an unusual propositionThis story is entirely fictitious although the cove exists and the story was the result of a daydream.hope you like it. all names are made up.The alarm sounded in my ear that morning last July.The weather where I live in South Devon had been hot for a few days and the forecast for the coming day was good too. I planned to spend it at a favourite cove of mine, which offers a secluded place to be both naked and as a bonus is plentiful in bounty from the sea such as fish and the odd edible crab. I’m Mark a 45 yr old divorcee, I live on my own and have been indulging in the the swinging scene since my divorce and not really wanting a permanent relationship. I am reasonably well off as I’ve written a couple of hit songs for a major female artist and two or three books which pay me a royalty that is possible to live comfortably on. this results in me being able to indulge in this day off to chill. The cove is quite remote and involves a long trek down and worse still up a rather steep hill. there is no easy access other than by sea. At the top of the hill is a pre war country lodge that is available to rent though to be honest it is a bit run down and rarely occupied so it was a surprise to see a light on in the up stairs window that morning at 6 am when I passed it on the way down to the cove and I wondered who was renting it.By nine am I had caught a bass for my supper and got a rather large cock crab with huge claws that was going to be delicious I thought.I was in the mood to lounge on the small beach. The beach is hardly a beach at all though there is a patch around which other users had built a stone windbreak about 3 ft high. It formed not only a great sun trap but accumulated the finest sand on the beach behind its “ramparts”. I placed my fishing gear down and stripped off laying my towel down and taking some water splashed my face had a drink and lay back in the sun daydreaming of various things and the obvious occurred I found myself stroking my ever hardening cock as nearly all typical males do in this situation.It was then I heard voices coming from above me on the track down to the cove.I could make out two people talking and one was female. From the track you cant see the cove until you appear at one end of the beach you kind of double back to reach the cove I was in. About 5 mins later they arrived at the cove still unaware of my presence behind the wall. I heard the male voice which sounded young say he was off to explore the rock pools and the girl said im just gonna top up my tan over there not realising she was indicating to where I was lying minding my own business. I was lying on my front with my head on my clothes acting as a pillow when I heard a startled “Oh my sorry…Didn’t see you there”.I looked up to see a young woman no more than 18 I thought. Hi I’m Imogen she said. Mark I said ..please feel free to join me there is plenty of room this side of the ramparts. Imogen was about 5 ft 4inches and slender build with a strawberry hint to her hair which complimented that summer glow that some women exude. As she sat down I noticed that she was wearing a skimpy string bikini covered by a sari type of beach skirt. All this time I had forgotten I was naked as its the norm for me that I didn’t pay any attention to the fact Imogen was checking out my tan line free body to which she said “No tan lines huh”I like to be naked and you can here as generally I have the place to myself. I asked her where her boyfriend had gone? She giggled and said that bursa escort the lad was Todd her twin brother.Younger as it turned out by 20 minutes a fact Imogen had frequently teased him about as they grew up. Imogen asked if I minded whether or rather if she got nudey as she put it or would it cause a problem being like I was older and all that p**o stuff an all she didn’t want to think like she would cause a scene or something…..I interrupted her nervous chatter before she dug a hole big enough to sit in…Relax its cool as long as you don’t mind the hmm natural effects, I said, chuckling.By now Imogen was less than two metre away and effortlessly shrugging of her minimal clothing to reveal two b cup boobs that were pert and topped with two nipples that stood slightly proud puffy like one of the red anemones on the rocks.Her mons was a perfect mound upon a small strip of ginger hair was trimmed neatly and shortly and stopped about 2 inches above the top of her pussy.Needless to say I was soon ploughing my own trough into the sand as it were. This young woman was simply gorgeous.It turned out it was their father an eminent scientist had been given access to the lodge for 3 weeks to complete his theorems or something. Todd and herself were supposed to be in the south of France with their mother who was divorced from their dad however there had been a delay in passports and now they had been forced to stay with their Dad as such. It wasn’t too bad but he did need to be left alone to work and so they had pretty much been left to entertain themselves which was nothing new to the pair of them as twins anyway. At this point I asked her what would they be doing in France as the cove was as delightful, in my opinion, as any glitzy port. It transpired they had both turned eighteen three weeks previous. They had made a pact to lose their virginities together when they were 16. Now at 18 and because they wanted to do this together & due to circumstances, it hadn’t happened and Todd; who was predominantly bisexual toward men had never found somebody at the same time as Imogen, however, a lad he had briefly met at the end of last summers trip to France was to be there when they were supposed to be and now they would miss him etc. Imogen herself was equally frustrated as you could imagine she had no shortage of offers from the young studs of Southern France but wanted to keep the pact for the sake of her twin. Todd was sulking and had gone off in a mood after a phone call confirmed his missing of his intended partner.Imogen was sitting cross legged from me and from this distance I could see her clit getting more prominent with all the sexual chat.By now this lovely chatterbox had dragged out the details of my divorce and my jobs etc. She seemed intrigued when I mentioned the swinging scene and the parties I had been too. You see I recently had been exploring a bisexual side of me in so much as ive been and given oral and fucked one guy up the ass for his wife to see at an orgy so i was by no means an expert.Out of the Blue Imogen suddenly said “Why don’t you do us both Mark? I prefer older guys anyway and have wanted to let my first real cock be from an older man for his experience and if you’re up for it that is you could see to Todd’s needs too but it it has to be both of us or nothing.” I had just said “Don’t you think you had actually ask your brother first?” when Todd showed up and said “Ask me what?” as he then said hi and introduced himself to which I replied I’m Mark and escort bursa your sexy sister here has come up with a rather unusual, if not enticing proposition regarding the little pact you two have regarding losing your virginity together.Todd looked towards his sister and she just smiled and said im game if you are bruv lets get this put to bed. She then lurched forward and playfully pulled Todds Shorts down. His cock was about five inches but soon grew to about six fully hard as I watched in amazement as Imogen suddenly deep throated her twin.Then turned to me and said your turn Mark lets see what you have down there remembering up until now she hadn’t seen my cock as I had been lying on my front all the time.As I knelt up brushing the sand of my torso I heard both Imogen and Todd exclaim in unison “Oh Wow” as my hard cock stood proud. I am 8 and half inches and reasonably thickly endowed. Thats a nice cock s*s Todd said as Imogens hand grasped my throbbing hard on. She began stroking me gently at first. When I asked if she was gonna deep throat me too? she said I’ll try, but the thickness of my member prevented her from doing so without her gagging, however, I suddenly felt another set of lips on my cock. Looking down there was Todd on one side and Imogen on the other working their lips up and down my shaft.I was starting to get that familiar urge but hey i thought i want his to last.I halted proceedings by telling the pair of them to stop behaving like cubs on a nipple for a second and Sit! They laughed and sat back and listened;I continued to say that I wanted to know who was going firs…and before I could finish my sentence Imogen squeals me of course as Iam the eldest, Iam the Eldest and besides I found him so There yah boo sucks she cried in mock girlish tones … Ok s*s you got me there and besides I Am looking forward to watching quietly because this moment is your moment to cherish big s*s.He’s right I whispered gently in her ear she hadn’t noticed me lying alongside her as she focussed on her twins remarks.I then said I will try not to hurt you as you know it hurts the first time your hymen breaks. They both just looked at each other as only twins do when they sort of telepathetically as my old dad used to say know what each other are thinking.Relax they both said in unison its our turn to tell you to relax we did our actual cherries with dildoes but since then only non penetrative play has happened orally etc.I laughed but was soon brought back to reality with the vision of Imogen lying back in a sort of dip in the sand underneath the blanket were sitting on. This offered me the irresistible view of her glistening cunny. I leant forward my lips and tongue tracing a pattern around those puffy nipples that had turned into bullet like nipples almost 2 cm long.Her breathing rate increased and she shuddered as the tingling sensation of my tongue rippled through her nervous system like a tidal wave. I moved South down toward thats glistening pussy. Imogen cried oh yes .yes .yes Eat me Mark, oh shit you don’t know good that feels. my tongue was varying in speed and angle all over her sweet virgin# delights. I insert two finger into the area known as the G-spot and Imogen just exploded and thrust herself upon my digits as her first of many orgasms quaked through her slender frame.By now I was lining up my cock and rubbing her very sensitive clit with my bell end causing mini shockwaves of intensity almost too much for her to bear.I slowly eased my cock into her bursa escort bayan well lubricated pussy until i bottomed out at which point she wrapped herself around my back with her long legs and once again rippled with orgasmic waves. I knew myself I too was close due to her tight young cunt that was milking my cock in wild throbbing abandon. I gave myself brief respite by moving behind her and taking her doggy style at which point she noticed Todd with his hand around his own hard on and masturbating along with the scene set before him. This is so good little brother, you are gonna love Marks tongue and cock believe me….I know I’m shivering all over s*s.With a little wolf cub howl she continued to bounce back on my pistoning cock. I then turned her over again positioning her so that her head and shoulders were in a deepish depression in the sand so that her pussy was above her head and face and i could fuck down hard on her from above like a bicycle position. I could feel my balls tighten as my own orgasm approached.I had been edging myself since the previous day and knew this was going to be a messy load.She sensed this and said don’t worry im on the pill and besides i want to know what it feels like to have some cum in me.Well that did it two more pumps and i felt my cum gushing into that pussy as she orgasmed again. I pulled out and wanked a few more spurts down onto those tits and her face and then promptly collapsed from having jelly legs from the intensity of my cum. “That was fucking amazing Imogen gasped thank you so much I couldn’t have wished for it to be better; we kissed passionately and hugged.”Todd meanwhile had crept between my legs and was licking the remains of my cum and his twins pussy juice off my cock which by now had a mind of its own as they do and was slowly stiffening with the administration of Todd’s mouth on him. Who it has to be said was giving me probably one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had. He had the right knack of gauging the firmness and sensitivity of the male organ, it turned out he too had had a lot of oral skills learnt as always these days, online, if you ever. Imogen was sitting to side watching her brother as he had done at this stage idly twirling those gorgeous nipples with her finger and thumb. I reached down to Todds arse as he was blowing me and noticed he had lubed himself up already. Imogen cheekily shouted yep thats him my brother the scout ever ready giggling to herself. I asked Todd how he wanted to do it and replied I’d like to be on my back so I can see you and wank too.He assumed the position and I slid my tool just inside my helmet his arse relaxed and adjusted to me entering him and just as his twin had done he shuddered as I if you forgive the pun “Bottomed Out” he then just said simply Fuck me hard as you like Mark. I thought as I just cum such a lot before with his sister I would last longer this time but had reckoned without the devious sister that had crept over and was now licking and fingering my arse and balls whilst I pumped her twin’s tight young ass.Todd was wanking his dick furiously at the same time He suddenly shouted oh fuck I’m gonna cum and with that he did just that. He sent a fountain of cum up his chest and onto his chin some even went in his hair.At the same time his spasming cock was causing his arse muscles to contract upon my condom covered cock. He said to pull off the condom and creampie his ass and cock and balls.Before I knew it Imogen had ripped the condom off and was busily jacking my cock off all over over brothers cock and asshole. As another big load spurted from my dick Imogen the greedy slut snowballed my cum with Todd They both then turned to me and as Twins Said THANKS MARK.To be continued if liked by response



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