Basement Sluts – Nelly’s Story- Based on a series of stories called “Basement Sluts”-Nelly’s StoryThe moans and slurping noises of the two cock sucking sluts could be heard above the buzzing of the vibrator as it slid in and out of Nelly’s soaking wet pussy. Her shirt was open and her huge jugs were wobbling around as she watched the hot action on the XXX video. Her bosses Josh and Shawn had hired her about a week ago to help out with there internet video site. Since then a steady stream of hot, horny, big boobed sluts had paraded through the basement studio. Nelly had been in a constant state of arousal since she started working for them. She loved watching all the hot sex as it was being video taped and streamed live onto their porn web site. She occasionally was asked to participate. And sometimes, when Josh would get done filming Shawn and a big boobed slut or two, he would be rock hard. Nelly would help him get the release he needed with her cock sucking skills or her tight pussy. But a couple hours later she would find herself horny all over again.She had finished her work for the day; she really didn’t have much to do anyway. Josh and Shawn had left to pick up a girl at the airport who was coming in to town just to be on their web site. She was from some small town in Ohio. She said she would do anything to make it big, but mainly she just wanted to get out of that town. She was a big breasted knock out named Cindy. She had fucked all the guys in her high school and once she graduated she moved on to the rest of the men in the town. The women hated her, so she figured it was a good time to leave.Nelly knew they would be gone for a while. She had the Basement Sluts web site open and clicked on one of her favorite videos. Two hot sluts, Trish and Terry, took turns fucking and sucking Shawn’s huge cock. Watching these two hot sluts in action made her think of the times that Shawn had fucked her tight pussy and made her cum over and over until he pulled out and splattered her face or tits with a huge load of his hot spunk. As she thought about this and watch these bitches having sex with Shawn she got very turned on. Her pussy was soaking wet as she pulled up her short skirt and spread her legs and slid her hand into her panties. She ran her fingertip up and down her slit felling the gooey wetness of her pink pussy lips. Trish and Terry were getting undressed on the video exposing their big jugs. Nelly ran her hand over her breasts covered with her thin cotton button up shirt. She loved her big boobs and loved showing them off to everyone on the web. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open and squeezed and rubbed her 40DDDs. By this time she was so horny she knew she was going to have to get herself off. She raised up her hips and pulled her panties down and took them off and threw them on her desk. She spread her legs wide and playing with her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. The image on her computer screen was of Shawn pulling open Terry’s pink pussy lips and pushing two fingers inside her. His tongue flicked across her clit as he started to pump his finger in and out. Nelly slid her own finger into her cunt, surprised at how wet she was. She slid in another finger and soon a third. She thought about the first time Shawn had slid his massive cock into her pussy. She savored the feeling of her fingers fucking her cunt while she pulled and twisted her hard nipples. She came really hard, her body shook and her juices poured out down over her ass soaking her chair cushion. God it felt so good, but she had to have more. She reached into her desk and pulled out her favorite toy. It was a big black vibrator shaped like a real cock with a big knob and thick veins running up the shaft. She twisted the base and felt it come alive in her hands. Shivers ran up her spine as she pressed the tip against her stiff clit. She ran it around and around her bud. Then slid up down her pink slit and pushed it in. It wasn’t as good, or as big as Shawn’s hard cock, but it felt great anyway. She started to slowly pump it in and out of her tight hole. She brought her other hand from her boobs to rub her clit while she fucked her pussy with her vibrating plastic dick. She looked at the video and Trish’s pussy was getting a good pounding from Shawn’s hard cock. That sent her over the edge and she exploded in a massive orgasm.When her body stopped convulsing and she was able to catch her breath, she looked up to find Shawn, Josh, and Cindy standing in the doorway with their mouths wide open. She grabbed her shirt to pull it closed and the vibrator squirted out and landed on the floor. Nelly reached down and grabbed it and threw it on the desk. It was still on and rattled around noisily on the desk top. Josh reached down and grabbed it and turned it off and handed it back to Nelly. By this time she was bright red. But everyone started laughing and Nelly finally realized how ridiculous she looked and started laughing too.“Well, I guess you caught me.” She said.“Is this was we pay you for?” teased Josh.Shawn said “If it isn’t, maybe it should be.”Cindy introduced herself and put out her hand. Nelly stood up to shake her hand, then realized it was sticky with her cunt cream. She held it up and looked at it with embarrassment. But Cindy grabbed it and brought it to her face. She inhaled deeply taking in Nelly’s womanly bilecik escort sent. She stuck out her tongue and licked some of the sticky goo off her hand. Everyone was totally silent and watched this erotic display between two hot chicks that had just met. “Holy shit, that’s hot!” said Shawn, breaking the trance everyone was in.They all laughed again. Josh said “We are going to get set up for a webcast. Cindy has been thinking about this the whole trip out and is anxious to get started. So we will let you get back to your… business. Come in and join us if you want.”Cindy piped up “Oh, yes Nelly. Please do. I want to taste more of that sweet pussy juice.” She gave Nelly a smile and a little wink and followed Josh and Shawn into the next room.“This is where the magic happens.” said Josh as they entered the main room of the basement. Shawn sat down on the couch and Cindy sat down next to him.“You guys get acquainted and I’ll set up the camera.”As Shawn and Cindy talked it was clear that Cindy was very horny. She ran her hand up and down Shawn’s thigh. Shawn’s cock was growing and making quite a bulge in his pants. Cindy couldn’t wait any longer and started running her hand the bulge squeezing it and digging her palm into it.“I can’t believe I’m actually here! I have been watching all of your videos over and over, dreaming that it was me that was sucking on this cock, or getting fucked by it. I can’t believe this is about to happen for real. I’m so excited I think I have soaked my panties!”She lifted up her short skirt and sure enough her thin cotton panties were soaked through. This made them transparent, her pink pussy lips clearly visible.“Wow, that’s really hot!” said Josh. “I’m all set and I think that would make a good opening shot.” Cindy spread her legs wider and Josh brought the camera down close and started filming. “Here we are with another addition of Basement Sluts.” Josh started to narrate as he filmed. “Today we have a special guest. All the way from Ohio this is Cindy. Say hi to all the Basement Slut fans out there Cindy.”“Hi everyone!” said Cindy. “As you can see I’m very excited to be here.” It made Cindy even hotter to think about hundreds or thousands of people watching her.“I think Shawn is excited to have you here too, Cindy.” Josh panned over to show the big bulge in Shawn pants.“I think you have waited long enough Cindy. Why don’t you go ahead and free that big monster.”Cindy opened up Shawn’s pants and reached in and pulled out his half erect cock.“Oh my lord!” exclaimed Cindy. “Hey all you girls out there like me who have been fantasizing about getting a hold of this thing, it’s even bigger in person.” She stroked it up and down and felt it growing in her hand.“Why don’t you get a little more comfortable there, Cindy? Let’s see what you have under that shirt.”Cindy stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head. Her big boobs flopped out into view. She rubbed them up and down, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples.Damn girl, those are huge! What size are those?” asked Josh.“Oh, these little ol’ things, why there 40DD’s”Just then Nelly walked in. She walked right up to Cindy. “Here let me help you with those.”Nelly had been standing in the door way watching and rubbing her own tits and pussy. She was so horny she had to get in the action. All she had on was her panties and her shirt which was unbuttoned down to her navel. She grabbed Cindy’s boobs and started playing with them.“I don’t want to get in the way. This is your scene. But maybe I can help welcome you to our gang.”“No problem. Is that okay with you Shawn?” They both turned and looked at Shawn.“Hey, whatever makes you girls happy.” He said as he sat back and stroked his cock watching these to beautiful sluts play with each other. They now had their hands in each other’s panties and Nelly dropped her head to suck on Cindy’s hard nipples. Cindy reached down and unbuttoned Nelly’s shirt and slid it off. She then pulled down her panties. Nelly did the same with Cindy’s and the two were naked. They fingered each other and mashed their boobs together as they kissed.Then they turned their attention to Shawn. Cindy got down on her knees between his legs. Grabbing his shaft she stroked it up and down slowly. Her tongue slid around his knob and licked up the pre-cum that was starting to ooze out of his pee hole. Josh came around to the side and sat on the couch to get a better angle as the knob of Shawn’s enormous cock slipped in between Cindy’s lips and into her mouth. Her hand continued to pump her hand up and down his long shaft. Looked up at Shawn and then right into the camera she said “Mmmm… Tastes so fucking good. I can’t believe I’m really doing this. This thing is so fucking big. I love it. I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy. I have watched you on the web site fuck so many lucky girls. I‘ve fantasized about what it would be like, how it would feel. Now I am about to find out, I hope. Shawn, if I suck your cock real good will you fuck my tight little pussy with it?” “Hell yeah baby. You suck this cock and make it good and hard, and I’ll fuck you with it.”Nelly came up behind Cindy and lifted her ass up in the air and started to play with her dripping wet pussy. She ran her tongue up and down her wet slit. Josh came around with the camera. Nelly pulled Cindy’s pussy lips open for the camera.“What do you think out there in escort bilecik web land? This is some sweet Ohio pussy right here.”Josh filmed her tongue flicking back and forth over Cindy’s clit and her open cunt hole and up to her ass hole. She slid a finger in her poon and fingered her while she licked her ass. Nelly spit on her butt hole and let it run down to her pussy and then spread it all around her two wet holes.Josh moved the camera back to Shawn’s huge cock. Cindy was taking a good portion of it into her mouth and throat as her head bobbed up and down. She pulled it out and smiled for the camera. Then she spit on the knob and let the saliva run down the shaft before smearing it around and jacking him off. A big gob of pre-cum oozed out. Cindy caught it on the tip of her tongue and pulled her head back leaving a string. With a big smile for the camera she started sucking on the long pole again. About nine of the 12 inches disappeared into her mouth and throat. Her wet tongue slid all around his big balls. One slipped into her mouth and then the other. Nelly came up to join her and the two of them took turns sucking and licking all over his cock and balls.All of this attention was getting to Shawn. He didn’t want to shoot his load too early. So he said “I want to taste some of that Ohio poon. Both of you climb up here on the couch.” They sat on the couch and leaned back with their legs spread. Shawn licked up and down on one pussy and then the other. The contrast of Nelly’s dark cocoa skin and dark pink pussy lips and Cindy’s white skin and bright pink twat lips was beautiful. All three of them were squeezing and rubbing the four huge boobs giggling around. Josh got a shot of the girls kissing, their tongues sliding around each other.Cindy couldn’t wait any longer. “Shawn, you said if a made your dick hard you would fuck me with it. So come on, fuck my tight little pussy, please. I need it so bad; don’t make me wait any longer. Please Shawn, give it to me now.”Shawn got up on his knees between Cindy’s legs and rubbed his fat knob up and down her wet slit. Nelly reached down and pulled her pussy open. She let a string of saliva run out of her lips. She drooled all over Cindy’s open pussy and Shawn’s cock head and shaft. Then Shawn pushed it in. Just a few inches and then stopped. He let Cindy get used the huge size stretching open her hole. Then he pulled it out so the head was just visible between the fold of her cunt. This caused Cindy to moan. Shawn pushed it back in going even deeper this time. He worked it in and out, deeper and deeper each time.Cindy was whining and moaning “Oh, fuck yeah baby, fuck me, fuck my tight pussy. That feels so fucking good. Give me all of it, I can take it.”“Damn girl, you are a cock hungry slut aren’t you? I was trying to be nice. But now I’m going really give it to you.”Yeah, fuck me hard. I love it; I love getting fucked by big black cocks. Give it to me harder, that’s it.”Shawn was pounding Cindy’s tight poon with long deep strokes. Nelly was right beside Cindy fingering her pussy and playing with Cindy’s boobs. Josh had one knee on the couch next to Nelly shooting all this great action. He went from the fucking to Nelly’s fingering herself. This last shot was from an angle that was about what Nelly herself would see, her point of view.Then Josh got an idea. “Hey Nelly, do you remember what you were doing when we got here? How about doing that on camera? Here, hold this.”He gave Nelly the camera and ran out to Nelly’s desk and grabbed her big back dildo. He came back and handed it to Nelly.“Tell everyone what you were doing earlier, Nelly.”“Oh Josh, you know. With all the sucking and fucking going on around here I would have to be made of stone to not be effected. I was feeling particularly horny this afternoon. I was thinking about Cindy getting here and how Shawn would be fucking her and all. So I took out my little toy here and started to play with it.”“Why don’t you show us how you play?”“Well first I get it nice and wet and slippery.” She stuck it in her mouth like she was sucking cock. As she worked it in and out of her mouth it became shiny with her spit. She took it out of her mouth and spit on it. She rubbed the spit up and down the shaft. She lowered it to her pussy and pulled her pussy lips open. The tip of the big black penis slid up and down her slit and around her clit. Lining it up with her tight fuck hole she pushed it in. Working it in and out, spinning it around, it was going in deeper inside her each time. The big plastic cock was fucking her pussy in rhythm with Shawn fucking Cindy.“Here, let me help you with that.” said Cindy. She got down on her knees in between Nelly’s legs. Shawn came around behind to fuck her from behind. Nelly squeezed and rubbed her big boobs while Cindy pumped her twat with the fake cock. She started licking Nelly’s stiff little clit. That was all it took to send her over the edge. Nelly started shake and convulse as she experienced a powerful orgasm. Shawn had both girls turn around and get on their knees on the couch. He spread open Cindy’s pussy lips and shoved the dildo in. He fucked her with it while he pushed his big dick into Nelly’s tight hole. The two slutty girls kissed and licked each other’s tongues and lips. Four huge boobs jiggled and swayed under them. After he fucked them to near orgasm, Shawn switched bilecik escort bayan and shoved the dildo in Nelly while he fucked Cindy.“You girls are too much, you’re going to make me cum. Why don’t you two get in a 69 here on the couch and get to know each other better. I’m going to cool down a little. Josh, don’t we have more toys around here?”Josh handed the camera to Shawn and went to get more toys. Nelly laid down on her back and Cindy crawled on top of her. Using their fingers and tongues to start with, these sluts were enjoying playing with the other’s cunts while enjoying the sensations in their own. Shawn went back and forth, from one end of the couch to the other filming this incredible action.“Oh fuck yeah Cindy! That feels so fucking good. Lick my clit!”“Your pussy is so wet, and so sweat, I could eat you out all day.”“Fuck me with that dildo Cindy.”Shawn filmed as the knob of the plastic cock slipped into Nelly’s poon. The knob and eight inches of the shaft disappeared into Nelly’s fuck hole. Her cunt lips were stretched tight around the shaft as the dildo slid in and out. Josh handed Nelly a smooth silver vibrator. As Nelly used it on Cindy’s clit, Josh pushed his fingertip into her butt hole. This made her jump. Josh loosened up her tight back door with his finger. “I love to get my ass fucked, but I don’t know if I can take Shawn’s big log.”Josh lubed up a pink butt plug and worked it into Cindy’s rear. Both slutty teens were writhing and moaning giving and receiving one orgasm after another. There were now over 5000 viewers enjoying the show on the Basement Sluts web site.Ready to get back into the action, Shawn handed the camera back to Josh. He straddled Nelly’s face and pushed his cock into Cindy’s pussy, just below the butt plug. His big balls were swinging back and forth right over her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked them while rubbing the vibe on Cindy’s clit. Shawn pulled his cock out and shoved it into Nelly’s mouth and down her throat, causing her to gag. He pulled out and shoved back into Cindy’s waiting cunt. Every time he switched from pussy to mouth Cindy’s juices would ooze out onto Nelly’s chin and neck. Her fuck hole was gaping wide open waiting for the return of Shawn’s big rod. Her cunt cream ran down his shaft, over his big balls and dripped down onto Nelly’s face. The huge cock was rock hard, throbbing as the blood surged through the thick vanes running up and down its length. Then, once again, it would plunge into Cindy’s twat causing her to scream and moan.He finally couldn’t stand it anymore. A massive load of cum surged up from is balls, through the long shaft and out into the gap between the tip of his cock and the gaping hole of Cindy’s cunt. Long ropes of sperm splattered into and on the pink pussy flesh, running down into Nelly’s waiting mouth. The torrent of spooge continued as Shawn directed the stream up over Cindy’s back and ass cheeks, and down onto Nelly’s face. One spurt splashed across her cheek and the next caught her chin on the way to her neck and chest ending up between her boobs. Josh continued to film as Shawn pulled back. Nelly licked and slurped the cock cream from in and around Cindy’s cunt, letting it slide down her throat. When she was done Cindy spun around and licked the spunk off Nelly’s face, neck and boobs.Cindy sat back to relax thinking their love making was done for the day. But she was surprised when she looked over at Shawn. He was in a chair next to the couch and his huge donkey cock was still hard as he stroked it with his hand. Cindy came over and stood in front of him. She turned around and bent over. “Can you help me with this butt plug, it seems to me stuck.”Shawn pulled the plastic plug out of her ass, then shoved it back in. He pumped it in and out a few times causing Cindy to moan and squirm.“You wanna tap that ass baby? If you push really hard I’ll bet you could get most of this big cock up my butt.”She was stroking his rock hard meat as Shawn replaced the plug with two of his fingers. She squirted some lube on his dick and spread it around with her hand. Facing away from him she straddled his legs and squatted down. She lined up the fat knob with her ass hole and eased down onto it. Josh filmed as the tip disappeared into her tight rear end. Pussy lips, stretched and swollen, swelled outward each time the large head slid in. “Oh fuck Shawn! That hurts, go slow baby. Give me a minute.”As Cindy relaxed and loosened up she was able to take more and more of the long shaft. Soon Shawn was buried balls deep in Cindy’s tight ass. She squeezed her ass muscles and clamped down on the big rod.Nelly came over to lick and rub Shawn’s balls and Cindy’s pussy while they fucked. Cindy’s ass was so tight and felt so good that Shawn couldn’t last long. “Oh fuck bitch! You gonna make me bust in your fucking ass!”“Yeah baby, fill up my tight ass with your jizz.”He soon busted big deep inside Cindy’s ass. When he finally finished pumping his seed into her he pulled his dick out. Nelly licked off all the frothy cream and licked up the spunk draining out of Cindy’s gaping ass hole.“Well I must say, you sure know how to make a girl feel welcome! Holly fuck, that was even better than I expected.” Cindy panted, still a little out of breath.“Come on honey, Let’s go shower together and get cleaned up.” Nelly grabbed her hand and led her into the bathroom.“Damn Josh,” said Shawn “That girl is HOT! We are going to have fun with that shit.”“All right fans, we better let Shawn get some rest if he is going to keep us with those two. That’s it for now for this addition of Basement Sluts.”



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