Back to back actionOn Thursday night I visited a group of porn stores south of me. The first I went into is a total gay store with a theater showing only gay flicks. I’ve never seen any action among the theater patrons, but off to the side is a dark room where guys go for sex. I stepped in and watched a guy getting sucked for a while. After they stopped, I walked up to the guy who was getting sucked, pulled out my dick and started a conversation. We just pulled on ourselves and each other for a while as I asked him about the stores in the area. He was looking to get fucked and I had no interest. As there didn’t seem to be much developing, I left and headed to the next place to see what action it might have.Store number 2 has two theaters where you enter the first to get to the second. The first always shows gay films and the second, pussy. [I will say that in the second I had one of my few women in a theater experiences; a good looking woman was sucking a young guy. I sat down, pulled out my dick and watched for a while. It was obvious bursa escort that they were happy putting on a show as he lifted her up and started fucking here standing up, but they were just into a one-on-one. I let an old guy who was also enjoying the show suck me for a while before I jacked myself off.]But that was then, today there were a few guys sitting around and no one was showing their dick, so I left. But I noticed that there was another entrance to an arcade section that I had never seen before so I went in. Although each booth was without a door, they all had glory holes. I walked to the end of the aisle and noticed only one guy standing in a booth watching a straight movie. I entered a booth near, but not next to his, sat down and put in some money. The next thing I knew he was standing in my booth with his dick out for me. It looked tasty so I turned around and went down on it. As he showed no interest in sucking me in return, I kept it up with his nice sized piece of cut meat. Finally he asked if I was ready to shoot bursa escort bayan as he wanted to see me cum. I stood up and finished of my hard dick while he watched and then followed up with his own stream of cum. While we were zipping up he cracked me up by complaining about his wife.On Saturday I headed out mid-morning to a place about 30 minutes to the north. It is one of my favorite sites, and I’ve never been disappointed there. I was the first customer, so I walked into one of these double booths that the store features that are really hot. It is two booths in the corner with a connecting door. That means you can be in a booth with the door locked, but the inner door open. If someone walks in the connecting booth you can link up even though you both entered your own booths: a glory door, if you will.I proceeded to strip and sit down in a chair in the larger of the twin booths. Pretty soon I could hear the entry door to the arcade open and soon someone was in the connecting booth. He looked in at me and proceeded to start escort bursa sucking me as he has done several times before. A good looking black dude, he only likes to suck but does a great job. I learned the technique of sticking out my tongue and licking shaft or balls while sucking from him. But neither of us was up to cumming yet, so we broke off.A little later, I was in a different twin booth when someone walked in the second one followed quickly by another man—the black dude. I entered their booth and the black guy said to the man he was already sucking, “that’s okay, he’s a friend.” The suckee was into have his dick as part of a double blow job, so I obliged. Pretty soon he was cumming after which he said, “not bad for a guy who had a heart attack just three weeks ago.”Then I was alone again waiting for company which came in the second booth soon, a late-30s guy who didn’t seem to be interested. I was jacking my cock and he would look over every once in a while. Pretty soon, he was standing in my booth and pulling his dick out. I went down on his thick, hairy piece of man meat while pulling on my own 8-incher. He wanted to see me cum, so I did for him to wind up the action. I think that was the third married guy I took care of in two days.



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