“My name is Jillian Carruthers, but that is my maiden name. I changed it back after my divorce. My married name was Jillian Wolfe and I was married to Mark Wolfe, the attorney…your ex husbands attorney. When we first met, things were fantastic. He was older than me, and I was smitten. He was powerful, handsome, fit, and had a charming personality. I was young, naive and in love. We lived a lavish life thanks to the success of Mark’s law firm. We soon married and we were attending and hosting big parties and all of the rich elites were there. We were caught up in the glamorous lifestyle.

There were a few…situations that led me to where I currently am.” I explained.

“Please, tell me about these…situations.” Cassie said.

“Ok.” I agreed.

“One night we were invited to a party at a huge mansion. There were only 3 other couples, which seemed odd, but we were having so much fun and the drinks were going down like water. The conversation turned sexual and the host and hostess revealed that they were swingers. The way they explained it made it seem so intriguing and the rest of us were captivated by their stories.

We were sitting around in their “lounge” room, listening to these engrossing stories of groups of people having sex in every room of these large houses. I was fixated on the host’s telling of a particularly steamy occurrence, when I saw him smile and cast his eyes to the couple next to Mark and I.

I looked over, and the wife of the couple next to us was rubbing her husband’s cock through his trousers. Just listening to these stories had me feeling charged up, so seeing this couple next to us starting to get handsy really got me going.

Before I realized it, the hostess had her dress off and was between her husband’s spread legs. She had his cock in her mouth and was going to town on it. I could see her fingers entering her pussy as she pleasured her husband.

I then felt Mark’s hand running up my thigh under my dress. The whole situation had me so turned on. Mark was fingering me under my thong, and the couple next to us had practically stripped completely. The rest of the couples were also in various stages of undress. Mark pulled my tits out and was sucking on them as he fingered me. I happened to look to the couch across from us as the host was sliding his cock into the wife of one of the other guests. She had her husband’s cock buried in her throat as the host began pounding into her.

I wondered where the hostess was and soon realized that she was sucking Mark’s cock! By the end of the night, I think I had been fucked by every man there. I remember the last guy I fucked the most though. He wasn’t anything special, but I was facing forward as I was riding him, watching the show across from me.

On the couch across from us, two of the wives were locked in a 69 and I was riveted to their performance. I’d never seen two women together before and it was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen.

That night was the beginning of our journey into the lifestyle.”

“Holy shit. That sounds crazy, like something out of a movie!” Cassie exclaimed.

“It was crazy, but I loved it…we loved it.” I told her.

“We didn’t always host or attend lavish parties or orgies, but Mark used this as a way to benefit his law firm. If he needed a favor or wanted to ensure he won a trial, he’d host a party and I’d end up fucking whoever Mark needed me to. I’ve had sex with judges, city council members, mayors…you name it and I’ve probably fucked them. Not all of our parties were for this reason though. Some of them were just friends and friends of friends. That’s where the trouble started.

At first I just slept with the other men. I loved watching women together, but I could never see myself with any of them. That all changed one evening. Her name was Bella.” I paused to take another drink.

“Are you sure you don’t want a drink? I’ve still got plenty to tell you.” I told her.

Cassie decided that she would take a drink. I mixed her one and topped mine off. I then continued my story.

So, where was I?” I asked.

“Bella.” Cassie replied.

“Of course, Bella.” I said.

“Her and her husband were invited by friends of a couple that we met with often.

I remember seeing her walk through the door into the home of the couple hosting the party. She was similar in height to me. Her hair was dark brown, very curly and ended right above her shoulders. Her body was slim but fit and her tan looked to be from time spent in natural sunlight. She was gorgeous and as she scanned the room, our eyes met for a brief moment. All of the attendees mingled as we drank and ate from the large amount of food that was provided. As I made my way around the house, I began noticing that Bella was always around. When I though she wasn’t paying attention, I’d steal a glance at her but she always caught me. She’d look away quickly, but a smile would always spread across her face. I was finding myself very intrigued by this canlı bahis şirketleri woman.

As the night went on, the music changed and the lights were dimmed. As the mood changed, you could feel the sexual tension in the air. Then you heard it…the sounds of sex from a room nearby. That was all it took. Soon other couples had joined in on the action. Some made their way to empty rooms, but the more adventurous ones were proudly on display for all to see. There was a row of five women lined up on one sofa, all with their asses in the air and a hard cock filling them. I locked eyes with Mark from across the room. The raven haired trophy wife of a judge was on her knees, sucking my husband’s cock , while her judge husband sat in a chair watching and jerking himself.

I was leaning against the wall with my hand inside the slit of my dress, rubbing my pussy as I watched the scene in front of me. I first felt a pair of hands reach from behind me and cup my breasts, then warm, wet lips kissed up my neck to my earlobe.

“I’ve felt your eyes on me all evening.” The voice said. I knew exactly who it was.

I moaned as her hands kneaded my breasts and her lips and tongued savored my skin.

“Let’s go some place private.” She whispered in my ear. I was putty in her hands.

Bella led me to a guest bedroom. She locked the door behind us, and pulled me to her. Her body felt wonderful pressed against mine. She held me close with a hand on my lower back. My dress left most of my back exposed, and her fingers softly caressed my bare skin. He other hand caressed my face and neck. Our eyes stared deeply into one another’s.

Then she placed her first kiss on my lips. Hers were so soft, and she tasted so sweet. I was instantly hooked and I had to have more. I kissed her back and let my hands explore her body.

As you now know, and as I discovered that night, there is nothing like the feeling of another woman. I sunk my fingers into her ass while my tongue played with hers. Meanwhile, her hands had unfastened my dress from behind my neck, and let it fall to my waist. It was then that I had another woman touch my breasts for the first time. Her touch was soft and gentle, so unlike the men that had found such joy in my large mounds.

She broke our kiss and lowered her mouth to my chest. Her tongue swirled around my nipple, which sent jolts of pleasure straight to my core. I held my hand to the back of her head as she sucked and nibbled my sensitive nipples.

She then stood and stepped back. She reached behind her back a unzipped her dress. The garment fell to her hips and with a wiggle of her hips and a little push, it pooled around her feet. I then realized that there was nothing beneath her dress but her birthday suit.

By now, my thong was completely soaked and I needed my dress off immediately. I grasped it to nudge it down, but I was stopped when her hands gripped my wrists.

“Please, allow me.” She softly spoke.

She slowly slid her hands between my dress and my hips and eased it down my legs and onto the floor along with my thong. She stood and kissed me again then walked me back to the bed. We collapsed onto the soft mattress and spent quite a while kissing and enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies rubbing together.

I ran my hands over her breasts, her hard nipples tickled my palms as they gently slid over her soft flesh. I brought my lips to her nipples and bathed them with my tongue. I was surprised how much I loved sucking on those beautiful breasts of hers. I could have done that for hours.

While I was focused on her chest, she was rubbing her wet pussy against my thigh. I loved the feeling of her slickness and her warm, hairy mound against my leg. My own pussy was absolutely overflowing. I’d never been so wet in my life and I felt so self conscious and embarrassed at how much of a mess I was.

As Bella’s hand made its way down my stomach, towards my center, I was worried that she’d be turned off by how wet I was. Oh, how foolish that idea was! As soon as her fingers brushed against my damp patch of hair she let out a very approving moan. Her hand then slid down to caress my aching, wet pussy. Her fingers touched me in a way that I’d never felt before. When her fingers weren’t buried deep inside of me, they were spreading my wetness around my delicate lips and clit.

“I love how wet you are, my dear. Is this all because of me?” She asked.

I admitted that, yes, she had me so wonderfully aroused. A smile spread across her face, then she pulled her fingers from me and brought them to her mouth. She slowly licked my juices from her fingers, her eyes never leaving mine. She then dipped her fingers into me again, then smeared my nectar around one of my nipples. She then proceeded to lick my nipple clean.

She kissed her way down my body. I was desperate for her to lick my pussy, but she took her time teasing my flesh as she made her journey to my most sensitive spot.

Finally! She had arrived. She ran her warm, wet canlı kaçak iddaa tongue along the edge of my trimmed patch of red hair, then licked and kissed my inner thighs. As she passed from one side to the next, she softly blew her breath across my swollen lips. It was such a torturous tease to have her mouth so close. I’d never wanted something so bad in all my life!

Just when I had braced for more teasing, the tip of her tongue pressed between my lips and swiped up and over my very swollen clit. I felt like my soul left my body. It was such an incredible feeling. I have no recollection of time from that moment, but she worshipped my pussy until I had no more orgasms to give. Her mouth was like magic; licking and sucking and reaching places no one had touched before.

When she had wrung the last drop out of me, she gently nuzzled against me, and let me taste myself on her lips. She told me to sleep, and she quietly gathered her clothes and left.

I awoke with Mark next to me, still in the guest room. It was morning. I told him about my experience, and it got him extremely turned on. He fucked me like a savage beast that morning. It felt like he needed to reclaim me. I was still so drained from the night before, that I had to fake an orgasm to satisfy him. I was a changed woman from then on.

After that, I started experimenting with some of the other women at the parties. It was always fun, but no one could come close to Bella.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see Bella at any of the parties we attended for about a month. I began asking around about her, and I was given her phone number. I reached out to her and arranged an evening when we could have dinner.

Seeing her again filled my heart with such joy and passion. We talked for hours that night. Before we went our separate ways for the evening, we exchanged a deep, passionate kiss. I was floating above the clouds for several days afterwards.

We began texting on a daily basis and having lunch and dinner often. Both of our husbands worked long hours, so it was nice to have a friend to fill that time. One evening, I confessed to her that I wanted to be with her again. Neither one of us had ever slept around unless we were at parties with our husbands, but the sexual tension between us was too great to ignore. That night, I was finally able to taste Bella for the first time. It was incredible! I’d tasted other women before, but I’d never made any of them cum. To bring another woman to orgasm, by using your mouth, is an experience like no other. I felt so satisfied and powerful.

That was the beginning of our affair. Bella and I spent a large portion of our free time making love. It was during this time that I became pregnant with Candace. Things were going great in my life. Mark and I were having a baby and he was very focused on my pregnancy. I was super horny, and I was definitely still seeing Bella. She thought my pregnant body was sexy and the sex we had was absolutely incredible. More importantly though, was that Bella was my absolute best friend. She was helping me decorate the nursery and picking out baby stuff, arranging a wonderful baby shower…I was feeling such a strong bond with her.

Then Candace arrived. The day I was discharged from the hospital, I was so happy! Our baby daughter was snug in her car seat and we were heading home. I noticed that Mark was taking an unusual route to our house. We were in a neighborhood that I wasn’t familiar with. When I questioned him, he assured me that it was ok and that he had something exciting to show me. Then we pulled into the driveway of a house I’d never seen before. Mark exited the car and asked me to join him.

Once inside, he handed Candace over to me. I asked whose house it was and he told me to follow him upstairs. I followed him into the room at the end of the hall. The room was a nursery set up for a baby girl. I gave him a confused look and then he handed me an envelope.

Inside were divorce papers. I was floored. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Unfortunately, those papers were just the tip of the iceberg. He told me that he knew about Bella and I and he was furious. Her husband knew as well, and he was handling her in his own way. He then explained the terms of our divorce. This house and all furnishings were mine and I was allowed full custody of Candace. The catch?

He had absolutely no desire to be a father. He wanted nothing to do with Candace, but if I didn’t do exactly as demanded, he threatened to take her from me and I’d never see her again. He had requested that I allow him specified times so he could see his daughter. He said he had no intention of seeing her on those days, but if I failed to do what he asked, he’d tell the judge that I’d kept our daughter from seeing him. He told me that he had ways of getting what he wanted and that he’d have no problem getting the judge to award him full custody. He informed me that if he did have full custody, he wouldn’t be raising her himself.

He’d hire someone to take care of her. He said canlı kaçak bahis he would make sure that she was told that I had abandoned her and wanted nothing to do with her. There was no way I could let anything happen to my baby girl.

What did he demand?

In addition to still using me to fuck people for favors, he was going to use me to blackmail the spouses of his divorce clients. My job was to seduce these people and record video evidence of us having sex. Sometimes I’d meet them in a hotel room that Mark had set up with hidden cameras. Other times, like… with you…uhm, I’d film us in my bedroom. Mark would use this video as evidence against his clients spouse.

There was no way out for me. He held all the power. Before he left, he reminded me how serious he was. He grabbed me by my throat and began choking me. I thought he was going to kill me. Before I blacked out, he hit me then shoved me over the back of the couch, the very couch we’re sitting on actually. I rolled off the front and hit my head on that coffee table. My head was bleeding, I was gasping for air, and I had just given birth a few days ago. He spat at me, called me good for nothing fucking whore, then he just left Candace and I here.

Thanks to me, he has gained a reputation as the premier attorney in the city, especially for divorces. He has never lost a case.

Cassie, I’ve slept with so many people and ruined so many lives. Just look at what I’ve done to you. You’re left with nothing. It’s all my fault. This is what I get for being unfaithful. I’ll never be able to have a romantic relationship again. Mark will never allow it.” I concluded.

Both Cassie and I were emotionally wrecked after my story.

“So, Mary knows, I assume? Aren’t you afraid? I mean, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her, but she did allude to something not being right with you.” Cassie inquired.

“Mary does know. She lives next door. She heard me screaming for help after Mark hit me and left me bleeding on the floor. She wanted to call the police, but I begged her not to. She told me her husband was a law professor and that he could help me. I begged her not to tell him, or anyone, what had happened. She quickly became a wonderful friend, and I trust her with my life. I eventually told her my story.

I also…I uhm, I told her about you. I explained the situation. I…I…” I couldn’t speak.

The only thing I could do was cry. I needed to tell her though. Not that she would care anymore.

“Uhm, I told her.. that I was falling in love with you. She knows how special you are. She was only trying to help. She knew she could trust you.” I said.

“I wasn’t sure what she meant when she talked to me, but this definitely wasn’t it.” Cassie said.

Cassie moved closer to me and placed her hand on mine. I looked over at her, and it hurt me to see the pain and confusion on her face.

“I was falling in love with you too. Part of me still feels that way, but there is so much to process.” She said.

“Maybe we can try to…” Cassie began to speak before I interrupted her.

“Shit! I didn’t realize it was that time already. Cass, I hate to end our conversation but I’ve, uhm…I’ve got work to do. My client…shit…he’ll be here soon.” I awkwardly announced.

“Oh. I see.” She said. Her voice full of rejection and despair.

“Thank you for coming. I can’t imagine how much I hurt you. I’m so very sorry. I had to though, for Candace.” I said.

I walked her to the door. She took a step outside but stopped and turned to me. She leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. The kiss was gentle at first but she pressed harder, her hand gripped my shirt and pulled me into her. Then just as fast as it happened, she turned and was gone. I assumed I’d never see her again.

I completed my assignment and had sent him on his way. I delivered the evidence to my ex-husband, and I was now standing under a scalding hot shower, attempting to purge the filth from my pores. My mind wandered to thoughts of Cassie. I would never forget the times we had spent together. Even though we met under false pretenses, I was sure of the feelings we had shared. She might be the last person that I ever share those feelings with though. I knew that I was destined to be alone. I still had my baby girl though, and that was all I needed.

It had been over a month since Cassie had shown up at my house. I hadn’t heard one peep from her since. I knew she was still around though, as Candace talked about her often. I still missed her greatly. I truly feel that she was the one. Bella and I had a wonderful time together, but we both knew that she would never leave her husband. I heard that he beat the living shit out of her for cheating on him with me. She spent quite a long time in the hospital, and they had both packed up and moved away one day. I had never heard from her again.

As usual, I still had duties to fulfill for my ex-husband. I had just finished having Judge Victor attempt to fuck my brains out. He wasn’t able to rise to the occasion naturally, so as we were waiting for his viagra to kick in, he filled me in on the reason for our little rendezvous. It was some favor for Mark, obviously, but the reason escapes me now. I didn’t give a shit regardless.



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