“Ok I want to know what that dream is all about?” Josie asked as she shook me awake. I looked at her dumb founded. “You know that dream where you kissing some one and saying I do.”

“Its just a dream I been having about us getting married.” I told her

“It can’t be that you’ve had this dream since the first night we slept together.”

“I know I’ve dreamed of marrying you since the first day I meant you. I don’t know why but I have.” I told her

“Really I’ve had dreams like that too. What was I wearing in your dream?” She asked

I told her exactly what the dress she was wearing looked like. I had memorized it in ever detail. I told her about the high collar and the tapered waist. I told her about the beadwork on it along with what her veil looked like. While I told her about it her eyes got bigger and her mouth fell open. When I was finished she jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. I was beginning to wonder if I had done something wrong, when she came back into with a magazine. She showed me a picture in it and asked .

“Did the dress in you dream look like this?” When I looked at the picture it was the same exact dress as in my dream

“It looked just like that. That’s weird that you would have a picture of it.”

“It’s weird alright I’ve had this picture since I was fourteen. When I first saw it I want to be married in it. I can’t believe you dream of me wearing it.” I couldn’t say a thing I just did know what to tell her, finally she said

“Well Grandma told me once that when I found the right man that my mother would approve of I would know it. I think this just proved she was right. Come on lets shower and get dressed I have a good feeling about today.” She said as she dropped the magazine on the bed and went into the shower. I took on last look at the picture and then followed her in.

After we showered we were putting on our make up. Josie and I had moved the makeup table from the spare bedroom to her bedroom so we could start at the same time. Josie still finished faster then I did. When she was done she started to pack for the weekend.

She packed two outfits for Nikki and three for Nick along with enough panties and other under garments to last me a week. She packed three pairs of heels and a dozen pairs of stockings. Then she packed for herself. When I had finished my make up she said.

“You do know I expect you to do this from now on. In fact, except for the make up this should have been done yesterday. But since were not engaged yet and you don’t know what to pack I’ll take care of it this time.” Though Josie didn’t seem upset I felt guilty that she was doing it. I vowed to never let her do it again.

Once I was dressed and did my hair Josie asked me to but hers into a French braid, which I did. Then I carried all the bags to her car insisting that she couldn’t help. This earned me one of her wonderful smiles and I knew that was what I wanted from her.

Just as we were ready to leave she asked, “DO you have the ring?” I pulled the box out of my purse and showed it to her. “Can I take another look at it?”

I took the ring out of its box and then took her left hand and slid the ring on her ring finger. The diamond caught the light and flashed a sparkled in my eye. Josie took her hand and examined the ring. I saw a tear roll down her cheek before I said

“I know it not that big, but I didn’t know what size diamond to get. I thought anything bigger would be too heavy.”

“It’s perfect, anything bigger would just get in the way. I have to wear it the rest of my life and a bigger one would be too much. How did you know what size my finger is, the size is perfect?”

“I borrowed this one to match the size.” I told her as I pull one of her rings out of my wallet.

“That’s where it went. I was looking for it the other day.” She took off the engagement ring and handed it to me then she took the other ring from me and slid it on her finger

“You can wear this one for a while if you want.” I told her

“I’d love too, but I shouldn’t. I may forget to take it off and that would ruin everything.” She said taking my arm as we walked out the door.

We arrived at her mother’s house around three in the afternoon. When we pulled in front of the house I was stunned by the size of the place. The mansion was done in a Mediterranean style with a red tile roof. It had sixteen bedrooms, two media rooms, an enormous dinning room, and formal and informal living room three playrooms for the grand children when there were some. Not to mention his and hers studies and Anita’s play room.

“Well do you like my house?” Josie asked

“Your house I thought this was your mother’s house?” I asked after I got over my amazement.

“It is but some day it will be mine. Come on lets go in and I’ll show you the whole thing.” She said as she took two bags out of the back seat. Even though I tried she wouldn’t let me carry every thing. We took two steps toward the front door when two little girls came running out screaming illegal bahis for their Auntie Josie.

Both girls had the same color hair and the same color skin as Josie and her sisters. One was around six and the other was just a little younger. Josie went to her knees and both girls jumped into her arms. After many kisses and hugs Josie said

“Girls I would like you to meet my girlfriend Nikki Ward. Nikki this is my nieces Bethany and Natalie. Natalie is my god daughter.” Natalie was the older of the two. Natalie turn to Josie and whispered something in her ear and Josie smiled and said. “Yes honey she’s a girlfriend like you daddy is to your mommy.” Natalie then said to me

“Welcome Miss Nikki I’m sure my grandmother will be glad you came.” I thank her and then they went running toward the house.

“Very pretty little girls, which one of your sisters is their mother.” I asked

“Jolene and their as spoiled as their mother and her sisters.” Josie said with a smile because she counted herself in with them.

“How come I never seen them before?” I asked

“Their nanny keeps them busy during the football game so they’re not running around during it.

“They have a nanny, I’m surprised. Aren’t they worried about the nanny saying something to someone?” I asked

“Not really Jolene pays her very well and the nanny also sleeps with both Jolene and Bobbie. Besides who is she going to tell? ” Josie told me as she started walking toward the house again. Then she stopped and said.

“This is to Nikki. Michael doesn’t know about what we planed so don’t go all gaga on him until I talk to Cathy.”

“I’ll try to keep her under control.” I told her. She laughed and wished me good luck.

We walked up the ten stairs to the formal entrance and as soon as we were close enough to the door to reach it, it opened. Inside the door stood a French maid she curtsied and welcomed us to the home of her mistress. It took me a second before I realized the maid was Josie father Ted or should I say Teddy. She was very pretty in a mature way, but she held no attraction for Nikki. After the formal greeting was out of the way Josie went to her and kissed her and gave her a hug. After all, the maid was her father and she loved him dearly.

“My Mistress and your sisters are in the living room. Your mother would like you both to join her there. Please leave your bags here and I’ll take them to your old room.” Teddy told us

“Thank you Teddy, please be careful they may be heavy.” Josie told him before taking my arm and leading me in the direction of the living room.

We went to the living room and found everyone there, including Jolene’s nanny. She was a very pretty girl around twenty-six years old. She was a little shorter then I was around five six or so. She had long blond hair and a pale complexion. After Anita greeted us and welcomed me into her home we sat around chatting for about an hour before Josie asked to be excused to shower for dinner.

When we entered her bedroom I was shock at its size. It had to be at the lease thirty foot by forty foot. There was a queen size canopy bed along one wall and three dressers plus a walk-in closet that could have been a small bedroom on it’s own. There was a couch and chair to one side with a T V set.

Our suitcases were already in the bedroom so while Josie when to the bathroom, which is always a private thing for her, I went about emptying the suitcases. I put all the hanging cloths in the closet and put every thing else in drawers. I made sure to put Josie’s things in one dresser and Nick’s in another and Nikki’s in the third. When I got to the last suitcase I couldn’t get it open so I left that on the bed and put the other empty ones in the back of the closet. As I was emptying the make up case onto the makeup table Josie came out of the bathroom. She looked around and said

“Boy you sure are fast, now come here and let me kiss you.” as she sat on the bed and pushed the unopened case on to the floor.

I sat next to her and we kissed. While we were kissing she pushed me down onto the bed and lay on top of me. We kissed for while then before I knew it I was looking up at her bald pussy. She had pulled up her skirt so she could see me then said

“I’ve wanted to do this all day. If we had driven up here at night I would have stopped several times to sit on you face, but during the day there is just too many other cars on the road. Now please make me cum.”

With out another word she leaned forward and I started to lick her pussy. She must have really been horny because when I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it she squealed and slammed her pussy down on to my face. Instantly my mouth was flooded with her juices. She climaxed twice more before she eased up and allowed me to breathe. This went on for a good twenty minutes before she rolled off me and lay down on top of me. After licking my face clean and a few kisses she said

“I know you must be horny too, but I want you to stay that way till you have your illegal bahis siteleri fun with Michael. I think it will help with any doubts you may have. Also don’t drink too much at dinner. I want you sober so you remember every thing, but you can have a few glasses of wine. Now lets get showered and dressed dinner will be ready in an hour.”

In the shower Josie sucked my cock for about ten minutes before stopping. By the time we got out of the shower I was so horny I could barely see straight while I sat and put on my make up. When I was finished with that I asked what I should wear. Josie picked up the locked suitcase and open it. Inside the suitcase was a white box with a big pink ribbon tied around it. She handed the box to me and said

“I got this for you as a going away present, since you’re not going anywhere I want you to wear it tonight.”

I opened the box and found a black satin corset with a lace shell. There was a row of hook and eyes up the center and lacing in the back. The corset had a cotton lining to help with the sweat and the bra had pockets for the breast forms.

“It’s the same style corset you’ll have to wear when you’re in your maids uniform. I think you should get use to it and I think it will put you in the right frame of mind for your fun with Michael.” She told me when I open the box and looked at the gift.

I hadn’t worn a corset since the night I went into Josie’s playroom. This one didn’t look as severe as that one did, in fact were that one looked scary this one looked very feminine. I could hear Nikki in my head screaming at me to go ahead and put it on. I could tell that part of me loved it. I stood to put it on and Josie said.

“You better put on your stockings and heels first, it will be kind of hard to bend over in it.”

Josie handed me a new pair of stockings; this pair had a seam that went up the back of my leg. I’ve seen stocking like this before but never wore a pair. The Nikki side of me loved them she thought they were really sexy. Then I put on a pair of five-inch stiletto pumps with an open toe and an ankle strap. Nikki said they were fuck me pumps. I stood and wrapped the corset around me and hooked up the eyelets. Josie stood behind me and said

“I don’t want to make this as tight as I did the one in my play room, but I want to make this as tight as possible. Now exhale as much as you can.”

I exhaled until I didn’t have any air left then Josie pulled on the laces pulling my sides in and my stomach flat. She then tied off the laces and told me to breathe as she checked the fit. I took a deep breath, well not a deep one but deep enough to fill my lungs. Jose watched and asked if I was okay. When I told her I was she asked if she could try to tighten the laces one more time. So once more I exhaled and this time I reached my arms above my head. Josie pulled on each turn of the laces till it was as tight as she could make it.

She tied off the laces and told me to breathe. I lowered my arms and sucked in some air, not a lot but enough to keep me going. She then walked around me and checked the fit; she seemed quite pleased with herself. She dropped to her knees and hooked up the garter straps that hung from the corset. She pulled on my thong panties next, but before she pulled them all the way up she sucked on my cock for a minute before pushing it between my legs and pulling the thong up. When she did that she said she was sorry if it hurt but she had to get it out of sight. It did hurt at first but once it was in place it didn’t feel to bad

She then went to the closet and pullout a red leather dress. I had tried that one on before, it didn’t fit, and we couldn’t get the zipper closed. When she went to slip it over my head I reminded her it didn’t fit.

“That’s because you weren’t wearing the corset now I think it will. We just shrunk your waist from twenty six inches down to twenty two.”

I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t see if she was right but I did look slimmer. She dropped the dress over my head and pulled it down into place. When she zipped it up it fit like a glove. A very tight glove. Looking in the mirror I could see I now had the classic hourglass figure that all women look to achieve. The dress had long sleeves that seem to be painted on me and the hemline was somewhere around mid thigh. When I looked in the mirror I thought I looked very sexy except for my hair, which I still had to do something with.

So I took the curling brush that I had purchase a few weeks ago and went to work on my hair. Once my hair was done Jose handed me a pair of large hoop earrings, the first real girl earrings I would ever wear not counting the post I had been wearing all month. When I had my hair done and the earrings in I looked myself over in the full-length mirror and asked myself if I was ready. Nikki was screaming to let her out so she could get herself a man.

Josie came to stand next to me in almost the same dress except in black and asked “Hey there remember me I’m the one that brought you to this party.” canlı bahis siteleri I shook my head and said

“Sorry was I ignoring you?”

“No, but Nikki was, that whore was probably thinking about going out and getting laid.” Josie said. When I blushed a beet red she said, “I thought so, I’m going to have to keep an eye on that slut. Come on lets go down stairs so I can show everyone what a sexy beautiful girl you are.”

Josie took my hand and we went down stairs. We passed the main dining room that would seat at least fifty people or more to what Josie called the family dinning room. This one would seat sixteen people easily, but tonight it was arranged to seat ten. When we walked into the dinning room all conversation stopped and everyone turned toward us. Everyone stared at us till Frank said.

“Dam if I looked that good I’d never wear pants again.” This had everyone laughing and the conversation started once again.

Josie and I went separate ways, she went to talk to Cathy and I stood by myself till Robert came over and started talking to me. Considering how nasty Bobbie was to me the last time I saw her, Robert was extremely cordial. We talked about one thing or another till I asked him about his cars. He started to tell me about what kind he had and how he came to processing them.

Until this point I hadn’t realized that he was a very handsome man. His face though narrow was very pleasing to look at and you could see he took care of himself by his narrow waist. When I realized that I had been looking at him in the way a girl would I shook my head to clear my mind only to get a smile from him. When I realized that I had just flirted with him I quickly looked to the floor only to find that I had been holding on to his arm. I released it and turned to see where Josie was. To my utter horror she was staring right at me with a smile on her face that said got-cha. I asked Robert to excused me and I walked over to Josie as I did so she threw her hands in the air and looked discussed. When I got to her I looked to the floor and she said in a whisper.

“Nikki you are shameless. Here I am setting up a date for you with one man and you’re flirting with another man. What am I suppose to say to Cathy when she sees you throwing yourself at another man.” I had nothing to say I knew she was right, but really all I could think about was how pretty my feet looked in my shoes. When I looked up at her she said.

“At least go over and talk to Mike let him see you interested. And please take some of that wiggle out of you walk you look like a hooker.” I thought she was really mad at me till I heard her giggle then I saw that wonderful smile on her face so I knew I wasn’t in that much trouble.

I went to Mike and we talked, actually he did most of the talking and I listen. He told me about his work in plastic surgery. When I was told he was a plastic surgeon, I assumed that he did breast implants and tummy tucks or face-lifts. I was wrong as far as Mike was concern he took kids and young adults with disfigurements and tried to set them right. Make them look more normal again and he did it with out getting paid for it. Some times he even paid for their hospital stay.

When we were told that dinner was ready we sat down at the table. Josie was on my right and Mike was on my left with Cathy next to him. Robert was across from me and Jolene was to his left with June, the Nanny to his right and of cause Anita sat at the head of the table.

The food was excellent and of cause Teddy served. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat very much because of the corset, Josie had warned me of this. That was why I shouldn’t drink so much. I made sure to have a bite of every thing, so I could tell the truth if asked whether I like it. If Teddy had made all this then I knew I would have to go to school to learn to cook.

All during dinner I kept feeling someone touching my leg I was almost sure it was Robert or Jolene, because it come from across the table Frank was to far down the table to come even close to touching me. With June between Robert and Frank I couldn’t see how it could him. When I looked up at Robert I saw him smile at me. It was a warm and inviting smile, but when I looked at Jolene she was smiling at me too. I felt Josie’s hand from time to time on my right thigh, but what really got to me was when I felt Mike’s hand on my left thigh.

I really wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be. Knowing I looked good told me they thought I looked good. At first it was Nikki telling me this but after awhile Nick was strongly telling me that he liked the attention too. Then both hands touched each other and Josie turned to Mike and smiled and he smiled back.

After dinner was over we all went out on to the veranda to talk. After about half an hour the girls went to do what ever they do and Frank left to use the bathroom while Robert went to put his daughters to bed. Mike and I were talking and the next thing I knew he kissed me. At first it was just a light brush of our lips, but once he realized that I wasn’t going to stop him. He took me in his arms and kisses me harder. When his tongue slid into my mouth I willingly took the submissive role and played with it. It actually felt good and the smell of his after-shave was very pleasant.



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