Birthday Games by loyalsockLisa had always been the “doucumentor” of the family. She seemed always to be taking notes at every gathering and could recall with great detail what was said or done by anyone there.Since my 21 year old stepdaughter received the camcorder as a gift lastChristmas, it has been her constant companion, traveling with her wherever shegoes. Alternately it has become almost a permanent fixture on its tripod in thecorner of our family Room, silently and watchfully recording candid views of ourfamily life for posterity. Last weekend Liza knocked on my study door for ashort visit before her date, bringing with her a small giftwrapped package. Sheasked me not to open the package until after both her and her 18 year old sisterJenifer had left for the evening. When her fiance John arrived, she kissed megoodnight, told me to enjoy my gift, and they left for their date. I had beenplanning to spend the evening working on the revised blueprints for the Mall wewere building, but curiosity about the package was getting to me. It seemed likehours before Jenifer’s boyfriend Frankie arrived and they too left for the poolparty at Joan’s house (even though it was only 20 min.) but finally I was aloneand I could open the mysterious gift. I poured myself a glass of wine andproceeded to rip open the wrapping paper. Inside was a videotape and a note fromLiza saying simply “ENJOY”. Their natural father died when they were very young,(Jenifer was only a year old at the time), and their mother was killed in a caraccident 4 years later so I had to raise the girls alone, being both mother andfather at the same time. It hasn’t been always easy, but we do enjoy a specialcloseness that only families that have dealt with death like this seem to have. Icouldn’t wait any longer to find out what was on this tape, so I fed it into theVCR, turned on the television, and sat back in my recliner to watch. The creditscame on. The title was simply Jenifer’s 18th Birthday Party. From the openingframes it was obvious that Liza had recorded it from the tripod in the corner ofour family Room, also it appeared that no one was aware the camera was silentlywatching and recording the proceedings. I smiled to myself on Liza’sthoughtfulness. I had to be out of town on business the night of the party, so Iwasn’t present for the festivities, but it became clear a little later that ithad been planned that way! The party started quietly enough, it was just Liza,Jenifer, John, Frankie, Joan and her boyfriend Chuck sitting around drinking punchand eating birthday cake. Then it became time to open presents. Frankie’s was thefirst to be opened, canlı bahis he gave Jenifer a beautiful white lace teddy with pink trimand matching garter belt, panties and stockings. John’s was the next to beopened. His gift consisted of a collection of massage oils and scents, and adozen pair of edible panties! Joan insisted that Jennifer open her’s next. Ialmost fell out of the recliner I was laughing so hard at the reaction onJenifer’s face to Joan’s present- a whole box of dildos and vibrators, in assortedshapes and sizes, ranging from somewhat modest dimensions to what can only bedescribed as the impossible dream! Chuck’s seemed almost sedate after it’spredecessor, a leather push-up bra, leather garter belt, whip, and a collectionof handcuffs, soft ropes and other assorted items that the camera couldn’t seefrom it’s vantage point (at least for now I was to find out!). Liza had savedher gift until last with an aura of mystery surrounding it (like this tape), aswas her style. The mystery did not end even after Shelly tore open the wrappingpaper, enclosed in it’s protective case was a 3.5″ computer disk, labeled onlywith her favorite signature “ENJOY!”. Liza rolled the girls’ computer over andannounced “It’s game time everyone!” She fed the disk into the machine along withsome other information before she would allow anyone else to see the monitor,including the camera. Then with a flourish she spun the monitor around to revealher suprise gift. “Jenifer, we have been waiting for this moment for a long time,you are the last of us to turn 18 and we have prepared a special suprise tocommemorate the occasion. The game is called INTERSEX, it’s played with rulessimiliar to Monopoly, but it has a few interesting differences, as you’ll see aswe play. Because your the Birthday Girl, you have the honor of going first.” Johntold her,”Just follow the instructions that pop up on the screen, Jenifer, relaxand enjoy the game.” Curious, and obviously a little excited Jenifer pushed thebutton to start the game. She rolled a 10 to start the game, landed on anavailable property, was given a chance to purchase it, accepted and so playcontinued for a couple of rounds. On the fourth round Liza landed on a “Chance”square. It read “You have been given Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. You can askeach person a question, and they must answer truthfully!” Liza decided to askeach person the same question, “Are you still a virgin?”. John answered “Ofcourse I’m not, you know that, Liza.” After the giggling died down, the othertwo boys simply answered “no”, and Joan answered sheepishly, that she was. Lizalooked at her sister and asked “Well, bahis siteleri how about it, Jenifer, are you still avirgin?” Almost inaudibly, and with a blush Jenifer answered simply, “Yes, Iam.” Liza replied with a smile on her face, “Well, we’ll take care of thatproblem for you.” Again, things appeared to move along rather sedately for a fewmore rounds until John landed on a piece of property owned by Joan and elected to”work” rather than “pay”. Joan drew a card that said “Joan, as owner you are to bethe recipient of the following benefit- your partner will kiss you deeply for atleast 3 minutes, do not let your tongues stay in your mouths, while doing so letyour hands wander all over each others chests. Your partner is John.” Virgin ornot, it was pretty aparent that as far as French kissing was concerned, Joan wasnot inexperienced. In fact it looked as if she was trying to climb down John’sthroat! The action was also having a definite effect on the rest of the players(as well as ME). Play continued and the directives became slowly a little morerisque each time an action card was drawn, Liza having to pretend that Chuck’sbig toes were penises and while she was sucking and licking them (towardorgasm?), Jenifer having to remove Frankie’s shirt without the use of her hands,etc. Then things began to heat up a little more quickly. Jenifer picked a cardthat read “You are receiving INTERSEXION benefits, Your partners will cut yourblouse and bra off, one shread at a time. Your partners are Joan, Chuck andFrankie.” Blushing she hesitated, but then sat in the middle of the circle whileher partners took turns slowly and tantillizingly cutting a small piece of fabricat a time to gradually expose her breasts to everyone. She looked at Frankie andsaid, “I can’t believe this is happening, until now I never allowed any boy tosee my breasts. Now here I am sitting here in front of everyone.” Liza justsmiled in anticipation of things to come. Gradually the boys lost their shirts,John lost his slacks, Liza and Joan were instructed to get into a tickle battle,during which they were to remove each others’ tops and bras. And so on it wentuntil Shelly landed on the square Frankieed simply “ACTION”, for the first time. Jenifer picked a card. It read “You are the center of attention. Your partnerswill kiss and lick every square inch of your exposed flesh for at least 3minutes, at which time your pants or skirt, but not your underpants, will beremoved, and the attention will continue for at least 3 additional minutes. Yourpartners are not allowed to touch any portion of your body still covered. Yourpartners are Joan, Liza and güvenilir bahis John.” With a shudder, Shelly moved to the center ofthe circle and slowly sank to her knees on the thick carpet. Joan and Lizastarted slowly to kiss, lick and suck on her fingers, working up her hands to herarms, slowly to her shoulders neck and ears, to her face eyes and one at a timetaking turns, her mouth. Meanwhile, John was slowly working each toe of each foot,gradually working up her ankles and calves, tantillizing her and everyone elsewith his ministrations. Joan and Liza began kissing Jenifer’s torso, slowlyworking their hot mouths over the surface, keeping away from her breasts andnipples. John slid her miniskirt up her thighs as he continued to tease her fleshorally. Then the girls began to tease Jenifer’s breasts, flicking at hernipples, then pulling away as she lifted her torso off the floor to try to forcethem into their hot mouths. And so it continued for at least 10 minutes! It wasabout all she could stand when they finally lowered their mouths to her achingbreasts and began to suck and bite them with abandon. John had meanwhile removedher skirt and had his tongue tracing the outline of her panties and her hipsraising off the floor to reach his mouth. Then they switched places, with Johnhungrilly devouring her luscious breasts. My heart was pumping wildly in my chestwatching this action on the screen. It didn’t matter that these were my owndaughters! Finally, they stopped. Jenifer lay sprawled on the carpet clad onlyin her panties, and with her chest heaving wildly. Play continued with Chuckremoving Joan’s pants with his mouth, Frankie getting a chance to French Liza whileallowing his hands to roam all over her body and remove her cut-offs, and so on. Jenifer landed on the infamous “ACTION” square again. The card she pickedinstructed her to leave the room and put on a pair of edible panties (her choiceof flavors) and then return to the center of the circle where the other playerswere to eat them slowly and tantillizingly from her body. She disappeared fromthe camera’s eye for a short time and then reappeared wearing abright red pair.Joan asked,”What flavor did you pick, Shell?” With a sly grin Johninterjected,”That’s what we’re going to find out now, Joan!” As Jenifer sunk tothe carpet, the other players began caressing her body. Liza licking her ears,nibbling her neck and locking her lips over Jenifer’s for a long, deep, Frenchkiss. John and Joan each took control of one of Jenifer’s breasts, in turnkneading, licking, nibbling and sucking her nipples with abandon. Frankiepositioned himself between Jenifer’s legs, and began to lick and nibble at theedible panties. Chuck lifted Micelle’s right leg and attacked the panties fromthe rear, looked up with a piece in his lips and exclaimed, “I don’t believe it,they’re CHERRY flavored, Joan!”



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