Andrew sat back with a contented sigh and reread what he’d just written on the screen. Finally, he’d got past the opening chapters and was into the meat of the story. His hero had survived a near-death experience when he’d been tackled away from an out-of-control truck by the mysterious woman who only an hour or so later was riding on top of his hard cock.

The author reread his words, he knew there were awards for bad sex scenes in books and he really didn’t want to be a winner, it had to be erotic rather than pornographic, on the other hand he wanted his readers to respond physically as well as emotionally.

As he read, he could hear footsteps climbing the stairs to his office, he was slightly embarrassed that she would see his writing and laugh, but then again she was his best critic and would read it soon anyway.

A hand fell lightly on his shoulder and her voice broke the silence as she kissed him on the top of the head,

“Still writing your porn then. Let’s have a look?”

There was the hint of a laugh in her words but said with affection not the mockery that he half expected.

“Well it’s not finished yet darling, can’t you wait until I’ve edited it properly?”

He was blushing thinking about his beautiful partner reading the erotic passage, yet he could already see she was scanning the screen over his shoulder.

“Come on out of the way, let me sit down properly and see what filth you’ve come up with” she giggled as she pushed him with the strong hint that he needed to give up his chair for her.

Andrew reluctantly got to his feet.

“Hurry up” she laughed, “I can see some really rude stuff going on with your hero, you never said he had a huge cock before!”

He started to respond but she cut him off with a finger to her lips as she scrolled to the top of the page and started to read.

“I’ll just go and put the kettle on” he said, too embarrassed to be there while she read the racy passage.

“Oh no you won’t” she looked up at him from under her hair, her blue eyes shining “I need you here so I can critique this in person.”

So he stood behind her rereading his words of lust and lovemaking as she read with him.

He hadn’t realised he’d written quite so much and as Emily slowly scrolled down the page he could see her chest rise and fall with her breathing. She was wearing a simple blue summer dress with a low neckline and just a hint of cleavage showing. Even though his embarrassment hadn’t faded he was entranced by the movement in her body and watched her wriggle in the seat, clearly trying to get more comfortable.

At one point as she read the passage where the woman straddled his hero and slowly drove her tight pussy down the length of his cock, Emily took a sharp breath and reached behind her to find his hand, placing it on her shoulder.

Andrew could feel the heat rising from her body and put his other hand on her neck, stroking her softly as she continued to read. She was getting to the part where he’d described how the woman could feel every ridge and every vein along the length of the man’s cock filling her up as she rode him, staring into his eyes, her breasts proudly thrust out, on the verge of orgasm.

Emily looked up, a husky tone had entered her voice

“You are a filthy fucker, you know that?”

He leant down and kissed her neck, his right hand wrapping around Emily’s breast as he did so, feeling a hard nipple beneath the light fabric.

“So you approve then?” he asked as he continued to kiss her neck, finding her other nipple with his left hand.

She sighed deeply, twisting slightly in the chair.

“Well it’s not literature,” she whispered looking up at him “but I think you will be keeping your female readers suitably entertained.”

With that she reached behind and stroked the inside of his thigh and stretched up as he leaned escort eryaman down joining him in a deep kiss.

Andrew’s embarrassment had completely gone as he swivelled the office chair around.

“You realise you’re only halfway through?” he said looking into her eyes as he slid a hand on to her soft thigh “She has quite an appetite this woman…I based her on you.”

She looked at him, not sure whether to be angry or flattered, but it didn’t matter as she felt a finger stroke the length of her pussy through her wet panties and a hard tongue enter her mouth.

They kissed for long moments, tongues tangling together, lips locked in heated passion. And as they kissed the finger found its way into her panties, finding her smooth slippery folds soaked with lust, her clit standing proud aching to be touched.

“Oh, you bastard!” she panted as they finally came up for air. His fingers had found their way inside her now and were gently rocking back and forth deep into her hot core. He found that in this position he could also use his thumb to rotate around her clit, loving how she gasped as he found it.

Emily was no longer the demure woman who had walked up the stairs only a few minutes earlier, now she was leaning back in the office chair, legs splayed out wide, head tilted back eyes closed, an arm flung over her forehead, the pretty blue dress bunched around her waist as Andrew’s fingers slipped in and out of her wanton pussy. The sensations were sending shockwaves through her body, she was desperate to cum…..

Andrew adored how Emily looked, he adored how she felt under his fingers, he loved the warm slipperiness and how just a slight change in action could create a little jolt of pleasure to strike her like a bolt of electricity. At the same time he was uncomfortably hard, confined in his jeans and desperately needed to release himself and to a relieving touch.

He leaned down and kissed her open mouth again, forcing her to open her faraway eyes.

“Would you?” he whispered, glancing down at the obvious lump.

“Only if you’re going to fuck me.” Emily huskily replied, not wanting to lose the exquisite tingling in her pussy, but very keen to have him fill her up.

As Emily leaned forward to unbutton and unzip, Andrew was reluctantly forced to remove his hand from her. He brought his fingers slowly to his mouth, tasting her and smiling for a moment, all the while watching and tensing in anticipation of her touch.

Fortuitously Emily seated in the chair was at exactly the right height to appreciate the hard cock of her lover as she sprung it from the confines of his pants. It was exactly at eye level. Wrapping a hand around the base she looked at it, at the veins, the delicate skin and the soft purple head that she loved to feel penetrate her. She adored the power she had with his cock in her hand, squeezing him gently, eliciting a sharp intake of breath. For a moment she forgot the ache in her pussy and started to slide her hand rhythmically up and down the stiff shaft.

At this angle and this close it was easy to flick out her tongue and sweep it around his engorged glans, tasting the drop of precum leaking from the tip.

He groaned, the feeling of her hand slowly wanking him and her tongue lapping him was building waves of pleasure, spreading from his groin to his heart, making everything beat faster. And as Emily looked up at his ecstatic face, she smiled to herself, opened her lips and engulfed him, taking his hard but pliant flesh deep into her mouth.

“Oh God, yes Em” he hissed between sharp intakes of breath, before placing his hands in her soft golden hair as she started bobbing up and down. He was torn, desperately wanting to just fuck her mouth and spurt his hot cum as quickly as possible, but also wanting her to have control and to do to him whatever she wanted.

Emily elvankent escort was having similar thoughts, she loved it when he came in her mouth. Loved the power she had to control him and bring him immediate relief or to prolong his pleasure by alternate licking and sucking.

Remembering something she reached out with her other hand, the one that wasn’t still squeezing and sliding around the few inches of cock that weren’t in her mouth, and held his hot balls for a moment enjoying their weight, before sliding her index finger under them and along the stiff root of his cock.

She was still amazed that she’d only recently discovered how a man’s hard-on extends back along his perineum and can be rubbed and touched in a way to bring him different intense sensations. She was definitely doing something right, Peter’s breathing was growing ragged and she could feel him become a little bigger in her mouth, which she knew meant he was very close.

It was so tempting to feel that wonderful moment when he lost control and that first sudden spray of sticky sperm would flood her mouth…

But Emily needed his cock elsewhere, tempted though she was, her pussy was feeling empty and she wasn’t prepared to wait for him to get hard again. So with a last lap of her tongue and squeeze of her lips she extracted his excited phallus from her mouth and demanded,

“Fuck me now Andy, I need you inside me.”

They both looked down, his cock was thrusting out lewdly, covered in saliva he was rock hard, glistening and practically throbbing. He’d been so close and it had taken all his will power not to shoot jets of hot sperm at her face in the moment he left her mouth. He was gasping for breath but kind of knew she’d want him in her aching pussy, she adored fucking and who was he to deny her that pleasure.

She stood shoved the office chair to one side and scooched up onto his desk, spreading her legs wide. Emily still had her pretty lacey panties on, pulled to one side revealing the sight of her slick pussy, swollen in sexual anticipation.

Andrew was sorely tempted to kneel down and worship her sex with his tongue, he loved the taste and feel of her pussy in his mouth and how she’d gasp and wriggle as he licked her wet folds and sensitive clit. But he’d had his orders so stepping properly up, he kissed her hard on the mouth just as the tip of his cock brushed her hot waiting entrance.

But he didn’t slip inside, not yet.

“If you don’t mind” he whispered in her ear “I’m going to take your knickers off” he paused “before I fuck you very…very hard.”

Emily giggled.

“My aren’t you the gentleman today?” She was smiling but the ache inside was starting to consume her “just hurry up, whatever you do.”

He bent down to her legs as she reluctantly closed them, sliding the flimsy damp material over her hips and legs. He wasn’t surprised at just how wet her underwear was, it was one of those things that turned him on even more, knowing she got so wet for him, knowing she wanted his cock inside her.

Emily had unbuttoned the front of her dress and as her panties hit the floor, spread her legs again, her pussy fully exposed and waiting, the dress hanging to her sides. She didn’t have to speak, he knew from the look in her eyes as he lined up his stiff glistening cock, she wanted to fuck and she wanted to fuck this very second.

Andrew could feel the heat from her as his cock tip parted the sensitive entrance to her vagina, with one deep thrust he’d be inside her…

She looked him square in the eye with longing, urging him to penetrate her, and while Andrew loved to tease, he also loved the feeling of being buried deep in her hot pussy. His cock ached it was so hard now so, finally with one swift movement he tilted his hips, thrust hard and filled her completely.

They shared a look, etimesgut escort the one they knew so well, that spoke of their love and their mutual need as Andrew slowly withdrew his cock until he was almost completely out again. She felt him nearly leave and was just about to give him hell when suddenly he was deep inside again.

Andrew repeated the process, getting quicker with each thrust until he was fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. The feel of her slick velvety vagina was exquisite as was the look on Emily’s face. This was what she wanted, her lover’s rigid cock pounding inside her. She always felt it was a perfect fit, and rejoiced in every stroke he took. She loved watching his face when he fucked her as he either looked into her eyes or looked down to watch his rigid cock disappear inside of her.

Holding on to her waist as he fucked her on his desk, Andrew felt like he was in heaven. It felt illicit but ridiculously good, every thrust building his pleasure. Looking down once more he watched the beautiful sight of her pussy taking him deep. Seeing her clit he felt an overwhelming need to touch her, and brought a hand round sliding a finger between them. Emily, gasped and nearly jumped from the table, it was like electricity jolting between them and through her pussy up into her chest. Incredibly intense and too much for her.

“No no, I’m too sensitive” she squealed. But that didn’t stop him, he knew it was an exquisite pleasure, somewhere between rapture and pain and he loved to watch her squirm while his cock was deep inside her as she tried to get away from his probing fingers. It was gorgeously sexual, turning him on even more, but he knew she wouldn’t be able to stand it for long….he wouldn’t make her cum like this and that was what he really wanted to see.

“You do it” he panted continuing his deep strokes “make yourself cum with me inside you.”

She looked at him, smiled and licked a finger before sliding it down her tummy through her sparse curls and onto her stiff little clit. She could feel him moving in and out through her pubis as well as the gorgeous sensations pulsing inside. Her clit was on fire as she started to rotate her fingers, the feelings were amazing and she could feel the familiar happy pre orgasm warmth start to spread from her pussy through her whole body.

Andrew was entranced, she looked beautifully filthy, eyes closing, bottom lip bitten as her fingers raced around her hard nub, his cock repeatedly filling her with hot flesh.

They were both breathing hard; the sperm was coursing up his cock now in an exquisite sensation making him swell inside her.

“Tell me when you’re cuming Em” he was trying hard to hold back but could tell she was close and wanted to share the intensity of their orgasms.

A few more thrusts, a few more practised rotations of her fingers and they both tensed. He couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded with a loud groan, shooting hot jets of sticky jism deep inside her just at the moment she gasped and started to shake, gripping him suddenly tight with her legs.

“Oh God Andy I’m cumming…I’m fucking cumming” she gasped as her legs tightened their grip and her muscles tensed in a throbbing bolt of sensation consuming every nerve in her body.

Andrew was in heaven, Emily was in bliss and when they eventually breathed again and looked at each other they dived in for a hot passionate kiss that told them both all they needed to know about each other’s love.

Her legs were still wrapped around him, his cock was still inside her and neither wanted to move from this perfect position.

He bent down and whispered in to her

“Want to read the rest of that story?” he asked as he gently bent to kiss her taut nipples.

She looked up at him smiling, feeling his cock still hard and buried deep and, relishing his mouth on her breasts.

Emily sighed,

“You know what darling, I think I’ll save it for this time tomorrow,” she grasped his bum, pulling him deeper into her again, “…and maybe you could write a few more pages for the rest of the week too!”



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