I spent the rest of that weekend with Angela, doing various intimate things: walking along the beach, watching her favourite weepy movie, having a picnic under a tree in the local park. Really just spending our last weekend together. Well, there was one more weekend to go, but on Saturday, she’d be recovering from her party, and Sunday she’d likely be packing, so we wouldn’t see much of each other. Again, Simone stepped up to the plate and look after Daniel, whisking him and Peter off to all sorts of exciting events. We did spend some time with Angela, as Daniel wanted to be with her for a bit as well, but… well, kids are kids, and he wasn’t too upset about her leaving, as he knew we’d be going to America to see her, so he was hyper-excited about that.

Of course, Angela and I had sex a few times over the weekend. Slow, sensual sex; lots of loving and holding; whispering to each other in the dark; turning over in the night to stroke one another and having the other person respond quietly but eagerly.

It was a good weekend. Fantastic, even. The knowledge that soon we wouldn’t see each other much, made us treasure each moment more, and I felt closer to her than ever before. But Monday came around, and work beckoned again.

A parcel arrived on Tuesday – I opened it to find a dildo, bigger than the one Sam had used, and a note: “Andy – we’ll try this one next, as I’m getting bored with the small one. Need something bigger. Sam xxx” I smiled to myself, placing it to one side, thinking about how fucking lucky I was to have these three women at the same time.

The week was taken up with plans for Friday. Arranging lifts, babysitters, and so on, and Friday afternoon soon arrived. I started my evening’s taxi service by heading over to Angela’s, but stopped off first to drop the boys of at Simone’s. She greeted me at the door, and the two boys ran off to play on the Xbox for a bit. We went into the kitchen, the boys disappearing upstairs. She put the kettle on to make a cup of tea, and I took in the view of her lovely ass, shown off by a tight fitting, calf-length skirt.

“Thanks again for looking after him Simone.”

“That’s OK Andy, I know you and Angela will need time to get ready, so it’s not a problem. I just wish I was there to watch….” She smiled at me salaciously.

“I hope you’re not going like that?” I asked.

“No, of course not. I’ve got that special dress I mentioned. Honestly, you’ll love it. I went round to Angela’s last night to compare, and make sure I wasn’t upstaging her. We compared dresses, hairstyles, shoes… and quite a bit more as well. I hope you don’t mind that we carried on without you?”

“Oh, I see. Well, maybe it’s time for your punishment, seeing as how you’re supposed to be on MY list, not on Angela’s.”

“We did discuss that, and she conceded that I should be on both your lists, so you’re even.”

“Oh. Well. That’s OK then.”

“But….” she said, quickly poking her head out the kitchen door to make sure the kids weren’t around. “You mentioned some… punishment? What did you have in mind?”

“I think… you should take your t-shirt off, and let me play with those fantastic breasts of yours for, oh, at least five minutes.”

She looked at the door again, and then walked over to it, reaching up to slide a bolt across. “I put that on when Stephen was younger, to keep him in here or out there, according to where I was. I never thought I’d be using it to lock a man in here,” she said, as she walked back to me, taking her blouse off.

I sat on a dining room chair, patting my lap. She rucked her skirt up, showing a thong underneath, and straddled me, reaching back to undo her bra, her tits spilling free, nipples already hardening. She pulled my head into her cleavage, moaning quietly, grinding her hips to press her cunt against my bulge.

I pulled back, snatching at one of her breasts with my mouth, sucking hard to extend her nipple, clamping down on it with my teeth, and flicking the end with my tense tongue. “Oh fuck Andy that’s good… Do it again Andy… Make me come just from this…”

I was in two minds. Part of me wanted to fuck her, if the kids didn’t intrude. Part of me wanted to save myself for Angela later. That part of me won out, so I attacked her tits with a vengeance: sucking, licking, biting, grasping, tweaking, fondling, rubbing, teasing. She gradually got more and more turned on above me, rubbing her groin against my now hard cock under my jeans, her breath coming hard and fast. I grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them, moulding them, teasing her asshole without actually touching it, just by stretching it.

It didn’t take long – thankfully, as the longer we took the more likely the kids were to wonder what we were up to – but she came, grinding herself hard onto my cock, which was now straining through my jeans. She pulled my head into her cleavage, making me fight for breath, gasping for breath herself as her stomach muscles tensed and relaxed. After güvenilir bahis a few moments, she stood up, and I kissed my way down her cleavage, down her firm stomach, teasing her belly button with my tongue.

“Right, your turn,” she said, reaching down to undo my jeans. I let her get my cock out and wank it a few times – despite wanting to save it for Angela, it was good to feel Simone’s firm grip on my cock. She knelt down, and started licking up and down my length.

I groaned, and pulled her back to her feet. “Not tonight Josephine… I think I’d better save myself for Angela. Tonight is her night, after all.”

Simone playfully pouted. “Lucky girl,” she said, her breasts still heaving. I looked down at them, licking my lips, and then turned away, shaking my head and doing up my jeans.

“Simone, put them away. They’re too tempting. Please, take pity on me.”

She walked round to the front of me, licking both sets of fingertips and running them over her nipples. “What’s the matter Andy? Are you getting horny?”

I growled at her, pulling her close to me, feeling her nipples dig into my chest. “Wait till Angela’s gone,” I said, menacingly. “I’m going to give you the fucking of your life for teasing me like this. You won’t be able to walk straight afterwards. You’ll have to find a reason to tell people why you can’t sit down for a week.”

She kissed me, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth insistently, and I kissed her back, grabbing her ass-cheeks and pulling her in close. She broke the kiss, saying “Jesus Andy. All these promises. I hope you’re able to follow through. I mean, my little tush is just waiting for your nice big prick to push into it again and again. Maybe we should do it with you on top, so that you can see my face as you push inside, and you can suck my tits as you pull out of my hot little cunt and ream my tight little ass…” As she said this, she grabbed my hand, pushing it down, outside her jeans, deep into the crack between her thighs.

I growled at her again, my hard-on straining to be free. I reached down to undo my jeans. “Fuck it,” I said. “Let’s do it here and now. Bend over the worktop.”

She laughed, skipping free of me. “Oh no you don’t Andy. You want to save it for Angela, so stick to your promises.” She stepped in, doing my jeans up again, but only after giving me a few quick strokes, sighing as she let go and went to my zip.

“Go, Andy. Now. Get out before the kids come back down.” She shooed me out the house, laughing all the time at me trying to walk normally with a huge hard-on.

I got in the car, and drove off to Angela’s. Then a text arrived. I pulled over to read it. It was from Angela: “Can you pop round to Sam’s before coming here? She’s got something for you to bring here. Ang x”

Obediently, I headed over to Sam’s. She greeted me at the door, just her head poking round the corner. “Andy, come in,” she said. I stepped into her house – her dad’s house, to be exact – wondering why she was hiding. Then I realised, she was wearing just a towel.

She saw me looking, and dropped the towel, baring her curvy figure, her lovely breast, and her erect nipples. The she spun to let me take a good look, saying “Dad’s out, round at that woman’s. So we’ve got the place to ourselves. Fancy coming to help me get dressed?”

“Angela said you had something for me?” I asked, as I followed her up the stairs, admiring her large butt as she wriggled up the stairs in front of me, hoping that her dad didn’t suddenly appear. At least once we got upstairs, I could bolt into the bathroom and pretend I was using the toilet.

She lead me into her bedroom, somewhere I’d not been before. It was … well, studious. A couple of bookcases were filled to the brim with her course books. A laptop sat on a desk, along with several ring-binders of notes. A framed poster of a mountain range, taken from the air, hung above the bed…

… And on the bed was the smaller dildo we’d used the previous week. She saw me looking at it. “Yes Andy, it is wet…. I’ve been… amusing myself while in the shower.”

Jesus, I thought, this girl is a nymphomaniac. How lucky am I?

She went over to her drawers, and bent over, more than she needed to, pushing her ass out towards me, glancing over her shoulder to make sure I was looking. She pulled out some black lingerie, and handed me the knickers.

“Do you mind helping?” she asked. I knelt down in front of her, her bare cunt level with my eyes, and held the knickers out for her to step in to. Her lips were still wet, and not from the shower. I could smell her juices in the air, the scent triggering all sorts of things from the top of my head to the end of my cock.

She put one foot in her knickers, and then grabbed the back of my head, pulling me closer. “Lick me Andy, lick me.”

I stretched out my tongue, and ran it up her slit, tasting her juices. She moaned above me, pressing me harder. I lifted my hands to her ample ass, pulling türkçe bahis her close, using my tongue to separate her lips, hunting down her clit, and then attacking it, my tongue stiffening to circle it, flick it. I started doing the alphabet with my tongue, and she broke the contact, throwing herself onto the end of her bed, her feet on the floor, pulling me with her. She lay back, her back arched, pushing her cunt towards me, and I carried on with the oral.

A few minutes later, she said she was coming, and her legs rose up to sit on my shoulders. I slid my hands under her bum, and used one finger to tease her asshole. That took her over the edge, and she came, her juices flooding out, her hands pressing me into her cunt as she groaned my name.

She pulled me up to kiss her, and I lay alongside her, reveling in her naked body beside me, one hand sliding down to push two fingers into her cunt as my tongue pushed into her mouth, my lips and tongue still wet with her juices. She groaned, her hand coming to the back of my neck again, pulling me in as her tongue met mine. She reached down with the other hand to rub my erect cock through my jeans.

We kissed for a while longer, with me taking occasional expeditions down to her tits, making a meal of her nipples. Meanwhile, she reached into my jeans, wanking me, bringing me on. She bent over, taking me in her mouth, as I ran my hand down her back to lightly toy with her ass. One of her hands wanked me as she tongued my helmet, and I lay back to enjoy the blowjob.

After the excitement with both Simone and Sam, it didn’t take long for my balls to start tightening and I told her I was going to come, to swallow my juices. I got almost to the point of no return, when she leapt up out of bed, a finger to her lips, a scared look on her face.

Shit! Don’t say her dad’s come in, I thought, sitting up quickly.

She waited a few moments, and then said, “Shit. False alarm…. Oh god, I thought that was dad….Andy, listen, I think it’s better if you go, just in case he does come back.”

“I thought you said he was out for the night?”

“Well, yes, but… hearing that noise has got me worried. Seriously Andy, please, go. Let me finish getting ready.”

I sighed, standing up and putting my cock back in my pants. “OK. If you insist. I’ll let you get dressed on your own,” I said, looking her up and down, grinning. “Or I could stay and help still…”

She sighed. “OK, stay for a bit longer. But don’t be late for Angela.”

“Plenty of time left. Now, turn around.”

She did so, and I picked up her knickers again, holding them for her to step into. She did, facing away from me, and I began to slide them up her legs, getting as far as her mid-thigh. Then, I let go, grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, parted them, and ran my tongue up the crease of her ass, settling on her asshole.

She moaned, falling forward to lean on her wardrobe, sticking her ass out. I took that as a good sign, and continued rimming her. As I felt her asshole relax, I tensed my tongue, pushing it into her rectum, feeling her sphincter open as I pushed.

She groaned again, her legs parting, one hand coming down to finger herself. I saw some baby lotion on her make-up stand, and reached over for it, pouring some over her ass. She pulled the hand away from her cunt, reaching over her back to start rubbing the oil between the cheeks of her ass, as I undid my jeans, pushing them and my boxers off me, leaving my cock straining in the air. I pressed forward, pushing my hard-on into the crevice between her cheeks, immediately starting to wank myself in her flesh.

Her hips pushed back at me in time with my thrusts, as she started finger-fucking herself with that hand again. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to come, seeing as I’d been so close a few minutes earlier.

“Oh god, Andy, I love the way your cock rubs against my asshole… It feels so dirty…” I reached up with both hands, grabbing her ample tits, moulding them, squeezing them, using them to pull her back against me as I pushed up between her ass-cheeks with my cock.

I leaned forward, whispering into her ear. “You like this? Just think how much you’ll love it when I actually fuck you, when you feel my erect cock push between your cheeks, up against your anus, and into your ass itself. You’re going to come just from that alone. Then as I push more and more of my cock into you, you’ll find it so fucking horny that you’ll be coming over and over again, unable to believe it feels so good. You’ll be begging me to push more cock into you, holding your ass-cheeks apart, telling me to fuck your ass with my stiff cock.”

“Andy, that’s so horny… I think I’m… Oh god yes… I’m coming again…” And she did, her ass-cheeks clenching with the force of it, her breasts heaving in my hands, her back muscles clenching, making her back arch and her ass push into me harder.

I kept wanking between her cheeks as she came down from her peak, but as she güvenilir bahis siteleri recovered, she turned around, smiling at me. She stepped forward, grabbing my ass-cheeks, pulling my erection against her naked groin, pressing her tits into my chest, kissing me. I slid my hands down her back, cupping her ass and gently sliding a finger into her oiled-up asshole. She groaned as I did so, pressing her ass back against me, and breathed, “Andy, I really want to do something special with you… but you should go. I mean it this time.” She stepped back, looking down at my erection, biting her lower lip seductively. She reached out with one hand, gripping my cock, and running her hand up and down a few times, lubricated by the baby oil that had transferred to it from her ass cheeks.

I let her carry on until she broke the contact, and then I picked up her bra, twirling it on a finger, raising an eyebrow in question. She turned away from me, smiling. I stepped up to her, my cock again nestling between the cheeks of her ass, and whispered “Let me check it’s the right size” into her ear.

I reached around her with both hands, cupping her full tits, feeling her melt into my grasp. I ran my hands over them, stroking, playing, teasing her nipples, whilst again starting to wank my cock in her ass crack. She groaned, sliding a hand down her front to finger herself, pushing her ass back towards me.

We carried on like this for a few minutes, my orgasm approaching again, when she broke my grasp, stepping to the door, and holding it open. “Go. Now,” she said. “Angela will be waiting.”

I pulled my boxes, jeans, and footwear back on, shaking my head at her, asking how she could leave me in this state.

“Not my fault Andy. You started it by rimming my ass.”

“I know, but you’ve had your kicks. What about mine?”

“Again, not my problem. Speak to Angela, if you can face up to telling her that we’ve been having ‘intimate relations’ all this time.” Ah of course, it was supposedly a secret that Sam and I had been together.

“Er… No. Not tonight, thank you. I’ll just leave it at this. See you later,” I answered, as I walked out the door and downstairs. When I got to the bottom, I realised I’d not picked up the item that Angela wanted, so I went back upstairs and opened her room.

She was on her bed, naked again, kneeling in doggy position, one hand behind her, using the dildo in her ass, the other underneath, fingering herself, moaning softly.

“Sam,” I said softly. “All you had to do was ask – I’d have gladly helped.”

She turned as she heard my voice, gasping, pulling the dildo from her, then realised it was me. She picked up her knickers and threw them at me in mock-anger. I caught them, smiled, and put them to my face, inhaling deeply to enjoy her aroused scent.

“Oh god Andy, I might have guessed you were a panty-sniffer!”

I threw them back at her. “Why would I be a panty-sniffer when I’ve just had the real thing?”

She snorted. “Did you want something? Or did you just come back to letch?”

“Haven’t you got something that I was supposed to deliver to Angela?”

“Oh god yes,” she said, scrambling from the bed. She went to her wardrobe, and pulled out a box, wrapped and sealed, and gave it to me.

I shook it gently, sniffed it, listened to it, as though trying to work out what was in it. “Never you mind Andy,” she said. “Just take it to her.”

I reached up to her neck, pulling her in, kissing her, my tongue wrestling with hers. Then I broke the kiss. “I meant what I said Sam. All you had to do – or ever have to do – is ask.”

“I know Andy. That’s what makes you so reliable. And so pathetic. Now go little man. Try not to have a wank in your car about what you just saw.”

“Now, now Sam. Be nice. I think you’re getting too friendly with Angela – those ‘little man’ insults are very much her style. I think I might need to chain you to my bed so that you can’t see her any more.”

She reached down to my cock, rubbing me. “Ooooh, promises, promises,” she breathed, laughing at me. Then she pushed me out into the hallway and closed her door, shouting through it “Bye, Andy. Don’t come back.”

I drove over to Angela’s, letting myself in with the key she’d given me a few weeks ago.


She was in the bath when I arrived, luxuriating in a good amount of bubbles. “Hey baby,” she said, smiling as I walked in. “Fancy joining me?”

I pursed my lips, thinking, looking round. “Just one thing to do. I’ll be back in moment.” I headed downstairs, opened a bottle of champagne that I’d brought with me, and took the two glasses upstairs.

“Oh, lovely,” she uttered, reaching out for her glass. I gave it to her, put mine down, and stripped off, my cock already showing signs of interest. She smirked at me as I lowered myself in behind her, letting her lean back and relax into me. We chatted for a while, catching up, but after my unfruitful encounters with Simone and Sam, I was ready to fuck anything that moved.

I nuzzled into her neck, kissing, licking, and slid my hands around her, cupping her breasts, playing with her nipples. “Mmmm. That feels good,” I whispered.

“Feeling horny Andy?”



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