I decided to stick around Cherokee a day or so longer after my birthday shenanigans. Chris had left and there were a few lingering guests from the day before. As night loomed, I felt pangs of loneliness and decided to check out one of the local bars if for nothing else then for the ability to drown myself in liquid forgetfulness.

I walked in, sat down at the bar, ordered 2 shots and watched the interactions. It’s what I usually do. Not the drinking, although that is what you primarily do at a bar. I meant the people watching. As a psychiatrist, it’s interesting to observe and guess about people’s reactions or actions. It didn’t take long for my eyes to settle on people on the other side of the bar at a table not quite in the middle of the establishment.

I noticed a very cute young man and woman. Upon closer observation, it was the engaged couple from my birthday party a day earlier. They had, from the looks of it, got into a spat and she walked off into the autumn night. I decided that he could use a friendly face and I needed something to distract me from the burdens that continued to haunt me. In that mindset, I sauntered over to him and reintroduced myself.

His name was Ethan. With pleasantries completed, I asked him what that was all about, meaning the tiff with his fiance. He didn’t go into too much detail and I could tell that he didn’t want to talk about it much. There was some pain in his eyes, but I did not push for an answer, or answers, I figured I could read between the lines and discover what was going on. I invited myself to sit next to him and we made small talk. I had no intention at that point of doing anything. We were just talking. Both of us had pain in our hearts.

He was a delightful conversationalist. Witty. I could tell he was a charmer. His personality alone would have made him attractive. He was very confident, though visibly shaken from recent events. I had gathered from certain clues given to me that one of them had cheated on the other. As I watched his body language, I also checked him out.

As all women do, whether we admit it or not, we always check a guy out. He was casual. A buttoned shirt, a blazer, jeans. He was cute. Striking but not gorgeous. He would definitely catch your eye though. Dark brown eyes, brown hair, neatly tucked behind his ears. Eddie Vedder type, while out of place contemporarily, still has sex appeal.

I could tell that he had seen and experienced a few things in his life. Not that it made him jaded. Quite the opposite, he came across as a lover of life and because of the way he talked to me, subtlety flirting as well, I could tell that he was a bit of a ladies man. Or at the very least had experience talking and wooing women.

Of course, because he was engaged, I assumed that this penchant for flirtation and otherwise had ceased. I might add that he was engaged to an extremely beautiful woman. I could also tell that he genuinely loved this woman but there were signs that if I wanted to, I could pierce that armor and bed him. If I wanted to. Which as I said at the outset of the story, was not my attention.

As the drinks went on and the conversations became less generic, we began to share some stories, and the subtle flirting of maybe a half hour earlier had given way to blatant teasing. His personality, his cuteness, and his flirting all had given way to me feeling that twinge.

You know, THAT twinge.

I read him for signs of mutual sexual attraction. His pupils dilated when I flirted back. When I touched his thigh or his hand, he smiled. After an hour and a half from the moment since I had made my way to his table and we began to talk, I felt a growing need to act on the sweltering need inside of me. I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Very simple.


Well, innocent with a lot of sinful intentions. After all, he was engaged. I was very tipsy. It was the wrong thing to do but in the spur of the moment, I wanted to taste his lips. To thank him, in a way, for opening up to me and allowing me to forget the troubles of the last few months, if for no more than an hour or two.

He reciprocated.

I wish I could say it surprised me.

It didn’t. Not completely.

As I drew back from him, I bit my bottom lip. Excitement danced in my belly.

What was going to happen next? I could see from the look in his eye that he was wondering the same thing.

He apologized.

I told him he didn’t need to. After all, I kissed him first.

He smiled and asked me if he could kiss me again.

I told him he could.

This time, our lips touched and mouths parted to allow our tongues to dance. It was altogether brief. A very nice kiss but one that awakened the tigress within me.

I told him that I knew he was engaged but wondered if he would allow me to come back to his room and strip tease for him.

His room, everyone will ask. Why?

Perhaps it was there that the thrill of being illegal bahis discovered would be had. No matter if there was no sex involved, who would want to see their man with another woman?

I had thought about that, but I thought that if I truly got off on this exhibition, I would be free to leave immediately afterwards. If he had come to my room, I had no where to go and did I trust him to leave when I had stripped?

Then again, I had already thought of all the variables and knew in my heart of hearts that we would have sex.

He laughed at first and then realized I was being serious. He asked why.

My answer was because I was feeling a little drunk and wanted to do something naughty, and it had been a while since I done something like that.

He smirked and asked me about Chris last night.

I touched the back of his hand and teased, “Last night was about the sex.”

“What would now be then?”

I licked my lips.

“Fun.” I slyly cackled, “I strip while you jerk off.”

Whether it was the alcohol, good old fashioned lust, or a desire to feel wanted, he said, “deal”.

We stood. He paid the tab and I felt the heat of his hand on my lower back and I reached for it and placed it on my ass.

As we left the bar, I shot a glance over to my right and saw his fiance standing and crying. In another man’s arms. She did not see us as we hurried away.

Interesting, I thought, but moved it all to the back of my mind.

A mind which was wholly focused on one thing right now. I couldn’t wait to have a man look at me with want as I stripped. The thought excited me. Made me feel wanted.

I followed him into his room. Looked at the luggage. Both his and hers. I admit some amount of sorrow as I thought about fooling around with this man.

It quickly dissipated. Her loss tonight was my gain. Remember earlier I had told him that I was going to strip for him and I wanted him to watch and would love it if he masturbated. My reasoning was that we both got off and he wasn’t actually cheating on his fiance. No where in my mind did I think what was going to happen would happen.

Well, again, maybe I did.


He sat down eagerly and with a smile as I swished myself around to the front of his body. I kissed his lips and told him that this would be all hands off. My statement was, of course, a tease and I suppose deep down I was hoping that he would cross that line.

Back to the moment at hand.

I grabbed at the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head then tossed it to the floor. Ethan sucked in a breath and I looked him in the eyes and licked my lips before blowing him a kiss. I wore my red Body by Victoria. He stared at me and I imagined that he could see my puckered nipples just barely making themselves known to him through the dense fabric. He didn’t move.

Didn’t say a damn word, either.

I’d stunned the son of a bitch.

However, there was no censoring the sudden tension in his body or the erection straining the front of his jeans. I shivered as the thought of his masturbating to my stripping made me wet. I had reached for the snap to my own jeans and slowly unfastened them. My fingers drifted down over the denim.

All the way until I rubbed at the ache in my pussy. I saw a muscle twitch in Ethan’s jaw.

I held in my smile and slid my hand back up my stomach and found the tab of my zipper. I began to tug it down, so very slow.

I watched him; wholly focused on me. He reached for the zipper to his jeans and pulled it down, springing free his cock to me to see and his hand to stroke.

When I had lowered the zipper to my denim prison, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and began to shove them past my shimmying hips.

Over my ass.

Down my thighs.

Until they pooled at my ankles, exposing my matching red thong.

Fuck me, you look hot, he managed to say as the first few strokes of his cock contorted his face in a way that made him look dead sexy. Serious. Rugged. Full of want.

My pussy spasmed as I saw his head swell larger with each passing stroke. It clenched. I imagined being overpowered by him.

Dominating me.

The spasm turned into an unrelenting throb.

Strain showed in Ethan’s eyes. Those deeply electric brown eyes. I was hyper aware of him.

Aware of myself as well.

I reached behind myself and grabbed the band, unhooked the fastenings one at a time. Before the bra slid down my arms, I pressed my palms to my breasts, precariously holding the cups in place.

“Let go,” He moaned and begged, “Please.”

A nasty smile curled up the side of my mouth. “No.”

He tensed, reached for me. I wondered how close he was. His strokes were long and thorough and I could see the rising tension within him.

I let the bra drop, exposing my breasts.

They felt heavy. Swollen. More blood rushed to the already sensitive tips and they hardened until the sensation illegal bahis siteleri of cool night air against them became a type of pleasure and pain all its own. His stare lashed at them like a live wire. I felt the stunning jolt across each nipple.

I felt so aroused and needed more. Thoughts of taking his cock into my mouth became emblazoned in my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take this man for myself.

That gaze drifted down my stomach and hesitated on my hips and then lingered between my thighs. I squeezed them together, trying to ease the growing ache. I knew it would only serve to make the desire sharper. I decided right then and there I would fuck him and leave after the act.

I needed to fuck him because I had to find release for the demon inside me in the worst possible way.

Shifting a hand to the lace shielding my pussy, I pressed in and rotated my fingers over my sensitive flesh. I gasped. It was pure pleasure as tingles danced under my skin. I was so close.

With a curse of need, I grabbed the little thong clinging to my hips and jerked it down impatiently until I was completely bare.

I half-smirked and spread my legs shoulder width apart and watched his eyes hone in on my pussy then rose to meet my gaze.

I’m very wet, I told him.

My pulse jumped and I smiled coyly as I caressed a line down my stomach slowly until I reached the apex of my thighs. I diverted from my clit, slipping lower to press two finger inside of me.

Sinful sensation hit me like like waves against the shore and it had me gasping. I was so hot, slick, and beyond the point of return. The intimate invasion of my body was nothing new to my experience but I still marveled at how erotic it could be.

I tangled my free hand through my hair, pulling my fingers through the silken tresses until I reached my breast.

I cupped it.

Pinched a nipple.


My head spin as the sugary ache spread inside me. It threatened to send me tumbling down into a chasm of need. I leaned on the wall beside me and hung on tight as I eased my fingers deeper inside my pussy.

I watched Ethan tense. The way he gripped his cock told me that he was very near the edge of the abyss. I wanted to watch his face, his body as he came before me.

My knot of nerves had swollen to twice their size. As I withdrew my fingers and dragged them up and down my clit, a new set of waves tingled and crashed through me.

I shuddered and gasped.

I was a heartbeat away from an explosion that would send me reeling onto my ass.

My fingers shook as I dragged them. I tried to take a breath but I was so close. Just one more swipe of my fingertips…

My knees were unstable, the beating of my heart pulsed in my ears. As my situation accelerated, my eyes fought to stay open.

Through slitted eyes, I saw him erupt. Shooting hot and fierce, the first blast flew and then the heated lava of his desire began to drip over and around his head before trickling to the floor.

The moment he came, Ethan rose to his feet, placed his hands on my hips, and spun me around. My orgasm pulsed and made my body hum but I was very aware of the heat from his body, blanketing my back. His free hand moving my long hair off my neck just before he kissed his way across my sensitive skin. My senses were on complete overload and I shuddered as I felt the remnants of his cum searing across my bottom.

I want you, he moaned.

I told him he could have me.

Edging me to my side, he caressed his way down my spine with rough fingertips sliding over my skin. I trembled, arched into the touch, and gave myself to him.

I felt a fire begin to crawl across the right cheek of my ass, stunning me mute. The rhythm of his hot breaths on my shoulder and the grip on my wrists were one of possession. Then he slapped my left cheek with equal force.

He repeated the process again. Then again.

My rear began to throb and became a luscious starburst of sensation. The ache joined the one behind my clit.

Need escalated.

My heart threw itself against my ribcage begging to be free. My knees buckled and I nearly collapsed.

Ethan hooked an arm around my waist to hold me upright, his fingers hovering over my pussy. I sucked in a breath in anticipation but he didn’t touch me. He left me to dangle at the edge of my need.

I begged him please.

His fingertips then drifted down, rubbing light, lazy circles over the hood of my clit. The pressure was light and too scattered to do anything but drive me back up. I fisted my hands, trying to thrust my hips against his fingers and I prayed he’d rub me right into oblivion.

But he clutched my hips tightly and controlled my every move.

I tensed against him, my body ached and screamed for more.

I fought against him. He released my wrist and I slapped him across his face. I twisted and bit his lip. My chest swelled canlı bahis siteleri and tightened with need. Aggression.

I swallowed. Every nerve ending was on fire. I took his hand and skated it down my rib cage, my waist, hip, my butt; all of which were designed to get him to finally take me.

I was ready.

Beyond ready.

His other hand took the que I was giving and he spread my cheeks slightly. I tensed and waited for him to make his move.

Ethan traced a finger from the small of my back, down through the hidden crevice and lingered over my back passage. His fingertip teased the little opening and my thoughts turned to the thought of his cock inside of me.

He took a step back and hastily took his clothes off. In the mere instant that our bodies were disconnected, I felt disappointment in the absence of his presence. A moment later, he came to me again and I saw the want in his eyes.

He caressed the curve of my waist again, his lips drifting across my shoulder and his now naked body pressed to my back. That hard cock nestled against my ass. My pulse jumped. I was ready.

So primed for it.

I heard a tear. A crinkle.

I clenched in anticipation.

He found my opening in the center of my ass cheeks and he pressed the tip in.

Then paused.

The bastard.

He pressed his chest over my back and nuzzled my neck with soft kisses. His hands scooped up my breasts, fingers pinching my nipples until the edge of pain had me gasping and my pussy creaming anew. The need to explode rose once more and now screamed through my body.

He grabbed my hips and slammed deep inside of me with one savage thrust.

I cried out as that familiar pleasure-pain swept over me. I rose on my toes to put more space between us as I tried to give him a longer channel with which to violate. He pressed inward, deeper, and deeper.

I hissed at his every thrust. The avalanche of pleasure buried me and my climax loomed.

Under him I stiffened. He grabbed my hips and waited, perhaps to stave off his orgasm. I wriggled my ass against him and forced myself to rock back and forth while he tried to play and delay my pleasure.

I wasn’t having it.

He stroked down my abdomen and lower into the damp curls of my pussy and grazing over my clit. I mewled. My ass tightened and he swore my name.

I thrust back on him. Shoving him even deeper in my tight clasp. My voice was heavy and demanding as I told him to fuck me. The next moment saw me curling a hand around his neck as I leaned back and tugged his lips towards mine.

He tried to fight against the hot grip of my ass. I sensed the struggle in him. His body trembled as he tried to ease back. He couldn’t fight it any longer. He slid deep and I felt desire boiling within him and nearly to burst.

Fuck, he exclaimed and slowly withdrew from me.

“No!” I shouted back and thrusted myself towards him. Did I have to fight to keep him inside of me?

I forced myself into a frenzy and the next moment saw Ethan frantically trying to keep up with me. I had won the fight and it had only begun.

I sucked in a deep breath as I felt his balls hammer into my cheeks. My low whimpers soon grew to become illicit moans. He brushed his knuckles over my clit and grinded his cock deep within my ass.

Lifting his fingers from my clit, he crossed his arms over my hips and pressed my torso downwards.

I stood straight, fighting against him. My back stiffened. My eyes narrowed as I realized I was cuming at the same time I was struggling against him. I was now caught in a position where I had to give myself over to the pleasure or fight to maintain my control.

As orgasm began to hit, I whirled around to face him. It was too late. I was in the midst of climax. Struggling with the release of pleasure and taking control of this man, my body trembled as I was helpless to the waves of glory overtaking me.

I pushed him back. Knocked him to the ground and as his back slammed into the carpeted floor, my body was on top of his. With thighs wide, I sat on top of his glorious erection and began to ride him.

He tried to cup my breasts, to grasp my hips, to do anything. I wouldn’t let him.

I leaned into him, my nails digging into his wrists as they lay prone to the side of his head. My breasts were just out of reach of his mouth and I took the opportunity to torture his chest.

I kissed, bit, and sucked his pectorals. My teeth tore at his nipples. I wanted more.

So I took it.

I rode him hard, long, and complete. I came at least twice, my orgasms were now coming in rapid succession. I continued to torture his chest but had also moved onto his neck and shoulders.

When he finally arched and convulsed, I let him ride it out and I reveled in the thought of taking exactly what I wanted from him. I know, I gave him a little to get started but sometimes a girl has to do what she needs to do right?

The moment he came, I slid off of him, gathered my clothes and put on my jeans and t-shirt and with bra and panties in hand left him alone in the room while I walked down the hall to mine.

A nice, not complicated fuck for me. Not so much for him I think.



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