askI wonder what would happen if I asked? You and me just out and about mid week in the local shopping centre. We wander into one of the local large stores just looking I cant resist anymore “ give me your knickers please!” I whisper in your ear. You look at me surprised but with that smile on your face. “you are joking!” “No” I reply “Give me your knickers” We are in a short isle her eyes dart from one end to the next and her hands start to hitch up her skirt. Tugging at her knickers they fall to the floor around her ankles wrapped up in her new black kinky boots. I bend down and remove them from her ankles pushing the black lace into my pocket. “Thank you my dirty little slut”.She smiles and we continue to shop. She becomes more conscious of her short skirt as she reaches for items or bends down knowing that her pussy might just be on show for all around now.In one isle she notices plugs on the bottom shelf of the row “oh look darling plugs” she says? That’s a strange thing to say as I watch her she squats down to inspect a household plug. Looking at me she parts her legs and her hand canlı bahis slides up her thigh to her pussy disappearing beneath her skirt. I can only imagine what her fingers are doing to her pussy now! She stands up and moves toward me looking around as she gets close. She presses her wet fingers to my lips fuck I can taste her wetness as I suck her fingers in my mouth. “ darling I want you to fuck me” she whispers in my ear as she strolls away.My cock is so hard now she knows what turns me on so much all I can think of now is her wet pussy being filled with my hard cock. I just want her to feel my hard swollen cock deep inside her. We need to find a quiet spot just for a few seconds. We leave the store eyes darting around searching. We must have looked like a pair of shoplifters as we left.We hold hands and I whisper to her “I want you to feel my cock!” “Darling I want you to fill my pussy with your cum” she whipsers back to me. Holy Fuck I need her now so bad. We find a little recessed yard behind a small wooden gate and sneak inside. She grabs at my jeans and in a very smooth movement bahis siteleri my hard cock is in her hand. Fuck that feels so good but before I know it she drops to her knees and her hot mouth starts to swallow my hard length. “ HMMMMMM You dirty horny little slut” Its just to much I grab the back of her head and force my hardness deep in her throat she gags as I hold her head hard against me filling her throat. I let go she gasps for breath composes her self and looks up at me “ fuck my mouth please “ How can I resist my naughty little slut? I pull her mouth onto my cock and start to slide in and out as her tongue swirls around my length.I can feel my climax starting to build My cock stiffens so hard now deep in her mouth. She pulls away quickly and spins around bending over pushing her arse in my direction. “fuck your little slut Fuck her hard and fill my wet little pussy with your cum” God I don’t need to be told twice I lift her skirt and expose her wet shaven smooth pussy my hands pull her arse cheeks exposing her tight arse. My cock presses against her dripping pussy lips and güvenilir bahis I start to push my thick swollen cock deep inside “fuck you are so wet!”as her juices run down my cock and drip off my tight balls. “fuck me deep I want your cock” she pants. I fill her pussy pulling her on to my cock then I start to withdraw then thrust into her again. Fuck her wetness milking my cock my thrusts faster deeper and harder………My god this is so good. I cant resist any more My cock pulses swells as I push Hard Deep into her wet pussy my cum squirting out filling her pussy.Fuck I am cumming so hard feels so good. “Fuck fill my pussy” she moans as my cock slams deep into her as I thrust hard in and out.I hold her tight as my pleasure subsides with my cock buried deep inside “0MG you are fantastic” I moan.I start to withdraw my cock as it slides out from deep within her pussy I can see my cum dripping from her wetness I fucking love it. We adjust our clothing and stroll out of the yard and back to the main street. As we walk all I can think of is my cum dripping from her pussy.”darling when we get back to the car I want to fuck you so hard again I want you to cum all over my cock” I said “ Darling when we get back to the car I want you to fuck my arse first!” Well my cock was so hard again now I have to obey dont I!



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