Opening Up

Chris sat beside me with his head down, shaking and trembling from the burden of baring his soul to me.

“I don’t know what to say Chris, this is a lot to take in. I am relieved that you feel you can trust me with your heart and I won’t betray that. I just need a little time to process all of this.”

“I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore Jay. I’m a slut. I get helpless around certain types of men, dominant, aggressive bear types, and I don’t do well with resisting them. I don’t know if I can.”

He started crying, head down, his shoulders shaking. I put my arm around and spoke softly and gently to him.

“Maybe you haven’t felt love yet Chris and I never said I didn’t want to be with you. It’s the opposite actually. I love you even more for being honest with me. Everything you’ve described to me is pure sex and a certain form of sex, dominant, sadomasochism. Sometimes people who like being dominated, lack confidence and by giving themselves over to someone they are releasing their power, giving into that lack of confidence in a way. It’s often very successful, smart leaders who like it. You’re like that. You’re a born leader. It’s a preference not a sin, but it need to be an equal relationship with agreements and understandings in place first. You were vulnerable and drawn into this and it doesn’t sound like an equally or healthy relationship. You never discussed taking things to that really intense level and he took advantage of your innocence. What if you met someone who was willing to fuck you hard like that and also love you?”

” I don’t know, maybe I’d like it. But I always felt my desires were dirty. I like being spanked, teased with toys, whipped, controlled and fucked really aggressively. I’m not normal dammit!

He started sobbing again and I pulled him closer.

“Speak Chris, don’t hold back on your feelings. I’m here for you.”

“When he hung me up in his room behind the boiler room, I was crazy with desire. I loved being helpless and tortured in a way. I started obsessing over it. It filled my thoughts and I couldn’t focus. All I wanted was more and more and more, until I met Atlas.”

“Chris stop that. Stop blaming yourself and labeling yourself. There’s nothing wrong with liking it and there are healthy ways to do it where you don’t have to feel ashamed. Think about how you felt when Atlas showed you compassion and caring. You responded and ended the relationship with Jim. Atlas recognized that what you were in wasn’t healthy., and he made love to you in a compassionate way that you really liked. You’re not what you think you are. Don’t be a prisoner to your desires. Learn to enjoy them. It’s just a part of you. I made love to you and it was beautiful and sensual and if you wanted me to take you to the edge and dominate you I would. I’d even consider letting you see someone who could do those things for you.”


He turned to me with a look of surprise and what I couldn’t help but see as anticipation. I didn’t mind. I wanted him to be happy.

“Yes, it actually turns me on, the idea of tying you up and having my way with your beautiful body. I just need some time to let this all soak in okay and then we can explore things together. Make me a promise okay?”

“Sure, what?”

“Anything or anyone you want to explore, just share it with me and I won’t be made. The dishonesty hurts me and I don’t want to be hurt by you. I want to be lifted up by our relationship.”

“Of course, yeah. This is such a relief. I thought you wouldn’t want anything to do with me.”

“Lie down with me, I want to hold you close.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and he was restless the whole night, but I felt good holding him and being there for him. I cared a lot for him already and felt like maybe I could love this man.

The next day we got up early and showered and made our way to class. Before we parted ways, I gave Chris a big hug and told him that I loved him even more. He cried again and told me he loved me too. We kissed passionately in the stairwell leading to the gym, out of view and out of minds with lust and love for each other. His tongue snaked in and out of my mouth as we pulled each other’s lithe bodies tight and close together. I felt his beautiful, full balls and thick cock rubbing against my own and we united in a symphony of seduction, rubbing furiously against each other, cock to cock, balls against balls, my hands all over that precious ass, cupping his marbled cheeks like fine jewels to admire and bestow adoration and adulation upon. My heart raced and my cheeks flushed with a burning love that coursed through my veins like fire. We parted lips and panted madly in each others’s ears.

“Chris I need you and love you the way you are. I love every beautiful inch of you.”

I suckled his ear and cupped his sweet balls in my hand, gently stroking and squeezing his delicious illegal bahis manhood.

“Do you like that”

“Yes don’t stop. It feels so good.”

” Do you want me to do it like this I said, squeezing him hard.”

“Do you like it hard, Chris. Is this what you want?” I gasped out of my mind with lustful passion. I loved him and if giving him pleasure in a way he liked it, made him feel loved, I was willing to try. I didn’t want to lose him.

“Yes, harderJay. Squeeze them hard please. I’ll tell you if it’s too much, or we can use what’s called a safe word. Do it until I fall to my knees. The word we can use is red for stop. If I say red than stop, otherwise give me as much as you want.”

I leaned into him and gripped his balls with an iron grip. He whined and arched his head back emitting a grunt like a wild animal and shaking like a wild dog. He crumpled his head onto my shoulder and I twisted and squeezed so hard I thought he couldn’t possibly take it. He curved over and moaned deeply, sliding his chest and face down my erect cock and balls, till he was on his knees, his head arched back in pure ecstasy. I pushed into him again and he cried out, coming hard all over his belt and tights. I could feel his wetness in my hand. I almost came in my belt at his release and would have if I didn’t hear a door open at the top of the stairs. I lifted him and kissed him quickly.

“Go and get changed. We’ll continue this later”

It was the perfect start to the day until class began, then our world crashed all around us and our love was put to to the ultimate test. Could it stand betrayal?

Chapter Ten


Class was really hard. Jean Paul Was in fine form but seemed in a good mood as he was encouraging and even joking Around. Fuck he looked sexy today. He had on a loose white flowing shirt and sleek white tights. He looked like an angel or a swan. His tights were like Chris’, pulled up high and tight and his bulge was like a piece of marble. Sculpted, thick, hard, magnificent. I couldn’t stop staring at it. He seemed to have a semi-erect cock for the entire class. He really was a sexy man, despite his sinister edge.

Finally class was over and he went back to being his dominant, prick self.

“Chris come here! I need a partner to demonstrate an advanced stretch.”

Chris walked forward him without any reticence as his usual flirting and overt come ons hadn’t happened, until now.

“Face me Chris. The rest of you pay close attention. I’m demonstrating on Chris, because I know he has the leg strength and flexibility to tolerate this. When you do this stretch, I don’t want you to go as deep, but use the same form. The form is what’s important.”

He bent down on one knee and instructed Chris to drape his leg over his shoulder. He slowly rode up on his feet pulling Chris up with him until he was on his toes with one leg hooked over Jean Paul’s shoulder, his whole body stretched taut.

“Now this is a fantastic stretch, but you cannot stand too fast or too tall, if your partner can’t handle it. I couldn’t help notice that Chris’ groin was inches away from Jean Paul’s face. He seemed to be loving every minute of this. Chris wasn’t even straining he was in such good shape and his ass and legs were rippling behind him. It was so sexy.

“Now this is the part that really stretches you out. Hang on tight Chris. Put your hands behind my neck and hang on.”

As Chris did what he told him, I couldn’t help but notice the intimacy of it. They looked live lovers. Jean Paul slowly stepped back and as he did he lifted and straightened Chris’ leg, and took him into a standing split.

” Some of your may not be able to hold this. Chris are you okay?”

“I’m fine, it feels good actually.”

“Good boy,” he said smiling as he lifted him higher and then moved in close, his face against Chris’ hot manhood. I watched him lean his face into his sweet cock and balls as he lifted his leg nearly over his head. He then moved even tighter, with Chris still hanging on in a lovers embrace and burrowed his face into his groin. He bent down on one knee and released him.

“Shake it out Chris and we’ll do the other side. All of you, find a partner and do the same.”

I looked at Chris and his face was burning with desire and shame. His cock was hard as a rock and practically ripping through his tights. He looked away from me as my face seethed with jealousy.

Class ended and of course Jean Paul wanted to meet with Chris.

“Come in and have a seat Chris.”

“Thank you Jean Paul. Is everything okay?”

“Relax my boy, you did very well today. Your skill and technique are exceeded only by the power and flexibility in your body. You are supreme Chris. I can make you into one of the best dancers in the world, if you let me.”

“It’s all I ever wanted. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Will you,” and he smiled at him illegal bahis siteleri lustily

“I have a gift for you. I had these shorts made out of pure silk in Japan. I have a pair for you. They are the most comfortable shorts to wear after you’ve been trapped in a dance belt for hours. Here.”

He stood up and handed him a tiny pair of white silk briefs. He was wearing his and they left nothing to the imagination. His thick hairy cock, was clearly visible through the shorts and they rode high up on his legs and up his sensuous ass.

“Thank you Jean Paul.”

“Try them on Chris.”

“Okay, I’ll put them on when I get home.”


Try them on now, here, I want to make sure they fit.”

“Okay,” he said nervously.

He slowly took down his tights and then slid off his dance belt. The shorts slid on like butter and felt like magic on his soft, full balls and thick, veiny cock. Chris has very little pubic hair. He shaved all around, balls and ass, his legs and left a small triangular patch above his cock. Like a pussy. Jean Paul practically devoured him with his eyes.

“What do you think”

“They feel amazing. Thank you.”

They fit amazing too, I guessed right. Turn around let me see how it fits in back.

Chris turned around slowly and heard Jean Paul, let out a sigh of lusty desire.

“You have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen Chris.”

Chris turned beet red and said thank you.

“You’re a very sexy man too Jean Paul.”

“You think so?”

“Yes I do. When you held me in that stretch, with your face against my groin, I was very turned on.”

“I could tell you were Chris. That’s why your here now. I want to make love to you. Come into the massage room and I’ll make sweet love to you.”

Chris followed him into his back office, that had a large massage table, Chinese blinds and soft lighting throughout.

“Take off your shirt and lie face down Chris”

He nervously slid off his shirt and crawled onto the large massage table that was as big as a bed. He felt so guilty about Jay, but powerless to stop. He was burning up with lust and all he couldn’t think about was having that glorious cock up his ass. He would think of something to tell Jay. He knew what kind of man, Jean Paul was, surely he’d understand.

“Mm, look at you, like a Greek statue.”

He kissed Chris in the small of his Lower back, tracing a finger slowly up the back of his powerful leg, dancing through the inside of his thigh he gently caressed the soft curve where Chris ass met his leg and enveloped his sweet butt cheek with his whole hand, squeezing firmly through the soft silk of his tiny shorts. Chris moaned and ground his cock against the table.

“You like this don’t you. Being under my control, lying here waiting to be fucked. You like it I can tell. How do you like this Chris?”

He spread his legs and took both hands dragging them from his knees up into his ass cheeks and squeezing hard parted his cheeks wide, stretching and pushing his groin down into the table.

“Tell me how much you love it.”

“Oh god it feels so good, please don’t stop.”

“Beg for it Chris”

“Please fuck me Jean, please fuck my ass.”

“Oh I will but first I want to play a while.”

He took one finger and slowly traced around Chris’ inner thigh and inside his sweet ass, he pressed against the soft silk right against his sweet cherry hole. Chris pushed back into his finger and ground against it. Jean pulled away and smacked his ass hard.

“Oh no you don’t. I’m in charge boy.”

“Yes you are I’m sorry”

“Sorry who”

“Sorry sir.”

That’s better boy. You’re my boy Chris. My prize Dancer and now my fuck toy. I’m going to fuck you so much you’ll be begging me for it. I’ll make you pant like a dog in heat. Would you like that.?”

“Yes please, please touch me, I can’t take it.”

He cupped his ass and squeezed gently than hard than softly and seductively traced all over his sweet ass.

Chris was panting like a dog in heat, jumping the table like mad. He felt life he was going to cum already.

Whack! Whack whack. Jean Paul smacked his ass viciously. Chris cried out arching his head back and as he did Jean Paul grabbed his hair and pulled his head back turning Chris towards him.

“You like this don’t you. You like pain with your sex don’t you.”

Chris turned red and nodded slowly. Jean Paul kissed him deeply driving his tongue into Chris’ greedy mouth, grabbing his ass and digging his fingers hard into his crack. He had him where he wanted and he knew it.

Suddenly he stepped around and ripped down the shorts in one quick motion, snapping Chris cock back against his belly and leaving him naked and exposed on the table. He removed his own shorts and they faced each other naked for the first time.

Jean crawled up on the table and moved forward, lifting canlı bahis siteleri Chris legs up over his shoulders till he had both legs up high and spread wide. He dipped his head down and slowly darted his tongue in and out of his sweet cherry hole. Chris moaned in sheer ecstasy.

“You taste delicious slut. Mm,”

And he buried his tongue right inside his hole grabbing him by the thighs and pulling his legs wide. Chris was bucking against his tongue and mouth as Jean Paul fucked him with his tongue, dipping hard into his ass.

He pulled him hard by the hips into his eager mouth, slurping and licking all around Chris’ hot hole. He worked in one finger and laughed at how easily it went in.

“This isn’t your first time is it! Wow you’ve had a lot of action back here haven’t you slut?”

Chris whimpered back a strained yes.

“In fact I bet you’ve been fucked by more than just cocks haven’t you. Well well, aren’t we going to have fun.”

He got off the table and returned with a jar of lube and a box.

“This little box of mine, has a wonderful collection of toys Chris. Oh you’re going to enjoy them.”

He took a big dollop of lube and inserted his finger deep into Chris ass.

“Grab your ankles my boy and spread those luscious thighs nice and wide.”

Chris did what he was told and Jean Paul laughed out loud.

“Aren’t you obedient my boy. Yes that’s what you’ll be from now on. My boy to have whenever I want. Won’t you,” he said driving two fingers deep in and corkscrewing Chris sweet, hot hole. Then three, and four fingers were plowing his ass. Jean Paul turned up the intensity driving his hand back and forth into his aching hole.

“Are you going to cum Chris, your cock looks like it needs some attention. I have just the thing.”

He took out a thick rubber cock ring and fastened it tightly around his cock and balls.

“Look at your cute pussy hair. You’re a real slut aren’t you. I like the look of you. Sexy little whore you are.”

Jean Paul pulled out his hand and grabbed a curved dildo with multiple ridges. He lobbed it up and slowly Inserted the long tapered shaft. It was almost ten inches long and vibrated super fast.

Chris moaned deeply as it touched his prostrate. He pulled it out slowly till just the tip was at his hole and teased him all around his beautiful cherry hole. Chris was thrashing and turning.

“Please stick it in me. Please!”

“Oh yes I will, when I decide not you understand,” he said smacking his ass hard, so that Chris gasped with pain and pleasure

“This will make you cum without me even touching your cock. It’ll make your crazy with desire Chris. Would you like to cum?”

He nodded fast and eager.

“Good boy. Not yet though. I want it all in my mouth, so you better tell me or you’ll be punished,” and he drove it hard and fast into Chris all the way till the end. He screamed out in pain and lust as it buried itself deep into his ass. It was thick at the end and the point worked it’s magic on his prostrate as Jean paul worked it in and out of his honey ass, Chris moaning like a wild dog in heat, pushing his bubble ass back hard and deep against Jean’s muscled hand. Chris was losing himself again and becoming in g the slutty whore he knew he was. He loved this kind of sex, so why did he feel so guilty afterward. Lost in thought, Jean noticed and drove deep into him lifting his torso, his ass impaled on the huge dildo.

Jean pulled it out fast and without hesitation grabbed Chris by both ankles and pushed his legs back as he positioned his magnificent cockbead firmly against Chris’s pulsing, wet hole. He traded him my pressing a little against his sweet rosebud, opening him until I’d felt like his head was going to pop through. Chris arched and moved against him and each time Jean pulled back just enough to not penetrate.

Chris was begging him now,

“Please fuck me Jean, please. Take my hole and fuck me hard like the whore I am.”

“Tell me again boy”

“Fuck me please”

“No I want more Chris. I want you to be mine whenever I want. I’ll fuck you when you surrender to me. Say it or I’ll leave you tied up here over night with a dildo up your ass, but maybe you’d like that,” he said smiling.

“What do you want me to say,” he gasped.

“I will be your sex slave to fuck whenever and however and how often I want.”

Chris repeated the words, breathlessly and Jean looked at him saying nothing for a Long time.

He still had Chris’s ankles tightly in his hand with his hard cock nestled firmly against his sweet hole.

Smiling wickedly, he stared into Chris’ eyes and said as he drove His thick cock deep into Chris ass,

“Say good bye to what you knew boy,” and pumping furiously, he rammed Chris legs back over his head so far back his feet touched down beside his head and cams blasting a big gushing load deep in his ass. Chris came at the same time shooting hot cum all over his belly and chest. Jean kept pumping his mighty cock into Chris for at least five mins, completely emptying himself into his sweet ass. He drove hard and deeply one last time, growling with desire.



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