Maybe it was a freak flare of testosterone in my system or maybe the fact that I haven’t had any action since I had broke up with that bitch Brenda almost two months ago, but when I woke up that morning, I knew that I just had to get laid that day. Between work and a shitload of papers that were almost suddenly due, I’ve neglected my needs. And the morning woody that refused to recede even now, halfway through my calculus class was a constant reminder of the fact. In my head images of sex floats freely as I zone out. Not any articulate fantasies, just clips of sex, female flesh and moans and smells. A cycle: I think about sex because I’m horny, I’m horny because I think about sex.

Then I realize that the space I was staring at is occupied by hot piece by the name of Debbie. She had a body worthy of a Jay-Z video, muscled with seemingly generous curves. I take her dimensions and in my head place them to angles, putting definition to my errant fragmented fantasies. In my head I see her firm breasts quiver in motion and her face contorted in ecstasy, while my daydream-self is fucking her from behind; now I have her on her back, and see her profile, the steep rise of her breasts, topped by a hard nub, that she pinches, the slight rise her soft flesh of belly and then her hips, generous but hard and all smooth, now I have her by her ass and pounding her standing up.

Somewhere between imagining what her pussy was like and whether she was moaner or a screamer, I realize she was staring at my crotch and its obvious distention. I haven’t the regard to look away as she raises her head and instead I meet her face with a smile and then proceed look her over again before nodding my appreciation. Dear Reader, I would make excuses to you, how I’m not usually like this and what gentleman I am, but then after class I ended up in her room and in no time fucking.

Fucking like animals.

We don’t even wait for her dorm room door to open before my hands are around her waist and opening up her pants, stroking her through the cloth of her panties and then stealing inside and feeling the curls of her pubes around my fingers like soft Velcro.

Her gasped breath that punctuated her hurried heavy breathing as she struggled to open the door was an erotic kick.

“Hurry” I whisper as I rubbed my crotch to her ass. The door clicks open and she turns her head to me. We go at each other mouth, hungrily shoving our tongues with a desperation withheld only for longtime parted lovers or in our case the sex-starved young. Upon entering the room, without breaking from our locked mouths, I roughly rip her blouse open (which in retrospect wasn’t a nice thing to do). My hands are on her belly and then move on to her back stoking and squeezing. I undo the snap of her bra from behind, and break from our kiss.

As I pull her bra off, I’m rewarded by the sight of almost perfect breast that more than does justice to the daydreams I had only 20 minutes ago. I trailed wet kisses from neck to her right breast and then took the nipple in my mouth. Her breasts were a pleasant handful, firm and high, capped by cute stubby nipples, surrounded by dark tan circles of her aureoles. With my head ducked at her chest, Debbie pulls my shirt of my back and I pull it off over my head, before returning to her nipples. She drags her nails, on my back, not hard enough to draw blood but rough anyway. I knock my sneaker off now, knowing how it can get awkward later. Once your pants are off, that’s the point of no return, and something ridiculous like your pants stuck at your ankle can possibly make a randy nympho reconsider.

I slip my hands under the seats of her pants, and while I’m not particularly an ass-guy, but I could definitely appreciate the pair I was handling; generous but firm, this girl really takes care of herself. Gripping her buns in my hands, I pull her close to me again, Her own pants are having trouble staying up and fell somewhere down to her knees. I grind my erection through my pants on to her crotch and actually felt a satisfying wetness that had permeated the front of her panties.

“Do you want this?” I ask. I am, of course, referring to my dick that’s been threatening to rip through the cloth of my pants.

She moans, and in response she slid down and undoes my pants. My erection didn’t wait for an invitation. And slaps her in the face. (Understand I’m wearing those annoying Hanes boxer, whose front is a flimsy opening, which means you have to be careful what shows). Once again, this is something I might usually apologize for, but… Anyway I have reason to believe she wouldn’t hare cared anyway, because she then takes my shoves it in her mouth. This talented girl had my erection half way down her throat in the first go. After bobbing her head her few times, she pulls me out her mouth and sucks hard on my head. My foreskin was lodged behind my head, so the sensation is mind-blowingly intense (Reader, research has shown that the casino oyna circumcised penishead looses considerable sensitivity). I pull my head back and howl at the ceiling.

I hear what might be a muffled giggle. Releasing me from the vise of her mouth (after a painfully pleasurable few seconds), she grips the waist of my boxers and pants and in a fell swoop pulls down. In something resembling the trick of pulling tablecloth off a set table, my genitals slips in the boxers and then popped out over the waistband as my remaining clothes (apart for my socks that stays on of the entirety of this session) had made their descent to my ankles.

And she gets right back into action.

Her mouth goes right back onto my dick. Again encompassed in this damp warm cave, I wince in expectation of that cave-in that threatens to cause me to pass out. Instead, I’m returned to the cool air outside her mouth, as she turns her head as then she slobbers down my erection passing the inch-and-a-half of my dick head. She surprises me by actually chewing on the remaining 6 inches of my meat. Normally, a faux pas of oral sex and something that might usually make me squeamish, she really put her teeth to good use, keeping it well clear of my dick head. 10 for technical merit, but low 2 for artistic points: I’m looking down and see slimy strands of precum and saliva stretching from her face to my dick.

Hmm, I’m neglecting to mention how she’s putting her hands to use. Her right hand is not so much gripping, but rather holding me her palm and gently squeezing. Her hands must be small, because my left testicle keep spilling between her thumb and finger I’ve stepped out of the pool of my pants. Her other hand is polishing the knob of my dick: imagine chalking a cue stick. I’m quickly loosing it, and realize that I’m unconsciously emitting a series of ‘Ahhs.’ I’ve forced my hands to my sides and alternatively clench and unclench my hands and force my breathing to even out, so I can prolong the experience and the inevitable eruption.

There’s much to learn from the eastern tantrics, and while I don’t believe in not having orgasms (I’m young; I have the chi to last me a lifetime), I do believe in postponing it as long as possible (at least the first one). So using all the willpower that I could muster, I forcibly extricate myself from Debbie’s hungry mouth and hands so I can return the favor. She moans in protest, but I pull her up and push her on her bed (yes, you got it, this is not my usual self). Roughly, more roughly then I would in my right mind, I pull off her pants the remainder of the way off along with those cute ankle socks that woman wear and her slippers, the kind that you might wear to the beach.

That leaves her panties. Hers were the flimsy white cottons that women wear when they aren’t expecting sex. I personally love them, though. Spreading her legs, first I stroke her hips then one hand goes to her crotch. Though the fabric I feel her out, my fingers are outlining the slit. Now I’m rubbing more vigorously, and finally, my fingers invade her opening, fabric-enclosed fingers embalmed with her generous juices. I thrust in and out, with my thumb placed over the nub, that to my estimation was her clit, every thrust down a push up.

A surprisingly easy rhythm, actually; and apparently it was producing results, Debbie clenched back at me and her head was over the edge of the bed and her eyes rolled back and her mouth open. I scooped beside her and with the other hand tweaked a nipple, a delicious dark bud rising from a small circle of pink, that looked so incredibly sexy against her chestnut skin. I lean over and took it in my mouth massaging the firm flesh under it. First I push the nipple to the roof of my mouth and suck for awhile, then I stick out my tongue and roughly lick it in broad upstrokes. Her hand soon reached for my dick and slowly pumps it bringing the foreskin back over the head. Reaching over, I switch to the other but first I take the masturbating hand and place it over the breast I vacate. After administering my mouth to the other breast. And as before I bring her hand to her breast. I lick her fingers, her nipples, and stroke her skin, all the while, a hand is still working her pussy. She is now really worked up; that without having to remove her panties!

Though they don’t stay on for much longer.

If you seeing a theme in my raucous behavior, you might guess I ripped off the one article covering her skin without a second thought. Well, you are wrong, I actually spared a thought, and considered removing it and leaving it intact. However, with a quick assessment, I concluded that it might bring her down from her cloud nine. And besides I really do want to rip it off her. And so I do. Curling my fingers in the cloth, I tug apart and it tore surprisingly easily. Soon, her pussy was exposed in all its glory, a mound forested by dark short pubes giving away to pinkish lips, deepening to a red near the slot oyna center, and God, they actually quivered. I could see the tip of her clit peeking out between the lips, and when I part them, I see it crowning the passage. I wasted no time and ducked my head into that soppy snack and ate like it starving dog, growling and slurping. I wouldn’t win any prizes for delicacy or subtlety. Within minutes my enthusiasm is rewarded by with first increasing moans and then outright shrieks followed by thrashing. For amount I felt panic: imagine a bomb squad realizing they just cut the wrong wire. She is so out of control, but I ride this bronco like a veteran cowhand (for all the right reasons, to all the Kid Rock out there).

As she reaches her peak, I climb on to the bed replace my face with my dick. A second it’s at her entrance, the next with her ass in my hands I shove it right in. Her pussy is a churning inferno, how her walls contracting so on dick is unreal. Pussy like this is rare.

I can only manage a dozen thrusts before I feel like I’m going to cum. Vaguely, I’m aware of a pounding on the door, but I ignore it. We are being bad neighbors. Instead, I pulled my cock from her soppy pussy and replace it roughly with all the digits of right hand. Then I take my cock with the other hand and pump my spraying cum all over her body. Abruptly, I disengage to answer the door and whoever was banging on it for the past minute. What greets me was a stream of obscenities that came out of heavy-lipstick mouth that belonged full-bodied bodacious hot chick that. I zoned out as I check her up and down and languidly stroked my cock. If I say heavy-set, you might think disproportionate, but really she had a fine figure, an hour glass-shape. And, obviously, a fiery personality. At some point she realizes I didn’t give a fuck that we were loud and she loses some of her steam.

Pointed ignoring her complaints, I return to Debbie, who hadn’t quite recovered and pull her head to my sloppy cock, which she proceed to lap me at like a bitch. Satisfied with her efforts, I turn my head to our spectator. “We are fucking,” I explain, and then more sympathetically, “you can join us, you look a little over-stressed.”


“A good fuck could do you good. And I could fuck you good.” I advise over Debbie inveterate moans.

“You obnoxious asshole!” Then she surprises me. “Fuck it!”

She enters the room and peels off her t-shirt, revealing big braless swinging tits, and then proceeds to peel down her torn jeans to a pair of black panties. Which soon followed the rest of her clothes on the floor. Her pussy was a delicious sight; she sported a bare plump snatch and I can make out a small tattoo just below her abdominal.

Coming over to us, she takes over from Debbie, grasping my cock in a grip and roughly pushing Debbie down. “Eat me out bitch,” she orders Debbie. Boy, this is getting interesting. Debbie obliges. This goth chick straddled Debbie’s face, and then after pumping my cock, took the head in her mouth. Truthfully, I am having concerns that she might do something nasty, like bite down. Turns out she does do things nasty, but in a nice way. She isn’t gentle, it’s like a hardcore porn blow. Here we are, these two chicks on the bed one eating out the other and the other sucking on my cock as I’m standing by the bed. Can’t you imagine the camera panning across and then zooming in to the feeding cunt or the blowjob? I couldn’t have done it better even if I thought it up.

As the blowjob proceeds, I scoop down and gripped on her breasts, squeezing hard. These were great tits, with hard large nipples rising out of aureoles that capped these globes. I grasp and grope and tug and tweak and after a few moments of handling these melons, I think these are great tits to fuck. So I do just that; squatting a little I push these melons together and push my cock through the cleavage. Then I got to an easy rhythm of fucking these warm soft globes, which left this chick’s mouth free to start yapping.

“You like that, stud?”

“I’d like it more if you put that mouth to work as well” I retort. “And while you are at it, while to put these hands to work on these hooters of yours”

She complies, gyrating those breasts slowing she awaits for my dick to reach her mouth and then sucks on the end, I grip her head and hold it down, then as I pull it back, she finds the time to talk dirty. “I’m going want that fucking dick in my pussy soon”

“Just keep it up, bitch and I’ll fuck you good.” I say, as my dick emerges for the crevice again to received by some tongue action. It soon escalates, picking up the pace and I have trouble responding to the bantering. By her comments tapers off, as my thrusts speed up to quickly to allows her full sentences. By now Debbie has her worked up too, so I imagine she would trouble formulating, them anyway. Instead we hear deep throaty moans.

However soon, the Goth-chick feels pressured to canlı casino siteleri say something, so she spurts out words in the intervals where my cock is not occupying her mouth. It went something like this: “I… am.. going …. To… cum…”

What a coincidence, so am I. But boy does she come, grinding her hips to poor suffocating Debbie, shrieking like a banshee. In her excitement she rudely neglects me, so I grab her head, pull it down to the level of my cock and deep throat her. Two strokes and I come. The first two spurts disappearing into her mouth, the next few, I shower on her face and tits.

Without missing a beat she turns around and pulls Debbie to clean the cum of her. Debbie has lost all strength and does whatever this Goth-chick makes her do, makes me wonder if they have a history together or maybe its just chemistry. Her ass is now facing to me. I drop to my knees, and take at look at the view; not a bad ass at all, slightly saggy and cute view of fat pussy lips. She is drenched and dripping like a leaking tap. I slip two fingers in (through I think my entire fist could fit in there), and start finger-fucking her. Either she still riding her orgasm or I’m hitting the spot, because her pussy is still running on the 5th gear. I want to jack this box, and my good ol’ dependable ohnson is ready as always. I get up and push the rod in as far as it can go and start fucking like my life depended on it.

She was slamming herself at me, so even without my efforts she’s being thoroughly fucked, and apparently in the right way, she seemed to be continuously cumming. She had her fingers all over Debbie’s pussy and really fancied biting her nipples, painfully from the looks of it. Debbie was gone and seeing how the goth-chick liked to give tough, I inferred she’d like to get it tough and I took to slapping her ass. Soon those globes were red all over. The three of us were a cacophony of noise, slurping, slapping, moaning and groaning. And in the gothchick’s case cursing. Loud, and verbal. God did she have a filthy mouth. With something she said I guessed her name was Melinda.

My cock felt so so great. Before long, I would about cum again, and when Melinda finally brought Debbie to another screaming climax, I explode cumming inside herprimal messages from my spine causing me to thrust first wildly then slower and deeper. Disengaging from the goth chick, I step back and study my mates. Melinda’s former angry countenance is replaced by a look wicked glee. Debbie on the other hand seemed to be in a stupor.

“So Stud, want to fuck this bitch up her ass,” She causally asks, a naughty smile running over her face. She pushed her to a side and slapped her on her haunches. “I’ve even greased her up for you,” and then illustrated the fact by pushing three digits up her anus.

I swiped a hand across my mouth and grinned at Melinda. “Sure.”

I climbed on the bed, on my knees and spitting a handful of hand, I lubed my cock, like in those porn flicks. Yeah, a porn flick. Threesomes with practical strangers? I felt like a porn star. Debbie is on her back and Melinda climbs on her. She places a pillow under her ass and then takes the legs by the ankles. Melinda instructs me to hold them and push them toward her. Then Melinda reaches around and parts her buttocks. The rosy bud of her spread rectum was darkly inviting. I push my dickhead through with Melinda’s lewd encouragements. Debbie’s only protest was a soft moan. Resolute, I started a rhythm of thrusting. Apparently, Debbie’s ass was well fucked before, because it wasn’t as tight as I had expected and she seemed used to it. It was still tight, though and I had to pace myself.

Soon I was lost in the pulse of it. Melinda took to pinching my nipples hard and apparently got of on it. I took Debbie’s legs and placed them under Melinda armpits. Then I reached for Melinda’s generous breasts and squeezed. I duck to take those long hard nipples to my mouth and suck hard, then I got to chewing them. Not to neglect Debbie and because I getting close to creaming, I dip my hand into her cunt and try for her G-spot. It took me awhile to find it but when I did and pounded the button, it worked its Magic: Debbie screams in ecstasy and her sphincter convulses erratically, squeezing with incredible pressure on my cock. I feel Melinda join me in Debbie’s pussy, forcing her way in but instead of toward Debbie, Melinda starts rubbing the wall between the pussy and her rectum, ‘cause I could feel the pressure on my cock. It is an amazing experience, feeling those fingers through the wall. Debbie was going wild, spasming and the muscled walled of her pussy and asshole convulsing around our intruding fingers and my pistoning cock. It isn’t long after that I had more than I could take and burst, my hips thrusting hard and fast with each discharge from my spewing cock and slowing down as it teeters off to spurts.

I pull out without sparing a glance to at the filth and fluids I feel on my cock. “Excuse me, ladies I need to use the boy’s room,” Putting one of my more charming smiles. “Can you do with out me?”

To answer my question, Melinda straddles Debbie’s face. “Oh, I think we’ll do fine.”



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