Another Night With Kathy***This is an “unofficial” continuation of my previous stories. As with them, it’s only fiction and never really happened.***Weeks had gone by since Kathy and I had first had sex with each other that one weekend. Since then we had a few great encounters when time or circumstances had permitted us to. I was really amazed at how wild, uninhibited, and completely dirty she was and it seemed like nothing was off limits to her. Had she just been a girlfriend it would have been exciting enough but the fact that she was my sister just made it all that much better.One night I was sleeping and woke up with my hand on her pussy. She was just standing there in the dark next to my bed with only a flimsy t-shirt on. She had come in while I was sleeping and had taken my hand and placed it on her pussy. I started feeling her and placed a finger inside her without saying a word. She was so wet that I slid right in…it was so warm and I instantly became hard.”Hi sexy,” I said to her, “what are you doing in here at this hour?””I was horny and was playing with myself but I decided you are right in the next room and I want you.” She answered me quietly.”Mom and dad are home you know.” I told her like as if she was too stupid to know that. It was 1am on a week night, of course they were home.”I know, but they’re sleeping…and if we’re quiet, no problem. Besides all that, the idea of getting caught will make it more exciting little brother.”I couldn’t say no anyway…not possible. She climbed in bed with me and kissed me long and hard and reached for my cock as she did so. She slowly started stroking me as we kissed and her hand felt so good on me. I grabbed her and rolled over on top of her and she guided me to her pussy.”force it in” She said, though I had felt that she was so wet, I doubt there would be any forcing at all. I gave one heavy thrust and I was buried in her and she was already moaning and telling me how good it felt. “Fuck me Kevin….fuck me and make me cum….but I don’t want you to cum yet…I have something else in mind.” Now what she was asking was pretty difficult. How could I possibly be fucking something so arousing and not lose control and cum? The numerous times we had fucked in the past weeks, I had kocaeli escort become so wrapped up in what I was doing that there was no stopping or holding back. I told her I didn’t think I could keep from cumming…but she demanded I do my best. “If you cum before I tell you that you can, We’re not fucking for at least a week…so you better just find some way to control yourself, lover.”I worried….I didn’t want to ruin what I had with her and she seemed pretty determined that I was going to do as she said. I kept fucking her but trying to keep my mind somewhere else. Damn though, she felt so fucking good. She was so wet and warm…I could feel her cunt grabbing my cock…it was heaven. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me you sexy slut. Cum now while I’m inside you. I want to feel you cumming on my cock.” I had hoped that talking dirty to her would set her off as it so often does.She was moaning, and I was worried she was getting too loud but I didn’t want to take a chance…I kept fucking her and then I kissed her and forced my tongue into her mouth and found her tongue. I felt it all welling up inside me and I knew if she didn’t cum soon, it was all over. I kissed her a little more and then told her, “Cum now you fucking sexy cunt!” I felt her pussy contract on me and start squeezing me as she started gasping for air. She turned her head to face the pillow and grabbed it with her mouth to stifle her moaning and screaming. She ran her nails down my back and scratched me…I had all I could do to keep from blowing inside her…when I was sure she was done with her orgasm, I pulled out and went down on her pussy to suck out her juices…I love that taste.After a few minutes, she stopped me and told me to lay on my back, which I did. She climbed down between my legs and put her face near my dick. She kissed the head and then licked herself off me. It was a real turn on to see her eat cum and taste herself like that. I was waiting for her to start sucking me but she just sat there with a look on her face. “I want to see you jerk off…I want to watch you make yourself cum.” She said. It was a little bit of a let down to be honest. Here I had my ungodly sexy sister in front of me to fuck and she wanted me to take kocaeli escort bayan care of myself? I told her I felt cheated. “Please do it for me? Don’t worry, I have a surprise for you when you’re done…and also, I have something to tell you about while you’re doing it…it should help you along quite well, I think you’ll like hearing it.”I told her I would do it for her because of what she said and I reached down and rubbed the head of my cock. She smiled and bit her lip in a way that made me melt. I started slowly stroking my cock for her while watching her watch me. She started playing with my balls with her index finger and every now and then she would kiss them or the head of my cock.”I wanted to tell you…Suzi is coming home for the summer soon.” She said, “And you know what? Suzi wants some of this too.”Holy shit. Suzi is my oldest sister who was in college right now. She is 6 years older than me and Kathy is 4 years older. Suzi was fucking hot too. Kathy had a little bit nicer face but Suzi had the body. Suzi had huge tits and a round ass that I had always wanted to eat. I couldn’t believe that Kathy was saying she wanted some too…I had to hear more so I told her to give me details.”Well, to be honest, Suzi is the one that had suggested I try to start something with you. We had talked about it lots of times and then a few weeks ago she told me she wanted me to try it and tell her what happened…so I did” She was smiling as she was telling me this, she was enjoying it. “I told Suzi that we fucked and she told me that when she comes home, she wants to fuck you too.” I couldn’t believe this…it all just seemed too unreal.”Well, if Suzi fucks me, where does that leave you?” I asked.”Oh, I’ll let her have you once or twice by herself and then I’ll obviously have to join in at some point. I can’t be left out. You’ll like fucking her…she is like me and she tastes so good too!” Kathy gave me an evil grin. “Oh and…she’s an anal whore…she’ll probably want you up her ass.””What? How do you know?” I think I grew even harder as I was stroking…what Kathy was saying seemed like a dream come true and I was picturing Suzi on me.”How do I know? I ate her out lots of times and she did the kocaeli escort same. We’ve been messing around for years….but now you’re involved too…and you’re in for some real fun when she gets here.””I can’t fucking wait.” I said and started stroking harder at the thought of what was going to happen in a few weeks.”Now, little brother, less talk and more jerking off” she said and she leaned in and took my balls into her mouth and played with them. I started pounding the shit out of myself in a fury. I couldn’t get rid of the mental image of fucking both of my sisters…and maybe watching them fuck each other. Kathy let go of my balls and looked up…she put her face real close to my cock as I beat it. She was watching me intently as I played with my cock.”That is so fucking sexy…Yeah, that’s it you fucker….watching you beat yourself off is such a turn on…fuck your hand for me….fuck that naughty hand you dirty fuck.”I was beating it so hard at this point that it was beginning to hurt but it felt so good at the same time. “Oh you dirty slut, I’m going to cum” I told Kathy. I started thrusting into my hand and Kathy put her face against my cock and was letting me fuck the side of her face as I beat off.”Do it little brother…cum…I want you to shoot that fucking load all over my face and I want you to watch yourself doing it.”When she said that, it was all over. I gave one last frantic thrust into my hand and I started shooting streams of cum onto Kathy’s cheek. She turned her head as I was doing this so it would go on her face and I shot some on her eye and nose…some even got in her hair. When I had finished, she licked my cock clean and then sat up with my cum dripping down her face. “How do I look?” She asked.”Sexy as ever.”She climbed up to me and started kissing me. “Help me clean my face, lover,” she told me, “lick yourself from my face.” We had kissed before after she blew me, I had tasted myself from her finger a few times, and I had eaten her after I came in her but this was different and I hesitated. The other times it was our cum mixed together but now, it was all just mine. “Go ahead, it will be ok…you’ll like it. I know I’ll like it.” A little more begging and I finally did it. She was right, eating myself off of my sisters face was hot. We made out for a while and then I went down on her and ate her to another orgasm. Kathy kissed me good night and she went back to her room as I laid there thinking about what it would be like when Suzi comes home….I couldn’t wait.



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