Chapter 01: The Steam Room

Belinda was intent on relaxing alone in one of the small steam rooms at her club, she had told her PA she would be unavailable for the whole morning. Membership of this exclusive health club was a perk of the job she used often, her company had it’s own gym but she preferred not to have to mix relaxation and work to put it politely. Her eyes took in her surroundings dreamily; the whole room was tiled in pale blue, relaxing classical music was piped in and it was wonderfully private. A high wide platform or ledge ran the length of one wall and at right angles to this three lower platforms jutted out. Due to the fact today it was an all female day in the sauna Belinda felt safe to strip completely naked and didn’t bother locking the door even.

Hanging her smaller hand towel on one of the large chromium hooks she slipped the large towel from around her body and carefully spread it out upon the wide tiled upper ledge. Even in the warm damp environment of the sauna the pastel blue tiling felt quite cold to the touch and she wasn’t going to freeze her arse like some of the other fools did. After adjusting the steam control settings to high Belinda stepped up on one of the lower seating ledges and climbed onto the towel-covered tiles. Even through the thick towel she could feel the coldness and shivered a little until the heat from her body warmed them a little. Before very long though there was a gentle knock upon the closed door, disturbing her solitude.

“Yes?” Belinda called out a little sharply wondering what this disturbance entailed.

“All of the smaller rooms are occupied so do you mind if I share?” a woman’s voice called pleadingly from behind the door.

“No of course not,” Belinda called resigned to the fact that she couldn’t really deny access, she sat up to see who was coming in, “It’s set on hot though so be warned.”

When the door opened a pretty oriental woman peered around and smiling politely she introduced herself to Belinda as she entered. Seemingly innocently she closed the door as she spoke clicking the lock as she did so.

“My name is Mao Lien but everyone calls me Lien,” she smiled, “I am pleased to make your aquaintance.” and nodded to Belinda as she spread out her own towel on the middle ledge that ran perpendicular to her own directly below then slipped fluidly from her towelling robe.

” Oh I’m Belinda, hello, make yourself at home,” she blushed slightly as she found her eyes unexpectedly roaming over the woman’s naked body as Lien hung the robe next to Belinda’s hand towel.

Watching the woman discretely as she sat down on the lower platform with her back to her Belinda noted the way the wisps of black hair that had escaped the restrictions of her plait curled in the moist heat. Diverting her eyes momentarily to avoid eye contact as Lien laid herself back on the platform below Belinda soon looked down once more to gaze at her.

Seeing Lien’s eyes were already closed mere moments after laying down Belinda laid back and tried to unwind. A strange unease grew within her and Belinda found it increasingly difficult to relax in the other woman’s company. After no more than a few anxious minutes had passed an intrigued Belinda began glancing over the top at the naked form that lay below.

The woman’s smallish firm breasts rose and fell rhythmically as Lien apparently dozed oblivious to her observer. So Belinda lulled into a false sense of security began to stare less cautiously at the pretty oriental lithe body. She guessed the woman to be in her mid-thirties but in fantastic shape. Lien’s tanned golden skin glowed golden beneath a sheen of perspiration as the heat within the room gradually built up. Belinda spent a long while gazing at those full pouting lips as they twitched and parted as the woman slept. Eventually her roving eyes were drawn down over Lien’s flat tummy to her crotch with its luxuriant black pubic bush sprouting between the woman’s slightly parted thighs.

Drinking in the woman’s oriental beauty Belinda found herself gradually becoming sexually aroused. Without thinking she began imagining touching and caressing the golden skinned woman who lay below to feel the excited response. Looking once more at Lien’s face guiltily checking that her eyes were closed behind those thick long black lashes Belinda returned her gaze to the woman’s lips. Her fevered imagination ran amok as she thought of those soft pouting full oriental lips fastened firmly around one of her own taut aroused nipples. Belinda’s vivid imagination was unstoppable; soon it had built a mental picture of the oriental woman kissing slowly down her pale belly to fasten her small mouth upon her mound.

Lien shifted restlessly in her slumber on the towelled ledge below Belinda and as she did one of her legs slipped over the edge of the ledge. Her golden thighs parted enticingly offering an intrigued Belinda a much better view of the delights that were hidden between them. Fascinated by the woman she leant forward on one elbow craning her neck out above the recumbent woman to gaze down shamelessly between her thighs. canlı bahis şirketleri Framed so perfectly within the woman’s thick blue-black pubic bush nestled a pair of fleshy red-brown delicately petalled labia that invitingly beckoned her to touch them. Recklessly Belinda leant even further out oblivious to everything except the woman’s beckoning sex.

A light cough suddenly shattered Belinda’s delightful reverie making her gaze flash up to the woman’s face and to her horror Lien was awake and staring straight up at her. She had just caught Belinda red-handed looking down right between her even now spread thighs. Belinda blushed deep crimson instantly and quickly rolled back on her ledge cursing her own stupidity. Confused and embarrassed she could not understand the excitement she had felt at the sight of another woman’s naked body. Down below meanwhile Lien had silently sat up with her back to Belinda who in turn stared shamefully red faced straight up at the ceiling. Awkward silence descended between the two women for quite some time during which Belinda’s embarrassing discomfort subsided very little until Lien softly broke the ominous silence.

“Do not worry Belinda I am not at all offended if you admire my body,” her soft voice was unbelievably calm and it soothed away Belinda’s guilt as Lien looked back up over her shoulder smiling.

“I must apologise I don’t know what came over me,” Belinda stammered, “It’s not that I’m a lesbian or anything you know!”

“I know so just forget it,” Came the other woman’s amiable reply, “You could do me a little favour though would you?” Lien laughed dismissively as she spoke.

“Of course,” Belinda hoped she had found a way to extricate herself from this awkward situation.

” I hurt my shoulder in the gym today, could you massage it a little?” Lien asked coolly as if she was totally unaware of Belinda’s recent indiscretion.

“Honestly Lien I don’t think It would be a very good idea,” she felt panic rising inside her as she spoke, ” I mean, I err I don’t think I would be any good at massage” Belinda stammered as she tried to get out of the sticky situation knowing inside that she secretly longed for any chance to touch Lien’s golden body.

“Nonsense I trust you implicitly,” Lien voice was reassuring, her twinkling black eyes danced mischievously as she spoke though, “just be gentle with me please!”

“Oh, OK then come here if you’re sure?” Belinda gave in though she was still unsure of herself.

Half reluctant and half eager her mind span as she succumbed to the woman’s demand and sat up on the upper ledge. Swinging her feet down to rest them on Lien’s platform she nervously clenched her hands together as Lien moved. Turning away again Lien slid gracefully backwards along the lower platform her towel crumpling behind her as she moved to position herself below Belinda. Then resting back lightly at first against Belinda’s knees Lien waited patiently for her promised massage. Cautiously with trembling hands Belinda reached down to touch the hot golden skin of the oriental woman’s shoulders for the first time. Dry mouthed she began to gently knead the supple flesh beneath Lien’s golden skin with her fingers anxious not to give any indication of her interest away at first. As Belinda’s long fingers worked on the doll-like woman’s firm muscles she soon sensed Lien was completely at ease with the situation and began relaxing a little more herself. Belinda got intense satisfaction from her toil each time the woman squirmed against her knees or gasped occasionally with enjoyment as her shoulders and neck were manipulated by her seemingly large hands.

This in turn both unwound and aroused Belinda and before long it seemed to her almost as if Lien was wriggling a little seemingly deliberately attempting to force herself back between her knees. Despite her earlier embarrassment though Belinda cautiously allowed the squirming torso to ease it’s way between her slightly spreading knees without trying to appear as if it was anything but a sheer accident. Lifting her arms over Belinda’s thighs Lien leant back between her parted legs and settled back against her inner thighs with her arms hanging limply over Belinda’s thighs and knees.

“That’s much more comfortable, your knees are too bony!” Lien whispered quietly as Belinda redoubled her amateur efforts at massaging the woman’s shoulders.

Once more Belinda found her eyes gazing down at Lien’s breasts watching them move as her hands worked on her shoulders. Belinda noted excitedly how Lien’s brown teats were unmistakably growing taut as she did so, apparently in response to her caresses. Feeling alarm at how her heart suddenly started pounding excitedly in her breast Belinda’s mind was thrown into turmoil as common sense fought with her unnatural desire for this oriental creature. Then as if she was trying to sway the battle being fought in Belinda’s confused mind Lien insistently began to slowly push herself further back between her thighs once again. Belinda found herself willingly allowing the woman to force herself back deeper between her readily canlı kaçak iddaa spreading thighs. Her struggle to control her desire was dismissed as the gnawing sexual craving built relentlessly deep within and her legs yielded yet a little more to Lien’s insistent squirming and the woman carefully laid herself back between them.

Resting her head back against Belinda’s firm ample breasts Lien reached up and softly stroked her forearms encouragingly. Belinda’s heart skipped excitedly as she felt Lien’s petite hands firmly grip her forearms firmly just above the wrists and purposefully draw them down towards what were small in comparison to her own breasts. Needing no further encouragement Belinda complied with the other woman’s wishes. Her eager trembling hands slid easily downwards over the slippery golden shoulders to the waiting globes guided by Lien’s tiny tugging fingers.

She had never ever considered making love to another woman at all before in her entire life. Normally Belinda would never have imagined any possibility of herself even being attracted to one of her own sex but this exquisite woman seemed so very very different. Lien began panting heavily as Belinda’s hands slid over her slippery skin to cup her small firm breasts. As Belinda’s thumbs brushed tentatively over the hard brown nipples Lien gasped out with pleasure and began gently kissing Belinda’s forearms as her caresses became more confident and bolder. Lien encouragingly rubbed her dark head between her ample breasts and reached up to touch them while Belinda excitedly continued to eagerly caress her. Now totally in the oriental woman’s control she enjoyed the soft caress of the small hands upon her breasts. The long nailed golden fingers began to nip repeatedly about her swollen aurolae and Belinda squeaked excitedly each time, the delicious pain easily fuelling her uncontrollable desire.

Suddenly Lien was moving twisting herself from Belinda’s grasp she turned excitedly to face her. Her black eyes danced with lust as she reseated herself between Belinda’s open legs. Leaning forward onto Belinda’s thighs Lien reached up to take her large breasts in her small hands before sinking her small mouth over an aroused teat. Belinda felt Lien draw the proud flesh into her mouth to have its tenderness assaulted by a writhing tongue, Lien made her squeal with intense excitement as sharp teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh repeatedly. Belinda leant back submitting readily to the woman’s advances feeling Lien’s small firm breasts crushing against her inner thighs as she leant forward against her. Her senses reeled helpless before the onslaught as the mouth moved to her other breast to tease the engorged teat wickedly.

“Oh Lien Oh this is so wrong,” she gasped unconvincingly.

“Are you not enjoying it?” her tormentor whispered huskily as her lips broke momentarily away from her eager nipple.

“Yes of course,” she whimpered, “But…mmm.” her protests were weakened as the woman sucked hard drawing her nipple deep into her mouth.

Still with her lips clamped firmly around Belinda’s teat Lien insistently hauled her forward off of the upper ledge towards the lower platform she had been occupying. Looking directly into Belinda’s eyes with her intriguing black pupils that flashed intriguing devilment and enticing excitement Lien made it clear she was in charge.

“Shut up and lie down please!” Lien confidently gestured to her towel as she continued, “Let me show you something”

Unquestioning and enthusiastic Belinda settled back on the towel-covered platform and excitedly waited to see what Lien had in mind. Climbing onto the tiled platform at her feet Lien took Belinda’s knees and spread her legs apart before leaning forward over her excited body. She kissed her deeply their tongues writhed and squirming from one mouth to the other though Lien did not touch Belinda at all anywhere else.

” Now I want you to experience something incredible my sweet!” Lien whispered after breaking the kiss, “enjoy it… I’m sure you will”

She kissed Belinda lightly once more before her wriggling tongue began an electric journey down Belinda’s highly aroused perspiration soaked body. It slithered through the valley between her heaving breasts eagerly licking her sweatsalts from her hot skin as it worked even lower still over her trembling tummy pausing to probe at her navel momentarily. Lien’s small hands easily spread Belinda’s unresisting thighs wider yet as her tongue continued its downward journey; it drew unbearably near to the whimpering woman’s crotch. Visibly shaking with excitement Belinda stared at the tiled ceiling blankly, all her concentration was diverted between her thighs knowing that Lien would be looking at her enflamed sex.

“Are you ready my sweet?” came Lien’s thick husky whisper from below as her breath tickled Belinda’s excited flesh.

Belinda raised her head anxious to peer down at the gorgeous oriental woman who crouched catlike between her wantonly widespread thighs. Lien’s black twinkling eyes looked back hungrily at her as she licked her lips slowly and sensually. canlı kaçak bahis Belinda closed her eyes unable to watch any more when her lover’s full red-lipped mouth sank deliberately slowly behind the thick bush of her dark wiry pubic hair. Her rampant heart thumped excruciatingly painful in her chest as in feverous anticipation she waited for what seemed forever, she trembled all over with excitement eager for Lien to proceed.

“Yes… Yes!” gasped Belinda pathetically, eager to enjoy the unknown caress of a woman’s lips.

Setting her head down she remained motionless in anticipation of the first touch of Lien’s lips on her sex. Belinda couldn’t prevent herself crying out as Lien planted the first wild kiss open mouthed around her excited swollen lips. The woman started sucking hard drawing even more blood into her already engorged labia. Lien’s tongue began to writhe about wildly against her sensitive flesh deliciously. Unable to hold herself back Belinda began to grind herself urgently against Lien’s face as the oriental woman began expertly biting licking and sucking at her swollen labia easily driving her quickly and relentlessly towards orgasm. Within but a few moments Belinda felt the first convulsion of pleasure grip her writhing body.

Biting down hard upon her own hand in an attempt to stifle her building cries of pleasure Belinda reeled beneath the intense sudden orgasm that assaulted her nervous system. For what seemed an eternity she climaxed, convulsing enthusiastically against the still devotedly labouring Oriental’s mouth whilst desperately trying to stifle her cries of passion. She knew that she would be rewarding her lover’s efforts with incredible amounts of love-juice, she always did when she came and the thought of Lien eagerly consuming her bubbling excitement so fuelled her arousal further. In a what had been a matter of mere moments the skilful oriental woman had given her one of the best climaxes she had ever known, Belinda knew that Lien had done so little to her to achieve this fantastic result. The woman without even probing past her lips or even touching her clitoris easily had Belinda sobbing ecstatically. Lien had sat back while she recovered her composure, excitedly she sat watching Belinda attempt to cover her embarrassment.

“Was it good?” Lien asked outrightly unabashed.

“Mmm.” was all Belinda could manage to reply as she sat up.

They sat there in awkward silence for a few moments then Belinda smiled and spoke quietly and her already flushed face reddened further.

“Lien that was wonderful,” she averted her eyes coyly, “Do you want me to…”

“Do you want to my sweet?” Lien cut her short, “I would like you to but only if it is what you want?”

“Oh I’m not sure,” she stammered, “I want to but don’t know if I can.”

“OK my love, do just as you wish and stop if it displeases you.” The oriental woman was so understanding, “It would give me great pleasure just to be held in your arms dear Belinda.”

So saying Lien leant back against the tiles and closed her eyes allowing Belinda time to make up her mind. Reaching out she stroked Lien’s face gently at first but soon her nervous hand fell to the woman’s breast as she gained confidence. For a while Belinda was content to cup Lien’s small breast in her hand. Soon she had grown in confidence to adventure further still; cautiously she squeezed the small firm globe in her hand. Gently she began rolling the still hard brown teat beneath her palm to feel Lien twitch in response and whisper encouragement.

“That’s so nice,” murmured Lien her eyes still closed.

Belinda looked down at Lien’s other nipple and cautiously she bent her mouth to it her tongue reaching out tentatively to taste Lien’s salty sweat on its aroused stiff tip. Lien moaned and shifted slightly and her hand reached into Belinda’s wet hair and gently pulled her face closer to her breast encouragingly. Filled with an eager fire Belinda sank her lips around the other woman’s excited aurolae sucking it into her mouth and flicking the hard rubbery teat with her tongue. Feeling Lien grip her wrist delicately Belinda allowed the woman to slowly guide her hand away from her breast down towards her mound.

“Touch me please my love?” Lien whimpered quietly “Caress me there!” she left Belinda’s hand hovering near her pubic hair.

Obediently she slipped her hand between Lien’s open thighs delighted to caress the incredibly wet excited flesh she found there. Exploring now eagerly her long fingers slithered through Lien’s flowing excitement and soon her long forefinger found the woman’s stubby clitoris. Feeling the shudder of pleasure ripple through Lien as her fingers brushed the little hard button thrilled Belinda incredibly. Seeing the startling effect that her touch had on Lien she began rubbing insistently at it to bring the oriental woman quickly to a whimpering climax quite easily. Pulling Belinda close as she came Lien lovingly sobbed something softly in Chinese into her ear over and over. Feeling much more confident now Belinda caressed the quaking woman gently as Lien openly enjoyed her orgasm. Belinda drew extreme satisfaction in knowing how easily she had made Lien come. As she withdrew her come-smeared hand she decided there and then to go even further. Once more they cuddled close and Belinda chose her moment to speak.



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