When looking in a mirror I have never been one to think I was that good looking. Although I have had my fair share of women argue the point that I am quite handsome. To describe myself I would say that I am five foot ten, around two hundred pounds, strawberry blonde hair that I like to keep cut really short. Of all my features I would have to say my eyes are first with teeth being a close second. My eyes are quite blue which are accentuated when I wear certain color shirts and my teeth are quite straight for someone who has never had braces.

I like to think that I am your average male in that I like to have an occasional drink; I like to golf and have a healthy love for women. But lately I have found that I have an even healthier love for masturbation. I have no idea what brought this own or when it started I just know it is there. At times I can be founds in front of my PC looking up some porn or browsing some of the stories on Literotica. However it is not uncommon for me casino siteleri to linger in the shower and lather myself up and give a good rubbin’.

When the moods strikes and I am in the shower I find myself thinking of images from my Spank Bank. I try to keep these images real life happenings from my past, whether it be a past fuck, a stripper or someone that I can truly relate to instead of trying to picture a celebrity that I know nothing about. I do have my favorites if you will for example the girl who was cheating on her husband with me and gave me a blow-job while I was driving down the road, a previous girlfriend that fucked my brains out the first day that I met her, the girl that was sitting on my face and then turned the action nicely into a sixty-nine.

However I new happening took over the number one spot just the other day. I have been spending a lot of time with one of my female co-workers, Becky. We have been going out to lunch at least once a week and slot oyna it is all innocent however the sexual tension is quite noticeable. We both like each other in romantic sort of way but neither wants to admit it because we are both married. Becky is around the same age as I and I find her to be extremely attractive and she doesn’t see this which makes me sad. She is about five foot nine, by her standards she is too heavy but I think she is just right. She has sandy blonde hair, pale green eyes and a smile that could light up a city.

Since I like her in physical way I have been fantasizing about her and what I would like to do her. At times just from being with her I will get aroused and feel some pre-cum drippage start to ooze from cock. This all changed the other day when as Becky was leaving my car I looked over and could see her leopard skin panties. And as she leaned forwards I could see it was a thong. I thought that I was going to lose my load right then and there. The canlı casino siteleri way the thong was riding up her butt and how nice and round her cheek was made me bite my lip so that I wouldn’t say anything. I knew at that moment I had just made a deposit into my spank bank.

The first time I got to use this image was not a solo act. When going to bed that night my wife was looking for some loving. With the thoughts of Becky in mind I obliged by climbing on top of my wife and beginning to fuck her, all the while my eyes were closed trying to picture Becky’s face while the image of her ass and thong were tattooed on my brain.

I was little surprised when two days later another deposit was made to the spank bank courtesy of Becky. I had stopped by her desk to ask her a work question; I like to do that just in case co-workers are suspicious. While there Becky had to bend over to get something. She remained in her chair with her legs spread a part bended at the knees, and with an arch of her back she accentuated her ass nicely that all I could think of was to be underneath her as her damp inviting pussy devoured my hungry cock. With this thought in my head it may be time for shower and a good lather.



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