I had been caught red handed. My kinky secret was now known by the stewardess of my local club. At 45 years of age, without a girlfriend, my world was about to change. Of course this was a fantasy dream, but everything was so real.

Stewardess Jean Drummond Lloyd was 58 years of age. Sixteen stone of obesity, with short, blonde, curly hair. This was going grey at the sides. Jean had a plain, bloated face, with little hairs sprouting from her chin. I must admit though, that I found her very sexy. She had a common voice, which loved to call everyone “babes”. Jean had two daughters, Kimberley 38 and Karen 23.

One cold evening a week before Christmas, Jean invited me upstairs for a little chat. I sat on the sofa facing Jean. She was wearing a bright, orange, shapeless dress. Her husband had left her about a year ago. Jean needed a new hobby in her life. I was just about to become that kinky hobby.

“Well babes, I know everything about your kinky perversions. I’ve had cameras fitted up all over my house. Captured all your little trips upstairs. My dirty, little bugger has been through my clothes basket. Sniffing my dirty panties as well as my daughters. Pinching hankies from our coat pockets. Wearing my Karen’s satin pyjamas. Don’t deny it., everything is on film as evidence.”

“Ok Jean I admit I’ve been a fool. I didn’t mean to cause any harm. I will do anything you want, but please don’t tell anyone.”

“That’s up to you babes. Living on your own in that flat has turned you into a loner. Why not spend Christmas with me. I could do with a sissy niece about the house, to help with the washing and cleaning. By the way, from now on call me Auntie Jean.”

“Anything you say Auntie Jean, I’m your kinky, sissy slave.”

“From now on your name is Carly and you are a twenty year old slut. illegal bahis My Karen will share her clothes with you. Karen will also share her bedroom and bed with you. It’s all right my daughters know all about it. Welcome to my family, kinky Carly. Now give your Auntie Jean a big, wet, sloppy kiss.”

Jean ripped all my clothes off. I flung my arms around her. Then gave Auntie Jean a very wet kiss hard on the lips. Jean Drummond Lloyd was delighted. She squeezed me tight against her dress. Jean thought I was not to old to be punished. She forced me over her lap. My stiff cock rammed tight against her orange dress. Jean then gave be a good spanking. It was difficult not to shoot my semen over her dress. Jean stuck her fingers up my ass , which was painful. Then she smacked me harder.

“Karen will sort out your hairstyle soon. I suppose it will end up the same as hers.”

“That will be lovely Auntie Jean, smack me even harder you fat cow.”

At this point the door opened, In walked Jean’s elder daughter Kimberley Holmes. Kim was a tall women with short, blonde hair. She had a big nose like her mother, but longer and thinner. Kim was wearing a tight, white jumper over her large breasts. Her tight ass was almost bursting out of her black trousers.

“Sorry to bother you Mam, didn’t realise that you had company.”

“This your new cousin Kim, say hi to sissy Carly.”

“Hi Carly, pleased to meet you. “

“Hi Kimberley, look forward to playing with you.”

“I will share everything with you Carly. My husband Kevin and of course my milky breasts. “

“Thanks Kimberley, I’m in love with you already.”

Kimberley burst out laughing. Jean lifted me up so that I was sitting on her lap facing her. Jean’s large, squashed nose was a wonderful sight. Jean realised that her nose was illegal bahis siteleri turning me on. Jean started to pick her nose in a provocative way. Kim started to giggle at my shocked face. Jean pulled out of her nose, a big, sticky, green bogie. It looked revolting stuck on the end of her finger. Kim cringed with disgust.

“Look what Auntie Jean has got for you. An early Christmas present . A Jean Drummond Lloyd sticky, green bogie.”

“That looks delicious Auntie Jean, please would you feed it to me.”

Jean gave be a wicked smile. Her finger finally reached my lips. She pinched my nose to open my mouth. Jean teased me by rubbing her finger against my lips. Then I surprised her by sucking her bogie from her chubby finger.

“Oh! Mam, that’s disgusting. I know Carly needs to be punished, but there should be limits. My God she is enjoying it.”

Shut up Kim, I’ve not started with this pervert yet, that’s it kinky Carly, eat up my bogie. Plenty more up my nose for you to enjoy.”

Jean picked her nose again, this time with two fingers. In a short while, I had eaten about 8 of her tasty bogies. Kim decided to join in, by wiping my mouth with her crumpled ,white paper hanky. “I’m a 23 year old slut and would like to start acting like one please,” I shouted out loud.

Kimberley held my hand, leading me to Karen’s bedroom. Karen was lying on her bed, with her denim skirt up. She had a vibrator stuck up her pussy. On the wall was a picture of Princess Diana. This was making her moan even louder. Karen tidied herself up. She was delighted to see me. Karen Lloyd was a pretty girl with short, blonde hair. She also had a big nose, like her Mother and Sister. Karen was not very intelligent. In fact she was thick as shit. Karen Lloyd was the original dumb blonde.

“This is your canlı bahis siteleri sissy cousin Carly. Let me introduce my sister Karen.” said Kimberley.

I jumped on top of Karen. We both kissed and cuddled each other. Kim laughed out loud. Jean came into the room, still picking her nose.

” I want Carly to be your double, so hurry up Karen. You’ve got 2 hours until the bar opens. I want her hair styled like yours. Also dress her up in your clothes and make sure her makeup looks right,” Said Jean in a commanding voice.

Yes Mum, she will look like a slag like me. Come on Carly, I will make sure you look fantastic., giggled Karen. Within the two hours available. I now had a Karen Lloyd short, blonde hairstyle. Karen had put my makeup on. I loved Karen’s pink lipstick. Then I wore a pink, satin thong, with matching bra. A green, satin blouse felt silky, over a very short, white skirt. My fishnet tights felt so sexy against my skin.

I was Carly Lloyd, aged 20, ready for action as the new barmaid. Look out Simon Bennett, I’m going to chat you up my virgin friend.

Jean Drummond Lloyd was happy that that I had seen sense. She was in complete control of me. Karen and Kimberley held both my hands, leading me downstairs to the bar. I could hear the infectious laugh of Adele Howells. I was so excited at the prospect of her seeing me as the pretty slag, that I wanted to be. Just before Jean opened the door for me to enter the bar Kimberley had a present for me. She stuck her long nose into my mouth. At the same time Karen put her hand up my skirt. It crept inside my tights, stroking the front of my satin thong.

“Welcome to the family, Carly babes,” cackled Jean Drummond Lloyd.

I was pushed into the bar. Adele Howells burst out laughing. Simon Bennett my 40 year old friend did not recognise me. To my horror Belinda Beynon and her boyfriend James were there. What made it more embarrassing was that I used to be her best friend. There were others that I recognised. These I will tell you about in my next adventures of my very kinky tale.



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