I remember very well the first time that I saw the woman who has been my wife for the past ten years. I hated her instantly.

Of course, I was five at the time and she was two days old, so that might explain a lot. I didn’t want her around, I didn’t want siblings. Prior to her arrival, I was a spoiled rotten little boy who was doted on by his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles. I liked being an only child and I did not want a baby sister.

Okay, I’m sure you’re all confused, but I’ll explain as I go along.

My parents brought Jenna home a week later and my mother explained to me that I was now a big brother and it was up to me to protect my little sister. “You can be your big sister’s superhero,” she told me. “You can make sure no one hurts her and you can help me with her.”

Mom had me with that one and she knew it. I could be like Batman and save my sister from all kinds of trouble. I was a serious kid even at that age and I promised her that I would do my best.

It wasn’t at all hard to look out for Jenna. She really was a sweet child and whenever I would enter the room, she would stop fussing and coo and smile at me. “Your sister loves you,” Mom would always say. I would smile and even though boys didn’t say mushy things like that, of course, I loved Jenna too.

As Jenna got older, she would follow me around as little kids tend to do with bigger kids. Whenever my friends were around, I would want her to get lost. However, if any one of my friends ever put Jenna down or picked on her, those were fighting words. I don’t ever recall a cross word between Jenna and myself. Most brothers and sisters fight like cats and dogs. Jenna and I never did, not even once. Big brother was always right, no matter what. I could have told her the moon was made of green cheese and Jenna would have believed me, Neil Armstrong’s evidence to the contrary.

I went through high school as a very popular student. I inherited both my mother’s brains and my dad’s athletic prowess. So I was student body president and I was captain of the football team. Jenna came to every game. By the end of my final year, a few of the guys noticed the pretty brunette cheering from the sidelines. Even at 13, she was already even more stunning than pretty. I had no idea myself, a guy isn’t supposed to notice his sister that way. She was though; she was slim and tall, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. There is a sweet smile that is perpetually on her lips and Jenna’s voice is soft and gentle. She genuinely likes people and they like her.

I went to university on a football scholarship and Jenna entered high school. She also got our mom’s brains and her artistic talents as well. Jenna could sing, act, dance, paint and write. Who am I kidding? Jenna could — and can — do anything she sets her mind to. My beautiful baby sister was going to eclipse my popularity at school, not that I minded. I was enjoying life in university. I was dating a different girl a week and not slowing down to catch my breath. Every so often, I would stop and wonder why it was that none of these girls caught my fancy for very long. A lot of them were as beautiful as models and it didn’t make much sense that I couldn’t sustain a relationship with them. Moreover, I didn’t want to sustain a relationship. I was a major player and I got a lot of tail in those days.

I still commanded my sister’s full attention whenever I came home to visit. She would fuss over me like I’d been gone a year, not just a few weeks. Jenna would tell me that I was too thin, that I needed to dress better and she didn’t like the newest girlfriend. She followed my football career religiously and I would spend most of the weekend with my baby sister, talking about her art and her friends. One weekend, my mother took me to one side.

“Don’t repeat any of this to her,” mom said to me, concern in her voice. “I’m a bit worried about Jenna.”

“Now Claire, we agreed that you weren’t going to say a thing to the boy …”

“No, you agreed, Stanley Hayes, I never agreed to any such foolishness. Tanner loves his sister more than anyone and I think he has a right to know all of this,” my mother said to him. “Tanner, I’m concerned because your sister isn’t dating — not anyone!” Now I was concerned, hell, I was STUNNED! My 5’8″ tall, leggy beautiful sister didn’t have any boyfriends?

“She has offers Tanner, lots of them,” mom told me. “She turns them all down. I’m starting to think your sister might be a lesbian. The only time she goes out is with a group of her girlfriends to go dancing.”

I was floored by this information. Not that any of us would have loved Jenna any less if she had turned out to be a lesbian, but because she hadn’t told any of us. Not even me, her brother-confessor. Jenna would come to me with all of her problems because I was her confidante and her protector. Even all these years later, I still took that role very seriously.

“Do you want me to talk with her?” amsterdam shemale I asked mom. Both of my parents shook their heads.

“No, just let her come to you like she’s always done,” Mom said to me. “I’m sure that she will, eventually. Maybe she’s just a late bloomer, but at 17, I hope she finds someone special fast. I’d hate for her to miss out on life.”

I agreed but now I was the one who was concerned. I was sure that I was just being an over-protective big brother, but I wanted her to have a full and rewarding social life. I tried to push those thoughts out of my head, but I couldn’t. I wanted every happiness for Jenna and that included love in her life, whatever form that might take. On my next visit home, I did just what mom had asked me not to do. I took Jenna out for lunch and we talked. I was sure that my parents would be angry, so I didn’t tell them and Jenna didn’t tell them that she skipped an afternoon of school either.

“I suppose Mom and Dad asked you to have some kind of discussion with me,” Jenna sighed as she sipped her milkshake. I had taken her to her favorite 50’s style diner; we had been going there for years. “What has been bugging them lately? They’ve been acting really weird.”

“They’re both worried about you,” I answered with complete candor. “Quite frankly, so am I.”

“Whatever for?” Jenna wanted to know. Her pretty brown eyes seemed surprised at my statement and now that I had her attention, I wasn’t going to let her off the hook.

“Your social life, or for a better term, your seeming lack of one,” I told Jenna, taking the bull by the horns. “You don’t seem to be dating anyone. They know that you go out with your girlfriends and your other friends, but no boys — no men. They’re wondering if you might be a lesbian and they are concerned. It would be fine with us if you are, but you’ve been so secretive.”

“I’m not a lesbian, although I will confess I find women very attractive,” Jenna openly admitted. “I don’t date guys my own age because they don’t interest me. There’s only one man who interests me and he’s totally unavailable,” she answered honestly.

I thought this guy either had to be blind, insane or a combination of the two. Jenna continued sipping on her milkshake, she wasn’t offering up any further information. I wasn’t going to let this one go. It was important to my relationship with Jenna to find out who this fuckwit was and try to set him straight. No one was going to make my little sister miserable if I could help it.

I pried and I prodded but Jenna wasn’t giving me answers with any ease. Finally she just looked at me in total exasperation. “Do you REALLY want to know who this impossible ideal of mine is? Who the unobtainable man is?” She looked at me directly and that’s when I did know. Jenna nodded. “That’s right, it’s you, you idiot. You’ve looked after me my entire life and there isn’t a single guy I’ve met that can meet the high standards you’ve set. So I’ve stopped looking. I have friends and I keep busy but I’m not going to settle for some schmuck just to have a boyfriend,” she told me with a sigh.

It isn’t very often that I’m struck speechless and this was one of those times. I looked at Jenna and almost expected her to say “Gotcha”. That didn’t happen. Jenna was dead serious; she was in love with me, her older brother.

“What are you going to do when you … I mean, you’re getting older and I imagine you’re going to want to … Jesus Christ, I don’t know how to say this,” I stammered.

“There is nothing you can do or say,” Jenna stated in her calmest, most sincere tone. “I’m not going to sulk around forever, maybe I’ll find someone who I will car about as much as you, but likely not. If you were trying to say I will eventually want sex, you’re probably right. I may finally succumb to my curiosity and have sex with some of my girlfriends or I’ll buy some toys. It isn’t a big deal so don’t you go making it into one,” Jenna told me.

With this piece of news rattling around in my brain, I finished my lunch with Jenna in a very perplexed state. Once I went back to school, one of the girls I had been dating wanted to know why I was so distracted. I certainly couldn’t give her the reason. How do you tell a girl you’ve been fucking for the past few months that you really aren’t interested anymore because all you can think of is your own sister?

I knew that none of this was right. I stopped calling the girl because I was becoming obsessed with Jenna and not in any kind of positive way. I wanted her heart in the way that a man wants a woman to fall in love with him. I wanted Jenna’s heart to beat faster every time she saw me. I wanted her to wait for my phone calls and look forward to my visits. My next trip home was for her eighteenth birthday. I knew what I had to do.

I cornered Jenna and asked her if she had a date for the Prom. She wanted to know why I wanted to know. I really wasn’t in the mood for word play, so I rotterdam shemale asked her again. She shook her head and told me that no one had bothered to ask her. I smiled and told her that someone just had.

Jenna looked at me as if I had lost my mind. “Are you crazy?” She asked me. “We can’t go together, you are my brother. Everyone will think that I couldn’t get a date and that you had to take me!”

I looked at my sister and took her in my arms, holding her tight so that she could see my sincerity. “Do you honestly care any longer? I don’t, I only know that I don’t want anyone taking you to the Prom but me. How many of your friends even know me anyway? I’ve been away for a long while. Don’t fight me on this Jenna, you know this is the right decision,” I insisted.

The look on her face changed and Jenna smiled. Her smile could light up an entire room. “Okay Tanner,” Jenna said, hugging me tightly. “I wouldn’t have gone with anyone but you, if you’re really sure, yes, YES, I want you to be my date.” She ran upstairs and no more arguments were forthcoming. I knew that I would have to tell my parents and make up some kind of excuse. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case.

“I figured out a while ago that Jenna had feelings for you and you, for her,” our mother told me. “I know that most people wouldn’t consider this moral or right, but there’s nothing to be done about it. You’ll take care of her and love her and that’s what a man is supposed to do for the woman he loves,” she said. “So do what you have to do and your father and I will support you as best we can.”

The night of the prom came and Jenna took my breath away. My eighteen-year old sister stunned in her gown and she’d had her hair and makeup done. I had gone all out and rented a tuxedo as I wanted to do her proud. Only one of her friends recognized me and a lot of girls wanted to dance with me just as a lot of boys asked Jenna for a dance. We danced together exclusively. No one was getting a dance with my girl.

The night ended and it was time to get Jenna home, or so I thought. My sister had other ideas. She held up a key. “What’s that?” I asked her.

“A hotel key,” Jenna smiled as she looked at me. Even an idiot could have figured out what she had in mind. I went to say something but Jenna just put a finger to my lips to stop me. “Tanner, don’t argue with me either. We both know that we’re meant to be together and if you believe that as much as I do, that means in every way. Prom is supposed to be a magical night for a girl and I’m ready for this. No one was ever going to be my first except for you. Let’s have one last dance together and leave, all right?” She smiled. I nodded and that’s just what we did.

The hotel room was gorgeous; I don’t know how she could have afforded it. To this day, I still don’t know the answer. Once in the room, Jenna’s dress dropped the floor and she stood in front of me wearing only her pearls, black lingerie and silver high heels. She looked like a goddess. She walked towards me and I don’t think I moved an inch. I was so turned on but I was also terrified. I was quite far removed from a virginal status but being with Jenna intimidated me tremendously. She was still a bit smaller than I was, even in heels, so she had to reach for me. We kissed the way two people in love are supposed to kiss, with desire, passion and more love than either of us knew was there. I could barely believe we were really together the way it was meant to be.

Jenna began fumbling with my tuxedo to help get me as undressed as she was. Both of us were impatient, as I look back on it, it’s a bit endearing. I laughed a little and she gave me a look. “Tanner Hayes, don’t you laugh at me. Help me get you out of this thing, I don’t want to wait any longer to be with you,” she said. I stopped laughing and removed all of my clothes, placing them carefully on a chair near the bed. I was being practical because I couldn’t afford to pay for any damages to the suit.

“Oh God, Tanner,” Jenna gasped as she ran her hands over my chest. “I can’t believe how handsome you are and how magnificent,” she said to me. I didn’t know what to say and really couldn’t have formulated an answer if I had wanted to. Jenna dropped to her knees and she reached for my cock. She took it in her mouth and began sucking me. I’m surprised that I didn’t cum immediately, yes, she was that good. I knew she was a virgin and this was the first time she had done anything. Her talent astonished me. She was sexy and noisy and licked and sucked like it was the only thing that mattered. What a sexy little thing she was. “Cum in my mouth, Tanner darling,” she panted as she sucked me. “I want to taste you; I want to taste my man. I want to know every part of him.”

I loved hearing the words “my man” because that’s what I was. There was no one else for me, no one else for Jenna. I let myself go and damned if she didn’t get every drop of my sperm. She stood up, licked it from her blog shemale lips and slid on to the bed. “Come here, lover,” Jenna said in the huskiest, sexiest voice I had ever heard. “I want to experience your mouth on my body, I want you to eat my pussy until I cum. Lick me baby, lick my fucking cunt!”

Hearing Jenna talk like this was a real turn on. I didn’t know how she knew everything to do and all the right words to say, but she was getting to me. I later learned she had been reading a lot of books and hoped she wouldn’t come across like some stupid kid. God, if she only knew! I got into the bed with her and kissed her beautiful face, her soft lips and cheeks and nuzzled her neck. She smelled so wonderful and my hands slid down to her bra-encased breasts. I reached around back and unclasped the bra. For the first time, I held her lovely, delicate breasts in my hands. Jenna sighed as I touched her and moved closer to me. She slid down and on to her back. She lifted her legs and I removed the sexy black thong she had been wearing. Her pussy was beautiful with just a few light tendrils of brown hair above it, neatly trimmed and soft. I wanted to taste her but decided not to rush things. I ran my hands along stocking-covered legs as I explored more of beautiful Jenna. I could hear the breathy little moans she was making. The most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard. My hands touched her everywhere and I made sure to be gentle. I had been granted the honor of being Jenna’s first and I wasn’t going to blow it. She was in the moment and when my mouth began licking her pussy, her eyes flew open wide as she shrieked with delight.

“Oh God Tanner, that’s so wonderful, don’t ever stop doing that,” Jenna told me. “You know just what you’re doing, this is what I wanted, oh darling, I hoped but never imagined …” She sighed. “Eat my pussy darling, it feels so good, so good, more please, yessss, that’s itttt!!” Jenna groaned. I knew that I had made her cum and I got more pleasure from that than anything I had ever known.

Jenna looked up at me with a bit of apprehension. “It’s time, isn’t it?” She asked, her voice going small and quiet. I nodded at her.

“We don’t have to go that far if you don’t …”

Jenna looked at me as if I had lost my mind. “Oh no, Tanner Hayes, you don’t make a girl that nuts without fucking her,” she giggled. “I’m just nervous that I won’t be good for you or that …”

I silenced her with a kiss. “There isn’t any possibility that it will be anything less than perfect for the both of us,” I told Jenna. “This is where we’re meant to be and who we’re meant to be with. I think you should get on top of me and guide yourself; it will only hurt for a few minutes. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll really get into it.”

“That’s cowgirl position,” Jenna said, surprising me with her knowledge. “Okay Tanner, whatever you say. I warn you, I intend to exhaust you tonight. You’re going to know what it’s like to be with someone who really, really wants to fuck you.”

I thought I already knew that but boy, was I wrong. In what seemed like an eye blink, Jenna was on top of me and slithering herself down on to my cock. I was in her, she made a little wail that I knew to be pain and then, all bets were off! Jenna began moving on top of me like the two of us had been together forever. Maybe we had. Maybe in some unknown way, two people had been together since the beginning of time. All I knew at that moment was that Jenna was totally insatiable. I was balls-deep inside my sister’s pussy and she was fucking me blind. She had energy to spare and her nails were raking my chest as she fucked.

I wish I could describe how beautiful she looks, especially during sex. There’s this look she gets and an impish grin and she almost gets a … it’s like a glow. Don’t underestimate my sister; she’s a total fuck beast when she lets it all go. I was royally and truly screwed to a frazzle when she finished. She made me cum and luckily, she swallowed the second load before I could unleash it inside of her. Foolishly, neither of us had brought condoms.

“Amazing,” Jenna gasped as she snuggled up beside me. “Everything a girl’s first time should be and more. Rest up, big brother, because I want this to be a night we will both remember for the rest of our lives.” As far as I was concerned, if we had stopped right there, I would have remembered. We didn’t stop right there.

Jenna wanted to experience it all and that’s what she got. Doggy style where I plowed her sweet pussy from behind and got to view that adorable ass bouncing against my cock. Missionary, where her gorgeous long legs were wrapped around me and those silver heels dug into my back. I barely felt a thing. After we had some food and drink, we shared an intimate bath for two. I was sure Jenna would be too sore for us to continue but I was wrong. Don’t ever underestimate my sister. She could outfuck a porn star!

We didn’t even face any interrogation from our parents; they knew when we came home late the following day. Jenna and I talked that afternoon about our futures. She wanted me to be with other women. “That way, you’ll be sure,” she insisted.

“Then shouldn’t you be with other men?” I countered.



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