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Between the age of 19 and 22, I had a girlfriend. We were our whole world for three years. She was a tomboyish girl, with a delicate face and bright blue eyes. Her hair changed several times, but it was always short, and always dyed (black, pink, blonde, blue). As you can guess from this description, she was just out of her adolescent goth phase, and remains for me the epitome of the “cute alt girl”. While we were together, the sex was always good but not great: we were still young, kind of shy about our desires, and we very rarely let go of our… restraint. Even if we could sense how we really wanted to play. Anyway, our relationship ended kind of badly, and I decided to stop having any contact with her for a while. Which ended up being three years, three years that changed us deeply. Mainly in the confidence department.

We met again by pure chance, at a party hosted by a friend we didn’t know we had in common. And even if I knew her at first sight, I also could tell that she was not the same. She had been trying to put her goth past behind her when we were together: she looked like she now embraced it totally. Her short hair was black and shaved on the sides, her makeup was heavy, and she wore a clinging black tanktop and short black shorts that emphasized her perky small boobs and her boyishly slim waist. She was absolutely gorgeous. I could sense that she had conquered the insecurities that had been the worst part of our relationship.

Of course, we ended up talking, surprisingly easily. Three years is a long time, and it seemed we agreed without words that it was all in the past, and that we could now begin to be… friends? Acquaintances? What do old lovers become? Anyway, we talked and drank a great deal, oblivious to the rest of the party. I could not believe how she had transitioned illegal bahis from “cute” to “beautiful” so quickly. I was mesmerized. And the catching up was so much fun… She told me about the girls and boys she dated after me, and I told her about all the crazy girls I met after her. We enjoyed describing our experiences in details… So much that when everybody started leaving to catch the last train (the party was well away in the suburbs), she asked me if I wanted to come back to her place to continue our little chat. I honestly thought nothing of it, and as I was drunk and enjoying myself, I agreed.

She lived quite far, and it was a long train ride. That was when i started to sense that perhaps she didn’t want to only talk when we get to her flat… She started to get much more graphic about what she had discovered she enjoyed with a guy… and one of these things was anal. She had been adamant about the sanctity of her butt when we were together, so that really surprised me, and I told her. The mischievous smile I got in answer made my dick twitch. I started to hope I wasn’t misreading some signals.

I had my answer quite quickly. When we entered the tiny elevator in her building, squeezed against each other, there was a moment. Our eyes met, me looking down at her (I’m 1.95m/6.4 feet). And she just, so delicately, lifted her face to mine, reaching out on tiptoe. And we started making out even before we push the elevator button. Her kisses weren’t the shy light pecking I remembered, they were full and wet and hungry. And i wasn’t the awkward young guy I used to be, while I embraced her heatedly. We felt each other bodies like an old home that had been renovated, something that we knew well but that had changed so much it had the attraction of new.

After finally getting the illegal bahis siteleri elevator and tumbling through her flat into her bed, we got down to real business. Undressing each other was a special treat… and I took my sweet time removing her tank top, her bra, kissing her on every inch of skin revealed, rediscovering her perfectly shaped perky tits and their little pink nipples, licking, eating them up. I knew that was something she liked, and that much hadn’t changed. While she laid down on the bed, I carefully started to kiss her lower and lower, running my tongue down her soft skin, until I reached her belly button, while I started gently taking hold of her throat. That was something I never did before. And by the moans she started to let out, she had discovered that she liked it, too. I removed her shorts quickly, but took my time with her black panties, running my hand over them, feeling the delicious moistness that had drenched them, still letting my tongue loose on her whole body, and holding her face to kiss her hard at intervals.

Before long, she was begging me. I removed the sopping wet garment, and plunged head first into her shaved, pink and dripping pussy. She gasped and moan like I never heard her before, squirming and saying my name over and over again, while I demonstrated to her how much I had learned over the years. When I started to use my fingers, exploring her wetness and, most importantly, also fingering the ass that had been forbidden to me, she really lost it. Especially as my grip on her throat got tighter… Her face contracted in pleasure as she yelled, she shook harder than I ever saw her shake, and I took in the beauty of her pleasure, smiling avidly, looming over her on my knees. I started to give more and more attentions to her asshole, that was loosening canlı bahis siteleri so fast under my juice drenched fingers I really could believe what she told me in the train… And that’s when she seized my hand, and looked at me with such an intense yearning my already rock hard dick turned to diamond. She said it…

“Fuck me… Fuck my ass…”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. She quickly took hold of her condoms and her bottle of lube, and tossed them to me, while she assumed the position, on all four, moaning…

“Please… come…”

I slapped a condom on and proceeded to drench her asshole in lube, going to work with my fingers… One, two fingers went in easily, while she started to rub her pussy and make strange whimper noises I never heard from her before. It was time. I went in. I don’t know if you ever experienced anal sex, but there is nothing quite like the moment when your dick penetrates someone’s asshole… And this pleasure was amplified by the fact that it was an ass that had been forbidden to me for so long. I started carefully… But she wouldn’t have that.

“Harder… please…”

Well I gave her harder. I jammed my whole dick in her ass, not too fast, but the whole length of it, and I kept it there for a time, moving my hips so she would really feel it inside her. She started to give these small yell, that was like half “yes”es. And then I started giving her wish: I fucked her ass. Hard. Harder than I ever fucked a girl. Until we both were slick with sweat and out of breath, until I felt her mouth dry when I put my pussy juice drenched fingers in it for her to suck, until I just had to fucking come or die trying. I bent over her panted in her ear “I want to come on you.” She looked at me, makeup running, and said “Yes! Come!” I took my dick out of her, ripped the condom off and let go on her ass, groaning deeply while she writhed and moaned, still rubbing her swollen pussy. I then dropped to her side, exhausted, my hand running up and down her body, while she collapsed against me.



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