Traci opened the door to the bar and stepped into its dimness. As she scanned the room she knew immediately she was over dressed for the place, but what the hell. She knew she looked good and that was what she needed right now. That and a stiff drink.

She made her way to the long bar and slid onto a stool at the far end. She gazed at the glistening bottles offering instant comfort, and gave the bartender a smile when he approached. She casually ran her fingers through the curls of her auburn hair, feeling the softness against her neck and the weight on her shoulders. As the bartender flashed her a smile, Traci smiled back, her blue eyes just short of their normal sparkle.

“What can I get for you this evening,” the bartender asked.

“Um, let’s see. Can I get a Jack Daniels over ice, please?”

“Sure thing.” His eyes gave away the idea that he felt the drink was a tad strong for a woman, but he quickly turned to get her drink.

Traci tried to make herself comfortable on the barstool, and tried to avoid the looks of the men around her – if indeed they were looking at her. She adjusted the black dress she wore, pulling the hem down slightly in an effort to cover the lace tops of her stockings. She was surprised that she had put on more weight in the past year than she had thought. She had been afraid the dress wouldn’t fit, but she managed to get into it. It hugged her body, and the neckline seemed to come down lower than before. Traci had always had a figure that was slender, but now she was what could be termed voluptuous. As she looked down at herself, she noticed the rise of her breasts against the fabric of the dress that had not been there before. Well, maybe the weight gain wasn’t all bad. And besides, a few weeks at the gym and she was sure to have it gone.

“Here you go, miss. You want to start a tab?”

“Ah, no thanks. Here –” Traci reached into her bag and pulled out a 20 dollar bill and laid it on the bar. The bartender picked it up and went to get her change. Trace picked up the glass, cool in her hand, and glanced at her reflection in the mirror behind the bottles. She lifted her glass as if in a slight toast and murmured, “Fuck you, asshole. You get what you deserve!”

Traci took a sip and felt the liquid warmth spread to her stomach. But her heart was racing once more, and she could feel her anger building again. She still could not believe that John, her boyfriend of two years, had been cheating on her for the last year. He had told her lie after lie, until she had found the evidence just that morning – a box of letters and gifts hidden in his closet from some girl named Cathy. When confronted, he admitted to the relationship and they had argued. Traci had given John an ultimatum, and he refused to be backed into a corner. She had stormed out and went back to her apartment, expecting him to call her. He never did. Her thoughts had been driving her crazy. She just knew he was out with Cathy, probably laughing at the fool they had made of Traci.

She took a bigger sip and her eyes watered as the liquid heat struck the back of her throat. Fuck the son of a bitch. He could have his little tramp, if that was what he wanted. She would show him. Somehow, someway – but how? Traci tossed back another drink from her glass, then lazily toyed with the ice, swirling it with her finger. She could feel the tears welling up into her eyes, and she bit her lip to keep them from falling. Another swallow and Traci was surprised to find the glass nearly empty. Fuck it. She wanted to get drunk. She needed to get drunk. She simply did not want to feel the pain anymore.

“Can I get you another one, Miss?” The bartender was back, smiling at her. However, now his face had taken on a bit of a fuzziness Traci hadn’t noticed before.

“Why yes, you certainly may!” She leaned over the bar, pressing her arms together and lifting her breasts for a better view.

“Sure thing, Miss.” And away he went. Traci stared after him, the smile disappearing from her face. Men. Fuck them all!

“I’d like to buy you that next drink, if you don’t mind.”

Traci spun her head in the direction of the voice. She was suddenly gazing up into startling green eyes with incredible lashes that peered out from a face that had a rugged handsomeness to it. His hair was brown, cut short at the sides and a little long on top. He was tall – had to be over 6 feet. A little heavy as well, but it appeared to be more muscle than fat. He raised his eyebrow at her, asking her silently for her answer.

“Ah, sure. I guess. Thanks.”

He flashed a smile and took the barstool next to her. He flashed out a credit card when the bartender returned with Traci’s drink and ordered one for himself.

“I’m Todd, and you are?”

“Oh, I’m Traci – sorry.”

“That’s okay, Traci. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?”

As Traci relayed such information as her job, where she lived, and her scum of an ex-boyfriend, he continued to stare at illegal bahis her. He had noticed her when she walked into the bar, and she piqued his interest. She was nervous, that was obvious. And she was a bit self-conscious of herself. He concluded she hadn’t been out for a while, and from the story she was relaying now, his instincts had been correct. Still, she was cute with her curls framing her face and the biggest blue eyes he had ever seen. He had never cared for overly thin women, and Traci seemed to have the fullness that he liked in a woman. He allowed his mind to wonder about what was under the black dress that she wore, and felt a stirring between his thighs. Best not to go there for now.

“I’m sorry to hear about your ex-boyfriend, Traci. Some men are just dogs. I should know, I’m a man.”

“Yes, but are you a dog?”

“No, I’m not. I’m a pig – just like a lot of other men.”

Traci stared at him, wondering at his comment. He smiled at her and she instinctively smiled back.

“Traci, all men are pigs – haven’t you ever heard that before?”

“Well, yes, I have. But I prefer to believe the good in all people.”

“Like your boyfriend? Nah, forget it. You’re right, and I admire people that see the good in others and not the bad. Here, let’s make a toast.” They both raised their glasses, and then Todd continued. “May the scumbag get exactly what he has coming to him for hurting you.”

“Hear, hear!” Traci exclaimed as she clinked her glass against his and took a sip.

Traci quickly finished off her second drink and then followed it with a third. The conversation between her and Todd flowed easily and freely. His jokes were a bit tired, but they made her laugh, and it wasn’t long before his hand was caressing her shoulder and rubbing her arm. It had been so long since a man had tried to win her over, had tried to seduce her, and she found she couldn’t get enough. She even found herself overcoming her natural shyness and reaching out to touch his arm or push him away playfully.

Before long, Todd had pulled Traci from her barstool, and had her standing between his spread thighs. She could feel his hands running the length of her back, and she shivered. He continued to press her closer and closer until she was standing with her body pressed against his. She felt his hand on her neck, drawing her face towards his, then felt his lips on her ear.

“Traci, you are a beautiful woman, so beautiful. I can think of at least a hundred things I would love to be doing to this body of yours. So lovely, so perfect.” She sighed as his lips traced their way from her ear lobe to her neck.

It had been months, or was it a year already, since John had whispered anything remotely to what this stranger was telling her. It felt so good to be wanted and desired, to be told she was beautiful. She reached up and stroked Todd’s arm, felt the muscle beneath his shirt. She found she couldn’t answer; she could only sigh and move her body closer to his. His lips made their way up her throat to her chin and then to her lips. When they connected, Traci felt her world begin to spin and turn. She clung to his arms and returned his kiss eagerly, accepting his tongue as he slid it between her lips. She felt his hand slid down her back to cup her ass and somehow she didn’t care if the entire bar was watching them. She felt alive – almost for the first time in months, and she didn’t want to give up this feeling.

Todd eventually pulled away from the kiss, leaving her breathless. He stroked her hair and kissed the tip of nose until she opened her eyes. He didn’t smile now; instead, he was searching her face almost as if he expected some sort of answer there. She looked at him with a question in her eyes.

“Traci, please don’t be insulted, but I want you. Now. I want to feel your body squirming under mine. I want to bring you pleasure and delight. I want to make you scream out in ecstasy as you never have before. What do you think?” He kissed her again. “Is there someplace we can go?”

Traci tried to regain her composure, tried to make the world stop spinning. She focused on his questions, and she knew she could not simply leave this bar without him.

“Yes,” she whispered into his ear. “Actually, my apartment is just a couple of blocks from here.”

“Good, do you think you can drive?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Then I’ll follow you, okay?”

“Yes, oh yes.”

Traci finished off her drink and grabbed her purse. They walked out together into the damp night air and he held her close to him. He walked her to her car and helped her get inside. Her heart was racing so fast, she wasn’t sure if she could catch her breath.

“You sure you can drive?”

“Yes, just follow me.”

“Don’t worry – I’ll be following!”

As Traci pulled from the parking lot, she saw Todd’s truck behind her. He followed her to her apartment and then walked with her up to the door. As she fumbled slightly with the key, she felt his hands illegal bahis siteleri on her body. She giggled and squirmed, but this only seemed to encourage him. She finally managed to get the door opened and Todd propelled them both through the door, slamming it shut with his foot. Suddenly, both their hands were everywhere at once, exploring, teasing, exciting. Traci worked the buttons on his shirt as she giggled under his lips. She slid the shirt from his shoulders, exposing his chest and she ran her fingers over the skin, smiling as she saw him shiver.

She kissed him again as she quickly undid his pants, and pushed them over his hips and to the floor. Todd quickly dispensed with his shoes and kicked his pants aside. His hands were in her hair and on her body. He pressed her breasts tightly, squeezing them until she groaned under his touch. His other hand slid up her thigh, feeling the nylon along the leg before feeling the lace that topped her stockings.

He could no longer wait. He had to see what was under this dress she was wearing. Reaching behind her, he quickly undid the zipper and roughly pulled the dress down over her body. He stood back a moment to admire the present he had just partially unwrapped. Traci’s full breasts were encased and pressed against a soft, black, lace bra. Her breasts slightly overfilled the lace, and Todd bent down to kiss the tender skin, and trailed his lips along the edge of the lace. Traci ran her fingers in his hair, pulling him towards her.

His hands slid down her body, towards the slight indent of her waist, and over the tummy that he could tell she was trying to hide. He smiled to himself, and kept his hand on her stomach, tickling her slightly.

“Traci, you are a beautiful woman. Please, don’t hide that beauty from me, okay? I think you are lovely.”

Traci relaxed a bit, and Todd felt her stomach soften deliciously. He stepped back, his eyes taking in her body, the full hips and the black lace thong panties barely concealing her pussy from his view. The black stockings rose up her legs and wrapped her thighs in lace. The high heeled black pumps added four inches to her height and made her legs look even more wonderful. Todd simply stared at her for a few moments, letting his hands caress her, even as her hands caressed him. His eyes met hers and a devilish look appeared in Traci’s.

She sank down onto a couch and spread her thighs open. She pulled Todd between her legs, and he could see where her pussy lips surrounded the thong she was wearing. But his attention was soon drawn to her hands. Hands stroking his hardening cock, teasing him lightly, and then pumping him hard. He felt her fingers on his balls, tickling the skin and pulling them slightly. He gasped when he felt her tongue slide along the length of his cock and he rested his hands on her shoulders. Her tongue swirled around the shaft of his cock, teasing the veins that were beginning to throb. When she reached the top, Traci placed her lips over the tip of his cock and began to eagerly suck out the pre-cum oozing from his cock. Todd dug his fingers into her shoulders, urging her to continue. She smiled before she slid his cock between her lips, toying with the head of his cock. Her hand continued to stroke him, even as her lips were sucking him. She began to move lower along his shaft, her cheeks hollow from her efforts. He could feel his body begin to respond, but he held back. No, not yet. He wanted much more.

Reluctantly, he pulled Traci from his cock, and smile at her.

“That was great, but if you keep that up, you will have me cum too soon!”

Traci giggled, and playfully tried to reach for his cock again. Todd easily stepped from her grasp, and pushed her down on the couch. He spread her thighs and lifted them over her body. She caught on, and wrapped her hand around her knees, holding her legs open to receive him.

Todd bent and ran his face along the nylon, feeling the softness against his skin. He kissed the lace of the stockings, before running his tongue along the skin above the stockings. Traci sighed and then moaned her pleasure. Todd leaned over and repeated the same with her other leg, and he felt Traci begin to squirm on the couch. Gently, barely touching her skin, Todd ran his fingers over her outer lips and along the thong that covered his much desired prize. Traci began to groan, pushing her hips towards him.

Pulling himself up, Todd bent over Traci’s body and grabbed the tops of the lace cups of her bra and pulled them down. Her breasts bounced out of their confinement, and he quickly grabbed them, squeezing the soft flesh. Her nipples were large and erect and waiting. He eagerly ran his tongue over first one and then the other, enjoying the sensation of Traci arching her back towards him. He closed his lips around her left nipple and began to suckle, while his other hand worked and pulled and twisted her other nipple. Her hands were everywhere – along his face, over his shoulders, down his back, canlı bahis siteleri in his hair. She murmured her encouragement and pressed her body to him. He continued to suck on her breasts, delighting in the feel of the nipple on his tongue. When he finally released it, he watched as the wet nipple popped from his mouth and stood at attention.

Working his way down, Todd kissed Traci in places she had never been kissed before. When he reached the black lace panties, he lifted his head and breathed a stream of air across the flimsy material. Her gasp of pleasure excited him and he knew he not contain himself any longer. He gently pulled aside the thong panty revealing a pussy that had smooth lips and a neat, trimmed bush just above her clit. He simply looked for a long time, before he finally moved closer. He ran his tongue along the lips, tasting the sweetness of her pussy, drinking in her wetness. His tongue darted among the folds of her pussy as his fingers spread her lips wide for him. She was squirming and moving, her hips rotating against him. He found her clit and at first started to lap at it before he wrapped his lips around it and sucked on it.

The sensation was shooting waves of pleasure through Traci’s brain. She strained against the tongue that was giving her so much pleasure, even as her hips could not stay still. When Todd inserted first one and then two fingers into her sweet cunt, she cried out in pleasure. Todd firmly sucked her clit into his mouth and stubbornly held on, sucking and licking this most sensitive spot.

“Yes, oh yes. Oh please, don’t stop. Don’t stop now! Oh, I am so close, so fucking close!”

Todd felt her hips moving in rapid fire against is face, and felt his fingers coated with her juices. He had no intention of stopping. No, none whatsoever!

Traci felt her body go slightly rigid, and then the waves of complete and utter pleasure rushed over her. She was jerking, convulsing, crying out, and squeezing Todd’s head between her thighs. She could only feel – thought had no meaning for her. As her body gave itself over to the pleasure coursing through her body, her mind was lost. She seemed to reach a plateau before she started to sink back to earth and to the couch beneath her. As she did so, Todd’s continued attack on her clit became overly sensitive, and she had to struggle to pull his face from her pussy.

“Todd, please! I’m too sensitive right now!”

As Todd continued to lick at her clit, she scrambled away from him.

“Todd! Please!” Traci was laughing. “Todd, damnit, I want you to fuck me – now!”

His face popped up between her thighs and he smiled at her.

“You want me to fuck this sweet little pussy? Is that what you want?”

“Yes, oh God yes! Please, fuck me. Fuck me now!”

Todd held Traci’s legs wide open, her pussy red and swollen and so ripe to be fucked. Traci reached around and pulled her thong to one side, exposing herself to him. Todd grabbed his cock, thick and long in his hand, and pushed it against Traci’s cunt. She moaned softly and moved her hips towards him. He pushed the head in and then moved it slowly back and forth. He smiled at the grimace on Traci’s face as she tried to get him to enter her more deeply.

“Please Todd, please. I want to feel your cock inside me, fucking me, filling me, stretching me. Fuck me, please!”

“How bad do you want it, baby? You want it hard? You want me fucking you hard? Is that what you want?”

“Yes, oh yes! Fuck me hard. Hard and fast! I need it. I want it. I’ve got to have it!”

Todd took just a moment before plunging into her fully. Her sopping pussy held no resistance to him. He was immediately buried up to his balls in Traci’s cunt. He stayed there for a moment and enjoyed the sensation of the warmth of her velvet softness embracing him.

Traci cried out in pleasure at the sudden fullness of him. She felt stretched and full, and she began to rotate her hips around his cock. She began to convulse her pussy muscles around his cock, trying to milk him within her. Todd smiled at her attempt, and then slowly moved out of her until just the head was inside of her pussy. He then plunged in again, her cries causing his heart to race even more quickly. He tried to keep this up, but his own body was aching with need. He began to pump the sweet pussy that was gaping before him. As he watched his cock move in and out of Traci’s cunt, Todd could feel his balls tighten and draw up against him. He began to fuck her faster and harder, skin slapping against skin, their cries of pleasure filling the room.

Traci loved the way Todd filled her. He was fucking her hard and fast and his actions were taking her breath away. A sudden thought filled her mind, and she wasn’t even certain where it came from. John had always wanted to try anal sex, but Traci would never let him – she was too afraid of the pain. She now looked up at Todd’s face and smiled. Yes, she knew what she wanted to do. And for some reason, she was no longer afraid.

“Todd? Oh, Todd?”

“Yeah, uh, yeah, Traci? What?”

“Todd, I want you to fuck my ass. Take me in my tightest hole!”

Todd couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He slowed his movements, and searched her face.



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