An Ovulating CamilleCamille and her husband had been out of the country celebrating their wedding anniversary throughout her holiday she would send me dirty pictures of herself and tell me that she wished I was with her. Last Wednesday Camille had called me during the afternoon to find out what I was doing, she had told me that her husband had gone out with a few friends for the night and would not be back until late. Camille said that she was super horny and felt like she was ovulating and needed me to come round. I could not refuse.I made my way round and knocked on the door. She answered the door dressed in white bra and knickers, I got hard right away, and she pulled me in before the neighbours could see.We stood standing by the stairs deep french kissing each other after several minutes she led me up the stairs to her bedroom.Camille laid down on the martial bed, the bed where we have had some many good times in. I lay back next to her and she pulled me, so we were both lying on our sides facing each other. She held my face and smiled at me and she leant forward, kissing me softly on the lips.We lay there softly kissing, a little tongue, but not too much. We slowly moved closer illegal bahis as we kissed, our bodies being held close to each other. I rested my hand on her full breasts as her hands slid over me.I stood up and stripped off and I watched as she took off her lingerie too. She smiled at me and stood up close to me, our naked bodies pressed up against each other. I slipped my arms around her waist, resting my hands on the curve of her amazing ass. We kissed once more, this time more passionately. As we kissed, her hand started to stroke at my hard cock. She seemed to really enjoy kissing me and we then spent a good ten minutes standing next to her bed kissing each other.Camille began wanking my rock hard cock before lying down on the bed where she spread her pussy for me. Her pussy tasted divine, like a ripe, sweet fruit, her juices were flowing in and out of my mouth as she moaned in delight. I lay next to her and started to stroke my cock as her fingers delved deep inside her wet pussy. There is something very erotic about masturbating with a woman. The way she made her back arch while keeping her eyes fixed on my cock made me feel amazing. It made me feel wanted and loved.She illegal bahis siteleri sat up on the bed and slid one leg over me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. It felt amazing to be inside her once again, and she groaned as she closed her eyes. She started to gently bounce up and down on my cock, resting her hands on my chest. I lay back enjoying the sensation of her hot, warm pussy. I reached up and grabbed hold of her bare breasts, squeezing them as she bounced on my cock.I pulled her close to me so that her breasts were flat against my chest. I kissed her passionately, holding her close as I slid my cock inside her from underneath. She seemed to really like the way we were making love and for some reason, I could not think of being with anyone else. I was in love with her even though she was married.I rolled us over, so I was on top. I carried on kissing her as I slammed my cock into her hole as hard as I could. She groaned into my mouth and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I knew I was close and told her so. She told me to pull out and relax next to her. I pulled away and lay back next to her. She kissed me slowly as her hand cupped my balls, canlı bahis siteleri gently squeezing and caressing them.After a few minutes of getting our breath back, Camille said she hadn’t taken any contraceptive pills and that she was ovulating. Camille said the thought of me getting her pregnant made her so horny. She lay back and spread her legs and once more I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I felt her wrap her arms and legs around me and I started to gently fuck her once more. Slowly I increased my rhythm, fucking her faster and harder. Soon we were both moaning as I was fucking her as hard as I could.She only seemed to encourage me to fuck her harder and I could feel her body shake beneath me once more. Her back seemed to arch into me and her pussy seemed to tighten. It was all too much for me and I started to shoot my load deep inside her.She wrapped her legs tightly around me, making sure that I couldn’t pull out. I collapsed on top of her and she held my face to hers and kissed me. We must have kissed for ages before she let go of me and let me pull off her.I lay back, panting as she cuddled up to me. Her hand traced my body and her hand cupped my balls. There is something really comforting about a woman caressing your balls after you have just shot a big load.We must have lain there for a good hour, not talking, playing, or doing anything, just sharing each other’s company and coming down from our hard love session.



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