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Baba Katya(sorry for my bad english)It was my grandmother’s neighbor, a fat old woman under 80 years old with huge breasts and ass immense. The summer after eighth grade, I was visiting the women in the village of Lena. His bath she did not have, and we went to her neighbor Kate Baba. She lived alone, her husband died ten years ago, and the c***dren had left and only occasionally frequented it. Sometimes I catch myself on a strange her look, but did not attach any importance to this, believing that it is simply longing for grandc***dren. On the day we returned from the forest was dark and rather tired. When we went to the woman Katya and called the bath, my grandmother refused, saying that she was tired and just go to sleep, and I wanted to lie down on a shelf in a well-heated bathhouse, relax, and I went. I soared more than an hour and wash. All fatigue vanished, and at the end I enjoyed jerk his already impressive member, recalling how I recently became a man, trahnuv after graduation his classmate. When I was about to leave satisfied, suddenly he opened the door and walked naked woman Katya.I surprise ran straight at her. She grabbed my arms and hugged her tightly, just slamming me into his fat belly and large drooping breasts and I had no choice as to clasp her hands, but my hands are not enough, that would embrace her Teles. Of course, I had already seen her naked and grandmother when spying on them in the bath, as well as other adult women peeping in toilets and changing rooms, but it was the first time so close. She leaned into my ear and her hot lips with excitement and predyhaniem whispered that while living with her husband, he told her several times a day on the back hem wrap and debt fucked in the pussy, then in the ass; that after the death of her husband, no one fucked that she yearned for the hot male member that has repeatedly spied on me in the bath and on the river, where I bathed naked; and today, when I saw how I masturbate, I broke down and decided to beg me even once it poebat. Another whispered that never did tell and that there is nothing to be ashamed of, when all the mutual desire. From such an incredible abundance of words and let an old woman, but a woman’s body, my cock stiffened and stared at her plump pubis with a few gray hairs. I did not need a lot of cajoling and I said that I would do everything she asks. She wailed with joy and began randomly kissing my face, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen. She dropped to her knees groaning and eagerly swallowed my cock to the base, began to milk him his wrinkled mouth. From these unprecedented caresses, it seemed to me that my trunk even more stretched and became tolshe.Sucked my boyfriend, the woman Katya said in her pussy I will not be comfortable, because it has too much and without fucked become flabby and saggy, but her ass I will be at the time. From such prospects I felt hot. What would a woman, let the old woman, she asked to fuck her in the ass!? This is what I could not even dream of! Baba Katya got on all fours, turned to me with his huge ass. Lather well developed hand opening and the anus apart to limit boulders buttocks said: “Poebi me more! I can not stand it any longer!”. I fell in between her thighs widely raskoryachennyh and pushed with all his might his friend in her ass. Member went like clockwork over the entire length, and the woman Katya uttering not a moan, not cry, trembled in orgasmic convulsions. She wailed an old woman, asking her to wear out your ass to death. I began to move quickly in its hot and spacious rectum. At first I thought it was nothing more natural, I do not feel. Her anus was severely stretched until his bottom, and I did not get, no matter how hard he tried.How then told the woman Katya, her husband was a very big dick, men and jokingly called him “three-legged”. Even after his death, she often thrust himself deep in a thick bottom handle of a shovel and debt stoke them there until they dropped from exhaustion. When the old woman were the first wave of orgasm, she decided to show all what can her insatiable ass. Her anus was transformed in an instant, he seems to be alive, pulsed width and depth. I just gasped from the incredibly sharp and sweet sensations. Her rectum to the sweet pain gripped my cock along canlı bahis the entire length, the compression wave runs through the entire length of the barrel, then began massaging only the head, then began to suck and tighten it so that it does not make any experienced minetchitsa mouth. I wanted to try it out indefinitely pleasure, but the inexperience of years, I could not even control themselves and have five minutes later started pounding on the cushions, I buttocks richly finished. I felt her ass fills young sperm woman Katya shook, wailed loudly and started as a young wag her tremendous ass, continuing the rectum to milk my end to the last drop. Her huge breasts hanging down to the floor and waved as the two full cow’s udder. When he finished, we fell to the floor and I, and stood on this soft live “featherbed” with inserted in the anus squishing member.When twenty minutes later I woke up, the woman Katya still lay beneath me limp white mountain. Member already jumped out of her priests and comfortably perched in a hollow between the buttocks. It is framed by a gray, sticky with sweat, hair, face it seemed extraordinarily rejuvenated, and on her lips froze beatific smile well woman Fucked. I ran a hand through her sweaty white buttocks and they swayed like a big white jelly. View this hefty ass waving me so excited that my cock instantly stiffened. I pushed the fat old woman’s buttocks and drove her to the trunk of a slippery sperm anus. Baba Katya immediately woke up, sweet moaned zaohala and began her skillful game ani muscle. It was just fantastic! This time I stayed for about ten minutes and then poured every drop in her bottomless ass. We came together, she was again with sobs and cries. From that day the woman Katya became increasingly complain about my grandmother on my health into the heart, then to his feet, then on the back and ask her to let me go to her help.Grandmother nothing and guessed, of course, he did not deny his neighbor and old friend. By doing all the work in my grandmother’s farm, I went to a woman Katya. She locked the gates and doors, and began an orgy. I fucked her where he wanted, as he wanted and where he wanted. It is perfectly sucked skillfully wanker my dick nip between huge soft breasts, between thighs, armpits, between the buttocks. Several times I tried to fuck her in the pussy, but she was really incredible size, flabby and sagging, and did not bring any sensations. At the request of the women I Katie thrust into her hand, she easily entered the elbow and fingers massaged her uterus, from which it is very rapidly for a long time coming! Basically, we, of course, anal sex, in this she was not surpassed mistress, despite his advanced age. She did it so that I always wanted more and more. She taught me to control myself and now I can enjoy it on the debt matchless ass is not over, bringing her and himself into oblivion. When we were resting after a crazy anal fucking, woman Katya told me that she is engaged in anal sex with 10 years.In the early 30’s she with her mother and six younger brothers and sisters living in the Volga region. Father killed in the civil and they somehow interrupted on bread and water. That year had a poor harvest and the whole family could just die of hunger. The only way out was to earn a livelihood of his body. The mother, exhausted hard labor, they do not try, could not have anyone to bring her feminine “charms”, even in her mouth no one wanted to give. All hope was on the eldest Katya. In its 10 years, it was large and had a full-fledged teenager. All she was given 14-15 years. Mother explained to, and showed her how she could, not clever women to meet men of wisdom. Strictly nastrogo punished or who do not allow to touch to the front, and the ass she stretched her soapy fingers and two days made her walk the thick candle, then with a rolling pin in the ass.At first it was very painful, but each time it becomes easier and easier. Mother taught Kate rubbing his front at this time. It was nice and distracted by discomfort in the ass. On the third day when a little ass stretched and let in three lathered her mother’s finger, the mother went to look at the train station, in taverns and on the streets men wishing to tender girl’s body, but with one condition, bahis siteleri that will only be to fuck in the ass or mouth. Wishing to found the evening, a man of about 60, with a short, but thick member. To persuade the two loaves of rye bread and a couple of kilos of millet. His mother brought him into their little room with a single couch. Section and brought Kate. A man grunted and mother, daughter soaped hole anus, and crossed himself, went behind the curtain, where the floor were other six hungry k**s. A man undressed, picked up his penis and said that sucked.Kate had never seen a naked man, but remembering instructions mother approached, knelt down and took the dick in his hand began to lick like a lollipop. Member became solid, but at a rate barely increased. Kate slipped it into his mouth and smacked his lips awkwardly. A man groaned, tearing her away from him, he told to lie down on the bed. Katja obediently lay down on his stomach and spread her legs. With one hand, it pushes your buttocks, another began rubbing pussy, at the same time covering it. A man fell on her entire body at once, and quite cleverly began to push his trunk into her ass. Prepared anus not long resisted the onslaught of the skillful and now all of a member was in her ass. Lively, warm and elastic term was much better candles and a rolling pin. When the man started to move a member back Katie ran goose sweet, she was very warm and nice and that would prolong the feeling she instinctively began to move toward the incoming member of the booty.A man fussed on it for ten minutes and the ten minutes were the first minutes of her female happiness. When the man pulled her ass and tears with her, she felt sorry that all ended so quickly. She liked it so much that she was now ready to do it all day and all night. A man pulled from the bag two loaves of delicious-smelling bread, a bag of barley and put everything on the table, got dressed and left. The mother, in tears, rushed to comfort her daughter, but she began to calm down the opposite her mother, saying that she was not hurt and that she is ready now to meet with someone else. The mother hugged her and asked for forgiveness. Katya also hugged his mother and was doubly happy, first that it is now, as an adult, can help my mother and younger brothers and sisters, and the second that it has opened a whole new world of immense pleasure. That evening, the mother did not go anywhere else. She made a king at the time, dinner, and the first piece of bread and a whole plate of porridge put Kate. And so it went: the mother was looking for clients and their daughter indulges.Kate learned to suck, but how it podmahivala ass, any woman might envy. Men have always been satisfied. There were also empty days, but more often 2 -3 client. There were old and young, thin and thick, Russian, Ukrainians, Tatars and Caucasians. Once the mother has agreed with one Armenian, and it came with two friends, also Armenians. The mother at first did not want to start, but they brought with them a lot of food and vodka, and seemingly decent, polite, and a lot of money in advance and agreed to give it. They drank a lot and laughed, the mother fed. Kate first tried vodka and immediately spat. After a while they took turns to fuck in the ass Katya and mouth. They were very big cocks and they barely were placed in her mouth, and the pope, but Kate is not frightened, but only gave an even greater pleasure.Through the pain, it was sweeter than regular sex. When they are finished on time to her ass, their mother wanted to show the door, but they got angry and tore her clothes began r****g three. Two held, and the third began to thrust his great big cock into her ass. Mother for many years did not sleep with men, and her husband in the ass fucked a few times drunk, so her ass this mighty trunk just broke. She screamed bloody murder, but they continued and continued to fuck her. Fortunately all the youngest, she stole another day to a neighbor. Kate tried to protect her, but she showed a knife and she huddled in a corner, waiting for their turn. Dashing trio courage all night and all the next day. They had a phenomenal potency, their trunks almost fell and they were all the time with short breaks to drink, fucked in the ass, then her güvenilir bahis mother, then her daughter. In women, the afternoon had no strength nor crying, neither scream nor move.They are weak-willed dolls lying on the couch, meekly accepting into their monstrous mangled ass insatiable Caucasian ends. They left around midnight, and Katya and her mother another day to rest up after their departure. Then mother fell ill and took to her bed, she can see through the tears brought the infection, while Katya, surprisingly, there was not a gap, but only very stretched between the anus and now elastic girl’s buttocks do not close a gaping hole five centimeters in diameter. Now Kate had to look for the most customers. Many saw her huge hole in the ass to fuck her and refused to agree only on the extraction and paid him very little. Kate always tried, as much as possible to compress the muscles of the anus, to close the hole, and a month later she felt that the muscles can manage their rectum. The mother recovered, and everything was adjusted, but now more than one client at a time, it never led. Katya, learn new techniques, it has become even stronger experience pleasure and now she herself wanted several times a day to feel in his zade solid male flesh, and the men went mad so easily from her ass, and were willing to pay double to ever again experience such buzz. So they survived in those terrible years of famine. After they moved to Ukraine, where Katya has grown brothers and sisters went to school.The innocence she lost in the eighth grade with his first love. This boy had no idea that his “innocent” girlfriend passed through his ass and mouth a few thousand peasants in the Volga region. When the war started, they did not have time to evacuate and were in German-occupied territory. Kate, like many healthy young men and women were sent to Germany to work, and the family she would never see. They were taken in cattle cars for a long time, almost half of the month. Every night guards took away a dozen boys and girls, and led away in his car, “dancing” What is dance all learned after the return of the first installment. Guys and girls were stripped to the goal included the phonograph and forced, huddled close to each other, to waltz, and security at this time had dinner, drank schnapps and laughed. If a member of the youth got up, his partner had to suck it and keep on dancing. When the guard reached the desired condition, they put all the cancer and started dancing around r****g indiscriminately and girls and boys. Who began to fight back, beaten, tied up and ****d even more cruel.Delinquent left in the car to protect these “dancing” and the next day beaten, abused and ****d. Upon arrival in Germany of distributed: some sent to the farm, part of the factories, and the most handsome and beautiful women, including Kate, was sent to a mobile brothel. There were Russian and Ukrainian, and Polish woman, and a French and Belgian one word all urope. Dressed all these old sis wife that severely punishes any disobedience. She was a lesbian, but if there was a fan of her shabby “charm”, then because of the fanatical love of the Fuhrer and the army, she was ready to indefinitely expose his mouth, pussy and ass by members of true Aryans, seeing it as their duty to the great Germany. They traveled to the garrisons and served soldiers and officers. In two years, Kate learned so much about sex and men would not know how many of the three lives while living at home. Soon after his arrival turned out Catino passion and skill in anal sex, and after a few lessons in French, she became the unrivaled star of a brothel in the form of sex. In the summer of 1943, when they served the public house frontline garrisons in Belarus, they were bombed, and she managed to escape. Wander the woods for three days, she stumbled upon a guerrilla reconnaissance, and which came in the squad.It identified the kitchen to help cook the old thick. Troop was a great man 200, and women until Katie, only two: one doctor’s wife detachment commander, and the second woman cook Tosya. War is war, and man all man. On vrachihu licking everything in secret, but did not dare to m***** and Tosya woman was alone, the Nazis shot the whole family back in the 41st. Although she old enough to many mothers and even grandmothers, she was just a woman and Belarus, on the, sorry guys, and any who did not deny nor young nor old. For many it was the last woman in this world, and for some the first and last.



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