Now as naked as the girls were, I was ready to get in the tub, go underwater, and get really wet with them. They did not know that I was watching them so I hoped that they would not freak out when they saw me.

The girls were lying on their backs side-by-side but with hands at each other’s cunts playing with the outer flaps. Their eyes were closed and other than the gently caressing hands masturbating each other, they were very still. I held my own dick and started hyperventilating. I guessed that they had been underwater for almost 30 seconds but maybe Kara (my girlfriend) had been under a little longer.

I knew that I could not take them both on just yet so I straddled and then sat down on my girlfriend’s middle. I was met with a huge column of air as her lungs were surprised into empting their life sustaining oxygen into the warmth of the water. This obviously deprived her of her ability to stay underwater but I “teased” her by holding her under with my 172 pounds of intensely horny body.

She struggled and her mouth opened like she was going to gasp in the water but she was not going to let herself drown just yet with the possibility of underwater fun ahead! Her friend surfaced and immediately grasped what I was up to. We had never seen each other naked before and her tits were even lovelier than I imagined as the water cascaded down her nipples.

I still held Kara underwater but now she was starting to put up a fight! I freed a hand and reached between Maria’s spread legs and fingered her slippery cunt. Holy shit! This was great. I was controlling my girlfriend and finger-fucking her best friend!

Maria threw her head back and moaned but between animal gasps, she said that I should probably let Kara up now. She was right, Kara was weakening and even though she was still fighting me her eyes were distant and there was no more air coming out of her mouth. Maria helped me pull her to the surface and she coughed and sneezed with a steady river of water dribbling out of her mouth.

Maria said, “Quick, she’s choking!” Maria and I hopped out of the tub but we lost our grip on Kara and she sank underwater again. We both slipped on the tile floor and scrambled (still slippery and both nude – let me savor that thought) back to the tub that was turning into Kara’s tomb by the minute!

After several attempts, we finally got Kara to the surface again and over the side onto the bathroom floor. It required Maria going back in the tub and pushing her as I pulled. We rolled her face down on the floor and water poured from her mouth and nose. This time she gave a shuttering intake of breath and coughed out more water.

She choked for several minutes and then said, “OK that was interesting. illegal bahis While I was underwater drowning, I could not get one thought out of my mind. I am afraid that I am going to have to speak to Maria in private for a few seconds so maybe you could step into the hall sweetheart.”

I said that I could just go underwater in the tub and that would make it impossible to hear but she handed me a tiny towel and showed me the door. I stepped into the hall and the door closed. As luck would have it, I was spared meeting anyone from the house for the first 2 minutes that they made me stand out there. The second 2 minutes saw what seemed like every college girl in the house pass by and smirk. The towel was very small.

When the door opened they were both still nude but oh what a difference! Maria had shaved off all of her pussy hair leaving two of the most beautiful mounds that I had ever seen. They ushered me and Kara said, “Sweetie, we both want to hump you but we want to be in control. Is that ok with you?”

“Uh sure,” I said. Something about the girl’s smiles made me a little nervous. Maria instructed me to lie on the cold bathroom tile and she proceeded to start rubbing my feet. She rubbed around my ankles then sat on my thighs facing away from me so all that I could see was her beautiful back and shapely bottom. Her hot wet pussy stuck to my upper thighs. Of course I would have liked it more if she would move up a bit so that I could have her straddle my runaway dick.

Kara stepped over me – giving me the hundred dollar view if her open vagina – and sat with her back to Maria. She made sure that her knees firmly trapped my arms that she had positioned next to my body. Kara was busy with something and before long I noticed that she was tying my ankles together with her silk panties. She moved to my waist with the view blocked by Maria and quick as a flash, looped a belt under me and secured my arms to my side.

Now for the fucking, I thought, but they still had more in store for me. Kara started by licking my legs and up to my knees. Maria started from the top working toward the middle. After 10 minutes, I was almost ready to ejaculate straight up to the ceiling and no one had even touched my dick yet.

Then I heard those words that I will never forget, “Maria, why don’t we lift him into the tub and gang-fuck him while HE almost drowns?”

I tried to talk my way out of this but the looks on their faces convinced me that what I was facing was the already a done-deal! All I could do is go along with it and try to minimize the damage. I decided to try to enjoy the torture as they hefted me up on my feet and hopped me over to the tub. I sat down on the edge and Kara knelt between my legs illegal bahis siteleri and took my cock into her mouth. Fear had reduced it from solid steel to something like floppy rubber but her attention had it back on the rise in seconds.

I said, “Beautiful creatures of earth – I offer you this magnificent erect penis but it will cease to be of pleasure to you if I die!” Maria whispered in my ear that they were NOT going to drown me so relax! Whew, that was good news – I guess.

I was just starting to launch into a sexy diatribe about how they were my masters and more silly crap but Kara grabbed my feet and tumbled me into the tub. I got an OK breath before I went under but certainly not what I would have liked. Those damned blow-jobs really throw off your timing on some things.

Kara lifted my head to the surface so just my face was awash but I could not breathe without getting water too. She kissed me by putting her face in the water and then let me sink to the bottom of the tub again. I was trying to get up to take a breath and Maria took my by the neck and lifted me up to the surface. She did the same thing and kissed me just half an inch underwater and let me sink again!

As I lay on the bottom, the girls reached into the tub to fondle my sunken cock while applying pressure to my chest to keep me down. Then hands linked under my armpits to pull me to the surface so my mouth and nose just cleared the water. I tried to take a breath and got some air and some water. Better than nothing, I thought. I sputtered and choked but was getting air now.

The girls continued to play with my hard-on and balls and rubbed their hands all over my butt and pubic area. I reached up to kiss Kara and she met my lips driving my face back underwater. Maria stood and told Kara that it was “time to teach this man the lesson of the Underwater Amazon Women!” I tried to get to the surface but a flurry of hands and feet drove me to the bottom of the tub.

I stretched out with my feet barely touching the end of the tub and Maria climbed onto my chest to keep me down. Her puss was right in my face, practically, so I tried to bend my head up to give her pubes a playful little nip. She could feel me straining upwards so she scooted up so that her pussy was covering (smothering?) my mouth and nose.

It is probably too strange to say “smothering” since I was underwater and the only thing awaiting my lungs was bathwater if (when?) I got free of her talented genitals. I nibbled at her labia’s and wondered if anyone else had done this before just like this. Probably – there is nothing new under the sun.

Kara climbed in right behind Maria and she lowered herself into the tub and she settled right down canlı bahis siteleri on my erect cock just like a … well I can’t think of a good metaphor for a submerged slippery hard penis sliding into a equally submerged slippery tight vagina but trust me it was fucking unbelievable! She started clenching and unclenching so that it felt like she was milking my dick for all that it was worth. I tried to thrust at the same time but the combined weight of two chicks, even though they were not weighted down by clothes, was too much.

I lost track of time for a bit but it was probably less than half a minute before I started thinking that they really were going to drown me in this underwater-fucking-love-wet-orgy-bath.

Maria climbed off of my face and slithered out of the tub – this allowed Kara to splash back onto my hips into the woman-on-top missionary position and I felt her take a deep breath as she joined me underwater.

She had over a minute advantage on me and I knew that I was going to start drowning soon. Very soon! She started rocking up and down on my engorged hard-on with her firm tits rubbing my chest. Her submerged face was a beautiful sight and she kissed me and rammed her tongue down my throat. This also had the undesired effect of letting air that I was trying so hard to hold in leak out!

I started to cum but I lost control of the breath-holding molecule in my brain and opened my mouth letting the water gush in. I somehow – I still don’t really remember this part – aspirated about 200 cc’s of water and then the rest was history.

I started doing every thing that I could to cough out the water that I could feel settling into my lungs. This only made things worse, as it so often does, and I inhaled more water and sent more stale air to the surface of the tub. I watched the bubbles fill Kara’s hair as they escaped to the surface.

I ejaculated – not with an explosion as usual – but with a steady but copious sequence of deep spurts and single-minded hip thrusts. Kara was STILL underwater fucking me and even with my slow-motion bucking I knew that she was getting the ride of her sodden life.

The last thing that I remember before passing out was feeling my loins pumping the last of my jizz into Kara’s twat and the water in the tub cradling us for eternity.

We lay there joined together for an undetermined period of time but presently I felt the water running out around us. I woke laying face down in the tub what must have been several minutes later. Kara was next to me and Maria was shaking us. We both looked at each other and laughed a watery laugh.

Maria said, “Let’s go grab breakfast at The Vine and then come back and you can … do me.”

“Can I do you AND do you,” feeling very clever at my sexual innuendo on top of the near drowning reference.

Maria blushed, “Better not do this on a full tummy – let me fill the tub and catch my breath – they serve breakfast till noon!”



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