Simone Liddell had finished getting all the background material she needed for her latest story. Now, she hoped that she could score an interview with the winner of the race, Stefano Capaldi. That would be a feather in her cap — well, it would be, but what woman wore caps anymore?

Everything was going well with her career. The magazine was giving her bigger stories, a chance to succeed and do the important work. No more stories about curling, lacrosse or sports that had a following, but it was small. The race today had 20 thousand spectators and Capaldi’s car had beaten the favorite, the car driven by Andy Travis which was sponsored by Castrol. Capaldi had been on his way to becoming the poster boy for Grand Prix racing, the new golden boy and now he had succeeded. She knew that some well-chosen words from him would make her story sing and might even earn her a nice bonus. All she had to do is catch his eye.

As it turned out, that wasn’t too hard. Simone was a stunning, Swedish-born woman. She stood almost 5’10” tall, elegant, long-legged, tanned with blonde hair that was almost eerily silver and eyes that were violet, just like Elizabeth Taylor’s. She dressed well, although professionally and many people told her she should have been a model. She could have modeled, there had been offers as early as when she was 14, but Simone loved the idea of being a reported and had ever since she had watched “His Girl Friday” with her father at age 10. Simone Liddell loved old movies, especially films with Cary Grant and he had passed that appreciation on to his daughter.

“Cary Grant was cool Daddy, but Hildy Johnson wasn’t intimidated by him one bit,” Simone said. “She was tough and feisty, that’s how I want to be. I want to be a reporter, just like her.”

Simon laughed and wrote it off as the nonsensical fantasies of a little girl, like when they say they want to be a ballerina, a nurse or a high-fashion model. He shouldn’t have, knowing his daughter the way that he did. Of course, from that day forward, the determined child worked towards her goal. Her marks in English shot straight up and she worked hard in every subject, she read all the time. In high school, Simone joined the school paper and in her second year until her graduation, she was editing it. The paper won 2 awards 2 years in a row and although a few people quit because they said she was tough rough on them, no one would have questioned her journalistic skills.

Simone worked hard all of her life, had a part-time job in high school and in university so that her parents wouldn’t have to pay her way and she astounded her professors with the clarity with which she wrote. Her words seemed to leap off the page. Several of her instructors took notice of her, although at times, it was hard to tell if it was because of her work or the beauty she held.

Simone dated and when she met Bobby, an all-star athlete, she thought that she had found it all. There was no sport that he couldn’t play and Simone was smitten. Tall, broad-shouldered and with an easy-going smile, he brought his new girlfriend into his world. Simone took to sports the way she took to everything; she dived right in and soon knew more about some sports than Bobby did. She believed that she would eventually marry Bobby, they had talked about it. Lately though, their relationship had grown tepid. She was sure that it was because she earned far more as a sportswriter than he did coaching high school football. Simone didn’t care who earned what, but she wasn’t too sure Bobby felt the same way. So, for the time being, they were “on a break”.

Simone had a way of using her beauty; she used it to get one foot in the door. However, once her stilettoed toes were in the door, she steadfastly insisted on letting her work do all the talking for her. That’s how it had been for Jack Riley, her magazine’s editor. He had seen the unusual blonde beauty and decided to grant her 5 minutes of his time. Those 5 minutes turned into over an hour as he poured over some of the most inventive, articulate, well-researched articles he had ever read. Jack had read work by veteran writers that didn’t flow with the poetic, beautiful prose style Simone’s did. He bet that even some of their female audience would warm to her style. It was the perfect meld of prose and hard-hitting facts.

Never blowing a deadline, always finding an angle, superb journalism, those were the qualities that had earned Simone this shot. Now she had to find a way to make it all work and attract Stefano Capaldi’s attention. As it turned out, she didn’t have to work too hard. He saw her, as she was hard to miss in the throng of mostly-male reporters and with her unique look, stood out completely. With a welcoming smile already on his handsome, face, he made his way over to her.

“You are quite possibly the prettiest sight I’ve seen all day,” He smiled at her, face still glistening with perspiration from the race. “Someone as lovely as you cannot possibly be a sports reporter.”

Simone resisted casino siteleri the urge to giggle, he was flirting with her and he had the most gorgeous dark eyes. She kept having to remind herself she was here to do a job because if she didn’t, she might well have flirted right back.

“Yes, I most assuredly am a reporter and I was wondering if I could get a few words for my article?” Simone asked, letting her eyes do some of the talking for her.

“I think for someone as lovely as you, I could make some kind of arrangement,” Stefano smiled, sequestering her from the rest of the reporters. Just as she was about to ask him some pertinent questions, a stunning, dark-haired woman walked towards the pair of them. She looked familiar to Simone, although her identity was unclear at first.

“Has my fiancé been flirting with you?” The woman asked. “If so, allow me to apologize on his behalf.” Simone insisted all was okay and that she hadn’t been offended, so the woman added, “Don’t worry about him; he’s a terrible flirt, although in your case, I can’t say I blame him — you are exquisite!”

“Sofia is right, you are lovely,” Stefano smiled. He had dazzling white teeth and she knew from her research they were all his own, he had yet to be in a serious accident. “I promise though, I don’t bite. If you come back to my locker area and let me clean up, I will answer as many questions as you like.”

Once Stefano had said the woman’s name, Simone recognized her — she was Sofia Gamba, the Brazilian model, this year’s “it” girl and possibly the next La Vie En Rose cover model. Their engagement must have been a recent thing, as her research had turned up nothing about it.

“You shouldn’t believe him about the biting,” Sofia whispered as she linked her arm through Simone’s. “It’s not true, although they’re only nibbles and they don’t really hurt.” She chuckled.

Simone found herself immediately warming to Sofia. She could easily imagine Stefano and Sofia together, she flashed on them naked and in bed. Dark, mysterious, sensual, lean, fit bodies writhing and twisting in passion, she …

Sofia looked at Simone as if she knew exactly what the young reporter was thinking. A soft smile played across her sensual, full lips. “The moment I met him, I knew I had better grab him and take him off the market,” Sofia whispered to her.

“I imagine he had much the same thought about you,” Simone smiled, taking a few quick notes.

“He did,” Sofia giggled. “Of course, the fact that the skirt I was wearing wasn’t much bigger than a postage stamp didn’t hurt.”

Simone grinned. As Sofia appeared to be nearly 6′ tall in 4-inch heels, she didn’t doubt it. Simone watched the attractive woman walking, she moved very well in heels and Simone knew it was a lost art. She herself loved heels and the pair she had on were an inch higher than Sofia’s, making her nearly 6’1″.

The two women chatted while Stefano showered and changed. When he came out, he had nothing but a towel wrapped around his lean torso. Aside from a few scars and burn marks, his body was chiseled perfection. Sofia made a clucking noise with her tongue.

“Stefano, you are without shame!” She scolded him. “This lovely woman doesn’t need to see you prancing about half-naked. Go and put some pants on, at least!”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve been in a number of locker rooms during my career,” Simone told them, but Stefano did as his girlfriend suggested.

“He’s an old reprobate, but I love him dearly,” Sofia said in her lightly-accented English. “Why don’t you let us make it up to you? We were about to have dinner, why don’t you join us? Stefano will give you an exclusive interview and I will make sure that he is a perfect gentleman the entire time,” Sofia smiled, taking Simone’s hand.

Simone thought to herself that if Sofia wasn’t around, Stefano wouldn’t have to be such a gentleman. He was suave and debonair, what was the old expression? Oh yes — he was continental. “I haven’t eaten much today, just a chicken salad sandwich,” Simone nodded. “A meal would be lovely, thank you.”

Sofia flashed the dazzling smile that had graced hundreds of magazine covers. “That’s not enough; don’t forget to look after yourself. Contrary to what most people think about models, I eat a great deal. Of course, I am Brazilian — I have my ways of working it off,” She smiled as Stefano re-entered the room, now fully dressed. “Darling, we are taking this lovely woman to dinner with us.”

“Two lovely women on either side of me, does it get any better than this?” Stefano grinned. “Do you know of any nice places near here?” He asked Simone.

“In fact, I do,” She told them both. “My magazine will pick up the tab if I bring them back an exclusive about you,” She smiled as they all left together.

“That’s really not necessary, I just won half a million dollars,” Stefano laughed.

“Yes, but I’ll bet you don’t have any cash on you. You couldn’t have cashed the check and all the banks are slot oyna closed,” Simone teased.

They got to the restaurant which offered a bit of everything, full course meals, steaks, seafood, even a Smorgasbord if someone wanted a bit here and a bit there. The Maitre D’ almost had a heart attack when he saw Simone’s two famous companions, but was able to regain enough composure to escort them to a table in the back where they would not be disturbed by autograph hounds. Simone had thought of that when she chose the place, knowing it would likely be quiet at this time of night.

The food was wonderful and wine was on the house. Simone asked Stefano the questions she thought were pertinent for the article, knowing that it would be one of her best. Then, she turned to Sofia and said “Would it be all right to ask you a few questions?”

Sofia wore a puzzled expression. “Certainly, but why would a sports magazine want to hear from me?”

“Are you kidding? You’re a famous model, you’ve been on the cover of several sports magazines and you’re about to marry one of the hottest racers in the world. Of course they’d want to know a little about you,” Simone enthused.

“I have an idea,” Sofia said, looking to Stefano for approval. “We have not yet announced the engagement. How would it be if we let you break the story and perhaps tomorrow, you could arrange for a photographer to take some pictures? It would help you and I could arrange to send a few photographs to my family in Sao Paolo, what do you think?”

Simone couldn’t believe what had just happened. Sofia had just given her a career-making story. This kind of thing would likely get her the cover and probably a bonus or a raise. She knew she was crying and she didn’t care. She hugged the sensual Brazilian and said “Yes, of course, I would love to do that, thank you, THANK you,” She gasped. “How can I ever repay you?”

Again, Sofia looked over at her fiancé and he nodded at her. “Go to bed with us,” Sofia said in a calm, confident tone of voice. “Join us at the hotel tonight, that is how.”

Simone knew that some people might have of it as a tit-for-tat thing, that Sofia was holding it over her head, but she sensed it was far from the truth. She felt that even if she told the couple she was not interested in that kind of thing, she would still get the story. She took a bit of her food and looked at both of them. She had thought, during their conversation tonight and earlier on when he had been wearing only a towel, that Stefano was one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen, he had a sinister and sexy look with incredible muscles. She looked at Sofia, acknowledged as one of the world’s true beauties and she had noticed that before. Simone had never known the pleasures of another woman; it had eluded her so far. That is not to say she was averse to it, it simply had not happened at this point. Still, if it was to happen, no one could surpass Sofia in the looks department.

“Have I offended you, dear girl, that was no my intent,” Sofia asked, her concern showing in her voice.

“No, heavens no!” Simone gasped, still not sure how she should react. “If anything, I am enormously flattered, you’re both such well-known and good-looking people, it would be a wonderful adventure going to bed with you. Why me? I’m just a magazine reporter,” Simone asked.

“No one is `just’ anything and you are easily as beautiful as I, I noticed that from the moment we met,” Sofia told her, caressing Simone’s palm. “You could easily become a model and I daresay, your look would be very in-demand,” Sofia smiled.

“Me as a model? I love being a writer, I wouldn’t want to give that up,” Simone protested.

“Why should you? Modeling is not a life-long vocation, I am a singer and have an album coming out later this year,” Sofia told her. “Still, I believe that I was given these looks for a reason and not to use them is wasteful. I feel the same is true of you, but of course, that is your decision. Anything you do in life should be your decision Simone, if I may impart that piece of wisdom to you,” Sofia smiled.

“Listen to her, she’s a lot smarter than I am,” Stefano grinned.

“I’m going to have this little indulgence,” Simone said, sipping her wine. “I don’t want to look back on my life with any regrets. I think that if I didn’t have a fling with you two tonight, it would be a huge regret. So yes Stefano, yes Sofia, why not have a little fun while we’re all young and sexy?”

“You two are young, I’m just sexy,” Stefano laughed.

“Listen to Grandpa, he thinks 40 is old,” Sofia smiled as the waiter came to bring them the bill. Stefano went to pay but Simone insisted.

“When they learn of what I’ve just accomplished, I might be running the magazine,” She chuckled as she handed the waiter the company credit card.

“Well, don’t give them all of the details, all right darling?” Sofia smiled as they left the restaurant. “It’s nice to have a bit of a private life.”

“I see your point,” Simone canlı casino siteleri smiled as they walked towards the nearby hotel where Stefano and Sofia were staying. The suite was lavish, but not too opulent, the bed large and inviting. Sofia stretched out, cat-like, and beckoned for Simone to join her.

“He loves watching me loving another woman,” Sofia told her. “I can tell you’ve had precious little experience, my darling girl, so come, let me show you, let me love you.”

Simone was sure that Stefano and Sofia could hear her knees shaking, but she walked towards the bed anyway. She was thrilled to have the admiration of the sexy couple and as she sat on the edge of the bed, Sofia pulled her into a warm, sensual embrace. Their lips met and for the first time, Simone thrilled to the sensation of kissing another woman. Once she had felt the softness of the other woman’s lips, there was no going back for Simone. She gave in completely to the lesbian passion was growing within her while all the time aware that Stefano was watching their every move. Sofia was teasing her with little, feather-soft kisses on her neck and ears while removing her clothes slowly, almost as if giving Stefano a little strip show.

Simone knew better to than just sit there like a bump on a log, so she began kissing back and removing Sofia’s clothing. Underneath the expensive designer clothing was lingerie just as classy — of course, that only made sense. The stunning Brazilian did model some of the sexiest lingerie, it was only logical that she wore it as well. She probably got it for free.

“Oh, it all feels so wonderful,” Simone sighed, losing herself in the moment. She looked up to see that Stefano had removed his jacket and shirt and she was reminded of events from earlier in the day. Only this time, there would be no towel to obstruct her view. At some point in the evening, she was going to see him totally nude and feel his cock, in her mouth and in her pussy. She knew that she was cheating on Bobby in a way, but he had been the ass who had suggested the break. Too bad that it was now blowing up in his face, that she was fully able to enjoy this sexual encounter with these passionate, primal beasts that found her so alluring.

Sofia pushed Simone on her back and hovered over her, like a sexy dark angel. Her mouth began brushing against the blonde’s body and her dark hair trailed over Simone’s flesh like a paint brush. Simone was being jolted into an entire new reality, one of pleasures that were entirely hedonistic. She just let Sofia have her way and when Sofia tugged off her pretty, pale blue thong, she offered no resistance.

“These are cute, but the material is cheap and should never touch a body as wondrous as yours,” Sofia murmured as her delicate fingers brushed Simone’s thighs. “I will make sure to send you some beautiful lingerie that will befit a beautiful body.”

“Mmm, that sounds marvelous,” Simone said softly. She heard Sofia’s words, but barely registered them. All that was on her mind now was the erotic bliss the darker woman was bestowing upon her. The sweet sensation that suddenly spiked and jolted her alert!

Sofia was no longer teasing. She looked up from between Simone’s long legs, her dark eyes meeting Simone’s eyes and finding acceptance there. Her tongue lashed out and entered Simone’s pussy and began to lick her. Simone loved oral sex; she craved it and rarely got enough, so having the sexy brunette feasting on her like this was phenomenal. Her entire body responded and she knew that her pussy was flooding Sofia’s mouth with her juices. Sofia didn’t seem to be objecting, her tongue just stayed put and lapped up whatever Simone was able to provide for her.

“Oh God, lord, damn, I feel like I’m floating,” Simone gasped out as her body twisted and writhed under Sofia’s ardent tonguing. She didn’t ever want the other woman to stop, but she knew she would have to. She didn’t want to be a selfish lover; she wanted to show Sofia pleasure as well. Without saying a word, Sofia lifted her head from between Simone’s thighs and grinned at her, face gleaming. Simone realized those were her own juices making Sofia’s face glisten so, it was all so erotic.

“You want to give me pleasure too, don’t you darling?” Sofia purred, her voice all gravelly and sensual. “Good baby, you can do anything — I’m a tough little whore, I won’t break. Use your fingers and your mouth, scratch me, bite me, toss me around a bit and have fun. I can take whatever you dish out!”

Simone took that as her personal challenge to tear the incredible brunette apart. One thing she was not was a quiet fuck. She had been watching Sofia’s actions and had been taking mental notes, plus she wanted to add her own touches. All the times she had spent massaging Bobby’s muscles and soothing his aches and pains had given her very strong hands. She started using those hands on Sofia and heard the woman groan in pleasure.

“OH FUCK, STEFANO!!” Sofia groaned. “Can we take her home with us darling? You won’t believe how good her hands are. Mmm, she’s taking away all my aches and pains and filling me with such lusts, I can’t stand it,” Sofia sighed. “That’s it, you gorgeous American blonde slut, make me feel good!”



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