The cry escaped his lips despite his efforts at silence. The ring was biting into his flesh, bruising it into a red circle of pain. His attempts to slide it off had shot a fresh jolt of pain, making him cry out.

“Dan? Are you alright?”

Shit! Aunt Heather was at his bedroom door. Before he could move away, the door swung open and she rushed in with a concerned look.

“OH My God! What have you done?”

Her voice was low, almost a whisper, as she took in the incredulous scene of her nephew standing fully naked, his cock in a raging erection. She couldn’t tear her eyes off his enlarged cock-head, purple and pulsating. Dan was holding his shaft close to the base, his face twisted in pain and shame.

She rushed forward, the nurse in her taking over.

“Move your hands, let me see” she commanded. Dan dropped his hands, ashamed and relieved at the same time. He was in great pain and at his wits end. Aunt Heather was a registered nurse at the local hospital. She would know how to deal with this mess he had gotten into.

Heather couldn’t believe her eyes. The boy had slipped a metal ring on his penis and the ring was too small for his erect size. The ring was lodged at the base of his cock, holding in the blood. The cock looked painfully beautiful, the veins on his thick shaft bulging and throbbing, capped with a huge bulb-like head. She took in his bare body, lean muscles under smooth skin, long legs and arms with barely any body hair. Even his pubic hair was scant and short, almost non-existent, making his balls look like pink eggs hanging in a delicate web.

She drew in her breath, trying not to get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and sensuality of youth. He wasn’t really a boy anymore, 18 years old and in college. He was her husband Roger’s nephew. Roger and his brother shared the same strict austere moral code, shunning alcohol, cigarettes or any other vices. They wanted the boy to follow in their footsteps and instead of letting him stay at the college dorm, Dan had to live with his uncle Roger and aunt Heather.

Dan had hoped for freedom when he left home for college, thirsting to try the adventures his friends bragged about. But his Dad had made him select a college in the town where Uncle Roger lived, ensuring his continued supervision. Uncle Roger was even worse than his Dad. He and Aunt Heather had no kids, and he hadn’t seen Uncle Roger smile or laugh once. The only saving grace was Aunt Heather. She had a kindly face and especially when Uncle Roger was not around her eyes would take on this mischievous twinkle as she teased him about his girlfriends, or lack thereof.

She moved closer and held his length in her left hand; it’s thick mass hot and pulsating, while she gently examined the skin around the ring. There was no way it would come off without the erection completely subsiding, and the way his cock throbbed in her hand it showed no sign of abating. Clearly he was in much pain, his eyes screwed shut now, probably embarrassed to death. Her right hand moved down, cupping his balls and lifting them up. They looked so clean and yummy.

“We need to get your penis back to its normal size, Dan. Can you think of something frightening or disgusting to lose the erection?”

“I tried, but it didn’t work. It’s probably half an hour now and I can’t bear it anymore and it still won’t go down”

“Hmmm. Looks like you have to release your… hmm… you know… for it to subside. Did you try to… you know… like… help yourself?” Heather blushed as she searched for words. Living with her prudish husband for years had made her forget words like ‘cum’ and ‘jerk off’. She suddenly felt a sense of rebellion casino siteleri and anger at her husband for years of joyless life.

“I tried that too, Aunt Heather” he whined. “But I can’t use my hands to… you know… because the skin near the ring hurts real bad.”

“Well, we’ll have to use a different method then. Go to the shower and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Dan was both ashamed and excited at Aunt Heather catching him like this. What did she mean by ‘a different method’? He hadn’t thought of her in a sexual way before. She always portrayed a capable, calm and sensible demeanor, the perennial nurse. She wasn’t bad looking, thought. A bit plump, but with a flat tummy and decent sized breasts, she was definitely attractive.

She had come into the room in her uniform, probably just back from work. Her outfit was knee length, with a belt around her waist. As she turned around and walked out, her hips swaying, Dan couldn’t help wondering what her bare ass would look like. His cock raged in excitement shooting a fresh jolt of pain through his body. He slowly waddled to the shower, holding his dick trying to keep it from moving much.

Heather walked as if in a dream. She’d noticed the boy’s suppressed sexuality from the first day he moved in. He was gentle and soft spoken, almost too soft. Her initial fears of having to deal with a boisterous teenager were quickly replaced by a desire to smother him with love. But that was a distant dream in this house with Roger’s puritan ways. Now she felt like events far beyond her wishes were unfolding.

She quickly shed her uniform, a force of habit. She would always take it off as soon as she came back from the hospital and put it in the wash to prevent bringing infections into the house. She took off her stockings and picked her home clothes. What was she doing? She was going to feast on a beautiful naked young man and here she was, about to wear dowdy sweat pants and a loose thick t-shirt that hid all signs of femininity. No, enough was enough. She was going to be bold and naughty. Roger wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours.

She quickly took off her tight bra, her breasts springing forward, nipples hardening. She found the thin white t-shirt that she sometimes wore under a dress. It was tight and just long enough to cover her ass, barely so. She quickly glanced at herself in the mirror. In an impulsive flash she shed her panties, and bending forward to check the view in the mirror. A clear view of her clean shaven pussy was presented as the t-shirt rode up. God help me, she thought, shivering in excitement.

Dan waited patiently in the shower. His cock was still stiff and erect. He cursed his naivety in slipping on the ring that a friend at college presented him, promising an erection the size and duration unprecedented. He looked down at the ring. It looked absurd at the base of his thick cock, crimping into it. He looked up in surprise as Aunt Heather suddenly appeared. He could see her bare legs and thighs, her t-shirt barely covering her pussy. Before he could ogle her more, she steered him away from her.

“Face the wall and place your hands on the wall. Good, now spread your legs and bend down a bit. That’s good.”

Dan was facing with his ass pointed towards her. God, what a nice ass, she thought. I’m going to get a piece of that. Quickly slipping on latex gloves on her right hand and applying a glob of Vaseline, she quickly inserted 2 fingers into his rectum before he could protest.

“Ouch! Aunt Heather! What are you doing?” he yelled almost turning around.

“Stay as you are” she commanded. “Do you want the ring off? Eh?” she taunted. “Have you heard of a prostrate massage?” she slot oyna asked softly.

Dan had heard of it but hadn’t believed it possible. His aunt had her fingers facing forward towards his stomach wall and was gently kneading the base of his cock. Her other hand was caressing his ass cheek, moving down towards his balls till they cupped and kneaded them very gently. He could feel this deep urge arising within as her fingers continued to work their magic.

“AAAGHH!” He yelled as he shot a huge wad of cum. Burst after burst of semen erupted out with a huge rush of pleasure and pain shaking his whole body. He couldn’t believe the speed and intensity of his release. Today was a first for many events.

Heather was fascinated by the way his body bucked and twisted as he shot his load. She had to use all her self-restraint to prevent herself from grabbing his cock as it erupted. Instead she let her left hand stay cupping his balls, holding them close to his body. When he was spent, she gently pulled out her fingers from his anus. Turning slowly to the sink she discarded her glove in the trash and bent forward to wash her hands, again a force of habit from her profession. She knew he would take the chance to look at her. She studiously avoided looking up into the mirror, focusing just on her hands and the soap and she wiggled her ass lightly to make sure the t-shirt was riding clear of the view she wanted to present. Her pussy was wet and she could feel the wetness seep out of her. God, he’d know now that she was really turned on.

Dan felt like he was in heaven, basking in the afterglow of the orgasm, almost half asleep. He turned around to look at his aunt and his heart lurched in mid-step. Aunt Heather was leaning over the sink, her legs slightly parted. Her ass was the most beautiful object he’d ever seen. Her legs were clean shaven and shapely. He couldn’t take his eyes off her ass. It was moving slightly now as she moved her hands and that’s when he realized he had missed what was staring right in front of him. He could see her pussy! It was pink and slightly puffy, parted just a crack and clean shaven. It was glistening and he could see a white drop of liquid at the tip of her cunt, slowly dripping down. Not only was his aunt really hot, she was hot for him!

Heather knew she had his full attention by now. She wasn’t sure how to proceed. His cock would be too sore for him to fuck her. At the same time she badly wanted to touch his thick manhood. She wasn’t yet sure if she could rely on him to keep this a secret from her husband. No, she would have to take this slow. She turned around, a blank expression on her face.

“How does it feel now?” she asked in a professional tone, as if examining a patient. Stepping forward she took his dick in her hand. A drop of cum still clung at the tip. She calmly spread it onto his dick, holding it like the handle of a pan. “Hasn’t yet reduced much in size, has he?” she asked, looking at him sharply.

“No..” muttered Dan “How could it when you’re teasing me like this?” he thought. Aunt Heather was right in front of him and her breasts were pressed against the tight t-shirt. Her nipples were poking out, screaming for attention. He almost leaned forward to caress them.

“Do you want me to help you with getting the ring off?” she asked, withdrawing her hand, as if her work was done.

“Yes, please… Aunt Heather” Dan pleaded.

“And what should I tell your Uncle when he gets home?”

Dan was horrified at this thought. Uncle Roger would most likely ground him, give him a long lecture on the sins of masturbation and most likely inform his father too.

“Please Aunt Heather… please don’t mention this to him. canlı casino siteleri Can’t we keep this our secret? Please… “

His fear of Uncle Roger and the fact that he’d already shot his load was finally bringing Dan’s cock to its normal flaccid state. Heather smiled inwards at his fear. Now he wouldn’t dare go to her husband. She was sure Dan was attracted to her, but wanted him to make the first move.

“Ok, I’ll keep this between us.” she said sternly as if still considering the alternative. “Let me get the ring off and tend to the bruised skin.”

Spreading some Vaseline gently around his bruised skin, she slowly eased the ring towards the tip of his penis. She still marveled at his girth and the size of his penis head. Even flaccid it was a handful, definitely a lot thicker than her husbands. The ring was now stuck at the neck of his bulb-like penis head. Wrapping one hand around his shaft tightly to keep his skin from pulling and hurting where it was bruised, Heather pulled the ring over his penis head with the other hand, caressing the whole length of the penis in the process. She couldn’t wait to get another chance at his cock when it would be hard. All in good time she thought.

Dan was scared and excited at the same time. He was acutely aware of the forbidden nature of what was transpiring, and on the one hand he was mortified at the thought of his Uncle catching him, and on the other excited at the sight and closeness of his Aunt Heather. She looked very professional and displayed no emotions, but he suspected that there was more to it than met the eye. She wouldn’t be dressed like this otherwise he thought, admiring her nipples protruding in front of him, her hands slowly extracting the ring. He put his arms on her shoulders for support as he winced with pain. Aunt Heather’s hair was in his face, the smell of her shampoo drawing him in. He wanted to just hold her and hug her, kiss her all over. His cock began to lurch at the sight and smells, growing in his Aunt’s hands. The thought that she would sense his cock hardening right in her hands excited him even more and brought his hardness to an erect attention.

Heather couldn’t believe her eyes. The boy’s meat was jerking and stretching, growing in size and rigidity as she held it. It was hardly a couple of minutes since his release. Good Lord! She imagined making love to him, making him explode within her, and then hold him in position for the few minutes it would take for him to harden again. Was that even possible?

Heather drew back her hands and steadied herself. Things were moving too fast and she needed time. Moreover the skin at the base of his penis was badly bruised.

“Ahem… Shouldn’t you be giving it a rest so that it heals up? Look, the skin is swollen and bruised. Let me put on some cotton dressing to prevent any more damage.”

She quickly wrapped his erect cock with cotton gauze bandaging, maneuvering her hands to prevent it from knocking it around as she wrapped his base and pulled the ends around his waist and tied it behind his back to prevent it from falling off when his erection subsided.

“You should take rest and we’ll check on the progress tomorrow, ok?” she said, still looking at his cock, keeping her professional nurse tone and persona intact, walking away though internally she yearned to linger.

“Sure, Aunt Heather…. Thanks” Dan stammered, his emotions in turmoil. She looked so strict and unresponsive, yet she had looked so sexy in the tee shirt. What would ‘check the progress’ entail? He couldn’t wait till tomorrow.

Heather headed straight to her bathroom, her finger already stroking her hard button with the flowing juices, as she closed her eyes under the steaming water and brought back the vision of young Dan and his throbbing hot meat in her hand, growing thicker, and thicker. It didn’t take long for her own hardness to flower in the shower.



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