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It was another cold winter night. Lacie is sitting in her living room alone as usual. Watching television, there’s not much really on. She is flipping through the channels, thinking about her life, and why its so boring and lonely. She asks herself why her phone never rings, no one ever calls her. She is the shy type, doesn’t get out much. She just sits at home all alone with only the television and computer to keep her company.

Not finding anything good on the T.V. She gets up and sits at her computer desk and turns on the computer. Signing into all her messengers, and her my space accounts. Lacie usually signs in invisible, but tonight she’s looking for someone interesting to talk too.

There is no one on line at the moment, so she is checking out all her junk mail and deleting it all. A guy she has been talking to and getting to know, but has never met, signs on line, and IM’s her with a Hello Beautiful. She says hello back and asks how he has been and what he’s been up to these past few days that she hasn’t talked to him. He tells her he is doing good and that he’s been busy preparing for a trip out of town. They talk back and forth for a little while, then he asks her if she would like to meet him somewhere and finally see each other in person. Lacie thinks about it for a few minutes then replies with a, “Yes I would love to.” I just have to get in the shower and change clothes.

He tells her, he needs to do the same. They agree on a spot to meet in an hour or so. Lacie is nervous about meeting this new person. She rarely does this kind of thing, but this guy is different, he’s sweet, and honest, and adorable. She gets her sexiest outfit and gets in the shower to prepare for the exciting evening out.

Meanwhile, her mystery man is also getting ready for the night out and can’t believe that this beautiful shy woman actually said yes to meeting him. He is humming a cheery tune as he is getting ready. He shaves his face and then gets in the shower. After he is all clean he gets out and puts on his nice clothes.

Lacie is in the shower, shaving and making sure she is nice and clean. She rubs soap all over her body, playing with her nipples, and pussy, she is so horny right now, she needs release. she continues to play with her clit and nipples until she cums. Then after she is all clean, she gets out of the shower and dries herself off and gets dressed. She is still horny but can hold off until casino siteleri later for the real fun that she hopes will take place tonight with this mystery man. She’s so excited and nervous that she can’t wait until the first awkward part of the meeting is over and they get comfortable with each other.

Lacie is all ready to go now and looks at the clock. If she doesn’t leave now, she will be late. Getting in her car, Lacey starts the engine and puts the car in gear. She gets to the meeting place just in time. She pulls up to where her mystery man is standing there waiting for her.

He walks over to the car and opens the door and says, “hello beautiful” before he sits down in the seat next to her. She says hello back to him, then asks him where he would like to go and talk. He replies, “somewhere quiet will be good, so we can sit and talk and get to know each other better.” She says OK and then starts to drive, she knows the perfect place to go. As she drives they talk and listen to the music that is playing on the radio.

They finally get to a little restaurant and pull in and get out of the car. As they walk up to the door he makes an effort to open the door for her. She says thank you to him and walks in ahead of him. They are seated in a nice quiet booth in the back of the restaurant so as not to be disturbed by anyone else there. They order drinks and sit and talk for a while longer. He reaches over and holds her hand and Lacie feels a spark of fire start in the pit of her stomach. A feeling she hasn’t felt in a long time. Stephen feels the fire in the pit of his stomach as well as he looks Lacie in the eyes, her beautiful hazel eyes. Stephen can see in her eyes that she feels something for him as well.

Stephen leans forward and gives Lacie a kiss on the lips and it was electrifying. He asks her if she would like to get out of here and go somewhere more comfortable. Laceie agrees and they pay the check and leave. Lacie starts her car and drives back to her place and parks the car. They get out and walk in.

She leads him into the living room and they sit down on the sofa next to each other, he leans over and kisses her again this time with more passion than the one in the restaurant. It takes Lacie’s breath away. Stephen’s hands caress Lacie’s body as he is kissing her. Her hands reach up and start to explore Stephen’s body as well. They continue to kiss and caress each other for a bit slot oyna longer until Stephen feels comfortable enough to start undressing Lacey. Slowly he takes off her sexy dress she took so much care in picking out for him. As he takes it off of her he carefully places it on the other side of the sofa so as not to wrinkle it. Stephen turns back to her and starts to take off her bra to expose her nice full breasts. He tosses the bra on the other side of them where the dress is sitting on the sofa. He then goes back to kissing her full lips and caressing her breasts, making her nipples peak up to nice hard buds. He starts to kiss down her neck and reaches her breasts and takes one hard nipple into his mouth and sucks on it gently, moving to the other one and sucking on it as well. Lacie is in Ecstasy as he is caressing her body with his hands and mouth, making her squirm and wiggle with excitement.

Stephen’s hands are slowly working there way down her body to that special warm place. As his hand reaches her pussy he then places one finger inside her now very wet pussy and rubs her clit in slow circles. Lacie closes her eyes and moans out her pleasures as she lets him have his way with her. She hasn’t felt this way in many years. Stephens slow circles begin to get a little faster as does her breathing. He then slowly slips one finger in her tight wet pussy and slowly moves it in and out of her. He then adds one more finger so that he is fingering her with two fingers, as his thumb rubs Lacie’s clit.

Lacie is now thrashing about on the sofa in pure Ecstasy as his hands and mouth are working there magic on her pussy and breasts. Her moans are getting louder as he fingers her faster. She is on the verge of cumming, he continues to finger her until she is screaming out that she is cumming. As she cums her whole body begins to shake. Her body has never shaken this hard before. When her orgasm has subsided, Stephen then kisses his way down her body and starts licking and sucking her pussy juices until she is just about ready to cum again. He then undresses himself and turns himself so that his big hard cock is in Lacie’s face and tells her to suck on it while he continues to lick her drenched pussy some more.

Lacie takes his big hard cock in her hand and slowly licks the head of his cock. As she does so he sucks in his breathe in pleasure. She then takes the head of his cock in her mouth and sucks on it gently. Stephen canlı casino siteleri can’t believe how good it feels to have her lips wrapped around his hard throbbing cock. She then takes his cock deeper in her mouth and sucks harder. Taking it in and out of her mouth faster now. Stephen is trying so hard not to explode but is getting really close. Lacie continues to suck wanting to make him feel as good as he has made her feel so far tonight. Stephen is still trying to concentrate on Lacie’s sweet pussy while she is sucking his hard member harder, they both start cumming at the same time and they take in each others juices then lay there on the sofa for a bit of a rest before more fun begins.

After a brief rest of about 15 minutes Lacie then sits up and gets up off the sofa and leads Stephen into her bedroom and they lay down on the soft big bed. Once they are both laying in the bed together, Lacie then starts to kiss his lips and then work her way down his body, stopping to suck on his nipples a bit. Then working her way down to his cock. She then starts to lick and suck on his still soft cock to wake it up and make it hard once again. Slowly it starts to get hard again, growing in size. Once it is nice and hard Lacie then gets up and straddles his hard cock and slowly guides it into her wet hot pussy.

Lacie starts to move slowly up and down sliding his hardness in and out of her tight pussy. Lacie starts to move a little faster fucking his hard cock with her pussy, making them both feel very good. After a little while of her riding him, Stephen then grabs her waist and flips her over on the bed keeping his cock in her pussy as he does so he then proceeds to continue to fuck her wet pussy going in and out. Slamming his hard cock in as deep as he can with every thrust. After a little while of fucking in that position they then agree on trying it doggy style. Lacie turns over and gets on her knees and waits for him to slide his cock into her waiting wet pussy. But instead of going slow he decides to slam it in hard and fast. In doing that Lacie screams out in pleasure, she has never felt this good in all her life. They continue to fuck all night long taking small rests in between rounds.

The next morning they start all over again one more time before he has to leave, making each other feel so good. Stephen then gets up and leads Lacie to the shower where they fuck one last time before he puts back on his clothes and walks out the door. Before he goes he kisses her goodbye and tells her he will get a hold of her when he gets back from his long trip out of town. He then leaves her with one last kiss and great memories while he is away.



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