved to his left side, leaning over to give him a kiss. He admired her shapely form, noticing how she moved her soft curves easily. Her breasts felt electric against his body. She put her hand against his chest as she hugged him. Sandy moved to his right side, her hand also on his chest, twirling his chest hair slowly. Woody looked across to Linda, who was sitting down in the cornter, the warm water covering her chest, watching the scene with a look of pleasure on her face. The lighting from the candles on her red-haired-framed face made her look angelic.

In fact, Linda’s fingers were busy under the water. She was so turned on from what she had been witnessing that she couldn’t resist rubbing her excited clit with the two fingers of her left hand. She moved them lower on her smooth pussy, slipping one finger between her folds, dipping the tip inside her wetness with ease. She wanted more from Beth. Their fingers had probed each others’ pussy lips just before Woody and Sandy came back. She wasn’t angry about the interruption, but she did feel sexually frustrated. Now seeing Woody’s erect cock was another image she just wanted to enjoy with her new friend. She was warm. Between the water temperature and her horniness, she was perspiring.

“Linda, show Woody what you’re hiding under that hot water,” Sandy was gazing at her too.

Obediently, Linda stood up in the tub. Leaning back, she hopped up on the edge, her feet still in the water up to her calves. Her legs spread, her hand continued to rub her sweet spot. She glanced over at the two women and Woody, all watching her intently, and somehow it thrilled her. She relaxed and enjoyed her own touch in front of her audience.

Woody gasped. Linda was a vision. Her small, tight body was amazing. He stared at Linda’s pink nipples and light red strip on her mound. Her head tilted back, her hand continued to explore her smooth pussy lips. Woody was about to reach down to stroke his cock but just then felt a soft hand wrapping around it.

“Mmmm, ohh this looks good enough to eat.” It was Sandy’s hand, and she was beginning to stroke the hard shaft. Her hands felt soft and smooth to Woody. The water allowed his cock to slide easily in her palm. Back and forth she moved her fist, squeezing him, making Woody moan. Beth continued to press her body against his other side, and she began kissing and licking his nipples. Then she dropped to her knees, her pretty cheek touching Sandy’s hand around his cock. Sandy guided his rock-hard shaft toward her as she parted her lips to take the engorged head between them. Woody could feel the precum flowing now.

“Mmm,” Beth moaned as tasted it, her tongue sliding over the tip.

Sandy watched the young girl enjoying her taste of cock. She marveled at how easy it was for the self-described “lipstick lesbian” to enjoy a man. She glanced over at Linda. She was also moaning as she had her own clit pressed between two of her fingers, her eyes focused on Beth’s mouth around Woody’s hardness. Sandy’s eyes turned back to Woody. She licked her lips.

“You can’t have all the fun, Beth!” Moving to her knees, Sandy positioned her body next to Beth’s in front of Woody. Beth pulled back, allowing the hard shaft to pop out of her mouth. Sandy didn’t miss a beat, and with Beth watching closely, pulled Woody’s thick cock deep into her mouth.

“Oh my god,” Woody moaned. “Fuck girl, you are such a good cock sucker.”

Her lips were all the way up to the hilt. Sandy knew how to deep throat. She had practiced it often over the years. It’s the one thing she did enjoy with a man. She even liked to deep throat her womenfriends’ strap-ons too. Her throat could relax enough to easily bring the shaft deep, as she breathed through her nose.

Beth was also amazed at her skill. She beamed, caressing Woody’s balls as she watched the older woman enjoying herself. She looked up at Woody, and their eyes met. ankara duşta veren escortlar Beth, continuing to look into his eyes, leaned closer and kissed the side of his cock as it emerged from Sandy’s mouth. The two girls then each placed their lips on either side of it, sliding back and forth on the hard shaft with their wet lips, their tongues running underneath the hard pole. As they reached the tip of his cock together, the two exchanged a deep kiss, their tongues exploring each other as they also slid over the head of Woody’s stiff cock. They could taste his sweet precum between them, sliding over their tongues easily.

Woody moaned loudly as he leaned back, enjoying the incredible sensation of two beautiful woman sharing his cock. Sandy pulled back, her hand under Woody’s balls, caressing them. Beth’s mouth covered the shiny tip of his cock.

“Let your throat relax, hon,” Sandy whispered over the din of the jacuzzi jets. She put her other hand on Beth’s head, gently pushing her down on the swollen shaft.

“Uggh.” Beth started to cough and tried to lift her head. Sandy wouldn’t let her.

“Breathe through your nose. Don’t let your gag reflex stop you. It will pass.”

Beth tried to breathe through her nose, but it felt like her lungs were going to explode. But suddenly, her throat relaxed and, like Sandy said, the gag reflex subsided.

“That’s it baby.” Sandy continued the pressure on top of her head, and Beth’s throat widened to take more of Woody. She was about half way down on his cock.

“Ohhhh, fuck!” he moaned. “So fucking good!”

“Mmmm, yeah sweetie. Take all of him. You can do it.”

Beth had never had anything this far down her throat. At first she felt panic, but with Sandy’s coaching, she felt empowered. She could do this. She loved the feeling of Woody’s hard cock. She knew that she controlled his pleasure now. Little by little, she was able to take almost all of his seven inches down her throat. Then the gag reflex hit hard, and she had to pull him out, coughing.

“Fuck, Beth. That was awesome.” Woody was impressed.

“She’s a natural.” Sandy stroked her hair, smiling broadly as her other hand moved up and down Woody’s rock hard shaft. Beth beamed. She looked back at Linda, who’s fingers were buried in her pussy, rubbing hard, watching intently.

“Do you want to try, Linda?”

Linda was about to move to their side of the tub, but Sandy now took control. “I think it’s time we gave the birthday girl some attention.” She and Beth moved across toward her, leaving Woody with his massive hard-on at the opposite edge of the jacuzzi. He began to stroke himself slowly, rubbing Beth’s saliva over his hardness.

Sandy stood up to kiss Linda. She took Linda’s hand, leading her fingers away from her pussy and placing them in her mouth.

“Mmmm, baby. You taste soooo good,” she purred. She licked and sucked her fingers all the way in her mouth. It felt so good to Linda. This beautiful older woman sucking her pussy juices off of her slender fingers. Gawd she was hot. Sandy licked the younger girl’s fingers clean, then leaned in to kiss her. Sandy’s breasts hung beneath them and Beth’s hands reached over to caress the large mounds.

Sandy kissed Linda’s cheeks, trailing hot kisses to her neck as she leaned further over to stretch her broad tongue over Linda’s budding breasts. She took the tiny but hard nipples in her lips, holding them between her teeth, making Linda squirm all the more. As Sandy moved lower on her body, Beth moved around behind Sandy, arms around her, caressing and squeezing her breasts while pressing her own body to her back.

Linda raised her heels up on the side of the hot tub, knees spread wide, eagerly awaiting the older woman’s expert touch. Sandy looked up at Linda as she knelt in front of the smooth young pussy, their eyes locked. Slowly, Sandy began to kiss and lick inside Linda’s thighs, her tongue sliding between her puffy lips, flicking over her hard little nub. Sandy loved the taste of this young pussy, licking and sucking, drinking her flowing wetness.

“Ohh gawd Sandy, don’t stop. It feels so amazing,” Linda gasped. Woody stroked harder, his eyes ankara fetiş yapan escortlar locked on the young girl’s sexy body, highlighted by the soft, flickering light from the candles. Beth continued to stroke and squeeze Sandy while watching her expertly lick the young girl. Sandy’s mouth and lips were in full motion between her legs, her tongue darting deep into her pussy, then pulling back to flick over her erect clit.

Linda had learned to orgasm at a young age with her fingers. Just last year she learned she was multi-orgasmic when she was masturbating together with her friend Laura. Now, she felt a big one coming on, and Sandy knew how to coax the biggest ones from her tiny body.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, oh god yes. I’m going to cum in your beautiful face, Sandy,” Linda was delirious. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt the wave approach quickly as Sandy’s teeth scraped across her clit, then sucked it between her sexy lips. Linda saw Beth’s pretty face watching her, which just made it all the more exciting. Then, it hit. Her body went temporarily numb, then it exploded in pleasure. Linda’s legs began to shake. Sandy felt a fresh wave of moisture flow into her face, and hungrily licked it up. Linda’s small body shook with each spasm, a second orgasm quickly following the first. Her body finally relaxing, a huge smile spread across Linda’s face.

From behind them, Woody moaned. “Shit Sandy, you’re going to make me cum too!” his fist slowly stroked his thickness. He didn’t want to blow it yet, but he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold it very much longer.

“Wait for me baby.” Sandy slid quickly across the jacuzzi, her face still glistening with Linda’s juices, moving to her knees in front of Woody. She opened her mouth, her tongue inches away from the head of his cock. Precum covered the tip, and her broad tongue licked it greedily.

Woody’s experience was that not many women really know how to handle a guy when he cums while giving him head. Many women will suddenly stop and go limp, waiting for the load to land down their throat. Some will even pull away. Sandy, however, knew exactly what to do. She grabbed the base of his cock, squeezing it hard. Her mouth sucked at the tip, her tongue running up and down underneath the hard shaft. It was as if her entire being was one with Woody’s cock. The pressure she placed on it was exquisite. She could sense his cock expanding even more, so close to his orgasm.

“Yes baby, take that load in your sexy mouth!” Woody’s cock grew even larger, finally spasming as a heavy load of cum landed on Sandy’s tongue, splashing up on her lips and cheek. Beth was next to her, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts as she swallowed the first load. Another spasm and another load landed in her mouth as she closed it over his hardness. The corners of her mouth were white from the jism. She kept the pressure around his shaft as it jerked in her mouth and she sucked on his hard cock until the final spasms ended.

“Oh damn girl, that is sexy,” purred Beth.

Sandy turned to her and kissed her deeply and the two shared Woody’s cum from Sandy’s tongue. Beth moaned as she tasted the salty flavor, mixed with the sweetness of Linda’s pussy that still remained on her face and tongue.

Woody, still hard, slipped into the water, finding a corner to sit and relax. Linda was in the water on the opposite corner, already relaxed. Sandy and Beth continued their kissing, hands all over each others’ bodies, caressing, tugging, pulling. Then Sandy moved to a corner seat, the water up to her shoulders. Her breasts rose in the buoyant bubbles, looking lovely and wet. Her legs extended toward the center of the jacuzzi. Beth, now needing her own release, climbed on her lap, wrapping her legs around her sides, their bodies pressed together. Woody and Linda watched as the older and younger women kissed. Sandy’s large breasts all but swallowed Beth’s, both woman’s hands on the others’, kneading and tweaking hard nipples.

Woody started stroking again under the water. His cock had not lost much hardness even after his powerful orgasm. Linda too was touching herself, still excited from all the attention and view ankara iranlı escort of the action.

Sandy loved the feeling of Beth on her lap. The younger girl’s tight, hard body was a pleasure to play with. Her hands around her firm, round ass, she lifted her up effortlessly in the water, as she positioned her left leg underneath her. She lifted her own right leg over Beth’s thigh. The scissors position was perfect under water. Hands on Beth’s hips, she pulled the brunette closer to her body as they kissed. Now they could each feel the others’ pussy lips kissing as well. Both women’s clits were engorged, and the feeling of pressing them together was overwhelming.

Linda knew she couldn’t be left out of this. She moved slowly across the hot tub, kneeling next to the two women who were consumed in their deep kissing. She put her hand on Beth’s back, slowly rubbing her shoulders, stroking her hair. Her other hand she put on Sandy’s back, doing the same. She leaned closer to them. Sandy and Beth both turned their heads to her, and she kissed Sandy, their tongues mingling. Electric shocks surged through Linda’s body to feel the gorgeous woman’s tongue in her mouth with Beth so close. As they broke the kiss, Beth immediately moved to Linda’s lips and the two younger girls kissed each other while Sandy watched, leaning back for leverage. Beth and Sandy continued to grind against each other, both of them even more excited than ever.

Pulling back slightly from Beth, Linda now leaned toward Sandy, lightly kissing her neck, trailing wet kisses down her chest. Beth too leaned back on her hands, giving the young girl room and enjoying the view of her licking and sucking on Sandy’s heavy chest. The movement also increased the pressure of her smooth mound against Sandy’s. Linda licked and sucked Sandy’s breasts, pulling as much as she could of them into her mouth. She danced her soft tongue over her hard brown nipples, her teeth alternatively scraping the stiff buds.

“Oh yeah Linda. Suck my titties. Feels so good.”

Linda obeyed, closing her lips first on the right, then the left breast. Her hand moved to her own swollen pussy lips, again rubbing and circling her hard clit. Sandy and Beth, meanwhile, were starting to push harder together, their own stiff clits bouncing off each others’, both of them moaning loudly. Beth glanced over her shoulder at Woody, who was sitting in the water up to his chest, but stroking his thick shaft more quickly. Then Linda switched her attention to Beth’s breast, and Beth quickly moaned her appreciation. The younger girl sucked and licked her sensitive pink nipples, causing Beth to increase her pressure against Sandy’s pussy.

Beth was moaning loudly now, eyes closed, concentrating on her impending orgasm. Sandy, sensing the younger girl’s excitement, concentrated on pushing her own clit in circles around Beth’s. The older woman’s bud was large and erect, a tiny cock that felt like heaven to Beth.

Suddenly, Beth’s body stiffened. “Oh my god! I’m cumming so hard!”

Linda sucked hard on her nipple as Sandy continued her hip motions while Beth jerked, then relaxed, then stiffened again. Sandy counted at least three orgasms from the brunette.

Sandy had been focusing so much on Beth’s body, that her own orgasm snuck up on her. Her body made that unmistakable trembling, the tingles starting from her tailbone and cascading up and out through her pussy, breasts, and limbs.

“Ohhhh! Christ! I just came too!” Sandy moaned. She had another strong one about twenty seconds later, just as Beth was finishing her last, both of their legs trembling with release.

The three of them lay back, looking for a comfortable spot in the jacuzzi. Beth landed back in her spot, but this time that special jet was too much. “Oh shit, I can’t take that now,” she laughed as she squirmed to a different position. “I’m so sensitive right now. That was amazing!”

Woody, overheated from the action and the hot water, stopped stroking and sat up on the edge of the tub again, cooling off. His cock still at attention, he sat watching the girls relax.

“You still have a problem, don’t you hon?” Sandy quipped, her eyes on his thickness.

“Trust me Sandy, this won’t ever go away with the three of you anywhere near!” Woody meant it. He could only imagine what more could possibly happen this evening.


Please send me a message and give feedback if you’d like to see more of these characters! Thanks for reading.



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