Hello friends,

Thanks again for letting me publish this second part of my adventure at my aunt’s place at Kochi. In this concluding part, I would like to narrate how I made the circle complete by fucking my sexy aunt Sarita aged 37, after enjoying her two sexy daughters Kavitha aged 20 and her youger sister Savitha who has justed turned 18 this summer.

I hope you remember that the previous part concluded with my aunt discovering my threesome with her two sexy daughters. She screamed them out of the room in an outrage and was visibly upset with me for not listening to her plea to stay away from her daughters. But I had never assured her that I wouldn’t get close to her daughters, Kavitha and Savitha as they were too sexy things to miss out.

The rest of the day went uneventful throughout with an uneasy silence maintained by Sarita, my aunt, looking really rigid with me as well as with her daughters. I somehow believed that my aunt would never reveal my adventures with her daughters, as she herself had accepted my luring. I was wondering whether my aunt would allow Kavitha and Savitha to sleep in the drawing room with me although I was sure that she wouldn’t do anything to create any suspicion in my uncle’s mind. I was right, as Kavitha and Savitha did come to sleep in the drawing room with relieved smiles on their faces. After midnight, I moved right in between them and started playing with both of them.

“Anna! It’s enough. I don’t want to irritate mother again.” Kavitha said in a regretting tone.

Savitha endorsed to what her elder sister had said and I had to spend the night without sleep and fun with my sexy cousins.

The next morning, I was waiting for my uncle to leave for his office and the moment he left, I moved into the kitchen where my aunt was working. I could see a sarcastic smile on her face on seeing me.

“So?” My aunt asked sarcastically.

“Did you sleep well last night?” she enquired’

“Sarita,” I fumed.

“You are adding insult to injury,” I continued.

“I know how you must be feeling,” Sarita giggled.

“I guess you don’t,” I managed to smile at her. I really wanted to teach the bitch a lesson which she would never forget. I immediately pulled her hands, and dragged her to the bed room. As Sarita stumbled and fell on the cot, her saree slipped off her shoulders revealing her huge breasts struggling to remain beneath her tight blouse and bra. I quickly locked the door from inside, took off my shirt and trousers and stood nude in front of my aunt. Her eyes widened seeing my long dick which was further growing and more importantly hardening.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.

“It is your turn today,” I told her with a grin as I leaped on her.

She closed her casino siteleri eyes as I held her shoulders firmly and brought her face close to mine. We could feel each other breathing and I was scenting her aroma which started arousing my cock even further. Before she could open her eyes again, my lips got to hers and I planted a firm kiss which soon turned into a prolonged chewing. She was now moaning inside my mouth. She never really made any attempt to push me off or to free herself from my grip although I felt she wanted me to toil for a while before I got to enjoy her.

I let my arm around her to get hold of her firmly. My left hand had gone around her shoulders to rest on her right breast.

“That’s nice! Your tits feel as good as they look,” I appreciated and started pulling her saree.

She pretended as though she wouldn’t reveal her cleavage to me as she tried to cover her blouse with both her hands. I pushed her onto the bed, pulled her hands apart and buried my face right in between her big breasts. I brought her waist under my wide spread legs not to allow her any freedom of moving even an inch. My eyes were planted on her big tits as she blushed slightly perhaps realizing what was about to happen to her. I pushed her hands above her head, moved to her right breast and took it inside my mouth making her blouse moist rather instantly.

“Mmmm..!” My aunt moaned heavily.

“Your nipples should be better than your kids. Let me see,” I told her as my fingers started unhooking her blouse in haste.

My dick was getting hard the entire time pressing against her big belly. As I flipped off the last hook of her blouse, my eyes were exposed to a visual treat of her huge breasts bulging from her tight black bra. My finger went beneath her bra strap to pull it up letting the tight bra open like lightning. Her tits jiggled for a while after getting released from the tight bra exposing her hard nipples to my face as if inviting me to suck them.

“You know what am I about to do now?” I asked my aunt as she bit her lower lips.

“I do. Go ahead and suck them. They have not been cared for a while now,” my aunt looked at me and spoke in a pleading voice.

I immediately pounced on her nipples to take them one after another into my mouth and started sucking them as if I were drinking coke from a can. My aunt’s body swung and swayed as my lips and tongue kept teasing her nipples and breasts with unbound lust.

“Suck them, suck them. They are better and bigger,” screamed my aunt.

“They are for sure,” I admitted as I kept sucking while my hands were crushing her breasts against each other. My thumbs took over the nipples whenever they were let off by my mouth and my aunt was jumping while my fingers and slot oyna thumbs kept kneading and tweaking her long hard perky nipples. Her hands traced my trouser lace and snapped the knot with amazing ease. She pushed my trouser down in search of my naked ass to hold them and squeeze them the way I was squeezing her breasts. I lifted my head to reach beneath her chin and started kissing her soft skin on the neck, beneath her ears and on her shoulders. She trembled for a while as my lips went on a kissing spree all over before finally finding her sexy lips again. She pushed me sideways and undid her saree in just a matter of seconds. Her stomach was bigger than what I had imagined but still she looked a sexy bitch as she was totally naked. My mouth now found a new destination on her pussy mount with somewhat dense hairy patch all over it. As my rough tongue tip started brushing her clit like a hungry dog licking a milk bowl, she started screaming like never before chanting my name in between. As my left fingers encircled her clit, my right fingers started stroking in and out of her wet pussy in a synchronized motion. Every now and then, I used one or two of my fingers to tickle her sex button by rubbing it up and down sending shock waves in her body. As I continued mouthing her pussy, I could feel her growing orgasm as drops of her fluid went inside my mouth, which nevertheless stopped my frantic sucking and licking of her pussy.

“Oh, dirty fellow! Suck your aunt. Clean my pussy…Oahu! That is superbbbbb!” blured my aunt.

My hands reached up to hold her breasts yet again toying with her nipples for the umpteenth time to make her scream like hell.

“Mmmmmm…how do you manage to do both? Do it. Do it!” my aunt was moaning in frenzy.

Now that I have had enough fun with my mouth, I decided to let my dick have some fun with my aunt. As I stood on my knees to position myself for taking the deep plunge into my aunt’s cunt, she caught hold of my hard long dick in desperation and started kissing the tip of my dick. My head jerked feeling her mouth on my dick for the first time as she continued to stroke my dick like a whore. She took my dick to her mouth and brushed my tip against her soft lips. Then she let out her tongue which started licking my balls to begin with only to end up taking the entire length of my dick inside her mouth. She shook her head for a while letting my dick to feel her inner cheeks and teeth while her tongue continued to brush all over my dick with passion. I could feel my hard dick getting harder and bigger inside her mouth as she kept sucking me as if she wished to drink me through my dick. I soon realized that I was about to explode inside her mouth and had to struggle for pulling out my dick from her hungry mouth. As canlı casino siteleri she looked at me in surprise, I jumped in between her legs to spread them further apart and to position my dick in line with her wet clit.

“Don’t let it in so soon,” she pleaded as I started rubbing the tip of my dick against her clit slowly. She was biting her lower lips once again as I picked up speed gradually and her eyes widened as my dick was moving up and down over her clit like a high speed machine.

“Aiyo…,aiyo…,aiyo.,” Her screams have gone crazy as I kept the rubbing go on for a few more seconds and just as she seemed like looking for more, I took a deep breath to thrust my hard dick deep inside her spongy pussy with brutal force.

“Ammaaaaaaaaaaaa!” My aunt screamed and within seconds there was frantic tapping on the door. I knew that Kavitha and Savitha heard their mother’s screaming and were there to see what was going on. Both of us were in no mood to stop anyway and I let my dick remain in my aunt’s pussy for a few more seconds. I could hear a couple of chairs being dragged towards the door outside and soon I could see both Kavitha and Savitha peeping inside through the ventilator. I thought my aunt might not have noticed her daughters looking at us from outside, but I was wrong.

“Leave me, they are watching us,” She tried to push me off although I was very much in control of her.

“Leave me; I can’t do this while they are watching us.” She started pleading. But, I had already made up my mind to accomplish the mission and hence started stroking my dick inside her pussy gently in and out.

“Oh! No,” my aunt closed her eyes in dismay as I started pumping her in a gentle pace while I could see through the corner of my eyes that my cousins were watching the show with wide opened eyes. I was overflowing with erotic thoughts as I reached out to my aunt’s breasts again to suck them vigorously. The feel of her fleshy breasts and perky nipples inside my mouth recouped my energy after the momentary lapse on hearing the tapping of the door. My dick got further straightened and hardened, enough to go through the motions at once. As she moaned and pushed back, I felt the inside of her pussy expand further for my rigging cock. My thighs were slapping against hers as I was gaining unbelievable speed in pumping her. Soon her moans became intermittent gasps and gags as I was in absolute control fucking her like mad in an amazing pace. Her pussy was feeling like a hot air oven and my dick felt like getting inside a steam boiler as we approached our orgasms simultaneously. Our body convulsed before going still as my hot cum exploded deep inside her cunt letting her scream in sheer ecstasy.

As she attempted to kiss me after a lapse of few minutes, I told her that her daughters are watching. She winked at me and said,

“They are as lucky as I am”. We both turned around to see the ventilator and started laughing.

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