What is it about my brother Dylan? All our childhood, he made my life a pain — always mucking about and arguing and never growing up. Then he went off to university and came back all intellectual, spouting boring nonsense about equal rights and life and stuff. I imagined we’d drift apart as we got older and discover our separate identities.

When he came home this summer after his second year, he’d changed again. This time he was more down to earth and serious and talked more sense. It forced me to look at him like a man, rather than a brother — and I loved the man he’d become. I think he also saw the woman in me, rather than the younger sister with girlish ways.

We bumped into each other as I came out of the shower wrapped in a bath towel, my dark hair tousled, my face stripped of makeup. He looked at me and blushed and apologised for getting in my way — not long before he’d have barged past me without thinking.

I noticed him watching me and looking away when I glanced in his direction, as though he was afraid of me. It was sweet to think he may have difficulty dealing with a woman like me close up. Then he bought me perfume for my birthday, which I knew was expensive and he couldn’t afford it — even with his summer job at the supermarket.

“Do you like the smell?” I asked putting my neck close to his face to let him get the full effect.

“It’s wonderful,” he said. As he moved away, his brown eyes peered down the front of my blouse, which was only buttoned half-way because at home we never bothered about things like that. With a mother like ours, who wore her cleavage like a badge of honour for all to see, wearing scanty clothes around the house was normal, especially in the summer.

He walked out of the room afterwards but, from that moment, I knew he was looking at me not just as a woman, but as a woman he would like to fuck. The impossibility of doing it sent a bolt of excitement through me. I already knew no man could resist me if I offered sex, but my brother? It was wrong. I tried not to think about it — but the thought followed me around, like the scent of my new perfume — the blood rushing around my head making my ears ring.

One Saturday evening, I was at a loose end. Dani had a hot date with a guy she met in the supermarket — how she expected to land a millionaire when she kept fucking shelf stackers beat me. Mum was meeting her girlfriends and never got back early. I’d looked forward to staying over with John and letting him fucking the shit out of me again, but he cancelled, to do something for his mother.

I was watching TV when Dylan came home from work. He looked exhausted, so I took pity on him and got him a ham sandwich and a beer. I poured myself a glass of white wine and joined him on the settee.

“You’re wearing my perfume again.”

“And you smell of sweat,” I said, reverting to the usual way we spoke to each other

“It’s hard work humping boxes all day.”

“Humping boxes — is that what you do?”

“Give or take a bit.”

“You must hump more than boxes at university,” I said, laughing deliberately to wind him up. He choked on his sandwich and needed a slug of beer from his can to wash it down.

“I get my fair share.”

“Tell me about it,” I said, turning round to face him and noticing how his eyes moved from my cleavage to the TV screen before settling on my face.

“You’ve turned into quite a tease, Ash … I bet the boys are all over you.”

“I get my fair share.”

“That friend of yours, Danielle … she’s as bad … I fucked her last year, you know,” he said, the admission of his success making him to sound more of a man.

“I know … she told me.”

“Is nothing private around here?”

“Not between Dani and me.”

“She said you were quite good … and she’d do it again if you asked.”

“Only quite good?”

“Well, she said fucking good actually … and you’ve got a big dick, apparently … but I didn’t want to give you anything to brag about.”

“I’ve got plenty to brag about.”

“Like what?”

“Like … I’ve fucked lots of girls at university.”

“I thought everybody did that.”

“Like … my friends bet me that I couldn’t get to fuck this lesbian, who’d turned down everyone,” he said, the pride in his voice telling me he won the bet.

“Are you still fucking her?”

“No, I dumped her after I won the bet … but it was terrific while it lasted.”

Dylan’s beer ran out. So I poured him a wine and topped my glass up. “You got a steady girl?”

“I decided to use the opportunity to fuck around with as many girls as possible.”

“It sounds like you love getting inside any pair of knickers.”

“Can’t get enough … and I have a few regulars … so I never go short.”

“We’ve never spoken like this before,” I said, filling up the glasses again — the wine helping us to relax — and the talk to flow.

“It’s not the sort of thing you discuss with your sister.”

“We share a mother … so I’m only your half-sister.”

“I casino siteleri suppose that makes it OK then.”

“I’ve seen you looking at me.”

“Are you surprised? You wander around the house half dressed … showing off your tits … it’s a lot for a man to take, you know.”

“I like men looking at my tits … they’re my best feature, don’t you think?” I asked, pushing out my chest and pulling down my jumper to display my cleavage and lacy white bra.

“Stop fucking with my head, Ash.”

“I can fuck who I like.”

“Dani told me you fuck around.”

“Sex isn’t just for men, you know … look at Mum … and she’s in her forties.”

“If you weren’t my sister, I’d have been up your cunt years ago.”

“I love it when you talk dirty, Dylan,” I said, throwing back my head and laughing, “and I know it’s not all talk.”

“You’ll never find out.”

“Do you think we inherited promiscuity from Mum?”

“She’s been out of control since she split with your Dad,” Dylan said.

“She’s out with her girlfriends again tonight … and is bound to pull someone.”

“I think you inherited your tits from her.”

“She’s twice my size.”

“Just think, Ash … we used to suck on her nipples … don’t you sometimes wonder what it must have been like?”

“You’re a pervert, Dylan,” I said, topping up the glasses. “When you look at my tits … I know you’re wondering whether I’ll make a good fuck.”

“The word on the street is you’re a terrific fuck.”

Somehow, this made me mad and I flailed at him with my fists. I didn’t care about my reputation — I enjoyed boys chasing me because they wanted to fuck me — and I allowed the ones I fancied to catch me. At that moment, with a lot of wine inside me, the thought of fucking sent me wild, especially as John let me down and the itch in my cunt needed scratching. Dylan took hold of my wrists to hold me off as we wrestled around on the settee.

We stopped. He let go of me. We looked at each other, breathing heavy from the larking around. Or, was it sexual tension? I looked into the eyes of a strong man who could look after himself and liked to fuck around with girls — the sort of man I normally expected to leap on me and get my clothes off and fuck my cunt until it was raw.

Judging from the leering expression on his face, he seemed to be thinking along the same lines as me. But, he was my brother and the impenetrable sibling barrier fell back between us. It was enough to make anyone frustrated and mad and lash out.

It could have been that he was taller than me and slim like me and muscular and used to fucking his way around. Or, it could have been that I’d always admired him and wondered about him ever since my best friend told me how he’d fucked her. Or, it could have been that I should have been fucking John at that precise moment and my cunt felt neglected. Or, it could have been the wine.

Whatever caused my madness, family ties suddenly seemed unimportant. We kept staring at each other and the tension grew and we breathed deeply, in unison. From the expression on his face, I knew he was thinking the same as me.

“Think how exciting it would be if … like … you and me fucked each other,” I said, draining the last drop of courage from my glass.

He nearly swallowed his glass with a mouthful of wine. The coughing fit took a while to pass before he looked at me through heavy brown eyes. “You’re still messing about with my head, Ash.”

“I know exactly what I’m saying, Dylan.”

“If you were anybody else … you’d have been fighting me off years ago.”

“Are you chicken … or what?”

“I think you’re the pervert, Ash.”

“Nobody needs to know.”

“Not even Dani?”

“Especially not her … that’s a promise,” I said, holding his gaze with mine.

From the way he ran his eyes over my cleavage, I could feel the temptation working through him. I pulled down my jumper again to give him a better view. His Adam’s apple did a jig in his throat as he swallowed hard. He licked his lips. The dark bristles of his designer stubble seemed to stand on end as he churned the options through in his mind.

“It’s dangerous, Ash.”

“It’s illegal … that’s what makes it exciting.”

“My cock is straining at the thought of fucking you … and behind Mum’s back … wow, what a turn on.”

“The risk of her finding out is electrifying, Dylan.”

“Who cares about breaking the law?”

“People do it every day.”

He didn’t answer. We both knew the score. He gulped down the rest of his wine and switched off the TV and stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up and led me to the door and switched off the light and led me upstairs to his room. I didn’t speak. I didn’t think. I didn’t want to find any reasons to stop me and my brother from fucking.

His room looked like a student’s doss house, dirty clothes slung in heaps and debris everywhere. The bed remained unmade from that morning. The atmosphere hung with stale sweat, tinted with aftershave. Everything slot oyna seemed perfect.

“This is our secret, yeh?” he said.

I nodded and crossed my heart and looked him in the eyes, daring him to make the first move. There was no need to worry — his mission was firmly etched in his jaw.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve wanked off thinking about you Ash.”

“Since Dani told me about the size of your dick … I’ve imagined how it would feel wedged inside my cunt.”

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”

“And I’ve masturbated my clit sore fantasising about you.”

Then lots of things happened at once: he grabbed me and pulled my jumper over my head in a single movement; I wrestled with the belt on his trousers; he pulled my bra down and sunk his head into my tits, sucking one of my nipples into his mouth; I had his trousers down and squeezed his dick inside his pants; he unzipped my jeans and pulled them down; I released his dick and pulled back hard on his foreskin; his hands were in my knickers, working his fingers up my cunt; I wanked on his erection, pulled my tits away from him, and fell onto my knees; he stuck his dick in my mouth, and grabbed my ponytail to push and pull my head, fucking my mouth.

The tension of years of being denied the right to fuck each other, translated into ferocity. He fell back onto the bed. I followed him, his dick still firmly grasped in my mouth, determined to give him the fuck of his life. The danger of jail hanging over me increased the pulses of excitement running through my body.

“Fuck me now, Dylan … like an animal … like you’ve never fucked anyone before.”

He needed no bidding. The rest of our clothes were off. He lifted my legs over his shoulders, found my cunt with his dick and drove into me as if his life depended on it. After a few thrusts, his dick penetrated me to the hilt and we ground into each other with all our might.

It couldn’t last. Within no time, I felt his cum spurting deep inside me, filling what little space was left.

He collapsed on top of me, gasping for air, his sweat mixing with mine. “Sorry Sis … it was a bit quick.”

“The times we fuck, I’m your lover … not your sister … OK?”

“I want lots more, Ash.”

“I don’t mind it being quick … this time.”

“The years of frustration got to me.”

“It’s best to have a quick fuck at first … it clears away the tension … now we can settle down to some really good sex.”

“It works for me.”

I pulled down the foreskin on his limp dick and wrapped my lips around his bell-end, sucking and licking the taste of my cunt and his cum. By this time it was clean, his dick was coming to life again.

He laid me on my back and sucked on each of my nipples in turn before working his way down my stomach. Crouched between my legs, he took hold of my ankles and spread my legs and licked down into my cunt, soaking with his cum.

“It’s one of my specialities … to clean out a girl’s cunt after I’ve cum inside her … I love the taste.”

“You can do anything you like to me,” I said enjoying the feeling of his hot breath on my cunt as his tongue lapped up the fuck-fluid. He latched onto my clit and sucked and bit at it, while inserting a couple of fingers inside me.

I reached out for his dick and moved through a semi-circle into soixante-neuf so I could suck him at the same time. I remembered what John taught me — to take it slowly and breathe through the nose, until I’d worked his dick down my throat.

“Wow, you fucking bitch … you really are an expert … nobody’s done that to me before.”

My mouth was too full to answer, but I felt excited at the thought of showing my elder brother something new. He withdrew from me, allowing me to concentrate on fucking his dick with my mouth. Then, his pubic hair tickled my nose, forcing me to gag and splutter and pull away — saliva dripping from my lips and down his leg, like cum.

“I can’t do with all this hair,” I gasped at him, rubbing at my nose to remove the itch, “you need to shave it off.”

“Like your cunt?”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it … so smooth … with a taste to die for.”

“Shaving will make your dick look even bigger, you know … imagine how that will impress the girls.”

“They’re already impressed … they all want to try it out.”

“How big is it?”

“It’s big enough, thank you.”

“Hang on a minute,” I said, leaving him lying on the bed while I went to my room. I returned with a ruler and held it against him. Then I wanked him hard, to make him bigger, and sucked him again to make sure his dick was at the maximum.

“Tell the girls it’s nearly ten inches, Dylan.”

“I’ll tell them ten inches … with any luck, the message will soon get around … and when I’m fucking them, I’ll think of you.”

“It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.”

“And it’s going to spend a lot of time up your cunt, you fucking pervert.”

“I love big dicks … can’t get enough … you can fuck me any time.”

“It’s canlı casino siteleri our secret … two perverts fucking … jailbait the both of us,” he said, pulling me back on top of him. “I’ve waited years to have a good look at your tits.”

My tits hung low over his face as he checked them out, turning them in his hands. “These are the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen,” he said, “big and perfect shape and symmetrical … I’ve always loved them.”

He took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked at it, pulling it deeper and deeper inside. Then he repeated the action on the other. “Just as I thought … they are fucking gorgeous … something to be savoured.”

“Like a good wine?” I asked, thinking of John’s advice.


I moved down and cupped my hands around my tits and took his dick into my cleavage. “Ever had a tit-fuck, Dylan?”

“I’ve never been given the offer.”

I ran my tits up and down his dick. He groaned as I held him tight. It felt sexy. I caught sight of myself in the mirror on the opposite wall, behaving like a slut. I liked the look. After a few stokes, I pushed his bell-end out of the top and up to my mouth, tit-fucking and sucking him on each stroke. Dylan really enjoyed that.

I could have kept going and made him cum all over my tits and face, but I wanted more than that. So, I made a mental note to try it on John the next time, as a warm-up to sex. Not that it did much for me, but was discovering that springing surprises on my lovers makes them hornier — and I get fucked much better as a result.

“The foreplay’s over … time for the real thing,” I said, releasing him and grabbing his dick in both hands and wanking on it as hard as I could.

Then, I laid back on the bed and lifted my knees and opened them as wide as I could. His eyes widened and looked at me and at my tits and at my cunt gaping open, inviting him in. Without hesitation, he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs and lowered himself onto me, his enormous dick pushing into my cunt. Within a few strokes all of his ten inches was inside me — his pubic hair stroking my shaven mound.

He rammed into me hard, nearly withdrawing each time to make each stroke count. I pushed back at him and we met in the middle with a bump, which made the bed shake and groan as if it was about to give way under the pressure.

Dylan built up speed and grimaced and fucked harder and sweat dripped from his hair onto my face. I didn’t want him to cum, so I slowed him down and pulled away and sunk down to his dick, taking all of it into my mouth in one swallow. While I sucked off the taste of my cunt, he turned around and stuck his tongue into my cunt, searching out my clit again. I wanked away at his dick with my mouth from beneath him.

I felt that rush that comes just before I climax, a dizzy feeling that starts in my head and spreads around my body. Knowing I couldn’t continue much longer, I got rid of his dick while he finished me off.

It didn’t take long. My pulse raced. I gasped for breath. I screamed. My groin began to spasm. My pelvic area contracted. My cunt was on fire. The wonderful feeling of being brought to orgasm washed through me. He carried on sucking. I felt I could take no more. I told him what a fucking bastard he was, and tried to throw him off. He held on and kept sucking my cunt. I came again. It felt as if my body was lifting off the bed. Now, I really could take no more. I swore at full pitch. I told him to stop. I thrashed my legs about in an attempt to push him away.

He refused to stop. I fought him. He pinned me down with his weight. His large hands gripped my knees to control my legs. Our sweat acted as a lubricant, allowing our bodies to slide over each other as I twisted and turned. I arched my body in an attempt to shake him off. I screamed. He kept working my cunt. Another orgasm blasted through me. He kept going, taking me to another orgasm and another.

I lost track of my senses. I lost track of how many orgasms he’d given me and where I was and whether I could take any more. He kept going. I collapsed beneath him — completely spent — beaten into silence — unaware of where I was or what was happening.

He flung himself to one side, gasping for breath as if he’d just surfaced from a deep sea dive and needed oxygen. I felt the same, my heart pounding. Both exhausted, our chests rose and fell in unison as we sucked in air.

“Where … did … you … learn … that?” I asked, forcing out the words as I battled to draw breath into my lungs.

“From a post-grad student … she made me go on and on … until my jaw ached so much I had to stop.”

“No wonder you’re popular with the girls,”

“It’s my trademark play … it never fails.”

“You can say that again … my cunt is still throbbing … here … feel,” I said, taking his hand and placing it over my cunt. A couple of his fingers worked their way inside me.

“I see what you mean,” he said, starting to fiddle with his fingers.

“Oh no you don’t … I can’t take any more right now … later.” I laughed, delighted with the thought of being brought to a multiple orgasm by my brother.

“I like to make girls cum … they remember it afterwards … and come back for more.”



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