Adam began passionately kissing me again, stoking the fire that ignited between my legs moments ago. I could tell Brandon and Mike were still watching us and knew they were very aroused. Suddenly, Adam broke our sloppy tongue play and turned to face our housemates.

With a sly smile, he asked, “want to join us?”

The two guys looked at each other with wide eyes and big smiles before immediately jumping off their chairs to strip. Mike replied with “fuck yes!” while Brandon simply rolled his tongue in a cat-like purr. I was completely shocked that Adam wanted to include our friends in our little romp session, and that he didn’t even ask me, but I was so turned on by the thought of doing three guys at once that I didn’t say anything to object. It had always been a fantasy of mine to take at least two guys, but three would be quite a bonus!

Completely stripped down, Brandon and Mike walked the short distance to the couch bed. I watched their bobbing manhoods with awe and excitement as they reached the bed and began to kneel on it. Adam nonchalantly pulled back the thin sheet, exposing our bodies to their feasting eyes, and they each took an end and pulled it completely off the bed.

“We won’t be needing that anymore,” Adam teased me with a gleam in his eye.

As if it was planned, Adam moved up my body and straddled my chest, grabbing my wrists and pinning them down above my head. I could smell our combined juices on his hardening cock from the sex we just had. Just as quickly as Adam had moved, Mike knelt next to me and grabbed my ankles, holding them together up in the air to expose my pussy lips. Suddenly, canlı bahis şirketleri I felt a warm mouth caress my hot snatch, causing me to shiver with ecstasy. Brandon continued his sensual licks and kisses while Mike stroked my legs, hips and stomach. He even kissed and sucked my toes a little, which drove me mad. I was becoming highly aroused again and let out moans of pleasure until Adam leaned forward and positioned his cock at my lips.

“Suck it,” he boldly commanded. His order made my body tingle even more and I eagerly opened up to take him in. The combination of sucking him and being eaten out so tenderly was pushing me close to another strong orgasm. I whimpered around Adam’s manhood and tried, unsuccessfully, arching my body toward Brandon’s face. Being held down made the experience even more exhilarating. I didn’t know how much more I could take!

As soon as Adam was nice and hard again, which didn’t take long, he pulled out of my mouth. At the same time, Brandon stopped making love to my pussy and Mike let go of my ankles. I whined at the loss of sensation, but it wasn’t to last long. Adam reached over the side of the couch bed and grabbed the bottle of lube we left there last night.

“Turn over, baby,” he demanded. I quickly got on all fours, knowing that’s how he wanted me. He squeezed some lube on my puckered ass hole and slowly rubbed it in and around the opening. He set the lube back on the floor and told me to shift over. I moved to the side and he lay down in the middle of the bed.

“Come over here. I want to push myself in that hot ass of yours,” he stated.

I immediately canlı kaçak iddaa went to sit on his hard cock, sliding it in slowly as he held my hips and guided me. Having had anal sex a few times in the past, it didn’t hurt much when he entered. I easily adjusted to his girth and relaxed as I sat on him. Once he was comfortably in, he pulled my upper body back against his chest and wrapped his arms around me, holding me still.

Within seconds, Mike was above me, ready to urge his hard-on into my soft, warm pussy. He positioned the tip right at my entrance and slowly pushed in. I was so excited by being double penetrated, I nearly came right away. DP was another fantasy of mind that I never thought I’d get to experience. It was amazing already, and he hadn’t even started pumping yet! Once he was all the way in, he slowly pulled back out until just the tip was left inside. He continued this slow movement for several minutes to let me get used to the sensation and relax. It was blissful torture! I desperately wanted him to speed up just a little so he could stimulate me to orgasm, but he kept going slowly.

Brandon, meanwhile, was letting us get used to the DP before kneeling beside my head. He gently grabbed my head and turned it toward him so I had full access to his raging cock. Just as he worshiped my pussy earlier, I tenderly worshiped his cock, sucking, licking and very lightly scraping my teeth on all the sensitive spots. All three guys suddenly got into an even rhythm and began fucking my holes together. The sensations were incredible and I began whimpering around Brandon’s cock, as I had Adam’s earlier.

Brandon canlı kaçak bahis was coming close to the edge as I persistently sucked and licked him. He wrapped his hands in my hair and started fucking my face in earnest, his cock growing even harder in my mouth. Suddenly, he broke down in convulsions as a monstrous orgasm wracked his body. He was shouting out incomprehensible words, the veins in his neck protruding with the strain. His hot cum spattered into my mouth, coating my tongue.

“Swallow it,” I heard Adam order in my ear. His command pushed me over the edge and my own orgasm overtook my body as I swallowed Brandon’s cum. In a chain reaction, the contractions in my pussy and ass pushed Mike and then Adam over the edge, both of them spurting their semen into my hot, slick holes. They each cried out in ecstasy, humping against me until their orgasms slowed down. I squeezed my muscles, desperately trying to milk all the cum from their cocks into my body as I softly licked and sucked Brandon’s cock until it was clean of his juice.

We all lay there, breathless and panting, for several minutes. Mike pulled out of my sopping pussy and I could feel the juice run down my body onto Adam’s pelvis. Adam began softly kissing and licking my neck from behind as he lightly fondled my breasts. It sent another wave of sexual chills through me and I shuddered in pleasure. After several minutes of his teasing, I found myself ready to go again. Obviously so were the guys! Adam rolled me off to the side and the guys switched positions, fucking me several more times that day until none of them could go any longer.

By the time evening came, the room smelled strongly of carnal heat, sweat and love juices. We were all so exhausted we collapsed on the couch and slept in one big heap. That night, I dreamt of the day’s activities and slept with the biggest smile on my face!



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