At The MoviesXXXIt was a Thursday night my BBF call me told me to come with her to the movies. I was bored so I put on my cute little skirt my v-neck sweater and a short demin jacket and met up with her by her house. We smoked a joint in the car. She told me she had a surprise for me…when we arrived I was shocked it was a XXX rated movie theatre. It was dark and it had a popcorn and bleach odor. I held on to Lori she told me to sit one chair away from her. As my eyes adjusted I could see one couple and single guys about 25 guys and no women except for me Lori and the girl with her boyfriend. I’ve never seen sex so vivid before. No story lines just sex. I bent over to tell Lori this was creepy, she was talking to the guy sitting behind her, he was bent forward and she was listening to him. He most of told her to sit back there with him, because she got up and sat next to him. She took off her jacket and put it over her breast. I could see he was massaging her breast. I wasn’t completely in shock. Lori was always a little freak. I just turned around grabbed my cell and texted my other friend Judianne she LOL ed me and told me to have a good time and enjoy the movie. I could see a guy moving over closer to me on both sides. I guess they wanted me to watch them rub on their cocks. When I smoke like most woman I get horny. I won’t lie, I watched from the corner of my eye. The guy on the left moved in closer he sat one seat away from me his cock exposed, it was a nice size he stroked it slowly. licking his fingers kadıköy escort and stroking. I could feel a tingle. I turned around to see what Lori was up to. She was stroking the guys cock and he was sucking on her nipples. Her eyes were closed. I know she was feeling good. Her breast was exposed too by that time no coat to cover her, and another guy moved close on the other side of her stroking inside his pants while he stared at her titties. I turned around to watch the movie this guy came all over this girls butt, it was a lot of cum. I like to see a guy cum, it excites me. I turned to my right another guy sitting about 3 seats over, he look at me and when I look at him he turn his head. The guy on the left he had moved right next to me. He covered his cock with his coat. He whispered in my ear, If he could just look at my naked titties while he jerk off, i told him what’s in it for me. He told me he would lick my pussy first. I was sitting on a wet pussy that needed to be licked. I said no at first. I turned around I saw Lori Sucking another guys cock and she was stroking the other one her panties were on the chair in front of her so i guess one of the guys were fingering her. I was shy nothing like Lori. Well maybe alittle. The guy was begging me while he stroked and I watched. I had on a skirt and I felt a hand rubbing on my pussy thru my panties… it was the guy on my right. He was bold. But his timing was right. üsküdar escort I wanted to tell him to stop but he rubbed on my clit thru my panties. I was at a lost of words. His other hand was stroking his cock, his cock was huge and fat. The other guy started rubbing my breast my top was coming up and i couldn’t stop them. Another guy stood up in front of me his cock out and hard as a rock. I was shy but my pussy wasn’t. I lifted up alittle to let the guy pull my panties under my but and down my legs. I saw 3 cocks just enjoying the view of almost naked body. My pussy was being licked. I was in another world. WOWWWWW. I turned to see what Lori was doing she was sitting on a guys lap bouncing up and down. He titties bouncing. He must of came inside her she started cursing…He said I tried to pull out. She got so mad she got up and called out to me LETS GO…I have to get a douche quick…U know I get Pregnant just the thought of DICK. I wasn’t ready to leave I was about to cum in this guys mouth. I told her wait a minute. As i was cumming in his mouth another guy shot his thick load on my titties. It felt soooo nice and hot. he took his cock head and rubbed it alllll over my titties then on my nipples. I told them I had to go. I pulled my top down, leaving the big dick guy there rock hard. I told him to call me tonight and we can finish. He took my number down in his cell phone whill I stroked his manhood. I wanted to feel that one inside me. I had to have IT. We left…….. tuzla escort We went to the d**g store got a douche and Lori went into the Bathroom while I waited my cell phone rang. It was the big dick guy. I smiled. He said he needed me. I said me too. He told me to meet him at hotel close by. I told him I had to drop off Lori first. I dropped Lori off, she told me she had fun and shes going back next Thursday. I told her I would come back with her. I went directly to the hotel about 2 miles away. He texted me the room number. I was so wet. I knocked on the door. He opened the door. He didn’t say a word to me he opened my jacket tore off my panties pulled up my shirt sucked my titties and rubbed his cock on my pussy he got his cock good and wet and he slammed it in. Nothing nice. He wanted some PUSSY BAD. and he got it. I almost fainted. I was cumming almost immed. He fucked me like he haven’t had sex in a long time. He shot one load quick pulling off the condom to cum on pussy. I knew he needed more so I sucked his cock to wake it up. It was up and ready to go again. I think the way i was licking and sucking it made him swell up quickly. I licked it like a real lollipop. making the noise with it. He picked me up and told me to give him a naked lapdance. He sat down on the chair. I rubbed my butt on his legs then on his cock. His cock would find my hole, his head stretching my enterance. I grinded against him he pulled his head out and laid me on the floor opened my legs, he didn’t put a condom on this time. I didn’t care. I was horny anyway. He fucked me and fucked me and turned me around and I was cumming and so was he. He didn’t pull out this time. When he finally pulled out his cock was saturated with both of our cum. It’s been 2 days and I can still feel his cock.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that was so nice.



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