B5 Chapter 17 Jeanne’s Wild Night – Jeanne SuChapter 17: Jeanne’s Wild Night – Jeanne Sucks Persia”All right, Jeanne,” said Barocca. “You’ve had your turn at being in charge, and on top for bit. Now the tables are going to be turned. You’re gonna suck us, and you’re gonna be the one who gets fucked.””We’re going to take it easy on you, because you haven’t been on a diet of Dee Dee’s pills,” said Persia. “But only to a certain degree. What your body can’t do in terms of accepting our oversized cocks, you’ll have to make up for in terms of endurance and enthusiasm.””Okay,” replied Jeanne. “I’m sorry I got uppity back there. I’ll try really hard to make it up to you now.””We’ll certainly give you a chance, Jeanne,” said Barocca. “For now relax on the bed for a minute. Veronica and I are gonna get Persia primed and ready for you.” Persia stood in front of Jeanne and she lied on the bed. Veronica and Barocca came to her sides. Veronica fondled Persia’s tits from behind, and Persia craned her neck to kiss and tongue her. Barocca squeez-ed Persia’s nuts, and began stroking her cock. Persia’s cock quickly sprang to life, and was growing rapidly.Jeanne could see the raw sexual power and confidence in Persia’s expression as her humongous cock grew to life, and her nipples grew fat and erect under Veronica’s fingers. It was not yet at its fullest length, but Persia’s cock was well over a foot long now. Barocca moved from in front of Persia, and to her side. She placed arms between Persia’s legs so she could still fondle her jewels and allow Jeanne room to get close. Forcing herself not to get carried away, and give in to her own desires, as she saw Persia’s cock, Barocca called to Jeanne. “Come here, and show us what you can do.” Jeanne crawled next to Persia. Trembling, the palms of her hands sweaty, Jeanne touched Persia’s cock with the tip of her fingers. Jeanne’s eyes bulged as she watched it twitch. The touch of Jeanne’s fingers agitated Persia, and she tossed her head and moaned. Her thick black hair swished across her neck. Persia’s prick throbbed, jutting out thicker, more menacingly.”Feel her balls, Jeanne,” Barocca sighed. “Feel how heavy they are.”Gulping back a lump of fear, Jeanne fondled Persia’s giant balls. “God, are they heavy,” she sighed. Touching them made her dizzy. Jeanne’s body felt as if it were on fire.”Heavy with cum,” Veronica said, brushing Persia’s rump with her hands. “She’s gonna drench you, Jeanne,” said Barocca. “Just you wait and see.””Ooh,” Jeanne gasped. She slipped her hands along the length of Persia’s hard cock. “Mmm, so big. It’s throbbing in my hand.””You ought to kiss it,” Barocca said. “Her cock tastes great.””She ought to fuck her,” Veronica said, still feeling Persia’s tits. “Jerking off is for sissies.”Persia’s eyes lit up, and her mouth widened in an evil grin, as she imagined Veronica’s suggestion.”All in good time, Veronica,” said Barocca. “Right now, Jeanne’s gotta earn the right to get fucked. And she starts by sucking Persia off.”Jeanne licked her lips. Just watching Persia jerk off or have sex would’ve been enough to make her cum. Jeanne’s head reeled under the girls’ suggestions to suck and fuck her. It boggled her mind!Trembling, Jeanne caressed Persia’s cock. A drop of precum oozed from her pisser. Persia’s eyes turned glassy. “Ooh, is she cumming already?” Jeanne moaned.”No chance, Jeanne,” Barocca giggled, watching Jeanne. “She hasn’t even started yet.”Persia moaned again and shifted her feet on the floor. She jerked her rump and jabbed her cock through Jeanne’s clinging fingers. Persia’s nuts swung back and forth, slapping at her arms.”Oh, God,” Jeanne squealed as Persia’s cock grew even longer, right before her eyes. “She’s gonna impale me.””No, she isn’t,” Veronica chided her. “You’re getting her hot.””See her juice?” Barocca said. She squirmed close, her eyes kadıköy escort glued to Jeanne’s hands and Persia’s mammoth cock. “Lick it, Jeanne. Lick it off.”Jeanne opened her mouth tentatively. Persia’s cockhead was as big as her fist. Unlike the other amazon girls, Jeanne hadn’t been on a diet of Dee Dee’s pills. She didn’t know if she could truly swallow Persia or not. Jeanne stuck her tongue into the tip of Persia’s cock, and began to taste her jism.”Yeah, that’s it, Jeanne,” Barocca said. “Lick her cock tip.” Jeanne swallowed her fear and lifted her head. She flicked out her tongue and scooped the large, sticky drop of Persia’s cum into her mouth. She dropped back, her hands still caressing her cock. Jeanne sighed, remembering the delicious taste of Barocca’s cum, the first time she’d sucked her off.”Anybody can stick their tongue on me, girl,” said Persia, as she glared down at Jeanne. “What are you waiting for?”Jeanne collected herself, as she prepared to suck Persia off for the first time.”She can dish it out, but she can’t take it, Barocca,” Veronica said. “Maybe we made a mistake about her.”Jeanne reached up and began fondling Persia’s nuts. The effect was not lost. Persia twitched her hips. She jerked, her cock sliding through Jeanne’s fingers. It began to swell even thicker. Jeanne quickly had the cum in her nuts churning with her hot, anxious hands.”Easy, big girl,” Jeanne soothed. “Jeanne’s gonna suck you good. Easy.” She brushed Persia’s thighs, working her way to the head of her cock. “Your hard-on looks fucking awesome, Persia,” said Veronica. “Cream our new friend with it.”Persia nuzzled her mouth against Veronica’s neck, as she fondled her tits from behind. Persia calmed down, her hands interlocking with Veronica’s. Persia tilted her head back to embrace Veronica and kiss her, soaking Veronica’s tongue in drool.Down below, Jeanne’s eyes bulged. Another big gooey drop oozed from Persia’s pisser. Jeanne lifted her head and scooped it off her cock with her tongue. With her lips still near Persia’s cock, she savored the taste, wanting more.Persia suddenly jerked. The head of her prick banged against Jeanne’s mouth. More cum oozed from her tip, smearing Jeanne’s lips in the shiny drops.”Unh,” Jeanne moaned. The thrust of her cock banging into her mouth almost knocked her back on the floor. Stunned, she licked her lips. Jeanne’s hands squeezed her shaft, shifting slowly along the thick throbbing piece of shemale cock.”Gonna make you cum,” Jeanne moaned. Her fingers began to knead Persia’s cock. She rubbed her, fondling her balls. She was becoming fantastically aroused. “Cream me, Persia…cream me.””I can give you more jism than you probably know what to do with, girl,” said Persia. “But you’ve got to earn it first. Get to work on me.”Jeanne lifted her head again, and found her hands were now flying up and down Persia’s shaft. Without realizing it, Jeanne was magically attracted to Persia’s cock, and stroking it. Jeanne knew that how well she performed would be critical to how well everyone thought of her on the Island. She had run her mouth off earlier tonight, when she was using her cock. Jeanne knew she had to give a powerful performance, and show she could take it, as well as give pleasure.Drawing deep into wells of reserve and determination that she didn’t know she had, Jeanne opened her mouth as far as she possibly could. To everyone’s surprise, Persia’s cockhead slid into Jeanne’s mouth.”Ooh, there’s hope for you yet, girl,” said Persia as she realized Jeanne’s efforts. “I’m gonna put just a little bit of my cock into you now. Okay?””Easy, Persia, easy!” exclaimed Barocca. “She hasn’t had a chance to adjust like we have.”Holding very still, Persia reached down and stroked Jeanne’s face and head. üsküdar escort “I’m only gonna feed her a little more, Barocca. I know she’s new here too. But showing spirit and determination like this, when it wasn’t expected of her, is what I like to see in a girl.”Persia and Jeanne’s eyes locked. “Are you ready for some more of my cock now?”Jeanne forced herself to take a deep breath, and nodded her head. Jeanne breathed through her nose and forced herself to remain clam. It felt like an air hose was filling her head form the inside. Her jaw felt like it was almost dislocated, but she believed she could take some more of Persia’s cock in her mouth and throat.Ever so slowly, Persia forced another five inches of her cock into Jeanne. Jeanne’s eyes grew wider and wider, as she felt the mammoth intruder filling her up. Jeanne wanted very desperately to please and impress the other girls, but she had to remember her body’s limits.Persia could sense that she’d stuffed as much as she could of her cock in to Jeanne, just as Jeanne raised her hands to indicate the same message.”That’s good girl,” said Persia. “That’s not bad at all for being so new to the Island and us. Later on, you’ll be able to swallow more dick than you could ever imagine, but not tonight.””Are you going to be okay sucking on Persia’s dick like this?” asked Barocca.Jeanne couldn’t speak, but her eyes lit up with a feverish intensity, and she nodded her head. Jeanne sucked the huge mouthful of Persia’s cock as best she could. Persia would pull out until her cockhead was at Jeanne’s teeth, and then thrust back in gently, taking care so as not to overpower Jeanne. Jeanne kept up her stroking on Persia’s cock. Meanwhile Veronica still worked on Persia’s breasts, and Barocca was still teasing her balls and the very base of her cock. After ten minutes of this triple-stimulation, Persia was panting heavily, and having trouble maintaining her composure.”She’s getting ready,” Barocca sighed, kneeling right beside Jeanne. “Keep jerking her off.” Veronica moved slightly in front of Persia, stroking her head, allowed the horny amazon to soak her tits in wet spit. “Mmm, you’ll get to fuck Jeanne next,” she moaned. “You’ll get a nice wet pussy for a present. I promise.”Veronica was swaying. Persia licking her tits and the gasps and sighs coming from Jeanne had her dizzy. “Make her cream, Jeanne,” she said. “Persia needs to get off.”Barocca was now behind Persia, crouched on her haunches. She caressed Persia’s heavy balls, her eyes fixed on Jeanne’s body, and her pussy, which was beginning to drip. “Come on, Persia, blast your load down her throat, and then next time you’ll cum in her pretty pussy.”Jeanne heard them talking. She stared at Persia’s cock. It looked like it was too big to fit inside her pussy. It made her head spin. Jeanne couldn’t understand how the other girls did it and could still walk the next day.”Blast her, Persia,” Barocca exclaimed. Jeanne opened her mouth even wider. With her eyes wide open, she waited. She was dying to see it happen to Persia. Persia, her nuts being fondled by Barocca, her cock being jerked off by Jeanne, and her mouth chomping on Veronica’s tits, exploded. Her nuts churned and throbbed, the hot bubbling cum shooting out through her cock.Persia lifted her head, nearly knocking Veronica back. Her lips rumbled, and her eyes blazed. As hot thick jet streams of jism shot from her pisser, she jerked her cock through Jeanne’s fantastic hands.Jeanne took the first load of jizz in her mouth. She gulped. The thick wad slammed down her throat. It was like having someone turn on a garden hose in her mouth without warning.”Persia’s cumming!” Barocca shouted. “Ooh, she’s creaming!” Jeanne managed to take several more massive splurts of jism down her gullet, before the force of Persia’s tuzla escort orgasm was too much for her.Jeanne took the next load in her face. It dribbled from her forehead, over her cheeks and lips, and down her chin. More cum drenched her. She fell back as wad after wad of gooey amazon cum drenched her face and tits.”Jeez, what a fucking load,” Barocca gasped, caught by some of Persia’s splattering drops. “She’s soaking Jeanne.” Barocca continued to massage Persia’s nuts. Her eyes bulged as she watched Jeanne’s writhing, dark body become covered in a blanket of white delicious cum. “Oh, fuck yes!” Persia moaned. “Keep cumming, Persia.” Barocca jiggled her balls, agitating her to further heights of pleasure. Persia humped her cock through Jeanne’s fists. Her nuts were on fire. Hot cum sprayed from her tip. She tossed her head from side to side, her black mane swirling across her powerful neck, brushing into Veronica. Rumbling gasps of pleasure came from her mouth as her lips quivered and her teeth were bared.Jeanne’s eyes were wide. She saw each spurting load of cum shoot from Persia’s cock as if it were happening in slow motion, the dilated pisser, the cum squirting out, shooting through the air, cum splashing against her body, the heat the cum generated in her pussy. “Ooh, God, I’m getting creamed!”Jeanne lifted her head and opened her mouth. Two quick spurting wads, one after the other, hit her. The first found her open mouth. The second wad splashed in her face. Persia dropped back slightly, aiming her thick erupting cock at Jeanne’s creamy tits.Blinking, her vision blurred, she watched Persia’s exploding cock drench her tits. Jeanne’s jerking hands moved at blinding speed on her cock. She squeezed, pulled, jerked. Hot loads continued to splash over Jeanne’s body.Persia stepped forward. She clamped her cock with her own fist. Her balls, after being manhandled by Barocca, ached painfully. Persia couldn’t stop. She was in a trance. She twisted her spraying cock, soaking Jeanne in a fine spray of white jizz. “Ooh, she’s going crazy, Barocca!” squealed Veronica. “She’s going crazy!” Barocca pulled herself up level with Persia. “Easy, Persia,” she soothed. She rubbed her tits into her slobbering mouth. “Take it easy, Persia…easy. Easy!”Persia gasped and jerked her head away from Barocca. Jeanne fell back, her body covered in cum. Barocca backed away from Persia, releasing her balls. She gaped at Persia with wide-eyed with amazement.Jeanne rolled on the bed, the linens sticking to the cum that had splattered her body.With her orgasm finally over, Persia became a docile girl again. She embraced Veronica and Barocca. Persia brought her head to Veronica’s neck, nuzzling her as if apologizing for her rage. Soft whispering noises were exchanged as she rubbed against Veronica’s tit and neck.”What a way to start things off,” Veronica sighed. “Later on,” Barocca whispered, “you can have Jeanne’s pussy.””I’m ready now,” Persia replied. “But it’s only fair that we all take a turn with our new toy here.” Jeanne was saturated with cum. She was dizzy and hot, the cum burning into her flesh. The taste lingered in her mouth and like a cat, she began to clean herself. She brought one tit to her mouth and licked, savoring each drop.Jeanne tilted the hard pink nipple up, hesitated a moment, then lowered her head and sucked it into her mouth. Once or twice before, while masturbating, she had sucked her own nipples briefly. She had found it to be a very pleasurable experience but it had never been as good as right now.”Hey! Who said you could play with yourself?” chided Barocca. “You’re our fucktoy for the night, you know.””We drenched you, and we’re gonna clean you up,” said Persia.Now, after what Jeanne had just experienced, this seemed an inconsequential matter. The three girls gathered close to Jeanne. They took turns opening their mouths and sucked in the swollen aureole and as much of the soft titty flesh as each mouth would hold. Barocca and Persia squeezed the lush mounds of Jeanne’s tits with their hands, as each rubbed the sensitive nipple with her tongue, and lovingly licked the jism off of her boobs.With three eager mouths, it wasn’t long before Jeanne was reasonably clean again!



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