Running my fingertips down her ribs and over her hips, I suddenly draw back and bring my hand hard across the left side of her ass, drawing out a small moan. I know that, despite the tight pair of “daisy-dukes” she has on, the imprint of my hand will be a vivid red mark on her for a good long time.

“Hi, sexy,” I purr in her ear, “Did you miss us while we were gone?” My husband, our lover, has come up from behind pressing me into her, making me press her into the counter. The hot steam from the dishwater she was running flushes her skin a bright rosy pink. The heat swirls around us all, warming already heated blood. I press back against him allowing her just enough room to turn in our arms. Despite being the oldest of the three of us, she fits well under my shoulder, as I fit well beneath the shoulder of the youngest and tallest of us, my husband.

Pressing her again against the counter, I feel my husband nibbling lightly on the side of my neck. Melding my mouth over hers, I pull her hips flush with my own and grind against them both. Drawing a gasp of surprise and pleasure from my husband, as well as a groan of desire from my girlfriend, I feel him pressed snuggly against my lower back and hips. Smiling to myself, I disentangle and leave my husband to greet our lover in his own way.

I can tell that our Baby Girl had gotten bored in our absence, she had once again cleaned the house from top to bottom in the two days we had been away to visit family. It amazes me that, after spending her day cleaning at work she would come home and clean here as well, whether it really needs it when we leave or not. It makes me smile to know that we entertain her enough during the week to distract her from her OCD, at least for the most part.

Taking our bag into our room, I see that Baby Girl has finally got her room, since my family just moved out. It is still in need of a lot of items-like a bed and dresser-but she has the mattress and cushions from our old fold-out couch laid out on the floor and a rope strung between two hooks in the ceiling to hang some of the clothing I’ve purchased her. Going to my dresser, I slip out of my dress and panties, in favor of my favorite t-shirt and nothing else. The t-shirt is baggy and falls just low enough to cover my pussy and ass, if I don’t bend over that is.

Bending, I begin taking clothing from our luggage and putting it away where it belongs, laundry in the basket, clean clothing in the dresser. Coming to my husband and my bathing suits, I remove them from the plastic bag and start walking them to the bathroom to hang dry. As I pass my husband’s chair in the living room he wraps his arm around my waist and tugs me into his lap, wet bathing suits and all.

Tangling ankara duşta veren escortlar his hand in my hair, he kisses me with an ardor that hasn’t diminished in the three years we have been together. Running his hand up my bare thigh, he splays his fingers out over my inner thigh and squeezes lightly just below the juncture of my lower body. Sliding his middle finger lightly between the pink lips of my cunt, he finds my clit and rubs it lightly as he kisses me. Smiling as we break the kiss, I press my forehead against his and give him a peck on the tip of the nose.

“Love you, too, my little horn dog.” I giggle, as I stand and start again to the bathroom with the bathing suits. Hanging the top of my bikini over the shower rod, I think again about just how little these scraps of fabric cover. It was the closest fit I could find for my D-cup breasts, and I still fell out almost every time I dove into the pool or the lake. The bottoms didn’t cover too much more, despite being a small skirt design.

Finishing, I walked back into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of caramel flavored coffee, adding homemade hot cocoa mix that I made at Christmas time and a little bit of sugar, I take it and go sit in my chair in the living room. Picking up my laptop, I start working on my essay for class the next day. With my knees bent and my feet propped up on my footstool, I know I am showing off everything I have below the waist but don’t care, as it is only my two lovers there with me.

My husband, shirtless with his long hair braided down his back, sits in his favorite spot playing Black Ops 2 on his PS3, while Baby Girl finishes the dishes and starts dinner. When dinner is done, she brings both my love and I a plate and we all sit, talking and laughing for an hour or two, going over all the day to day goings on that we missed while we were apart. Baby Girl and I get up at about the same time taking our plates, as well as his, to the kitchen.

Her hand grazes over the back of my bare thigh and her nails slip beneath the hem of my t-shirt. Wrapping her hand around one round globe of my ass and squeezing firmly, she turns me abruptly into her and proceeds to do the same with the other hand as well, pressing me firmly against her from hip to chest. Locking her lips to mine, she grinds slowly against my hips as she kneads my ass cheeks in her hands.

Walking up behind her, my husband runs his hands up under her tank top and grabs her breasts. Massaging them tightly, he starts pulling hard on her nipples forcing us to break our kiss as she cries out in pleasure. Moving my mouth along her jaw line, I start nipping roughly at her neck and earlobe. Wrapping my fingers tightly in his belt ankara fetiş yapan escortlar loops, I pull him flush against her ass making her cry out again.

Moving my mouth lower still, I nuzzle the edge of his hand. Sliding it back down her body, he slips it between us and down the front of her shorts so he can cup her pussy. Taking the place his hand just vacated, I maneuver the neckline of her shirt out of my way and take her nipple into my mouth. Sucking hard enough to bruise, I draw a gasp of surprise and pleasure from between her lips.

Releasing her nipple, I take her hand and draw her from his arms, leading her to the large almost-loveseat sized chair in our living room. Pressing her down into it, I position her with her head over the arm of the chair and myself between her knees. Coming around to her head, my husband unzips his jeans, drawing from them his long, thick member. Licking her lips, she begins to slowly run her tongue the length of his still partly soft cock.

As she feasts on him, I turn my attention to the bounty in front of my eyes. Slowly, I slide the zipper of her shorts down snagging the button from its resting place as I do. Cupping my hands under her backside, I grasp the waist of her shorts, lift her slightly, and quickly pull them down over her hips and thighs. Doing so leaves her bare from the waist down, and grasping her knees I press them up into her chest and lower my mouth to her wet, swollen pussy lips.

Lapping the sweet juice from her pussy, I run my tongue from her tightly puckered asshole, up over the space between her anus and slit, between her pussy lips, and on up to play my tongue, lips, and teeth over and around her clit, forcing a muffled moan from around the quickly enlarging shaft between her busily sucking lips. Spreading the delicious liquid over my lips, I suckle and nip her clit as I watch her slowly taking his cock into her throat making him release small moans of pleasure.

Licking again over the opening of her cunt, I gently guide a finger into the depths of her tight folds. As I begin to slowly slide first one and then two fingers, into her tight opening I go again to playing with her pert little clitoris. Watching along her body as my husband, having slid her shirt up over her tits, uses them as leverage to roughly fuck his cock deep in and out of her waiting mouth and down into her throat.

Picking up the rhythm of his thrusting, I begin roughly fucking her tight pussy with my fingers as I lick vigorously at her sensitive button. Running my free hand down between my own legs, I begin rubbing my opening wetting my fingers to slide them over my own clit. I can feel the walls of her cunt beginning to tighten as she nears ankara iranlı escort her climax, and I can hear in his breathing that he is getting close as well.

Sliding a third finger into her slick pussy, I continue the rhythm thrusting my fingers deeper and harder into her. Watching him fuck her mouth, and hearing their moans I am getting close myself. As I feel the walls of her tight, hot cunt start to spasm around my fingers, I hear him thrust down her throat once more as he cries out his release.

Continuing the pressure, I draw her orgasm out for as long as I can as she does the same to him. Listening as she draws small sounds and squeaks of pleasure from him, rockets me over the edge and I feel myself blown apart, floating in space slowly gliding back to earth alongside the two people I care about the most in my world. When I am able to stand, I draw him to his feet from where his legs gave way and take him into the bathroom to shower.

Unfortunately, all three of us can’t fit, so she has to wait for one of us to get out. Taking the scrubby, I begin running it roughly over his body washing away the sweat. Soaping my hand, I wash his balls and then grasp his shaft firmly in my slippery fist. By this time he is almost fully recovered from our previous play and is starting to get hard again.

Rinsing himself off, he goes down on his knees between mine and proceeds to start cleaning the juice from my cunt with his tongue. Finding that I am in no need of wetting, he hooks the backs of my knees with his elbows and lifts me with his hands grasping my ass. Settling me firmly on his now rock hard cock, he begins roughly sliding himself in and out of me.

I wrap my arms around his neck, bracing my back against the shower wall. Pressing my mouth to his, I breathe a moan between his lips. I can feel myself getting close again from the hard fucking my pussy is being given. Matching his rhythm as closely as I can, I thrust him deeper into my throbbing pussy. The feeling of his hard cock bumping hard against the opening of my cervices sends me over the edge. As I come back to myself, I feel him release into me and it sends me over again. One orgasm rolling into another, as his cock spasms within me over and over again.

Sliding my legs slowly to the floor he supports me as best he can as we recover once again. Letting the warm water wash over us, until our legs can hold us again. Getting out we let her know that if she wants a shower she better get in before the water gets cold. Sliding into the bathroom she gets undressed the rest of the way, gives us both a kiss and a wink and slides into the warm waters of the shower.

My husband and I, exhausted, crawl into bed and lay wrapped up in each other’s arms listening to the shower run. A little while later, the water stops and she comes into our room, wrapped up in a fluffy white towel. Dropping it, she crawls into bed beside my husband and we all fall asleep to the sounds of each other’s breathing… at least for an hour or two.



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