Barb and MollieThe two had made it a day together. They turned a quick trip out to the mall into a girl’s brunch that morphed into something else. They wanted the time away from things back home and the dreariness of domestic life. There was catching up to do; catching up on one another more precisely. One had moved in just down the street from the other and the two old gal pals could not have been more pleasantly surprised or happier.Barb and Mollie walked along through the promenade between the shops. They were doing the whole BFF “holding girlfriend’s hand so she didn’t get lost thing,” and they looked happily cute together. The passed the food court but nothing appealed to them. It was still too early for most of that greasy fare.Instead they decided the darkness of a restaurant would be both cooler and with far less prying eyes. They had a lot to catch up on and nobody needed to ruin the moment between two old gal pals. It was THEIR morning.As luck would have it, there was no wait for a corner booth away from the TV set, so the only person to look their way would be the waitress. The lunch crowd had not really begun to drift in and the breakfast crowd was already sorting through their change and looking at their bill, deciding what the tip would be. The two women realized for a very brief window of time they’d have the place to themselves. Good.It was too early by most standards for booze but Mollie inquired about the drink menu anyhow after Barb made a comment that it was… five o’clock some fucking place. With water on the table and their drink and meal orders taken, the waitress spun on her heels; leaving the two giggling girlfriends alone in peace. As she disappeared around the corner, Barb slid into the utmost nookety-nook of the restaurant’s corner booth; patting the seat on the bench next to her.”Barb” as always was a bit of an instigator and had decided the time had been right to make seating changes. They were very good friends and besides; four eyes were better than two to watch the rest of the establishment. “Moll” took the hint. She rose and went around to the other side of the table, sitting next to her friend; quite close even for BFF standards.There was more giggling. An old dirty joke was shared. It was one of those jokes that had been funny as fuck at slumber parties and now it was funny merely from a sense of nostalgia for days gone by.Those old times definitely were fun days for sure; both ladies commented on that fact. They were days full of no more high school; of anticipation of what college or work might hold, of boys… men… and of other things. There were things shared at giggling-girly-get-togethers that probably were not fit for polite company. There were… awakenings.#In the dark of night years ago at one of those parties, on a living room floor with a blood ‘n guts horror movie concluded on the DVD player; several empty pizza boxes littering the floor, a hastily extinguished marijuana cigarette flushed down the commode down the hall, and several girls slumbering in sleeping bags it happened. Moll had risen up on one arm in her sleep sack; moonlight from the window beaming in to illuminate her face clearly. Barbs eyes were looking directly at her in the dimness; lunar glow illuminating her expression of mischief and conspiracy. A quiet cock of the head from Moll and a nod from Barb was all it took.Amid the snores and deep sippy breathing of the other girls, there was a sound of zippers unzipping, of shuffling feminine forms; one moving her now open sleeping bag closer to the other. The two listened.Were the parents of the girl who’d thrown the party still awake down the hall? No. Was something moving? No… WAIT…what was that? Oh – it was just the cat. The cat moved to the windowsill and took up a position there, her tail flicking slowly in the moonlight; flick, flick, flick. She yawned and settled into a sleeping posture. It was calm. It was right… both girls knew it.Moll opened her bag and slid over as Barb held open the flap to her snuggle sack and moved over. There was a cuddle, an embrace, and a kiss. There were ever so soft whispers in the dark and there were touches; many, many touches. Both girls had known boys, both girls had enjoyed penis in various places around their bodies. Both girls had known the joys of self-love; rubbing on themselves at night in the dark or in the shower or in private places, away from the eyes of other people. Now… they began to share that rub. Sharing WAS caring after all! It was a desperate covert sort of rub; a rub that caused ragged breathing a rub that made hips squirm. It made fingers and hands work faster and faster down in the darkness of the sleeping bag until the two girls fused mouths together and whimpered into each other’s lips before drifting off to sleep.It was the first of many encounters; marvelous conspiratorial experiments that taught düzce escort the two many things. They taught them the importance of privacy, of secrecy, and of comfortable locations. It taught them that the hips, belly, and breasts of a woman were just as satisfying and desirable as the lovely stretch of a jutting cock or the thrust of firm male buttocks between parted thighs. They learned that the scent of a woman’s sex was an intoxicant for them both and they learned they were both addicted to a willing wet puss blossom as much as to a dick dribbling its pre-cum nectar.#Now all these years later, the two women in their thirties sat side by side in a booth as their drinks arrived. They were no longer bashful giggling girls. They were now a pair of naughty giggling MILFs; taking satisfaction in the fact that now they should have known better but also knowing full well the world didn’t reward you at the end of things for being proper, faithful, or from shunning pleasure and enjoyment.They also knew they had a finite amount of time on this earth and that sensations and experiences were meant to be savored and enjoyed… not kept locked away under a veil of taboos and self-denial. Nobody would give you a medal at the end of your life for playing by all the fucking rules, so as long as nobody got hurt; have the dessert, drink an extra martini, fuck with the shades up, suck that strange bit of cock when hubby is out of town, devour that pussy… that is what it was all put there for!They sipped drinks and waited for their food. They shared the look. Moll’s cat-like eyes stared deep into Barb’s gorgeous round knock’em dead pools; it was not a look of merely BFF’s. It was a look of lovers, (any fool could have seen it but luckily the fools had all paid and left). It was a look of unsaid things and of illicit planning. It was a look that promised, and made good on a promise… of action.Moll made the first move. Her had found Barb’s knee; just below the woman’s dress. Barb followed suit. The dance ensued.Barb’s fingers were down below Moll’s inner thigh; just resting there, (but with little squeezes that hinted at more). Barb’s inner thigh now felt Moll’s cool fingertips squeeze in response. Barb’s pretty lips bent in a smile as she shot a quick look around. The coast was clear.Barb parted thighs and scooched her lovely rounded Greek ass slightly forward as if seeking out her friend’s fingers using her crotch; just before Moll did the same. The old booth rocked slightly with the shifted weight but neither woman reacted. The dance continued.Moll brought her fingertips back and touched the front of Barb’s panty that covered her Venus mound. She was met by a welcoming roll of Barb’s hips against her digits as the Greek MILF licked her lips and stared into the reddish brown Irish woman’s green cat-eyes.The food came and both women sat up straight. They hadn’t been caught – they were too good for that. Other people get caught… these two never would, (not unless they wanted to be)! The two saw the waitress’s stare; how she’d noticed Moll had moved in dangerously close to Barb on the other end of the booth.Like always Barb had an explanation for why things were the way they were. It was always up to her to develop the perfect cover story and looking at the TV, she had a flash of brilliance. She leaned forward and asked the waitress politely if she could turn up the television at the far end of the restaurant as she and her girlfriend both didn’t want to miss a breaking news report.The waitress then told her it was no problem and now the whole situation was explained for her. She loved this particular newscaster on the TV as well, (having even had a few pocket-rocket assisted masturbatory fantasies about him at home in her bed with the shades drawn). Naturally for her these two women needing to sit next to one another and have the TV turned up made perfectly good sense to her. I mean… a girl is only human right?The server walked to the set and turned the volume up. She then spun back to look at Barb and Moll and shot them a wink and a thankful thumbs-up. The two ladies smiled and brought a pair of thumbs up in a happy reply of thanks. As the waitress left for the kitchen, the two women at the booth dug into their brunch… and each other!All pretenses aside. hips now parted; medical examining room wide beneath that table in that dark-dark booth. Thank God for dark as fuck mood lighting. Both women tucked forks into their food and fingers down below the table; each hand straight into the elastic waistband of the other girl’s thong.Fingers tweaked shaven Venus mounds and teased clits within cleft folds. A heart shaped Irish ass bucked against her friend’s fingers. Barb’s lovely rounded Greek behind humped her BFF’s hand. It was fortunate the volume of the set had been turned up, it would mask everything perfectly!The edirne escort two stroked and stroked. They felt like sex crazed teens finger-blasting each other in a parked car or dimmed-out movie theater… the illicit nature of this “we could get caught at any moment” event spurring them on! The excitement was so thick they could cut it with a knife and in that spirit they sawed labial petals with digging fingers that stroked clit buttons just-so; eventually hooking them up into cunt-holes, (just where both women had desired to be touched by the other all along).Barb brought a forkful of pasta up to Moll’s mouth and her breathy gal pal accepted the morsel from her fork. The two began to feed one another… pretending to be old friends sharing food; while below the table in the dark…twats of old lovers squished and mashed against the heels of familiar hands as fingers probed pink holes ever deeper and deeper. Juice began to flow and trickle.Moll poked around in the humid recesses of Barb’s puss blossom. It was just as she’d remembered, silky and delightfully puffy inside those pink and purple girlie folds; becoming moist and slick. She brought her fingers up for a whiff of her snout; savoring and reminiscing Barb’s bouquet as she humped against her BFF’s hand.Oh and what a scent it was! Barb had the loveliest smelling girlie gear of any woman she’d ever lain with and some things never fucking changed thankfully. It was musky and feminine that scent; a rare variety of “lady truffle” that Moll simply wished to gobble up like some exotic delicacy. She popped those briny fingers into her lips between morsels of food. What did she care? Nobody was looking and who in the fuck was going to correct her table manners?She allowed Barb’s essence to dance on her pallet for a moment. Damn. that little bit of female humidity on the end of her tongue was JUST what she fucking craved! It was why to this day (and after all these years), she still would beat off in the bathtub behind a locked door; thinking of Barb and those nasty things the two had done all those years back.Happily, now Moll realized: Barb was here and what’s more… they’d be neighbors! What kind of luck was that? Fate was sometimes a real sweetheart; either that or she was a woman who dug other chicks and understood what a girl needed every now and again!Moll returned her hand to Barb’s hot pocket. She began to stroke rapidly; making the curvy Greek goddess hump her friend’s fingers and lean over for a stolen kiss before snatching another bite of food from Barb’s fork. Barb erupted in happy giggles before sighing and stroking her reddish brown Irish friend’s feminine flower folds with increasing vigor and Sapphic friction.She loved Moll’s pretty little pink kitty. She simply adored it. It had provided her with so many delights in the past; at sleepovers, in parked cars, in study sessions back in college…even those lovely “I’m bored, lets jill-off” sessions when their boyfriends were out of town.Oooooh those jill-off sessions; that was a nasty bit of fun that still burned in Barb’s naughty little mind, and just like it had been yesterday! As she twirled pasta with her fork and (and Moll’s pink poke-hole with her fingers), she remembered. She broached the subject; making Mollie nod and giggle in reply with an extra hard grind against Barb’s hand to show how much those memories meant to her as well. They were both getting moister than a barnacle at high tide; nasty fingers working in concert with nastier sweet recollections.#Those wonderfully wicked jill sessions normally involved Barb over at Moll’s dorm room (or vice versa) with the door safely locked; ostensibly under the pretext of an afternoon nap before a night of clubbing. Clothes would soon come off and both girls would be lying across a twin bed with a lovely little porno flickering away on the DVD player, (or some magazines or maybe just a mirror propped up in front of them so they could watch themselves).They’d recline with legs apart; one d****d over another like two aircraft flying in naked formation. Their fingers would dip down to diddle twats and their hands would come up to cup and pinch perky girl bosoms. Hips would buck and chests would heave heavy sighs.Hands would come up and over eventually to the other girl’s pink gash grotto and the fingers of another cunt’s owner would pluck around in the puss petals or tweak the lovely lady lima bean as the two young women “swapped out favors.” Hands would grab hands and shove fingers still further up snatches. Pelvises would buck skyward as excitement built. It would end as with the two girls cumming hard and rolling over onto one another in a happy cunt cuddle. Then the fun would REALLY begin as the two would melt into a lovely scissor fuck.Barb had seen it once in a lesbo porno when she’d first turned nineteen and it nagged her curiosity escort bayan to no end. Moll had seen it first in a dirty magazine of her brother’s that she’d found one day doing laundry back home. Both girls were absolutely certain it would be fun and it was not a hard sell when Barb suggested it. Mollie was simply all nods and leg locks! From the first time they’d scissored legs together the two girls knew the simply were addicted to smashing gash, (almost as much as gobbling it). Oh and as for munching one another, there was a fair share of that going on between the two as well.They spent marathon sessions with the door locked; sixty-nining when their roommates were away. They were quite the pair of Sapphic termites; with tongues burrowing way up into each other’s girlie junk and fingers drilling deep into greased rectums. In time Barb really developed a fondness for a twat, taint and pink turd-pucker during those sessions. Moll was a keen culinary disciple as well; soon becoming a devotee of all things between a woman’s thighs or ass-cheeks, (and always wondering what an attractive woman might taste like in the back of her wicked little mind when she met her). In fact, although both women adored cock and could not get enough hard male members shoved every conceivable place in and on their bodies; female softness continued to have an allure all its own. Female hips bellies and breasts, the feminine curves of spines, the lovely scent and tang of pussy; these all became nipple hardening intoxicants them as well over time. What was originally a means to satisfy a scarcity of available penis and broad manly shoulders; over time become something else entirely, (an additional appetite in their hierarchy of needs, plain and simple). They were transformed into women of “dual tastes.”What’s more, both girls developed a sort of “Sapphic sixth sense” from those sexual romps and encounters with one another. They’d both pick up a certain “vibe” when they encountered a gal who enjoyed contact with other females. They could feel energies from certain women; be it in classroom, office, or social gathering. It was a sort of friendly feminine mojo; tacit, illicit and unsaid… ohhh but it led to so many, many encounters with new lady-friends of like minds, (and needs)!#Now here they were on a BFF “girl’s day out.” Oh fuck it; it was a date. Just call a spade a spade. They’d gone out on a date. recapturing a bit of that old magic between lovers in the quiet of the corner booth of a dark empty restaurant; plates full of steaming pasta, hands full of steaming pussy, and steamy dreamy eyes full of each other!”You realize something?” Barb gasped as she let her head fall over onto Moll’s shoulder as both women dropped forks as the intense sensations from fingers moving faster and faster had forced them to forget about things linguini and focused their attention on all things labial.”What’s that?” Moll whispered turning her face to the pretty noggin huffing and puffing away on her shoulder.”I love Jay,” Barb hissed like a broken steam pipe, “he’s the father of my k**s,””But?” Moll cut in with nibble on Barb’s jaw, chin, and lips in a hot Sapphic smooch the Poetess herself would have seen fit to write about.”I still love you,” Barb cut back in, “I never stopped. I need my man; I need my family…””But now you need me,” Moll said finishing her thought,” and girl I need YOU! I still love you too!”There was a deep kiss. It was a tug of lips followed by an upwelling of sighs. Fingers desperately set about the task at hand; making round female bottoms leave the bench and rise to the occasion. Labored breath left pretty lips.As their tension and excitement rose to like a fever with each passing second, the two humped busy hands. Hotter and hotter the fever climbed as the girls seemed caught up in the throes of something truly wonderful. Mouths turned to chew necks, lips met those of the other; all while two sets of fingers stroked in a mutual honeybee-buzzing-blur. At last the fever simply broke; both ladies bringing one another off in soft gasping mews above the table, and in dewy splashes in the dark below.There were smiles, gasps, and more girly giggles with looks left and right around the empty room. Now that they’d finished one another off, they finished off lunch. They were most quick about the check, (so flustered about the two damp spots left upon the seat, they’d no earthly idea how much they’d left for a tip).Suffice to say the tip was a lot. Suffice to say Barb and Mollie didn’t care how much it or the bill had been. Suffice to say the blonde waitress was so happy with the tip; she didn’t even notice the slight fragrance lingering in the depths below the table.In fact, all Doris the blonde server knew was that the two women left in a giggling dash from the restaurant as soon as they’d paid. They seemed to have really enjoyed their pasta brunch specials! The fun was not over though… oh no not at all; there was still shopping to do, (and by the feel of things, dry panties might be in order for both Barbara and Mollie)!To be continued If you enjoyed this story, please show your appreciation with a vote.



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