Ana going to her desk after officeFriday early evening, as Ana and I were coming back from dinner outside, she said that she needed to stop by her office and pick up some paperwork she needed to work on at home for Monday…When we arrived to the parking lot, I noticed another car there. Anita smiled at me, saying she would come back in a minute. Then she just jumped out of the car and walked to the elevators.After spending there about twenty minutes, my sweet Anita had not come back yet. I started wondering what was going on in there.I looked again at the only car parked there and then I recognized it.Ana’s office mate Sam was there too. It was his car parked there close to mine. He was a handsome black guy, younger than both Ana and me. But worst of all, my wife had told me sometimes she had sex fantasies with this guy…I started wondering if he was telling right now to my wife:“Babe, why don’t you suck my black cock while you cuckold hubby is sitting right out there in the parking lot…?”Then kadıköy escort I imagined my sexy Ana getting turned on hearing those words and she could be reaching out to rub his giant black cock through his trousers…She would reach down to unzip his belt and then she would pull this huge thick black cock out. Ana would smile at the sight of his magnificent black serpent and she would say:“Yeah, Sam dear… I can do it for you…”The lucky bastard would ask her if his cock was bigger than mine and she naturally would answer yes, it was…Then my sexy babe would squat down in front of him and would start licking and sucking his hardened black rod. She would tell Sam that I had always encouraged her to have her nice red lips wrapped around a huge black cock….Then I pictured the next scene, with my sensual Ana getting up and telling Sam she wanted to be fucked by this huge black thing. And she would add that she üsküdar escort needed this thing inside of her wet cunt…Sam would make her turn around and bend over the desk. He would ask my wife if she was sure about letting him fuck her and then I imagined Anita losing her nerve and yelling at him: “C’mon, nigger bastard, fuck me with your nigger dick…!”I imagined the black guy smiling at her as she bent over the desk, lifting her tight skirt and pulling down her tiny white cotton thong.Then I pictured Sam holding his huge thick black cock and moving behind against Anita’s bare buttocks. He now would insist in asking her if she wanted this brutal black cock up her wet cunt, while he was the thick cockhead up and down her hot soaking wet slit…I imagined the black guy parting those nice pussy lips and pushing forward; entering my sexy wife’s vagina in just a couple of strokes.Anita would scream loud feeling the hard intrusion; but quickly she would also tuzla escort moan in pleasure as the black cock slid more in her with each violent stroke. I pictured this bastard telling my sensual wife while he fucked her:“It turns me on fucking a married white bitch with the husband waiting right there outside for her…”Ana would moan louder and would tell him for sure that it turned on her on taking a big black cock, knowing her hubby was so close…He would start pounding her soft cunt deeper and faster; telling her he was going to shoot his black seed deep in her married pussy…I could imagine Anita moaning and begging him to cum inside of her unprotected vagina. I finally decided to go out of the car and use the elevator to see what was going out to my wife.When I got the last floor, I saw Ana was inside her office, checking her make-up on a mirror. Her face was flushed red and she was sweating. Her hair looked a mess.Then I knew the images on my mind were absolutely real and truly.My sexy wife had been fucked right there, probably by a well hung black guy, as I waited for her at the basement parking lot.Ana smiled as she saw me there standing at her door and she just handed me a couple dossiers and some other loose papers. Then she giggled, saying now we could go home.Back down to the basement, Sam’s car was not there anymore…



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