Bruce climbed down out of the truck with his two mugs in hand. He trudged across the parking lot where many rigs were parked side by side grumbling as the drivers slept. Each on was lit up with marker lights, some more than others. The amber and red of them, in the truck stop parking lot, seemed to match that of a small town at Christmas.

And it seemed a dark and dismal night. One that he had not seen in a long while. A mist had formed in the air seeming to shroud everything around him. The pavement beneath him was damp. Very fine droplets were falling, moistening his hair. It was cool as it touched his skin soothing the heat of his body a bit. After having Jonathan at the wheel, he was heated and the chill of the finite misty rain made for a comforting finish, really.

Stepping up onto the walkway, he made his way to the door. Pulling it open, he made tracks to the men’s room right off. He stepped into the handicapped stall being it had a sink and he could sponge himself. Setting the mugs on the back of the toilet he relieved his bladder first, then washed his hands and then the mugs. Finally, he began to sponge using the brown paper from the dispenser. All the while he scolded himself for forgetting to bring his washcloth along.

Wetting the towel, he squirted the soap onto it. Giving the paper a good squeeze he loosened his clothing beginning to wash. Making short work of it, he tossed the paper in the receptacle. Pulling on the handle he tore off another sheet that he wetted, then used it to rinse off all of the soap. When his body was clean of the soap, he dispensed one more sheet to dry with. Now he felt better. Clean. Fresh. More alert.

Making sure he didn’t forget his eyes and face he leaned over the sink wetting it one last time. Rubbing his eyes gently, he felt the sleep being washed away even more. Turning off the water, he dispensed another sheet of paper to dry his face and hands with. Tossing it in the trash, he grabbed his mugs stepping out of the stall. He stopped short when he saw Peter there. The heals of his hands on the edge of a sink, he was leaning on them waiting for him to come out of the stall.

“You need not be alarmed, my friend.” the man spoke and Bruce suddenly coiled at the sound of his baritone voice and the thick accent in which he rolled his ‘R’s’. “I am here to warn you. Maurice plans to take the boy with whatever force he must use. I strongly advise that you keep watch and not tarry here much longer.”

“Oh, I intend to leave as soon as I get me some coffee and coke.” he paused looking at him curiously. “Where ya from, Peter? You have a distinct Russian or some kind of accent.”

“I am from Russia, yes.” Peter smiled faintly at the man’s curiosity.

“You’re very handsome. I don’t know if anyone’s told you that, but you are.” Bruce found himself mesmerized by his eyes. The light crystalline blue of them were very distracting to him at the moment. They appeared almost transparent. The shade of blue was so pale and transcendent. He literally felt a deep love from him as he peered long into them.

“Thank you, my friend. And no, no one has said so.” the tall blonde pushed himself off the sink stepping toward him a step. His long hair fell around his shoulders as he moved shrouding his arms and chest a bit.

Bruce moaned unintentionally, as he watched its length undulate minutely when he moved.

“What are you? I mean, you can’t be human, not really.” Bruce’s eyes now wondered over the man curiously. His disbelief that he actually existed was troubling him, but only a little.

“I am a man, Bruce. That is all. What thoughts you may have had of me, I cannot regard. I have not heard them. And I do not fly, leap abnormal distances, scale walls with peculiar speed, or bite people on the neck.” the last he threw in as humor to bring this man back to reality a bit.

“Oh, what a shame.” Bruce grinned. “That would’ve made you my hero.” he chuckled looking down then. “I wanted to thank you for looking after Jonathan all this time.” he lifted his eyes and head staring into those beautiful eyes of Peter. “I hope when this is over, we can get together. Have dinner with the family and talk, you know.” he shrugged feeling somewhat inadequate himself at the moment.

“Hmm.” Peter’s lips curled up in a full smile now. “I would like that, Bruce. It has been a long time since anyone has offered such to me. I hold it in high regard, and yes, I will accept your offer. That is if you can trust me.”

“Why not? You don’t plan to kill us all, do you?” Bruce half laughed. It was a nervous laugh hoping that no one came in seeing them standing there just talking. Although, they were only talking. Then he realized his nervousness was because of his desire. What he saw standing in front of him was so very tempting to say the least.

“No, my friend. I have no intention of hurting anyone. I only mean to protect the boy. He has been through much already and is in need of the comforts that you and your family give him. I am pleased that you have taken him in and my work here is internet casino almost finished.”

“See, now…” Bruce stopped short thinking about that he was about to say. “…That statement makes me think you’re not from here. I mean, earth, this world. Like you…”

“Ah, you think I am from heaven, or hell perhaps.” Peter grinned. “You have not seen many angels or devils have you?”

“No. And I did think you might be one. An angel, I mean.”

Peter laughed lightly. But it wasn’t an obnoxious sound or one that mocked Bruce’s thoughts. “What I am, as I told you is a man. I bleed just as you do, Bruce. I breathe the same air. I think much as you do. But I will say that some of Mr. Bowman’s chief’s had attracted the attention of my country and when I infiltrated and reported my findings of the youth, I was instructed to protect him from as much abuse and harm as possible. I was assigned to him, as you would say.”

“Ah…” Bruce now understood why he had so suddenly appeared in Jonathan’s life that day. “Okay, then I was wrong. But you don’t seem the cop type. And you don’t fill the picture I have of a tough Russian.”

Peter laughed again. “You are very humorous, Bruce. For whatever it is worth, I was raised in a very loving home. Not much like the normal Russian atmosphere, we traveled and I have seen much in my years. I do have compassion that reigns free in my heart. That is only because I have seen too much hate and abuse to be the same.”

“I’m glad of that. And I hope you don’t allow it either.”

“You should go. Tony will begin to worry and come find you. Leaving Jonathan unprotected is not the good thing right now.”

“Yes…” Bruce stepped forward but Peter didn’t move away. He stopped again looking up at his angelic face.

“Watch your mirrors, my friend.” he almost whispered.

Bruce nodded, realizing the man had taken to opportunity of their closeness to say this. He watched him step aside, then stand watching as he went to the door. A shiver came over him suddenly. He could feel the man’s eyes on him, burning hotly through him.

Quickly he pulled the door open, leaving the restroom into the store. He made short work of fixing his coffee the way he liked it, and then filling his larger mug with coke. After paying for the two, he rushed out the door and to the truck.

“Where the hell have you been! I almost went in lookin’ for ya. I started the think somethin’ had happened.” Tony fussed.

Bruce didn’t say anything, but got into the driver’s seat and started doing his logbook.

“Are you alright?” Tony leaned forward looking into Bruce’s face better.

“Yeah, I just need to get the fuck outta here.” he hurriedly completed the log tossing the leather book into the pouch again. Grabbing the shifter he, pushed the brake in and started the truck moving forward.

“Okay, Bruce…” Tony now gave him a look of worry. “…What happened? You look like you just seen a ghost.”

“Maybe I did.” Bruce concentrated on pulling out of the confined space and out the driveway. He maneuvered the rig back onto the interstate beginning to speed down the highway as fast as he could go.

He studied his long time friend and lover. Knowing him since they were kids, he knew something was wrong with him. It wasn’t like him to be so distant and muted, withdrawn. And the fact that he wouldn’t tell him just troubled him to no end.

Keeping an eye on the speedometer, it was more than obvious, as Bruce was very careful with his truck. He often babied it, took very good care of it, knowing she might not leave him stranded somewhere if he did.

“Bruce…” Tony had remained silent until he was up to over 80 miles per hour. “…What’s eatin’ you?”

“Where’s Jonathan?” Bruce glanced over at him asking then.

“He’s in the bunk waitin’ on me, why?”

“We have to keep our eyes open, Tony. It won’t be relaxed the rest of the trip. Just trust me, and ask me no more questions.” Bruce looked over at him holding up a hand when he started to say something.

“Okay…” Tony sighed heavily. He knew that when Bruce was like this not to test him. “Do you want me to stay up with ya?”

“No, you need to rest, but keep the curtain open a little in case I have to call ya.”

“Okay…” Tony stood then. “You need to relax a little, Bruce. I can see yer all worked up about somethin’. And I trust yer judgment, but could you slow down just a little?”

Bruce looked at the dash realizing he was doing 90. He flipped the switch quickly slowing her down. “Thanks, Tony. I…”

“Say no more. Just keep yer mind on business and we won’t get hurt.”

Bruce nodded as Tony stepped into the sleeper disappearing behind the curtain. And he left it as it was in case Bruce had to call him. In Tony’s absence he mulled over everything he and Peter had said to each other. And he did hope that the man would have dinner with them. Then he could have Peter for dessert, or breakfast, perhaps.

He grinned at that thought. Then glanced in the rear view on his left. He canlı poker oyna saw the headlights a far distance behind him and wondered if that was Maurice. It was gaining speed on him at a fast rate and the thought crossed his mind that it could be a cop. Of course, if Peter was with him, it would be a cop. He grinned again amused by his scattered thoughts.

The car overtook him, passing him on the left. It sped on down the road relieving Bruce’s tension for the moment. Darkness was all he could see behind him now for miles.


Tony wrapped his arms around Jonathan kissing him long and fervently. His manhood slipped into him hard and throbbing. A soft moan escaped the two simultaneously. Jonathan’s legs wrapped around him. He arched to meet his thrust.

The anticipation of him coming back to the bunk and making love to him, had elevated to an almost unbearable height. Ah, but now he was there and his strong arms were enclosing him. His hard body was gliding against him. And his strong hardened length was impaling him just as he had wanted.

The air mattress they were laying on seemed to be firm beneath Jonathan. And Tony was even firmer above him. His body was so hard and muscled. He loved the feel of this man. And he so much wanted to achieve a build like his.

As for now at 18 years old, he looked like a prune more than not. What build he might have had was all gone. He was gaining that weight though ,he knew. And it was all going in the right places. But he wanted to be strong and healthy again. Strong, like Tony and Bruce. Healthy like both of them and Greg.

Tony pushed into him again. His pace was a moderate one. And yet his body seemed to slam into Jonathan’s with a vengeance. He grunted as he pressed the side of his head against the kid’s enjoying the feel of him molded to his body. Yielded and conformed to him in such a way that made him more than just aroused by him.

“I love the way you feel, kid.” he whispered into his ear. “I may not be able to get enough of you tonight.”

“I’m here, Tony. I’ll stay with you as long as you like. I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

“I know.” he came up on his elbows that sunk into the mattress a bit. Staring down into his face, he then grasped his arms bringing them up over his head. He liked to hold them there, making him feel even more in control of the youth. Plus, he knew Jonathan would become even more excited by it. So, he did it.

He watched as he rocked his body upward slamming into Jonathan’s body hard, purposeful. Then he eased up a little allowing them to calm some, not wanting this to end so soon. Jonathan had really gotten him hot with the fantasy they lived out over the steering wheel. And he was no more ready to quit than the man in the moon.

“Come on, Tony…fuck me.” Jonathan goaded softly, yet he emphasized the ‘fuck me’ part with some firmness.

Tony groaned as he slammed into him again. He watched Jonathan’s head tilt back his, chin jutting high in the air. It occurred to him that the kid might be reliving a moment of his past.

“Jonathan, look at me.” Tony suddenly felt jealous of whomever it might be that the kid was thinking about. “…It’s me, not whoever’s on yer mind.”

Jonathan gave him a strange expression then that told the man he was right. He could read his expressions quite well now and knew Jonathan silently asked himself how he knew.

Tony grinned slightly not answering. Instead he lightened his thrust again. The pressure was building and he was so hot. He even slowed it down to prolong it even more.

“God, Tony…” Jonathan moaned. “…Yer drivin’ me crazy.”

“Good…” the man grinned wider.

Tony had to shift a little to draw his weight onto the elbow of the hand that kept the youth’s hands trapped in it. He suddenly grasped his lower jaw leaning down to ravage his mouth. With every sweep of his tongue he more or less told him he was his alone. The depth was far more than he had ever kissed him before.

Jonathan arched more pressing his pelvis against the man keeping contact with his body. Each movement the man made, rubbed his length drawing him closer to completion. And he pushed onto him with a force to compensate for the man having lulled as he had. But, it wasn’t the same, it just wasn’t enough.

Tony began again to slam into him. Jonathan grunted disconnecting their mouth to take a deep breath that sounded almost like a gasp.

“No, Jonathan…” Tony groaned with a hint of disappointment as the kid’s head came up pressing his forehead against the man’s shoulder. He resounded a long satisfying moan contracting around the man as he spasmed. Another follow and yet another that filled the sleeper invading the front cab.

Tony released his hands pushing up onto his plowing into the youth to maintain his orgasm. Though he had hoped he would wait on him, he wouldn’t begrudge him the experience by stopping.

And Jonathan’s arms immediately went around the man pulling his body as close as he could manage. His head rocked back as he called out poker oyna his release still, though it was calming.

Finally, Jonathan relaxed again. He kept his pace with Tony as he breathed wildly still. Staring up at him, he silently begged for another with the expression in his eyes, on his face. The man grinned lewdly giving an unspoken promise of more.


Bruce kept the rig barreling down I-20, as he listened to Tony and Jonathan in the back. He leaned over the wheel a little allowing a hand to wander over his own body. The sounds they were making had sparked a terrible need in him. His manhood twinged, beginning to swell. It sent a wave of sensation washing over his body that caused every pour to rise.

Slowly he pushed the buttons through the holes until he could manage to play with a nipple without too much frustration. The other hand on the wheel, he guided the truck down the road with the cruise set. His hand slipped inside the front of the shirt. The fingers seeking out it goal.

Finding it they toyed with the raised flesh deftly. Secretly molesting himself on his own. A tug on it along with a gentle squeeze made him moan lightly. It wasn’t the same as having someone else do it, but it was good at any rate, for him, at least.

Bringing the hand up to his mouth he moistened his finger and thumb. The hand disappeared again wetting the nipple. He then pulled the shirt back, turning his head down, to blow in it as best he could. Then he reached for the console turning up the air. It suddenly gave him a blast of cold sensation causing him to gasp lightly. The nipple became rigid, as hard as his maleness was at the moment.

Taking it between the two digits again he squeezed the aching flesh gently. His breathing elevated a little, the excitement of stimulation coming over him. Another tug, a soft twist and he almost sucked air between his teeth.

His hand abandoned it only to move down over his body to his thigh. Allowing his thumb to pass over his length the familiar wave moved over him once again. His member twitched pressing against the confines of his jeans. He groped at his sacks through the material giving them a gentle grip. Pressing them lightly to his body he let the hand come up over his strong throbbing hard on.

Up to the tip, he moved the hand slowly back down. Over and again he did this listening to Jonathan and Tony. And as the youth sung that familiar song of release, he gradually eased his zipper down. Reaching in, he drew it out leisurely stroking himself.


“Tony…” Jonathan whined to the man again not long after his first orgasm in the bunk.

“I know, baby.” the man breathed, it rushing into the youth’s face over and again. Sporadic waves of warmth and moisture huffed into his face and were met with the same from the kid. “…Just let it go. I’ll catch up to ya in a minute.” he said between laden breaths.

And it was as if the man had opened a flood gate for the youth. He turned his head up pressing that forehead against his shoulder. He shoved his body onto Tony harder than usual. Pushing back as he relaxed, he forced himself on him again. His bottom seemed to recoil each time he did helping his momentum. Clinging to the man tight he slammed against his body once more. Then his head was thrown back and he let out a cry that filled the sleeper and cab relentlessly

“Yes, baby…” Tony’s vocal expression was unchecked as he felt the strong contractions deep inside him that caused a chain reaction for him. He pressed firmly against his body then, groaning with Jonathan’s outcries. They matched the other in an simultaneous rhythm time after time.

It heightened Jonathan’s orgasm feeling Tony pulse each time he tightened around him. Almost sending him through the roof with its intensification. At the first of it, he gasped suddenly crying even louder. His body trembled violently as the amplification grew to a point he almost couldn’t bare it. Tears filled his eyes, it was so strong. He forced himself not to scream because of the power of his release.

Tony felt it. He knew Jonathan was having a most incredible orgasm. And his was no different from the effect of the matched rhythm and Jonathan’s reactions. He fought to not stop in keeping with his pace. It was so hard for him not to. This was just more than he had ever known with this kid. And when was it going to end?

His voice rose with Jonathan’s mounting to a peek at one point that almost matched his in frequency and depth. His quivering body nearly succeeded in halting his movements at one point. But the man persisted in maintaining no matter how hard it was for him.


Bruce stroked his length still, at such a leisurely pace. He could hear the two in the back mounting in breathing and moans that told him they were about to come again. His hand glided up the shaft a little faster now. Almost in keeping with the pace of their oncoming release.

Then suddenly Jonathan whined Tony’s name. He smiled as the kid did that so often, especially when he was trying so hard to wait for his partner. Tony’s reply to it didn’t surprise him at all. He would have said the same if it were him. The strong slap of their bodies immediately followed. Another came after in a steady rhythm. One more and Jonathan was crying out.



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