I get up early and get ready to go to the gym again. On the way I stop and pick up breakfast for us both along with a fresh cup of coffee. When I get to the gym I walk in and I don’t see you anywhere. I set our breakfast on our desk and go to the weight machines to start working out. Just as I am about to begin my workout you come through a door in the back of the gym. I tell you that there is breakfast for two on your desk if you would like to eat. You go and get the food and bring it back after locking the door. We sit on the benches of the weight machines and eat our breakfast and talk about the pleasures we have enjoyed.

When we have finished our breakfast you disappear through the door in the back again. I wonder what you are doing but go ahead and begin my workout. I am lying on my back doing bench presses when you return and like the first time you sit on the machine in front of me and begin to rub your pussy. I am getting excited and my erection is growing. You come over to me and start sliding your hand inside my shorts as you get down on your knees. You slide your hand inside my shorts and put your hand around my erection. Your soft hand feels wonderful on my erection as you begin to slide it up and down. I set the weight bar back in the rack as you take your hand out of my shorts and begin to pull the down. You get my shorts off of me and start kissing the tip of my istanbul escort erection softly. You put your lips around the tip and gently suck it as your hand slides up and down my erection. my excitement is building as you slide your hand up and down my erection and you gently suck the tip. I reach out and take your hair in my hand as I push my erection farther into your mouth. As my head starts to spin and I begin to shake I erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

As soon as I have my orgasm you get up and run out the door in the back of the gym. Not knowing what is going on I put my shorts back on and return to my workout. As I am doing leg presses I see you come back into the gym. You walk over to me and pull your shorts down then sit on my face putting your pussy on my mouth. You start moving around rubbing your pussy on my tongue. I feel your clit getting harder and your moans get louder as you press yourself against my tongue. Hearing your moans get louder I slide my hands up under your shirt and gently pinch your nipples. You start rocking back and forth harder rubbing your pussy all over my face. Quickly you pull your shirt off as you begin to tremble. I massage your breasts and pinch your nipples harder as you start shaking and your orgasm moves through your body.

When you start to settle down you run to the back and avcılar escort out the door again. I am really confused but you return before I can get back to my workout. You quickly pull my shorts back off of me and have me lie down on my back. You get on top of me and place my erection against your pussy. Slowly you push against it making my erection slide inside you. Slowly you move your hips around sliding my erection in and out of your pussy. I put my arms around you and hold you tight as I turn us over and slowly begin sliding my erection in and out of you. You are warm and wet as I slide into you as deep as I can. Pushing into you harder I press against your clit each time. You tell me you want me to take you from behind so I move off of you and you get on your hands and knees. Getting behind you I place my erection at your opening and slowly push inside you. Reaching back you start rubbing your clit as I push into you harder. As my erection slides in and out of your pussy I begin to spank your butt. You moan louder as our excitement is spinning out of control. We begin to shake as we explode in a beautiful orgasm.

As we start to regain our strength you tell me to go ahead and get the shower started. You go out the door in the back of the gym again as I go into the shower. I get the water started and as I am getting in you come through the door and join şirinevler escort me. Softly we start washing each other. My hands slide over your breasts and down your stomach. Gently I slide my hand between your legs and wash your pussy. As the water rinses the soap away I get down on my knees and softly kiss your pussy. I slide my tongue over your clit and feel how hard and swollen it is. Wrapping my lips around your clit I suck it gently as I slide my fingers inside you. Leaning back against the wall you moan loudly as I slide my fingers in and out of you. Sucking your clit harder I slide my fingers in and out of you faster and you begin to tremble. Gently I bite your clit and rub it with my tongue as your orgasm rolls through your body.

As I stand up you put your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck. I lift you up and press you against the wall as my erection slides inside your pussy. As I am pushing into your pussy I look up and see a camera in the corner. My excitement is soaring too high for me to stop as I ask you what it is for. You laugh and tell me that we are live on the internet and have been ever since I got to the gym. Knowing this sends my excitement to a new level as I push into you harder. Our bodies start shaking and we erupt in a magical orgasm. Stars are streaking through our minds as we collapse on the floor of the shower.

We sit on the floor of the shower and kiss passionately as we continue to tremble. You explain that you have been earning money on the side by performing on the internet. We get out of the shower and dry off then you take me to the back room where you show me your set up for letting people watch you at night when you are alone.



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