Lisa woke early, as the dawn light broke over the top of the hill, spilling light over the beach below.

The night before wasn’t particularly comfortable, as the air mattress wasn’t ideal, but she’d lost count of the orgasms she’d had. Following on a massively stimulating first day at her new house, she’d been naked outside for the first time, visited a nude beach, and found herself locked out, and exposed to her former real estate agent, and now possible friend.

She went to the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee, and went and took a hot shower.

She casually enjoyed her cup of coffee while in the midst of one of her new favorite pastimes: standing naked on her deck, enjoying the beautiful view. It was too early for anyone to be there, and she decided to go take a look while it was empty.

She had about two hours before the earliest she could expect the movers to show up, and she wanted to savor every moment before she had to reluctantly put on some clothes. She wasn’t quite ready to expose herself in that way. It was entirely different to be nude and be seen among a group of nudists, it was quite another in front of people she was paying to do some work.

She took her house keys with her this time, leaving them hidden in the small shed to the side of the deck. At the very least, she would have some control over who saw her this time. She filled a travel mug with coffee, and then headed down to the beach.

Off in the distance, she could see there were other people with a similar idea. She was still mostly alone, and just enjoyed the simple pleasure of walking on a warm tropical morning, the sun barely above the hill.

Eventually, she turned around, and headed inside to prepare for the movers. She pulled out a small pair of shorts, and a loose tee shirt and began straightening up the room and deflating the air mattress.

The truck showed up in the late morning with three guys to unload it. She didn’t have much, since she planned to buy new items for her new life, but there was still plenty of work to do. She spent the time directing furniture and boxes to specific rooms, and before long, the movers departed with a hefty tip as a reward for their hard work.

As soon as the truck pulled out of the driveway, she shed her clothes with a sense of relief. After making a small lunch, she began unpacking her things. There was a palpable pleasure in finding a place for everything, and by early evening, the important things were unpacked.

She had a better night’s sleep, with a real bed, and enough work to tire her out. She got up refreshed, came back from her morning walk, and set to unpacking. By lunchtime, she was sitting at her small dining room table, relaxing and feeling satisfied with her progress.

Her suitcases were on the bed, and she had a couple of big wardrobe boxes with clothes. The next order of business was to start getting rid of clothes she no longer needed or wanted.

She began be discarding all her underwear. She didn’t plan on wearing them, so no sense in taking up the space. She discarded all her winter clothes. Anything that didn’t seem to fit in to the tropical climate went next. She wasn’t left with much, and realized that she would need to go clothes shopping at some point.

When she was done, she picked out a white cotton peasant skirt, and a matching loose tank top. She put them on along with a pair of sandals and headed out to buy some new deck furniture and a grill.

She returned a bit later, with the items purchased and delivered that afternoon.

The next morning, she decided to give Carol a call.

“Hi Carol, I was calling to see if you’re interested in a bottle of wine and a nice meal tonight.”

“Oh hey, that sounds nice! What time?”

“How about 6:30?”

“Sounds great, see you then.”

Lisa was pleasantly surprised. There was no hesitation at all in Carol’s response.

Now came a separate thought. “Do I get dressed?”

Lisa nervously spent the day going back and forth on the decision. In the end, it was made for her, as she lost track of time while cooking. She heard the doorbell, and before she could fully react, Carol opened the door and came in.

Carol reacted with a small start when she realized that Lisa was once again unclothed.

“Uh, did I surprise you?”

Lisa hesitated a moment and then decided to plow through.

“A little, but I forgot to mention the house rules. No clothes allowed.” She grinned and looked at her guest pointedly.

Carol laughed, and said, “I see, is this a new thing?”

“Very. I haven’t worn any at all except when I’ve gone out or had contractors in since you last saw me… naked.”

Carol gave her a wry grin, and handed her a bottle of red wine to go with dinner.

“Well, I’m not surprised, really…” she said as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

She kept smiling at Lisa as she stripped, first the blouse, then her black lace bra, then she pulled down her skirt and panties to her ankles with a decisive flourish.

“Better?” She said, as illegal bahis she stepped out of the small pile of clothes wearing nothing but heels.

Lisa looked over at her guest’s slender figure, her toned body accented with an all over tan. Her breasts were large, but firm and in pleasing proportion to her figure, with pink nipples just starting to crinkle. Her straight dark hair was loose and fell across her bare tanned shoulders.

Carol remarked “I see you’ve had a nice trim.”

“I guess my hand did a poor job protecting my modesty the other day!” Lisa responded with a laugh.

“You could say that.”

Lisa looked at her Carol’s smooth pussy, and realized there was a gold ring piercing the clitoral hood. “That looks incredible.” She sighed.

“Thanks. I did it on a whim a few years ago.”

Lisa, broke out of her reverie, and opened the wine and offered Carol a glass.

“Dinner won’t take long, I just have to cook the duck breast and dress the salad.”

“Two things most on your mind I see, breasts and undressing.”

Lisa laughed and finished preparing dinner. “I see you’re a talented comedian as well.”

“I try my best.”

Lisa plated the food, and they brought it out to the new deck table, set for dinner.

“You’re starting to get organized I see. It’s looking really nice around here.”

“Thanks, there’s still a bunch to do, but it’s getting done. Do you want a tour later?”

“Of course!”

“Well, we’re already at my favorite spot. I come out here every evening to enjoy the view. Which, I must say, is even more spectacular than usual tonight.”

Carol smiled and said “Yes, I find I’m really enjoying the view as well.”

When the meal was finished, they cleared the table, bringing everything back to the kitchen.

“You wash, I’ll dry.” Carol said.

It must have been the slowest, most flirtatious meal cleanup Lisa had ever experienced. Every dish was passed with a smile. Small touches happened frequently, as fingertips brushed, hips met, and jokes were shared.

“Please kiss me before I have a heart attack.” Lisa said softly.

Carol reached over, and cupped her face in both hands. Their breasts met at she kissed Lisa, her tongue gently probing her slightly opened mouth.

They broke the embrace, but Carol stood close, brushing the back of her right hand across Lisa’s stomach and breasts. She moved down with the left hand, and her fingers began to probe for Lisa’s moist slit. Her right hand came up behind Lisa’s neck, pulling her in for a more passionate kiss as three fingers of her left hand plunged into her sopping hole. Carol’s thumb found her clit as she moaned loudly around the kiss.

Seconds later, she shuddered, and had an explosive climax.

“Oh wow. That’s a first.” She said as they parted.


“I’ve never been with a woman.”

“Congratulations on busting that cherry!” Carol said, kissing her on the lips.

“Let me return the favor.”

“You will, we’re not done yet. I kind of want to see your beautiful… beach.”



Lisa led Carol outside to the deck, somewhat wobbly from her orgasm. Hand in hand, they headed down the softly lit stairs, and took the path to the beach.

The moon was out, illuminating the vast stretch of white sand, and they could hear the surf in the near distance.

Now arm in arm, their hands brushing at each other’s buttocks and backs, they walked along the magical beach. Finally, Lisa stopped Carol, and turned to face her.

With her hands brushing either side of Carol’s sides, she sank to her knees in the warm sand, and began exploring her pussy. One hand reached behind to caress her buttock before gently probing her crack. With the other, she used her thumb and forefinger to separate Carol’s waiting slit, exposing the gold hood piercing. She used her teeth to gently tug at the ring, eliciting a gasp and a moan. She followed up by sucking directly on her clitoris, before using her tongue along the entire slit.

Several minutes of her attention, and Carol clutched at her long hair, pulling her in tighter. She tensed and came, gushing fluid onto Lisa’s face and mouth. She gently pulled Lisa up to her feet, and gave her a deep kiss, tasting herself in Lisa’s mouth.

“That was intense! Not bad for your second go.”

“Yes. I mean I’ve tasted myself of course, and I actually love giving head, but again, you’re the first woman.”

“You were amazing. You can go down on me whenever you feel like.”

“Whenever? That could be fun.”

They waded into the water, and took a quick plunge to clean off.

“Would you like to finish the tour? My shower and bedroom are both quite interesting attractions.”

“I would LOVE a tour.”

It took a while to get back to the house, as they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Eventually, they arrived and fell into bed. It was a long night, and both women were exhausted. They fell asleep quickly, and the sunlight brightening up the bedroom eventually illegal bahis siteleri roused them, late the next morning.

Lisa untangled herself from the bed, and brushed her teeth. She set out a new toothbrush for her overnight guest, and took care of making coffee.

She sat out on the deck, admiring the view as always, and soon Carol came out to join her, a coffee mug in hand.

“Thanks for the toothbrush. This wasn’t on my agenda last night, so I didn’t bring anything.”

“I figured. At least you didn’t need pajamas, right?”

“That’s for sure. That was a beautiful evening. How are feeling about it this morning?”

“Pretty smug really, since I vamped you into it.” Lisa responded grinning.

“Yeah, a little. To be fair, I was very attracted, I just didn’t expect you to be so ready for it.”

“New place, new me. I still like dick though, just in case that wasn’t clear.”

“That’s allowed. You don’t have any restrictions from me. We barely know each other.”

“I’m glad to hear that. My last relationship broke up because he was too controlling, and not in any fun ways, just that he wanted everything his way.”

“Well, I really like you, but for now, let’s enjoy what we have. I’m not trying to hold you back.”

Carol set her mug down, leaned over and kissed Lisa’s upturned cheek, then took a seat. “I have to get going soon, I have some things to take care of today. I don’t want to just get up and run though.”

“No worries. Remember, no obligations, right?” Lisa replied.

They finished drinking, and Carol asked “How about a shower?”

“Sure, do you want company?”

“Absolutely. It would be a shame to keep that enormous shower to myself.”

A half hour later, both of them were cleaned up, and Carol looked around for her clothes.

“I think you should get rid of the bra and panties.”

“Okay.” Carol said.

She put on her blouse and skirt and sat down on the edge of the bed to put on her heels. She carefully spread her legs as she did so, giving Lisa a nice view of her pussy. She stood up and struck a pose. The faint outline of her hard nipples were visible through the thin fabric.

“I just want to fuck you again right here.” Lisa said.

“Soon enough.”

Carol walked over and embraced Lisa, brushing a hand across her buttocks as she kissed her.

“I have to get going, but let’s do this again really soon.”

“I can’t wait.” Lisa softly replied.

Carol picked up her handbag, glanced around and smiled, then walked out.

A fresh cup of coffee in hand, she walked back out to the deck to decide what to do with her day. Her hand unconsciously drifted between her legs as she remembered the amazing time she just shared. She was annoyed to find that she could feel stubble on her mound. She loved the look, but it was going to be a pain to maintain.

She went inside and grabbed her laptop. She needed to do some research. An hour later, she was standing at the reception desk of a local spa.

“Hi, can help you?”

Lisa smiled at the pretty redheaded receptionist.

“Hi, my name is Lisa, I have an appointment at 12:30.”

The receptionist checked her computer and said “Sure Lisa. Have a seat, Sandy will be out for you shortly.”

In about ten minutes, another pretty young woman in a white lab coat came out to greet her. She brought her back to a room with an examination table and a place to change.

“I understand you’re looking for a full body hair removal?” Sandy asked.

“Yes, I’ve tired of shaving.” She responded smiling.

“I can bet. I did it years ago, and I love the convenience. Go ahead and get undressed, grab a towel, and lie down on the table. I’ll be back in a few minutes and we’ll get started.”

Sandy left, and Lisa slipped out of her dress and sandals. She didn’t bother with a towel and went and laid down on the examination table. When Sandy came back in, she didn’t react to Lisa’s lack of covering, considering that she was going to see nearly every inch of her body anyhow.

The process went on for a surprisingly short time, and before long, she was finished, and every hair below her neck had been removed. She knew she wasn’t finished, but it would be a month before her next visit.

The next day, the irritation was gone, and she marveled at how smooth and sensitive her skin felt. She was looking forward to surprising Carol when she next saw her, so she also planned another appointment.

She paced nervously in the tattoo and piercing parlor, looking at the jewelry displays. She was just about to chicken out when a young woman with purple hair, a full sleeve tattoo and a nose piercing asked if she needed anything.

Before she chickened out, she said “I’m looking to get a hood piercing.” She hesitated for a second. “Also my nipples.”

“Sure, do you see anything you like in the case?”

Lisa pointed out a couple of rings with pretty blue beads and said “Those, what do you have that would match for the hood?”

The woman pulled out a canlı bahis siteleri tray from the case, and selected a vertical bar with a bead very similar in color.

“I think this would go.”

“Sold. Can we do it now, before I lose my nerve?”

The woman laughed, and said “Sure, come with me.”

She brought her into a small back room, the walls covered with tattoo illustrations.

Without being directed, she lifted her dress over her head, and stood naked in front of the woman.

“Okay then. Lie down on the table, and I’ll get everything prepared.” She grinned at Lisa. “Nothing like being ready to go.”

Lisa laughed a little nervously. She was a little excited to be naked in front of yet another stranger, but honestly wasn’t looking forward to the discomfort.

Fifteen minutes later, a dull throbbing beneath some medical gauze in some intimate places, and she was done. She shakily put on her dress and listened to the care instructions.

For the next two weeks, she talked to Carol regularly, but avoided seeing her. She wanted to give her surprises time to heal. In short order, the new piercings were healed. While still sensitive, they were ready to go.

She stood in front of the mirror, admiring the rings with their blue beads, and reached down and manipulated the vertical bar through her clitoral hood. The bead rubbing against her clit felt good, and soon she found herself masturbating in front of the mirror.

Between her constant nudity, her completely hairless body, and her new jewelry, she found herself constantly. Her enforced separation from Carol just added to the intensity.

Since getting her piercings, she’d kept herself on the edge, never quite having an orgasm. She stopped rubbing and gave a happy but frustrated sigh. It was time.

She called Carol, but got her voicemail. “Hi Carol, I’ve missed you. I need you to come fuck me as soon as you can.” She hung up and sighed some more.

Three hours later, she jumped when her phone rang and she saw the name.

“Hey there. That was a pretty direct message. How are you doing?”

“I’m horny as hell, how are you?” She said sweetly.

“I’m really good now. I’ve missed you too.”

“I’m not kidding. I’m so ready to go right now, I could come on command.”

“Would you like that?”

Lisa thought about it. She would, but not on the phone.

“Yes, but I want you to see it.”

“Okay then. Don’t come until I tell you to. I’ll be over sometime later.”

“Sometime?!” Lisa exclaimed.

“Well, I want you to have a little anticipation.”

“I never realized you were so cruel.” Lisa replied in mock reproach.

“You’ll thank me later. Now here’s what I want you to do in the meantime…”

Lisa hung up the phone. Her heart was racing as she began doing what she was told.

A few minutes later, she stood naked outside her front door. She locked it behind her, and walked out to the street. She left the key as far back in the mailbox as she could put it. She was fully exposed to the street, and she had no quick method of getting into her house. Remembering the previous occasion, she began getting even moister. She didn’t realize how much that day had excited her, even though it was what set her down her current path.

She walked to the middle of her driveway, still clearly visible from the road and followed the next part of her instructions. She faced the street, pulled up the blindfold she’d created from a bandanna and tied it securely over her eyes. She then stood, her breasts pushed forward, her arms crossed behind her at the wrist, and her legs about a foot apart.

Several minutes went quietly past, as the anticipation built. It wasn’t a major road, but it did get regular traffic. She started when she heard a car, hoping it would be Carol pulling in, but the vehicle slowed down, but didn’t stop. This happened a half dozen more times, to the point that she was amazed nobody called the police. Shortly, a car pulled into the driveway, and she heard a male voice.

“Is everything all right miss?” She heard, with a growing panic.

“Yes, thanks, just playing games with a friend.”

“Are you sure? If you’re in trouble, I can call the police.”

Without moving, or removing her blindfold, she smiled, and thanked him for his concern.

“I’m not being coerced, just having a bit of fun.”

“Okay then, thanks for the gorgeous view. Be careful.”

With that, the car pulled out of the driveway and she heard the noise fading in the distance. By this point, she was so wet, the juices were running down her legs.

Another car pulled into the driveway, and the door opened. Lisa was panting in fear and anticipation was she heard footsteps approaching. She felt fingertips lightly brushing across one nipple, then the other, and then a slight tug on the bar on her pussy.

“Come for me.” Carol whispered, and she exploded into a deep orgasm, on her driveway, without touching herself. She felt her knees get week and she gasped from the intense sensation.

Carol steadied her arm, until she regained control of her legs. As she stood there panting, wrists still crossed behind her, Carol said “Wait here a moment.”

Carol returned, and said “I brought a few toys this time. I think you’ll like them.”



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