Another face down, ass up day at the SpaI was surprised to see so many views I wrote of my recent adventure at the local bath house. I wrote it just to pass the time & I wasn’t really expecting anything from it, so I decided to write about something that happened a few months ago.Last summer I went to one of my favorite bath houses on a Sunday when I knew it would be busy. Before I went, I took a lot of time that morning to dilate & loosen up my hole with dildos. My hole is still very tight because I don’t slut myself out very often; so when I go to the bath house I want to make sure my pussy isn’t going to be too tight when I’m lucky enough to snag those thick, hung tops.So, I went early enough to get a room just before it got busy and got in my usual ass up/face down position with the hall door wide open. I prefer this position, and make sure to wear a jock strap, just to make sure anyone passing by will know I’m mostly there to bottom. After about an hour of waiting, & with no takers, I got tired of that position & had to lay face down on the bed, but kept my exposed ass pointed to the open door. I position myself so I’m able to see who’s passing by the hallway. I noticed a young, fit, black stud dressed in shorts & sports gear, glancing in my room as he passed by several times. Now almost everyone wears just a towel at this Spa, & you can bet if someone walks around wearing clothing here, they’re almost always straight, new, or just looking for a quick blow job. Evidently the word has gotten out that if your in need of a quickie, this is the place to come if you need a quality blowjob by faggots who LOVE giving blowjobs. Now I like giving BJ’s, and I really like worshipping big cocks… but I LOVE getting my fuckhole plowed. So I just like to make sure that if I’m going to be sucking dick, that sometime before, during, or after I give the BJ I’m going to get a good fucking. So when the young black stud finally decided to stop at my door, I already knew without any doubt he was going to say those words I’ve heard soooo many times before:”You suck dick”?I wanted to jump up & say yes, just to relieve the boredom, but I got up on my elbows to try to check out his package before I answered. I saw a telltale bulge in his shorts, so I said “Yeah I suck dick…You going to fuck this pussy too” He said “shit yeah” but I already knew he was probably just trolling for a BJ. But I thought bakırköy escort it might be worth it if he was hung & I maybe I could trade a little fucking in exchange for continuing the BJ if I stopped.He entered the room and dropped his shorts & I started mouthing his meaty flaccid cock. It grew to a real beauty, about 7-8 inches. He must have really liked it, because after awhile he started taking off his clothes. I loved watching his big hard dick wagging around as he moved. He laid down on the bed, spread his legs & guided me down to his cock, & I got busy slowly worshiping, teasing, & edging that big cock with my mouth. He turned out to be very talkative & for some reason began to ask me a lot of questions & I replied between slurping that big dick.You like sucking dick? (Yes). You ever suck a nigga’s dick? (Yes). When was the last time? (Last time I was here). You like sucking a nigga’s dick? (All I care about is how big & how hard a cock is), etc….He liked grabbing my head, which is fine, but I told him I can’t deep throat. He also liked when I sucked in his balls & slathered them with my tongue. I was so hypnotized by his big wagging dick, I didn’t realize that when I got down on top of him to suck his dick, he lifted his legs & laid them over my arms, trapping them between his thighs & the mattress. At the time he said he didn’t want me using my hands. I didn’t think twice about that since many tops don’t like you using your hands when worshipping their cocks. He had gently grabbed my wrists so I couldn’t move them out from under his legs. Whenever I asked him if he was ready to fuck my hole, he kept saying things like, what’s the rush, just a little more, just relax, your so good baby, just a little bit more… Not wanting to start any shit, I kept going back to work on sucking, tonguing, & licking his dick, but I already knew I wasn’t getting fucked. Actually, I was pretty happy sucking his dick because I really love a hard cock, and he wasn’t trying to face fuck me & I like when I’m able to slowly take my time to lick, suck, & tease a hard cock. I was also turned on that he was holding my arms, so I had no choice. After prolonging the cock worship for about 15 minutes I began to really suck in earnest, concentrating my efforts on just the cock head. In no time at all, he grabbed my head & started pumping his dick into my mouth & beşiktaş escort shot a mouthful of cum in my mouth. He apologized, said he really didn’t mean to, but couldn’t help himself because I was so good, & kept flattering my cock sucking skills. I thanked him, & told him it was no problem and as he was leaving he said he’d be back to make it up to me with a good fucking. I knew it was just BS, but I played along. As he opened the door & was rushing out, adjusting his clothes, this big muscular older black gentleman was in the hall. He saw the stud rushing out, & looked to see me assuming my usual face down/ass up position on the bed, and since I was feeling frisky after the BJ, I shook my ass in his direction. The older buff black gentleman walked in and closed the door without a word. I always keep some condoms tucked into the straps of my jockstrap for convenience, and to my delight, he grabbed one & I heard him tear it open. He adjusted the height of my ass to lower my hole to the proper height, and slipped his cock in and began fucking the shit out of my pussy. This is what I needed. I was in heaven. I’m sure the smacking of his pounding of my ass could be heard in the next 3 rooms over & across the hall. He was a real cocksman. He finished by making me grab behind my knees & holding my legs back & out so my pussy was wide open & available for him. My hole was in the perfect position for him & he began slamming into me. By now he was in full b**st mode & didn’t care about anything except his dick & my hole. Nothing else mattered. I felt like I was nothing but a hole for him, being used like a disposable blow-up sex doll…and I was loving it! Since I was on my back, holding my legs back, unable to move, I did the only thing I could think of doing; I whined like a little bitch, & kept clenching & unclenching my pussy, because I felt I needed to do my part by doing something. My guess is that he was around 6-7″ & not particularly thick….but boy could he fuck. He left just as silently as he came in, without a word, but I made sure to thank him. I feel bottoms should always thank tops, and not vice versa because I feel I’m just doing my job, of servicing alpha males.I went to the bathroom & returned shortly & got busy tidying up the room when I noticed a heavy-set, young, black man standing across the hall staring at me. I just thought it beylikdüzü escort was because I was in my jockstrap & bending over as I was straightening out the mattress. But after I thought about it, I began wondering. Because this was an overwhelmingly predominately Latino bath house, I immediately thought to myself that a third black top at my door was more than a coincidence & I wondered if maybe the word had gotten out about me? There couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 in the whole place. When he was at my door & said “You down for some more fuckin” I felt really thrilled to think that maybe there was some buzz about me, & I started to feel pretty good about that. Normally, I don’t really like wrestling around with heavy or overweight tops, but I got face down & ass up at the edge of the bed so he would know I wasn’t sucking dick or having him getting on top of me, and I said, “I’m down”. He dropped his towel, and played with himself to get hard. I was really happy to see his dick growing & growing, that I couldn’t help myself, and turned around and started slurping his cock until it reached a girthy 8″. After he got rock hard, I turned around & pointed my pussy at him & spread my cheeks wide. I had to ask him to ease it in, since his cock was so thick. It had been quite awhile since I loosened my hole up at home, and I wasn’t sure if the previous top had loosened me up sufficiently. He took his time slipping it in. He let it stay there & slowly started moving it in & out, & it didn’t take long for my hole to adjust to his girth. After a few strokes, I gave him the go-ahead to “tear that pussy up” & to “split that fuck hole wide open”. I could tell he liked when I got verbal, so I made sure to grunt, squeal, & get really verbal. He took his time, and really loved pulling his dick all the way out, & slipping it back in over & over again. I got so horned up that I couldn’t help but jacking off & cumming as his cock probed me deep each time. He asked me if I came, and I told him yes, but (like a good little slut) I told him that I was sorry, & he should keep fucking my pussy until he came . He started to pick up his pace, & started fucking me in longer, harder strokes. He kept slamming his dick harder & faster, and it seemed to take him forever to finish.I told him thanks, and he seemed really pleased that he wore me out, & made me cum. As he was leaving, he asked if I wanted the door to the hallway closed? He was kind of surprised when I told him to “leave it open” as I assumed my usual face down, ass up position….It’s late, so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it there. I didn’t think I would go on so long, but hope you liked.Likes & comments are appreciated…



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